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"It is better to end at the peak than after the descent to the bottom."

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a character in “Scattered Dreams, Fragmented Unreality”, originally authored by Lifecharacter, as played by RolePlayGateway



ImageName: Sarah Blackbourn

Inner Self's Name: Korias

Type of Dreamer: Normal

Age: They don't really care, and they wouldn't even be able to guess based on their ever-static appearance if they did.

Gender: None. Korias refer to themselves, and tell others to refer to them, in the plural form, since they found being referred to by the neutral "it" to be somewhat awkward and their odd voice makes the plural seem somewhat appropriate.

Appearance: Korias holds the appearance of an ornate suit of armor that looks to be made almost completely out of silver that stands roughly five foot nine inches tall; though, most always assume that they're really just somebody wearing the suit of armor until they either figure it out for themselves or are told the truth. The armor itself is much harder and resilient than the material it appears to be made of, and its plates leaves no spaces for one to peer inside other than the slits for the eyes, with a chainmail underlay covering the areas where plate would make movement difficult or impossible. The headpiece of this living armor sports a large fin that emerges from between its eyes and goes up almost an entire foot before reaching its peak and curving down to meet the helmet slightly behind the tip of the head. Draped over their shoulders, and wrapped around their waist, is a black fabric as soft as silk and as durable as leather that ends mere inches from the ground. A single belt is also found around Korias' waist, with metallic symbols that match the rest of their armor and a holster for the sword they are rarely seen without.

All around their body, etched into their very skin, are designs incorporating numerous motifs from the garden scene adorning their face to the story of the trial and execution of a man on their back. Other small symbols and designs abound on the armor, each with its own little significance to either Korias or their Dreamer, with the front half of their breastplate left bare, as both the nicks and scratches, as well as the repairs to more seriously damage, always left whatever was displayed unrecognizable.

Theme Song: King of Fools

Current Relations: N/A

Personality: Expressionless. Rigid. Intimidating. Those are the first three words that people seem to come up with to describe Korias upon their first viewing of them, or, at least, that's what a couple cornered bystanders seemed to agree upon when asked. To be fair, it's pretty hard to refute such a description based upon simply viewing them; they lack the typical features used for expressing emotion, they're always walking upright and never seem to put any superfluous movement into their confident stride, and they're a large, sword wielding suit of armor that speaks in the echoing voices of about seven different people. All in all, Korias appears to be someone, or something, to be avoided at all costs, as doing otherwise might just result in a sword through the chest or the remains of a crushed skull coating their gauntlet. This isn't helped much by the fact that they never interact with anyone and just stand there, watching, only to abruptly leave without so much as a word spoken or gesture given.

In truth, while somewhat irritable in certain company, Korias isn't that much of an overly violent existence, just one that is capable of great violence and whose appearance reflects that. They have looked around and seen the way others look at them, and, though hoping for a more inclusive relationship with some of them, lacks the initiative and vocal skill to just outright approach people in a casual setting. They're very good at letting words of intimidation, inspiration, and, occasionally, poetry reverberate out from under their helm, but those are not the sorts of speech that one uses to address a crowd of strangers. They find the effort necessary to even attempt such a casual act both tedious and time consuming, often, when it is attempted at all, never managing to finish before an awkward, if not fearful, atmosphere has descended upon the world.

And so, to avoid such awkward and paranoia inducing situations, Korias has taken to avoiding populated areas as best they can. They have found themselves at home amongst empty fields of flowers, or areas too dangerous for most to tread. Here they are comfortable, whether they are laying in a field of flowers and trying their awkwardly oversized hand at weaving them together, or are fighting against the nightmares of children and feeling the Wraiths fall to the sting of their sword. In such places, no one is there to look upon them and whisper or flee at the very sight of them, and in such places, they find themselves accompanied only by the sounds of the Dreamscape and the conversations they have with themselves.

Regardless of the situation, whether it be an awkward conversation or a battle against a great beast out of someone's nightmares, Korias always keeps to a sort of chivalric code. They never strike against those who have not struck first or who have warranted such a response, and they always maintain an air of politeness and respect when actually interacting with others until they feel that their attitude is either wasted or unreciprocated. They refuse to cheat or use underhanded tactics; though, it must be said that some things stop being considered underhanded under certain circumstances, and they always address those that they have defeated with an attitude of respect or scorn, once again determined by the other's actions. An awkward knight driven to the outskirts by their inability to socialize and intimidating appearance, that is what Korias is and that is what those who actually manage to engage them will find.

