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Scattered Dreams, Fragmented Reality

Mechanoid Paranoia


a part of Scattered Dreams, Fragmented Reality, by Igari.

"A disturbing place of childish fantasies..."

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Mechanoid Paranoia is full of overgrown and mis-sized stuffed animals, robots, and an assortment of odd gadgets and gizmos that all children wish to have or own... Wraiths and other such things also live here--incarnations of children's fears, such as the boogey-man and such.
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Mechanoid Paranoia

"A disturbing place of childish fantasies..."


Mechanoid Paranoia is a part of Dreams/Unreality.

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Character Portrait: Nohizar Character Portrait: Erixianti Character Portrait: Quinera


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Quinera didn't open her eyes immediately after she awoke. Her chest ached painfully, wheezing with each breath. She must have done something not good. Like fallen off a tall building again. But when Quinn searched her memory she couldn't remember any sudden impacts. She usually remembered those. It was rather hard to forget when your body makes friends with the concrete below. So the jester lay still and concentrated on breathing through what felt like broken lungs. Her mouth quirked at the corner. Heh, broken lungs, how silly! She lay there on the ground for a few minutes, taking inventory of her limbs, making sure nothing was too broken up. But to her surprise, her chest was the only owie she had. Not too bad. The young woman then supposed she better get up. It did nobody any good to lie on the ground all day. It was hard and dirty and very not good. But opening her eyes was a little beyond the jester right now. That would take so much effort. Instead the young woman flexed each finger, one at a time. Pins and needles had set it and she wanted the horrible feeling gone. Everything felt all cloudy and Quinn felt all relaxed and calm. After the feeling had come back in her hands, she tried to move them onto her chest slowly but surely. Baby steps, baby steps. She was half way there when a sharp yell echoing round her head pushed her into action.

The jester reared up as if someone had shocked her, eyes darting about and chest heaving as she tried to control her breathing. She looked around for the source of the scream and found only Erixianti looking up at her with big wide eyes. Couldn't have been her, silly jester. Eri doesn't speak. Quinera sat up, chest heaving for a few seconds before the adrenaline wore away and she let herself drop back down onto the ground.

"Well. That was weird." Quinera gasped out through giggles. Really, it was rather funny. She had jumped out of her skin at the loud noise. The young woman laughed until the hysteria had died away.

"Did you hear anything there? A really loud shout?" Quinera asked her new friend, eyes fixed upon the younger's face. But before she could answer, Quinn's gaze shifted to her surroundings.

"Hey! This ain't Tinker Tocker!" The jester exclaimed, her large eyes roaming the area. Torn up teddies and other fun stuff just lying about the place. The jester beamed like a small child in a sweet shop.

"What is this place? It's so fun!" She exclaimed, twirling round and round, watching the faded colours spin. She let out a peal of laughter as she stopped and the world carried on its spinning. A bolt of confusion and wariness spread through the young woman and she turned back to look at Erixianti.

"How did we get here? I don't 'member much at all..." Quinera spoke quietly, still addressing Eri but also herself. She didn't have much time to wonder though as she spotted the presence of other people. The young woman quickly got over to her friend and planted herself in front, snarling. They better be good people or Quinn was gonna hurt them. This was her new friend and she was going to look after her. The jester's eyes flickered as she took in the people around her. She felt Erixianti behind her and outstretched the hand behind her back. An illusion of a little dragon sat in the jester's hand. A small plump dragon with large wings. The jester turned to the younger of the two and winked. But as she remembered the other people around her, Quinera growled. She didn't need any shadows to make herself seem scary. She knew that baring her teeth and snarling at the people would warn them she wasn't happy just fine.

Nobody would hurt her friend.

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The reunion with his recent royal acquaintance was apparently delayed as today’s cataclysms of the dreamworld didn’t limit themselves to merely the collapse of a single building. Before Nohizar could respond to him, the light enveloped them all, Zoen only managing to cover up his eyes. Suddenly robbed of any stable patterns which he could perceive, he felt quite disoriented and imbalanced, stumbling with his hands outstretched to regain his stance or perhaps find some manner of solid surface on which he could lean. Surely enough, such surfaces were in the process of being created, as if scribbled from the white nothingness before him and the few who appeared to remain in the middle of the dreamscape as well. There seemed to be some individuals before him, but distance between them was hard to estimate. No space, no form, no shape – an unnatural state for a human mind, nauseating, discomforting and, on some level, intimidating. Finding himself unable to analyze what was happening at this moment, Zoen found that the only solution was to wait for the sudden changes to cease.

