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Trapped between life and death, she's fighting both here and there yet never making a sound, holding a book with power only known in legends.

0 · 160 views · located in Dreams/Unreality

a character in “Scattered Dreams, Fragmented Reality”, as played by UltraVioleta


Name: Renela Veluntas Poena

Nickname: Rene

Inner Self's Name: Satora (translated: Creator)

Age: 14

Gender: Female


Satora is almost the polar opposite from her reality twin. She is very calm and in control of her temper. She likes to stay out of the spotlight or hang in the back of the crowd, making her seem anti-social or awkward when around other people. But that isn’t true and she’s actually very friendly when she’s comfortable with those around her. Although she does not like to be touched because, though she will never indicate this, her body is constantly in pain but she doesn’t know why. Even the slightest physical harm (a slap on the back, a small cut, etc.) can be crippling because it will multiply her pain tenfold from what it actually was. This is because her body is so weak in real life her dream body is very vulnerable to damage. When she feels threatened she will usually cast a shield over herself to prevent physical harm. The biggest thing about Satora is that, though she is capable of speech, she is very quiet and rarely has anything to say. Instead she communicates by using her symbols and body language (if you’ve seen the “Rise of the Guardians” Satora is very similar to Sandy). Some people think she is a mute because of this, but she is not. Vox can speak to but he doesn’t do it often, instead relying on his actions to speak louder than his words. He is greatly affected by her emotions and though she doesn’t show them he will openly express them in her place, though she holds the perfect poker face.

This particular type is a soul sphere is called “Vita Donum Typicus” (translated: Life Giving Symbols) and has been a thing of legends, as only a handful have ever possessed it. It’s place of origin, where it comes from, what it can do, how powerful it is, how to wield it, how to receive it: all of these things are virtually unknown because it is so rare. Because of this it has faded into fairy tales, thought to have never even existed. Until, that is, Satora was revelled to have the sphere. It’s pulse is constantly changing, though Satora does not know why. Most of the time the pulse of her soul sphere is very strong, especially when she goes into deep thought, though once in a while it fades until it can barely be felt. When this happens Satora becomes very weak and is prone to fainting; it feels almost as if some invisible force is tugging at her core; but she can't explain it and has no idea she is actually just a dream.

Soul Sphere : As a Book:

Rene, the “real-life” version of Satora, is nothing like the girl in the dream world. She is very hot headed, impulsive and has a tendency to change her mind for no apparent reason. She is easily distracted and full of energy, constantly moving. But she does try to fix these problems and she’s not as bad as she was when she was younger. The biggest difference between the two is: Rene is on her deathbed while Satora is free to walk.

Two months ago Rene was in a bad car accident. She and her family had been coming back from a relative’s house one evening and she’d been in the back next to her brother. A car slammed into theirs, killing her brother on impact and crushing the car. Her parents managed to get out but the metal had bent around her body, crushing it and trapping her inside. Her parents panicked and called the emergency team in. The car caught on fire and Rene suffocated, the lack of oxygen making her pass out and enter a coma before the team could get her out.

Rene suffered severe blood lost, burns and broken bones. Her body fought many illnesses and infections off and in time she will recover but she’s still locked in her coma. Her brain still fully functions but she simply won’t wake up, despite how the doctors have tried (every time she feels pulled away and becomes weak it’s because they’re trying to revive her and interrupt her sleep).

Satora awoke shortly after Rene was checked into the hospital in a coma. Because it was a tragic accident that put her into this coma, Satora has no memory beyond when she first appeared in this strange realm. When she awoke in the world of dreams she had a book on her lap which was actually her soul sphere but in a different form (one that was familiar to her and a normal sight; few would think it anything more than a book). Inside of the book she found all sorts of symbols, their translations and their means (as in the effect they would have when drawn). Also she found that she had the ability to produce ink from her fingertips on will, the only type that can make these symbols come to life and take effect.

Afterward she headed towards the nearest civilization where she got a pack to put her book/soul-sphere in to keep it safe. Since then she has been trying to memorize the symbols and perfect them, and most of her free time is spent studying the interweaving patterns and their effects. She knows nothing of reality.

Other: She is capable of preforming “Accersitus Vox” (translated: Summoned Power) which is a summoning symbol pattern that summons a companion to aid its summoner, taking on the form they most desire. In this case he took the form of a small white dragon. She keeps him around almost constantly and has nicknamed him “Vox”.

This is Her in Reality:

So begins...

Satora's Story