Pulse I: Korias' power originates from battle and the mastery over its many intricate parts. The part whose mastery sees the most overt use is that over the weapons that they wield. This allows Korias to wield anything deemed a weapon, whether it be a jagged stone, a steel sword, or a fighter jet, with the skill one can normally only achieve through years of intense training under the careful watch of experts. Other than the use of weapons, they also make great use out of the strategic and tactical mind that this power has granted them, giving them the ability to both plan for the best course of action and adjust said plan on the fly whenever complications arise. Though, it must be said that, even if they are aware of what actions are most likely to achieve victory, Korias regularly goes against what this knowledge advises, deeming it dishonorable or ignoble.

Sarah Blackbourne is the daughter of a upper-middle class family who is, officially, still employed by state and the school district as a high school teacher. She has only recently had her birthday and is currently 22 years old, and has spent almost the entirety of those 22 years in her home town and barely a twenty minute drive away from her parents'. She has dark blue eyes, a fair complexion that's only variance comes in the form of frequent sunburns, and straight black hair that she has allowed to grow somewhat unkempt with the need to maintain it for the sake of her job removed.

In her youth, Sarah was the pampered only child of a doctor and a teacher, both of whom spent their days away at work while their daughter played on her jungle gym, was read to by her babysitter, and tore through their house on roller skates. When school eventually became a focus in her life, she performed above average in pretty much everything through a small amount of effort, but took to the subject of history more than the others, claiming it to be more interesting. She continued her focus on history all the way to the end of high school, finding herself as one of the many honor graduates of her school with pretty much any college reasonably open to her. Feeling that it wasn't too much of a loss not to go to some acclaimed school half a continent away, and wanting to remain in the familiar area she had grown up in, she chose a school that was about a 30 minute commute from her home and held the acceptable standing of not being a community college.

After a year of going to the university, the knowledge that she wouldn't exactly be living in poverty if she couldn't find a job immediately after college and could always just rely on her parents, led her into taking a number of courses unrelated to her major. The most numerous of these revolved around the education program, as that was the major of the person Sarah was seeing at the time. Even with an unscholarly motive, she eventually found herself enthused by the classes and finally settled on an actual career path beyond "something related to history" and decided to become a teacher. It would take several more years of school, student teaching, and using her parents' influence to get a job, but she eventually found herself as the history teacher of one o the nearby high schools.

As a teacher, Sarah did a pretty adequate job. The average grade was slightly higher for students in her class, which was attributed to either her being a better teacher or just her class being easier than the others, and she was relatively well liked amongst the student body and the other staff members. The parents though, they were on another level. Parents of the smartest students wondered why their child didn't have a perfect grade, while those of below average students complained about how it was her fault that their children weren't succeeding; all in all, few parents were anything but annoying. Among the worst of these was the mother of the soon-to-be salutatorian who had nothing but complaints about how her son wasn't the valedictorian. Every time she showed up she had nothing but contempt for each and every one of the teachers and, during one of the many meetings she called with the teachers, she struck her son for asking her to stop. Shocked by this behavior, Sarah wound up in a heated argument with the mother that eventually turned violent after she slapped the mother for a certain, insulting remark. Sarah managed to come out of the scuffle relatively undamaged, but the mother wound of with a broken wrist and a lawsuit against the school, the district, the city, and the state, not to mention having Sarah herself charged with assault and battery.

Sarah has since been released on her own recognizance and is currently on unpaid suspension while she awaits both her trial and the decision of the Board of Education. She now spends her day doing nothing but keeping herself occupied while her girlfriend is away at work, relying on a combination of personal savings, her parents, and her girlfriend to cover her expenses. During this time she toils away on menial tasks or reads some book to pass the time. So far, she's read about three separate history texts, pertaining to ancient Rome, medieval Europe, and medieval Japan, and a number of novels that she rarely touched beforehand.

So begins...