As they did, he stumbled to the side, the ground rushing beneath his feet almost painfully to his senses that were put through sudden unnatural stress. He didn’t fall for there was something solid in the direction he stumbled in, like a wall. Turning his head he saw his own hand pressed into its surface covered with an aged pattern the color of which was lost to decay. As he looked upwards he saw something somewhat startling. Over his head was looming a grotesque face with an elongated chin, a broad grin and squinted eyes. It appeared to be a jack-in-a-box. While the traditional toy was already a rather bizarre thing the gigantic broken equivalent staring down on him with its cracked porcelain grin and faded colors looked downright dreadful. It was enough in fact to cause him to take a few steps back on legs that were only beginning to grow steadier.

He looked around and saw that the broken jack-in-a-box was only part of a gallery of decorations that all seemed to be broken toys, ranging from terrifying to tragic looking – some horrific distortions of objects of playful imaginings, others mangled remains of that which may have brought children comfort at some point or perhaps was even a dear friend to some. This was surely a sad shift to go to from Tinker Tocker. What kind of tortured mind could have created this area in the dreamscape? Or was it a whole gathering of saddness...?

- Fascinating… - he murmured, though more thoughtfully than with excitement. This was no doubt a fascinating phenomenon, but his evaluation of it for the time being painted only a fairly bleak perspective. He didn’t seem to be on his own in this situation however, for still ahead of him was a group of individuals. Aside from the two he already knew, being the self-proclaimed royal and his loyal familiar, he saw several more. A large figure clad in armor, its silhouette had loomed over Nohizar’s even back when he approached the scene of the impending disaster. And then there were two girls, one in a jester’s suit and another holding a fidgeting bear in her arms.

- I’m sorry, but would anyone happen to know simply what happened just now and where we are now? – He asked as he began to step ahead casually, his hands raised and palms open just in case, mostly keeping in mind the defensiveness of the jester girl who seemed just about likely to snarl and throw herself at anyone she would consider a threat.

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#, as written by Igari
Erixianti was shivering, holding her arms around herself as Quinera bolted upwards, ever peppy. Even with that haziness of just having awoken, the jester was so full of energy as she bounced around, casting her eyes around the place curiously. The doll-like girl remained rooted on the spot, however, as she had chosen a more observational stance and was probably the first of the two to realize that there were others lingering around nearby. Others that she did not even remotely recognize. Erixianti clutched her bear closer against her, the object wrestling now in her grip as she near suffocated it against her chest. Quinn paused in her actions as she looked around as she too noticed the other parties nearby.

The woman snarled threateningly and that same, foamy mist that accompanied the illusions back at Tinker Tocker began to form in the shape of a purple dragon. The smaller of the two watched as her savior stepped defensively in front of her and growled at the others who looked just as confused as she felt. From her position behind Quinera, she was able to get a good look at the strangers. One looked to be around her age with striking green hair, but a companion nearby to him had a rather disturbing smile upon its' face. She glanced away from the odd sight to the older man with the blond hair that covered over his eyes, arms held up in a non-offensive gesturing. She blinked, somehow feeling a little reassured that at least he was not going to make any sudden movements. The last one nearby was completely clad in armor and was most certainly the tallest of everyone. Not only that, but he looked to be the most fierce given his height and large build.

She felt a bit intimidated by all the oddities that had been gathered in one place and cast her eyes downwards. She heard a lilting voice from up above, judging by the tone, it was mature and controlled, so it could've only belonged to the older gentleman. "I’m sorry, but would anyone happen to know simply what happened just now and where we are now?" Her eyebrows furrowed, even she in all her explorations was unsure of where they were. Another snarl and very vicious, guttural noise from Quinn must've prompted another to speak and Erixianti peaked out from beneath her bangs to see who it was.

"I think it would be a good idea for us all to take a step back." It was the armor-clad figure, the fearsome one. "I for one mean none of you harm unless you wish me it, and from his act to save the girl neither does the young fellow with his green compatriot. And I would say that he has no desire to harm you as well. So let us talk." The tall one had gestured both to the boy and the man, Erixianti tilting her head in surprise. The soft weight that had cushioned her fall had been produced to the green-haired one? A blush coated her cheeks, privately, she felt more like a damsel in distress at this point than a proper princess. At least she wasn't adorning a pink dress or had blond hair, then she really would've fit the image.

