Bana Delaney Tanner


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a character in “Scars Across the Daybreak”, as played by BumbleDrop


Bana Delaney Tanner

Theme: Azedia-AgonyImage Song: Hybrid Minds - Meant To Be

The Quiet Monstrosity

Lana Bana, but only her mother calls her that



5’3 ½

Thin and curvy
Hair Color/Style:
Pale Sky Blue, long past her butt with layers
Eye Color:
Sky Blue, unless it's a half moon then it changes to blue with purple swirls. Like the universe.

Bana has a small pale pink scar on the lower part of her bake that she has no idea where it could have came from.

(Look at pictures to see how she looks normally, except for one where her eyes have purple, that is for when she changes.) The day of the half-moon not only does her personality changes but so does her appearance. Her curves are more define; her eyes have purple in it... like the universe; her hair becomes a little darker, as does her skin (which is a little pale.) And when she is on the hunt her teeth (all of them) become razor like.

Preferred Clothing:
You won’t catch Bana in anything but dresses and skirts. The dresses and skirts never go past her knees. Shoes are not really her thing either but if she must wear them then she will.



Silence: Bana becomes silent when she is nervous. It comes hand in hand with her social anxiety, which only occurs when in front of a large group of people or nervous.
Random Dancing/Humming: She tends to drift into la la land a lot when in class or at home and when she does it includes her dancing, or humming, or even both. This can also lead to her traveling to a place and not remember how she got there. Also, she dances and hums when thinking about something serious.

Look at oddities.

✅Bubble baths

❌Big groups of people
❌Her mother

▶Eating pizza
▶Star gazing
▶traveling (only in the forest)

Phobia(s)/General Fears:
~Death- She fears dying, which I guess is mutual to many people.
~Half moon phase- It brings bad things
~Her mother- Her mother's love....is deadly


Bana is a quiet girl, always have been. Crying was never something she did even when crying was called for in certain situations. She never understood the point in crying, what good would it do? Even though she is half human there are many human emotions she does not understand. She loves her father, but not as much as a human would. If there was one human emotion she knew well, it would be fear.

Bana, even though has a hard time understanding emotions and is full of fear, she is cheerful, happy, and gentle. She might not be tough and outgoing but if someone is kind to her she will be kind to them. You might not know by looking at her but she is intelligent. Ask her anything about the stars, planets, or astrology and she will answer right away.

But even this bright girl has a dark side. The day of the half-moon she had a dark aura. Bana’s normal personality disappears. She becomes the total opposite of who she normally is. She is outgoing, seductive, and has a cruel since of humor.



o Bana is very flexible thanks to years of yoga.
o She knows pretty much anything in this department. If you tell her what month, day, year, time, and place of your birth she can tell you anything about what your zodiac sign is, how you most likely are going to act, and stuff like that.
▶Quick thinker
▶Innocent face

▶Her father
▶Expressing feelings
Stellar energy
Power Mimicry

o Illusion Manipulation: The ability to manipulate what others perceive, such as making them see things that aren’t actually present.
o Telepathic Speaking: Can speak by using their mind combined with mental power.
o Gravitokinesis: The psychic ability to manipulate gravity with the mind. With this power she can levitate and move objects.
Stellar Energy:(Limited to only night)
Power Mimicry:
o Bana can pretty much mimic any power, but only for a certain amount of time.

Weapon of Choice/Discipline: Not a necessity, but if your character fights at all, do they have a preferred weapon?

Fighting Style:


Relationship Status:
Romantic Interest:
Lynn, so far....

Family/Significant Individuals:


➡Helix Tanner
➡Loves his daughter to the point where he is a creep stalker


➡Davie Tanner
➡Went crazy after having Bana.

Personal History:
Bana was born on January 15, 2014 on a starry bright night. But lets back up and talk about her parents, Helix and Davie Tanner. Helix and Davie first met when Helix started to work at Davie’s parent’s grocery store. Helix fell in love with Davie at first sight. She had a glow to her like the full moon on a cloudless night. The first time he tried to talk to her he mixed up his languages, forgetting to speak English. Davie, mesmerized by his blue hair and out of this world body that she really didn’t notice. On their first date, he brought her to the spot where you best see the stars. It had seemed like time had stopped. It was clearly true love.

They dated for about a year, many people in the neighborhood believed they would get married. The way he looked at her and she him. One night, as they were watching a meteor shower, or as Davie put it falling stars, someone forgot to bring the protection and well…you get what happened because on January 15, 2014 Bana was born. But what happened in between the moment of finding out and actually giving birth? Freak outs, planning, a little of everything. Davie was happy, she couldn’t wait to see her little alien. (And no she did not know that Helix was a Sentinel.) Helix, on the other hand was completely worried, he hadn’t told her what he was. Plus he had never heard of Sentinels having babies with humans. Would she die? He couldn’t take that.

During the first half of the pregnancy Davie was fine, she glowed more than usual and was extremely happy but then something happened. Davie began to act different. She stated that the baby was a monster, that Helix was also a monster. She lost sleep and weight; Helix and her parents had to watch over he just so she didn’t hurt herself of Bana. When Bana was born the doctor, nurses, and family were astonish at her pale skin and blue eyes. She had her mother’s face but her father’s appearances. When shown to her mother Davie smiled and held her. Davie seemed back to normal, until she was left alone with her for feeding. Helix had gone back to the store to check up on things. He had gotten a call from Davie’s father saying to get there right away, that Bana was in critical care and Davie was sent to psychiatric ward for trying to kill Bana.

No one knows what changed Davie, not even Helix who tried years to fix her. Davie was released a few weeks after and returned home to Helix and Bana. In those few weeks Helix had gotten attached to Bana and became very protective of her. He wouldn’t let Davie be alone with her, even though she seemed perfectly fine again. Bana’s family was astonished that she never cried, but somehow they thought that their “instincts” let them know when she was wet or hungry. Helix knew though, knew exactly what was happening. She had already learned one of her powers.

A year and a half later her second ability started to grow. One day she was moved her cup towards her and Davie saw, this is when Davie completely lost it. She snuck Bana, thanking God that she never cried, and brought her to the bathroom where she tempted to try and drown her. If Helix hadn’t gotten an image of Bana being held underwater she would have drowned. Helix banished Davie, the love of his life, and the rest of the people they knew to forget who they were. Helix and Bana moved into a normal sized house near the forest, there she grew up knowing of the planets, stars, and who she was. Bana grew into her powers and now is heading to a real school. She had to bug her dad into letting her go, since he had her homeschooled.



So begins...

Bana Delaney Tanner's Story