Korias's Story


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A glint of mankind and industry surrounded by scenic rivers and beautiful fields of green, spotted every so often by the reds, blues, violets, and whites of flowers. It had the metallic shine of polished silver, reflecting every beam of light that hit it all around it, making it almost impossible to go unnoticed by anyone wandering nearby. And, every so often, the clanking of its form shifting its posture would break through the sounds of light breezes sweeping their way through the grass and running water flowing endlessly to its nonexistent destination. All of these aspects made it look more like a threat to its natural surroundings, rather than something that belonged amongst them; something that was not at all helped by the sharp edges of its metal body and the dangerous weapon strapped to its hip.

Even if it looked out of place, it was places like this that, ever since its inception into the confusing world they inhabited, the being occupying the metallic skin and clanging joints had always found itself drawn towards. This object by the river that was always referred to as an it, and that had never really been able to correct those that spoke before the moment had gone stale and the awkwardness repulsive. The only ones that had ever properly identified this shining, silver being with the correct pronoun were those amongst its own dreams and those childish enough to not be stricken with fear by its intimidating and anti-social approach.

It was this scene that was interrupted by something that seemed like it would strike any observer with surprise, confusion, and a tiny bit of awe. At least, that is how Korias, the silver-armored, multi-voiced being on the side of the river, reacted to the sight of numerous bodies appearing out of nowhere and soaring haphazardly through the sky. Clowns, pirates, robots, animals, princesses, kings, and all manner of oddities were flung from some unknown source, with their limbs flailing around unconsciously in the wind as they plummet to the ground. Dumbstruck by such a sight, Korias just watched as their bodies fell from the sky, returning their sight back to the air once they were out of sight to see if any others would be fading randomly into existence as flying debris as well. When nothing else appeared to shock the suit of armor further, they finally realized that they should probably go and see what had happened as well as if anyone had been hurt by whatever had caused this strange phenomenon.

Disentangling their fingers from the tall grass that they had subconsciously coiled around several of their awkwardly large digits, and forgetting the many random thoughts that had been streaming through their mind as they stared silently at every crest and splash of the river before them, Korias leapt to their feet and wondered in which direction they should go first. People seemed to have crashed everywhere besides the immediate area Korias was occupying; though, that's not too surprising considering the utter randomness of their travels and the weirdness of this world they were traveling. To gain a better vantage point and determine if anyone or anything had come down even remotely close to them, Korias dug their boots into the wet soil surrounding the river and moved to climb the nearest, and largest of the small hills that once enclosed the juxtaposed image of silver arms against the slow river and undisturbed grass. It took a moment to find a good footing with the ground hidden beneath a shroud of impenetrable green and every other step being either a loose rock or a patch of mud hoping to suck a heavy boot a few inches beneath the ground, but, after a few seconds of careful treading and several more seconds of ripping his silken clothing from greedy flora, Korias reached the top and scanned the empty fields for anything remarkable.

Nothing out of place could be spotted, and so, it came down to estimation and luck to determine which direction Korias' armored feet should take them. Amongst the many things that comically flew overhead, the majority seemed to have landed in what they assumed to be the northern direction, but, even then, they were likely scattered about. Finding the chances of finding someone in their current location woefully close to zero as opposed to an actual possibility if they were to go searching, Korias wrested their body from the comfortable stasis and descended the hill. Staring at the river had been all well and good, but what they had witnessed within the last few minutes would rouse even the most subdued curiosity, and they hoped to eventually have this curiosity sated by the first person they came across.


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Fields of grass. Endlessly repeated toward the horizons of all 360 degrees, with a depressing lack of flowers that graced the spot by the river. The only positive thing that could be said about a trek across this ocean of grass was that the scattered hills, while annoying obstacles at first, became beacons of hope, distraction, and, most importantly, variance. This great positive in a sea of arduous neutrality, was not without its downsides. Every so often these slopes would reveal themselves to be slick with mud or plagued with loose stones mere moments before casting any traveler down to the base in a defiant revenge for rudely trotting upon them.

It is on one of the former, gentler hills that Korias has found themselves, with metallic feet digging into the fickle earth and not another soul in sight. They could not tell how long they'd been walking across the lush, yet barren, landscape. They first thought that it had only been an hour (or had it been even less?), but the distinct lack of the features that had drawn them to the river and their slow, methodical pace convinced them that it had to have been longer. How long seemed like an impossible calculation that, when considered for even a moment, was drowned instantly by the memories of every thought that had been had and every sight that had been witnessed since people began falling from the sky. This left the once mediocre sense of exploration and discovery shriveled and uprooted before it had even had a chance to grow into an actual interest. All of this constantly nagged inside their rattling form, constantly pleading for the abandonment of this inquisition before being beaten down and restrained by a combination of worry for those that had fallen and curiosity for what had caused such a phenomenon.