Her bear had finally been able to struggle out of her tight hold and panted out loudly in relief, wriggling up to her shoulder instead and speaking the words that were on her mind. This voice was much the same breathlessness she had portrayed when first meeting Quinera. Hesitant yet faintly excited. "I-I think that would be a wise idea... but I don't have an idea either as to what has come to pass..." The bear trailed off, with it, the girl slumped with a vaguely defeated look. She had always prided herself on knowledge of the dream world and had certainly adventured around, but... Then it hit her slowly. That was right! She knew the places she had been so all she had to do was narrow it down to the places she hadn't and that would give her the answer!

Thrilled with her thought-process, her head shot up as a glint entered into her eyes, mind racing with thoughts. This couldn't have been the deserted area where inner selves went after being abandoned, she was pretty sure that place was a giant, decayed city. This place looked more like a children's nightmare... Her bottom lip jutted out a bit as she thought it over and then her bear spoke in jittery voice. "T-Though, perhaps, we may just be in..." The name was eluding her, she couldn't quite place it. What was it called again? She noticed the blank looks and hurried to finish her sentence so she wouldn't leave them hanging. "That is to say, I'm not exactly sure the name but I do know where we are. And it's not the safest of... places." She ended hesitantly as she took in what she was communicating. If they were indeed where she thought, then they would have to leave. Immediately.



The Compendium sat alone in her cage, as she had grown accustomed to, as her life had become. Her face was blank as she focused on nothing in particular, mind racing with the many jumbled images of the dream plane and it's residents. She blinked slowly though was not even aware of the breath she inhaled as she did so. She was not really attentive of much of what she did anymore, so used to just reciting off facts and that was how her days progressed. The hope of leaving this mundane existence was just a barely lit ember in her chest now, much dimmed by the constant reminder that she couldn't ever leave. That she wouldn't escape.

As if in sync with her thoughts, that unsettling feeling came into her stomach and she jolted to attention, eyes wide and fear lighting up into her face. That discomfort, that terrible awful wrenching sensation in her gut whenever it... whenever her master approached her. The billowing hair behind the figure fanned out like pools of darkness behind the figure as it's faceless visage directed it's observations at her.

"Tell me, pet," The voice was dangerously smooth and sly and The Compendium flinched at it, as she always did. "Is all well in my world?" She trembled furiously as she immediately tensed, curling up into a ball in the farthest corner of her cage. She nodded her head as hastily as she could, hoping the thing would just leave her alone.

"Y-Yes, Master, the guardians are doing as you ordered and no Inner Selves are... acting out of sorts." The pause lasted only for a millisecond, only a breath, yet The Entity caught it and it seemed as if displeasure descended upon her.

"None? Then you will have nothing to fear when The Enforcer reports back to me later with news of his exploits?" A ghastly feeling knotted into her stomach and she swallowed. Intentionally, she had been trying to keep the news of what had just occurred in Tinker Tocker from her master but even in this short span of time after it had transpired, The Entity was already catching on to her lie. Still she forced a twist of a smile on her face, hoping the sheer panic did not show in her face.

"N-Not at all. As I said, nothing, nothing has happened--to my knowledge," The Entity seemed to ripple at her words but said nothing as it turned, leaving from her vicinity. All at once, she she collapsed in her ball in the corner. She hoped, oh she hoped she had just made the right decision.

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The Enforcer woke up leaning against a building, dazed and with a pounding head. He saw his pink highlighted boots in front of him, followed by his dark pants, and then saw his cross pendant hanging out of his pocket. Rubbing his head, he stood and looked around. This place wasn't familiar at all, and was much different from where he remembered being when he could last remember. There were gigantic stuffed animals and toys everywhere, all of which were demented in some way, shape or form and seemed to make up the terrain of the surrounding area. Nothing like the city of Tinker-Tocker he remembered being in. Tinker-Tocker... He remembered collapsing the roof of a building back there for some reason, but he couldn't remember why. Did he hit his head? Was he attacked? Maybe he took a long nap? Ah, well, it probably wasn't important. What he needed to do now was find out where he was and report back to the giant alien snake from Trip Town. That was how he had started to see the Dream Entity. A snake from Trip Town. This thought painted a grin on his face as he started to mentally map his surroundings as well as the location of the snake.

The image of the snake from Trip Town was a truly unforgettable sight - something too exotic to completely erase from his mind. Part of him was disgusted by it's form, though another part of him felt sympathy for it's... Uniqueness? That word didn't even cover the meaning. But his short description of it fit the bill just fine. It was a large snake-like being wearing a mask and holding a staff with a scorpion-shaped metal slab on the end. It (maybe she?) had long midnight-blue hair and arms. A snake with arms. Ugh. He couldn't tell if that disturbed him or fascinated him. As he started to see the location of the Entity, he found that it was quite far off. He would need to do quite a bit of running to get there, quite a bit of running indeed. He liked the idea though, since it gave him some quite time alone to himself. He would figure out why he was talking to the giant snake as he got there. He was about to take off from where he stood, but realized he was forgetting something. Ah, crap, what was it?! It was something important, something he knew he couldn't let go of. It was his companion, his best friend, and by far the most important thing to his existence in the Dream Realm. He saw it a few seconds later, sitting against the building where he was woken up. It was his... Fly... Doll... Thing... Yes, a fly-doll! But not just any fly-doll, this was the KING of fly-dolls. It's dark colors and pink highlights matched his strange style of clothing perfectly, which is why he has taken such a liking to it. At least he wasn't the only freak wearing black and pink.

He frowned. No. He was not a freak, and neither was the King of Fly-Dolls. With this in mind, he gave a mental push and catapulted himself into the air and over the toy-box-like lands below. He grinned. They were the freaks. They couldn't soar the skies like he could. They didn't understand. The Dream Entity wasn't any different, though. It couldn't fly either, at least he didn't think it could. That thing's a freaking ten ton monster with a staff that probably weighs half a ton alone. And that was it's weapon? The Enforcer didn't need a stick to defend himself with, he had his Pulses. The snake from Trip Town seemed to be nothing compared to the Enforcer's abilities, yet somehow it's mere presence felt as if it dominated him. Speaking of the snake from Trip Town, why was he going to it anyway? Was he reporting back on something? That felt like the answer he was looking for, but he couldn't be too certain. He'd been knocked out for awhile now, and couldn't even remember what he had went to Tinker Tocker for.

He had landed on the ground, and with a push, propelled himself back up into the air. The feeling was a euphoric rush, being able to just jump to wherever he wanted by just thinking a thought. As he landed his next jump, he felt like he was being watched. Oh, that feeling. It disgusted him. He was the stalker, not... Whoever. He had heard rumors here and there that the Dream Entity (more commonly referred to as "giant-snake" or "snake girl from trip town") had some sort of underling who lived in a tower, who's pulse allowed him or her to see everything. He couldn't stand this fact. It was his job to track down and destroy his targets, not someone else's. He was the finder, the hunter, the killer. Not some dog in the snake's tower. He gripped the King of Fly-Dolls tighter as he made his next jump. He was getting close. What would he tell the snake? "Yea, everything went according to plan, what's next"? From what he could remember now, he had only managed to disrupt whatever it is a person was doing... Which was at the time jumping off a building...

He shook his head and continued on his way, passing a flock of the residing Wraiths and a pile of bloody teddy bears. He was definitely getting close. He could see a tower from where he was now. Hopefully the snake from Trip Town wasn't as creepy as he thinks he remembers it being. He might just throw up just because of how it would look. Now that would be a first.

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"I think it would be a good idea for us all to take a step back." Spoke a dreamer whose Persona was clad in heavy armor that made it tower over the rest of them. "I for one mean none of you harm unless you wish me it, and from his act to save the girl neither does the young fellow with his green compatriot. And I would say that he has no desire to harm you as well. So let us talk."

It would appear that despite the imposing appearance the one beneath this armored shell was still quite reasonable. Zoen used this wonderful opportunity to mentally add credibility to the saying “Don’t judge a book by its cover”.

“Fair enough.” He uttered, fully supporting the suggestion and lacking hostile intent. The blonde-haired man halted his advance, though still keeping his arms in sight, ready for the aforementioned talk.

Before he could make an input of his own, the young girl with the bear spoke up, though curiously this was done through her bear. With a slight smile Zoen noted to himself that the similarity between the detached familiars presented by this animated toy and Nohizar’s brave spectral knight might be worth looking into later on. She made comments concerning their whereabouts though proving to be as clueless in regards to the specifics of what brought them here.