As the hilltop grew closer and closer, the temptation to rush to it grew and grew. It was Korias' siren, and they had no crew to tie them to the mast and hold them back from enthusiastically answering its call. The negative part of sirens, that of ships crashing into rocks and sinking, became clear the moment a metallic ring echoed for miles as their boot struck the last of the hidden stones on the slope. It was the final test of this great beast of an average hill, and they has failed it, and had suffered the sensation of their entire body painfully vibrating for a moment. After suffering from the armored version of a stubbed-toe, and gritting imaginary teeth to stop themselves from letting some unintelligible noise escape them, Korias regained their posture and finally crested the mound of dirt and was given their reward.

Before them lay a lake, dwarfing the waters of the subtle river and making the journey of unknown length here somewhat worth it. As Korias looked out over this silent and calming scene, light winds caressing their faces and forcing memories of an annoying march into obscurity, their nonexistent eyes haphazardly scanned the beaches; the goal, while currently set aside for a moment, was still present in their mind. It took a few seconds of tracing their eyes over the sandy outline of the lake, with all its stones, wandering children, and green phantoms, before Korias finally managed to rip themselves away from their trance. A wandering child was something that could potentially provide them with information, and a phantom could do the same if it wasn't malignant, though few ever seemed to be.

So, with strict course, Korias began to make their way down the hill they had just ascended, doing as best they could to both be quick and stay unnoticed. Unfortunately, this side of the hill was suffering from an even worse infestation of rocks to impede their travels and give out an audible cry every time metal so much as touched them. Being a shining, silver suit of armor out in daylight also meant that stealth was pretty much impossible, as light reflected off of the plated body like a beacon for any who so much as glanced in their direction.


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”There’s nothing left of that place. It’s all gone.”
”You don’t know that!”
”How do you know that I don’t know?”
”I just do!”
”Excellent reasoning. I especially enjoy the way it only seems applicable to you. In any case, there’s nothing left but bones and the spirits of children calling for their mothers. Perhaps some particularly twisted soul managed to employ the dark arts and bring all of them back, but I doubt anyone besides myself is capable of such a feat.”
”You can bring people back from the dead?!”
”Could you teach me?”
”Of course. But it is not easy. It requires time and dedication. And most importantly, a stable, unchanging environment.”
”I can do that!”
”Good. First, you must meditate for three days straight.”
”That sounds really boring… wait! You’re not trying to trick me again are you?”
”I wouldn’t dare.”
”If you say so… anyway! That’s way too boring and we still have to find… eehh… Knight-guy, Cool-guy and the Princess!”

”You forgot their names didn’t you?” Razihon, with static filling its voice, stated the question to a blank faced Nohizar. The silence between them stretched on and on, as the boy’s brow furrowed and the grinding of teeth, almost like the grinding of mental gears, could be heard. After the silence continued to uncomfortable lengths, Razihon finally spoke up again.

”If you can’t remember their names, then there is no point in going off on some fool’s errand to find them.”
”But they’re my friends!”

”The dead make for poor friends.” Once more a statement by Razihon brought a spell of silence over the pair. But where the first one was typified by the grinding of teeth and the intense thinking of a young man, this one was typified by barely controlled sobs and a trembling lower lip. Nohizar sat on a rock, staring at the sand trying to keep his emotions in check. In his mind the short few moments he had spent with Zoen, Martellus and the Princess whose name he never got to ask and forget flew by, as if in a dream. As sudden as the moment of introspection had arrived it left, and Nohizar jumped to his feet.

”I don’t care if they’re dead or not! I’m going to find them and we’re gonna go on adventures together!” Nohizar shouted loudly, partially to his friend Razihon, and partially to the heavens in some heroic vow. Unfortunately, his childish desire and squeaky voice made the whole vow fall quite flat. All around the young man the wind blew sand around, as if in awkward applause to some hammy actor overacting on stage. Razihon merely stared at Nohizar for a few seconds before shrugging. ”Good luck with that.”