“…I'm not exactly sure the name but I do know where we are. And it's not the safest of... places.” Such were her words and considering the threatening atmosphere of this location the blonde-haired man was inclined to agree, nodding thoughtfully.

Unfortunately for him, he couldn’t add much about the area. Although, thanks to the input of little Tatiana, Dr. Connover had made attempts to take notes of certain stable locations within the world of Dreams, his lasting inability to traverse it as a Persona left him without much information. Places this nightmarish weren’t often discussed between them however and he was quite certain that no sane person would deliberately make an attempt to go to such a place. Exploration was risky despite the additional information it could provide and he wasn’t about to dismiss the comment made by the girl with the teddy-bear. Her warning of the place being far from safe would not fall on deaf ears, so the thoughtful male spoke soon taking her evaluation in consideration.

“It would appear that even though we may not know where or why we are, we should only seek to discover this in the process of trying to leave this place. It may be risky to remain here.” He spoke in a soft though confident tone, observing each of those present despite his eyes being concealed. “The Dreamscape tends to shift when one intends to go somewhere. Therefore if we begin walking in the same direction with a similar intent we may have a much better chance of swiftly escaping the area. At least provided normal laws of the Dreamworld still apply…”

He paused. The thought of the common principle being unable to help them here was certainly unsettling, but he dismissed the faint concerns from the forefront of his thoughts. Harboring more doubts for the Dreamscape to potentially manifest wasn’t a good idea here at all.

“Now. I am certain we should all at least know each other’s names so long as we’re going to head out of here together, but unless anyone has any objections the introductions can be done while walking.”

This was his suggestion to those present. He paused to take in their reaction and give them a chance to comment. After all, his words were by no means a demand for authority or immediate compliance – merely the statement of his opinion backed by certain reasoning. The man with the golden sash looked to the two girls, or at least it would appear so by the direction in which his head was turned as the near-even curtain of slightly shimmering hair didn’t betray even a fraction of his glance.

“Are you hurt anywhere? Will you be able to proceed?” He asked politely. Considering their position during the incident there was a chance that some of them would require support.

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Quinera pouted and placed her hands on her hips. She did not like this. Irritation shot through the jester who still stood in a protective stance. These people were too close. Too suffocating. They were talking and there were way too many of them. Eri on her own (and Mister Bear of course) were ok. She could handle that amount of social interaction. Also, the fact Eri herself didn't talk may have helped things along there. But there was blondie, mister armour, greenie and greenie's creepy smiley friend. And Erixianti, Mister Bear, Quinn and the voice.

Wait. What?

The jester cocked her head to the side in confusion. Yes, there was a whisper. She could hear a whisper. Someone or something whispering in her head. She couldn't make it out but the hissing sibilance was still there. She looked around at the people congregated.

"Who's whispering? What are you saying?" The jester demanded, a little desperation dripping into her voice. The whispers, they were grating on her nerves. The jester shook her head viciously but still they maintained their hissing. With an angry cry, the jester slammed her hands over her ears. The pain eliminated the whispers, killed them.


Hearing whispers was no fun anyways. But still the matter remained. These people wanted Quinn and Eri to go with them. She didn't trust them. Any of them. Not blondie or the two greenies or Mister armour. She and her new friend were fine here in this fun looking place. I mean, look at that bear! It was so cute! Sure, it was missing its head...and limbs might have...fallen off but still. It was so fluffy!

But her friend wanted to leave...and she did not want to be left behind. Nope, no matter how fun this place looked. A little bout of depression hit the jester and her shoulders slumped a little.

"I don't wanna go, but OK..." She muttered, looking back to see what Erixianti would do. It seemed the smaller of the two knew a little more about this place than she did and so Quinera decided she must know best.

Even if they didn't understand just how much fun this place looked.

The guy with the blonde hair turned to look at the duo. Well, Quinn assumed he was looking at them. His hair was all in the way. A flicker of irritation shot across her mind and almost on cue, a little whisper sounded. Quinera winced and dug her nails into her palms. There. Take that, stupid voices.

“Are you hurt anywhere? Will you be able to proceed?” Quinera looked down at herself and made a little face. She looked kinda dusty from her previous ground hugging and her clothes looked a tiny bit...tattered. But apart from the sore chest and now bleeding palms, she was relatively OK. The jester tried to meet the blonde's gaze but settled for just staring at the place she thought his eyes might be.

"I think we're good. I can take care of myself. And of Eri. And Mister Bear." The jester added thoughtfully, flashing a grin to her friend behind her. Quinera dropped her protective stance and took a few steps forward, eye darting around, taking every little thing in.

"And the name is Quinera or Quinn or The Jester. I don't reeeeally care which you use. And is the person whispering could knock it off, that would be fantastic." She growled, black inky shadows flickering around her wrist as she stamped her foot, glaring darkly.

The whispers replied.

"Who? Me?" Quinera's eyes bugged out and she replied by biting her lip. Hard. It hurt, yes, but the voice drained away.


No talking to the voice. As apparently, the voice can talk back.

If Quinn was a normal person, she may have worried about this for a while. She may have even considered medical help. But the jester was not a normal person and neither of these options sprang to mind. Instead she grinned brightly; all previous worry, hostility and anger draining in the blink of an eye.

"So! What's everyone else called?"

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Nohizar remained quiet for a while, not paying attention to any of his companions-by-chance, either by choice or by sheer exhaustion, it was difficult to tell which. So instead he remained quiet, smiling to himself as he reflected on his recent adventure. Only when Razihon broke the silence and filled it with his static filled voice, did he finally look up from his reflection. ”I do not know what they are so concerned about, I find this place quite charming.” Only now did Nohizar realize they had been talking, despite having heard and comprehended their words. He looked around and saw the strange Jester girl, Zoen and his new knight friend. With a second look around he observed his surroundings, taking in the strange and broken toys, the scenery that was almost like an homage to the lost dreams of lonely children. ”I don’t know… it looks pretty creepy. Toys aren’t meant to be broken, are they? They’re supposed to be cute and cuddley.” He said, his voice somewhat shaky, even as he got up to his feet.

Razihon merely shrugged in reaction, an infuriating shrug that usually meant the end of a conversation. Not this time, however. Instead he filled the silence between them with static. ”Don't be silly. Toys break. Toys break when they have known to much love from children. It is a natural effect. If anything, this place is an homage to the love children have for their toys and the sadness they felt when those same toys finally could take no more. I am fairly certain a place like this is perfectly safe, we should rest here for a while.” Nohizar blinked when Razihon seemed to ramble on and on instead of keeping his usual silence. The surprise at his friends sudden loquaciousness was so immense that he didn’t notice the sudden change in his friend’s smile, as if something savage had crept in there and was hiding itself, just out of sight. He was at a loss of words really, a strange reversal of their usual conundrum. One that might have warranted thought in a more suspicious mind, but Nohizar’s mind is anything but suspicious, so he merely said one word. ”Maybe…“

This time Razihon’s shrug did mean an end to the conversation and the green apparition wandered off to study a nearby teddy bear, leaving Nohizar to meet his new friends. With a smile and a sudden renewal of energy exclusive to the young he walked over with a wave. He spared a special wave and smile for Zoen, even as he greeted him. ”Hey Zoen! Why are you here? Speaking of which, how did you get here?” Without waiting for Zoen to respond he looked around again. With his second glance he noticed his new friend, uhm… Armour-guy, yeah that’s it, Armour-guy. He gave him an extra special energetic wave as well. He also noticed the strange Jester girl again, together with Princess. For equal measure he smiled and waved at them. He nodded once, mostly to himself, before he spoke, not having bothered to wait for Zoen’s reaction. He could multi-task, there were questions to be asked and introductions to be made!

”I’m Nohizar! And my friend is called Razihon!” He looked behind him and waved Razihon over, but the green spectre seemed more interested in studying some broken toys some ways away from the group, forcing Nohizar to continue the conversation by himself. ”Razihon says he likes this place, but I agree that it’s creepy. But I came here in a special way, just like everyone else I think! We must be here for a reason right? To slay a dragon or something! Look, we even have a knight and a princess here, that has to be it!” He pointed, perhaps rudely so, at Martellus and Erixianti.

Nohizar smiled with boundless excitement as he explained his own view on the situation. It was clear that his opinion on their current predicament was mostly fuelled by a wild imagination and wishful thinking. But that didn’t stop him. He was nearly hopping up and down with excitement, smiling blissfully at his new friends.