Nohizar merely glared at his companion in response, before beginning to pace circles around the large outcropping of rocks, one hand in his pocket and one beneath his chin. In his mind, a plan was forming. First, he would need to find knight-guy. Then, he would help him defeat the dragon that was threatening the Princess. Then, the three of them would go find Zoen together. After that… well, they could all go and find new adventures. A smile formed on his face as his patch-work plan, based on misconceptions and fantasies that did not even slightly coincide with reality, began to take shape.

”You have to take me to Knight-guy!” Nohizar suddenly cried out. His face set in an expression that the boy probably imagined to be grim determination, but in reality mimicked an expression of poorly contained self-satisfaction. Despite the somewhat self-satisfied expression, his smile was bright and genuine, filled with hope. Razihon shrugged again, incapable of handling the bright-eyed youth and his childish delusions.

”It doesn’t really matter. We’re no longer alone.” The smile on Nohizar’s face faded when Razihon finally answered him. His curiosity suddenly awakened, Nohizar looked around for the intruder upon their little meeting. After a few moments his eyes settled on an imposing figure, clothed in an armour that reflected light in a brilliant fashion and a black cape that nearly brushed the ground. Nohizar’s smile grew wider when he recognised the person. It was as if talking about his knightly friend had simply summoned him to him. But a second glance corrected his opinion. Although dressed in a similar way, there were numerous differences between this knight and the one Nohizar had already met. Which led Nohizar to the only obvious conclusion that could possibly be drawn from this. It had to be Knight-guy’s friend. With a bright smile and a happy wave he rushed over to the figure yelling at him from a distance.

”Hello there! You must be Knight-guy’s friend! I’m Nohizar and I’m gonna help him slay the dragon! Are you going to help slay the dragon too? Do you know where Knight-guy or the Princess is?” Even as Nohizar rushed ahead, bombarding the complete stranger with questions and blind blind to any potential danger the figure might pose, Razihon stayed behind, casting a suspicious eye on the stranger as he observed from a distance.


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Taken slightly aback by the child's endless questions and confusing statements, Korias stammered out an um or an uh with every new statement that came out of the boy's mouth. When they finally managed to break the silence imposed on them as an audience, they tried to stem the tide that continued to crash over them. "You need to calm down or else I won't be able to understand you." They tried to be somewhat firm with the statement, but their surprised posture and the rhythm of their words wound up making it seem more like a plea than anything else.

Nohizar frowned slightly at the armoured figure's comments. Had he said something wrong, or did something he shouldn't have? He tried looking over his shoulder to get some form of assistance from Razihon, but the green apparition had stayed put and seemed quite happy staying where he was. With a shake of his head Nohizar turned back to the figure in armour and nodded once, as if confirming something that was said. A bright smile appeared on his face after he took a deep breath in preparation for speaking. "Hi! I'm Nohizar! Adventurer and mystery solver! You must be Knight-guy's friend, right? You're dressed the same way anyway. Are you gonna slay the dragon too?" Nohizar spoke quickly, barely capable and partially failing to keep his cascade of inquisitiveness under control.

Korias stood motionless as the barrage of questions were reworded and cascaded over them once again, sullen at their failure to stem it and thinking of what to do. This curious child was something disturbingly familiar, but, throughout the memories they were able to call upon, no similar scene could be found. Regardless of this lack of a concrete memory, they decided on an appropriate answer after a few, admittedly awkward, moments of silence. With this decided upon, Korias raised their right hand and placed it upon their chest, and regained their straightened posture despite the slope they now stood on. "I am Korias, knight and servant of justice. Though I may look like your friend, I cannot say that I know him, but, if you take me to this dragon of yours, I will bring justice to it."

Nohizar nearly stood on his toes in an attempt to get closer to the knight as he spoke. A glint of pure and unfeigned admiration clear in his eyes and his hands balled into fists as he soaked up what the knight was saying with glee. He had never expected Knight-guy's friend to be this amazing. Not only was he a knight, but a servant of justice as well. It was like he had stepped straight out of a fairy tale. Not only that, but he wanted to help slay the dragon as well. Sure, he was saying he didn't know Knight-guy, but that wasn't a problem, he must just have forgotten. The knight's question did put Nohizar in a bind, however. Nohizar put his hand up to his chin as his brow furrowed in thought. His brow furrowed further and his teeth grinded together as he desperately searched for an answer he had no means of knowing. After a few moments of intense think the tension released and a care free smile spread over his face.

"I forgot where the dragon is! It was after the princess, so I'm sure the dragon caused the city to explode, but it wouldn't stick around would it? I bet if we find the princess we find the dragon so we can slay it!" Nohizar said happily to his newly found companion, the mere thought or idea that anything he said might not be entirely true not once crossing his mind.

Stiffening slightly as the youth artificially made himself taller and, by doing so, brought the two of them somewhat closer physically, Korias was happy to see that shine in his eyes and the sheer enthusiasm he displayed with every tiny detail of his body. There was still the matter of the green phantom that he had repeatedly glanced towards and constantly made them on edge, but it didn't seem actively malicious so dealing with it could be set aside until after learning about this dragon. When the boy's body relaxed and he started to show that weird beard scratching gesture that everyone loved using, despite the majority never having beards, when they were deep in thought or mocking the idea of being deep in thought, they relaxed their body now that the two weren't awkwardly staring at each other. Whichever it was, when it broke and his smile returned, the posture Korias once had fell under the strain of maintaining it on a hillside for so long and their arms returned to their sides while their knees bent under their body's weight.

But, when the mention of a destroyed city came up, all of that looseness disappeared as Korias gripped the youth's shoulders tightly and almost shouted in anger at only just hearing about a destroyed city now. "Where is this city? Who is this princess?!"

Nohizar barely had time to react when Korias reached out and grabbed his shoulders, holding them tightly. The expression on Nohizar's face changed from blissfully excited to genuinely frightened in a matter of moments. He opened and closed his mouth repeatedly in an attempt to speak, but the sudden aggression and strength of the knight had instilled a fear that kept his throat so tight no sound could emerge from it. Nohizar stood there for a few moments, tears from the sudden shock slowly filling his eyes before a static filled voice appeared from behind him.

"How unusual. I believe it is a crime to accost young boys in such a manner, sir knight. To answer your questions, the city is somewhere not here, we were moved from its location by unknown means and have no way of knowing where it is. As for the princess, I'm not sure. Apparently she was in some form of danger before my young companion here saved her, or so he says. In any case, I can only theorize at this point, but I would assume she was transported from the city in the same manner we were." Razihon spoke coolly and sounded almost bored having to explain all of this, although any nuances in his voice were hard to detect over the static that accompanied it. Even as Razihon spoke, Nohizar hung limp in the knight's hands, tears slowly leaking from his eyes and a dumbfounded expression on his face.

Realizing that grabbing and shouting at Nohizar wasn't the most tactful way to go about getting information, with the phantom providing that extra bit of common sense to make such a failure even more severe, Korias released their grip and took several small steps away from the boy with their quivering hands held up as if in surrender. They had set their mind to trying to reconcile this gross display of traumatizing a youth the moment fear took his cheer away, but, with the unclear voice of the phantom and the need to investigate this city forced back into their focus, such a thing seemed rather unfeasible. Before unintellible sounds starting echoing from their form again, they decided that they needed to steel themselves for the moment to have any chance at resolving this. They straightened their legs, turned their head towards the one who had answered their questions and spoke with a seven-voiced monotone.

"You are right, that was very... crude of us. But, such a lack of information leaves us stranded in these endless fields and without even a sense of direction. Do you truly have no idea of where to find either?" Korias tried their best to ignore the constant desire to plead for forgiveness from the one they had seemingly traumatized, but a clear task had kept them from breaking their stoic demeanor. Though, it had not kept them from glancing over at the boy every few seconds, not that anyone could really tell where those hollow eye sockets were looking.

When Korias released Nohizar and apologized in an awkward manner, Razihon's smile seem to grow even wider, as if the knight's and Nohizar's combined discomfort was somehow pleasing to him. Nohizar at the same time seemed to have lost his glint of admiration, only to have it replaced by a somewhat cautious fear, clearly evident in the way he was suddenly silent, giving a slight glare in Korias' direction and hiding behind Razihon. The green phantom chuckled slightly when the knight asked his next question, before shrugging in a pure expression of non-commitment. After a few moments of silence in which it seemed the apparition had no intention of offering answering his static filled voice suddenly broke the silence, Razihon possibly caving in to the intense stare from his younger companion, who seemed as interested in finding out the answer as Korias was.

"How troubling. First you assault my companion and now you ask questions, apparently being a servant of justice says nothing of one's manners. But, whatever. To answer your question, the exact location of the city is truly a mystery to me, our mysterious means of moving from the city's location to this location makes even guessing our distance from it a foolish endeavour. The princess on the other hand..." Razihon's voice trailed off for a few moments, until a burst of static marked some form of sigh on his part before continuing. "Well, I have no exact location for her... but I theorize that she might have been transported from the city in the same manner we were and as such, she might be nearby. If we search together, we may just find her." Once Razihon finished Nohizar smiled carefully, still wary of the knight, but clearly happy to hear the news.

The low hum of metal scraping against metal came from Korias' hands as the phantom's mockery both infuriated them as well as kicked the beaten remains of their ego. Still, other than their hands turning into two slightly trembling fists, the knight remained still as omewhat helpful information had finally been given. The city, which Korias only had the adjectives of "ruined" and "far away" to describe it, was impossible to find amongst these fields or along the entirety of the horizon, making it, for all its likely involvement in the incident that had gotten Korias away from the river, lost to them. This princess though, could easily be nearby and be more informative than a boy and his phantom.

With this new goal in mind, Korias finally broke free of their entrenched position and turned to scan the surroundings; they couldn't stand to look at the phantom without feeling irritated or the boy without feeling incredibly guilty. After a moment of tracing along every crest and trough of the hills, they turned back towards the phantom. Even so, they did not look at either of them, and looked at a certain stone behind them, though they kept their head in such a way to attempt to make it seem otherwise.

Thin eyes slowly followed Korias' movements, like the eyes of a snake observing its next prey. When the knight's gaze passed over a particular outcropping of rocks, Nohizar's eyes followed, examining the same bit of rock. Now that he was over the initial shock of being grabbed by the much larger individual, it seemed something of admiration had returned, whether Nohizar realized it or not. Subconsciously he was mimicking the knight's posture and movements, but made no attempt to engage Korias again, seemingly content to let him examine the surroundings. A few steps away Razihon had elected to settle on a rock, casually observing a faraway cloud or something else only he could see in the skies. But after the knight returned his gaze to the pair, the apparition turned around and observed the armoured individual. A look in Nohizar's direction made it clear that he wanted to ask a question, but was fearful of the experience now and was depending on Razihon to ask it for him. With a shrug the apparition finally spoke.

"Found what you were looking for? Truth be told, I don't mind sitting around. But my companion seems eager to get started on what he no doubt believes to be an adventure of some poetically epic proportions." Fierce nodding from Nohizar who had his hands balled into fists from the strain he felt from not being able to ask the question himself. After a few moments, self-preservation was defeated by youthful eagerness and Nohizar spoke up, his voice loud and booming, though by no means intimidating as his youth shone through in the lack of a deep timbre to his voice.

"We should go that way, I'm sure she'll be over there!" Nohizar pointed in a direction that seemed picked at random. But a bright smile accompanied his exclamation, which was apparently enough to elicit a shrug and somewhat begrudging acceptance from Razihon. With both seemingly ready to move, they then looked to Korias for the final go-ahead.

Seeing Nohizar's fear give in to his enthusiasm lightened the heavy burden that had been placed upon Korias, and with a soft sigh he nodded as the boy pointed out the direction he believed in. It didn't really matter how he had come up with his decision; no one else had any idea which way was correct and this at least gave them to push to start moving. Vocalizing their approval of this new march, Korias spoke in a less formal, almost cheerful voice. "Right." Their feet pulled themselves out of the dents their weight had left in the earth and they began slowly marching in the random direction that would either lead them to something they sought eventually, and being enthusiastic about it would make the odyssey across an ocean of grass less arduous. "We shall find this princess of yours, and then we shall slay that dragon." With their palm resting on the pommel of their sword, and with mental springs attached to their heels, they marched blindly in the direction Nohizar had chosen.

Smiling brightly once more and all concerns he might have had about Korias seemingly forgotten, Nohizar set off after the knight with a skip in his step. After a few more moments of observing the sky, Razihon followed, sticking to a respectful or perhaps careful distance behind the pair. Now that his previous fears of Korias were forgotten as quickly as they had arrived, Nohizar once more got close to the knight, looking at his armour with admiration and seemingly trying to decipher the intricate patterns on the suit of armour, which at the moment seemed more interesting to him than the prospect of finding the so-called princess.