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Scattered Dreams, Fragmented Unreality



a part of Scattered Dreams, Fragmented Unreality, by Igari.


Igari holds sovereignty over Dreamscape, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

600 readers have been here.


The over-all term used to describe the space in which Inner Selves/Persona's as well as the Dream Entity reside in.

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Dreamscape is a part of Scattered Dreams, Fragmented Unreality.

6 Places in Dreamscape:

11 Characters Here

Martellus [10] Iron Within, Iron Without.
Zhaleh the Inquisitor [9] "My mission is to drown the world... Perhaps you may still be saved yet..."
Khalimandaria [6] "I shall bring justice upon the wicked, and punishment to those who object."
Erixianti [6] "I'll find those who will be precious to me one day..."
Quinera [6] "Hang on a sec, Imma gonna try somethin'."
Korias [4] "It is better to end at the peak than after the descent to the bottom."
Nohizar & Razihon [4] "A whole world to explore and no limits to hold me back! Let's go!"
Zakiriya [3] "Everything's fine and dandy... until someone dies..."
Enforcer [3] "I've got a bone to pick with all these skeletons in closets."
Kiyu [2] "Dreams are fantasies, but Nightmares... are very real."

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Character Portrait: Quinera Character Portrait: Zhaleh the Inquisitor Character Portrait: Zoen Leed Character Portrait: Martellus
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He watched as the girl approached, her body surrounded by a bubble of water, almost as if it infused her with its form. At this closer sight he began to feel a little off balance, mainly due to water being an oddity to him, vague flashes of cloying darkness and suffocating blackness sparked inside his head at the half dreamt memories slowly trying to make themselves known again. Forcing them down he returned to the present, feeling a light touch against his armour he almost started when he realised it was this new arrival.

"I’d not let your fingers linger long lass. Me and water don’t ‘react’ well together."

He chuckled softly as the water from her hand-print trickled slightly and began to fizz as his armour became coated in spiraling lines of purple sparks. Lightning raking his outer flesh and would most likely have done so to hers had she rested too much longer. She appeared to be judging them both from what he could tell but for what purpose he could not say, though it would hardly be fair to say that she was the only one judging. He too was trying to decide what to make of her given the somewhat dangerous nature of this place and those around. It never paid too much to be wary of strangers here.

She sat at the edge of the firelight, after asking half to herself and half to them if she should sit there. Each to their own, and strangeness was neither uncommon nor surprising to Martellus. And she seemed to be getting comfortable as her bubble slowly reformed, till at last her head slowly emerged again to speak to them from what he could tell. He watched her for a few moments as the three of them sat in silence; the only sound to be heard was the crackle of the fire and the different tones of their breathing. It seemed, given her posture and positioning from the fire that its warmth and light may be somewhat detrimental to the woman, especially since she seemed to extrude an aura of cold and darkness. But he had to concede that may be his prior dislike of the black seas of this land from previous travels, and the pain he’d felt there.

He looked around them, something suddenly odd about their surroundings. It was as if they were surrounded by a void yet it didn’t look as if they were. But the cloying tightness of being in a trap was gnawing at his thoughts, as several sleek demonic looking hounds burst into existence from almost nothingness. It was then he could make out the vague impression of a dark overlay to the world beyond the fire.

So a trap then… What a great way to start a day. Crash landing halfway up a mountain and being caught in a noose with two strangers at the dripping jaws of hunting beasts. What next?

His internal debate was halted as a female figure detached itself from the darkness and stepped into the firelight. Her posture was all hate, and rage, and menace. But somehow familiar…

"Where is she?"

The voice was dripping venom and anger and the threat stated by it and the creatures circling them was clear enough. Yet despite that the familiarity seemed to jog something in his memory, has did her question. Vague yet still clear enough. The aquatic woman spoke to her in an oddly childish tone, almost goading her with her questioning, though abruptly stopped and withdrew in silence. Odd but it allowed him to respond to the question as well.

"You’re seeking that girl, aren’t you? The one who fell from the building?"

He looked around at the strewn rubble and crumbling architecture that had smashed across the mountain, several storeys of the buildings were phased through the rock itself lending a strange effect to the skyline view of this place.

"From this building?"

He jestured towards the brickwork behind the girl in her bubble, the rubble that he’d clawed his way out of earlier. Alone and without any of those he’d tried to save or the one who had helped him.

" You were with her, you both fell… I tried to stop you and my friend tried to catch you. Then nothingness and here was where I rested."

His rough, gravelly voice was attempting to be sympathetic due to the Jesters concern for her friend, a princess he believed she’d been called, but if she made any move to threaten him more, then events would sour quickly and not to his liking. Before either could truly react to events there was a odd sound coming from the direction of the girl in her bubble and the blonde haired boy. She had retreated completely into the bubble and appeared to be speaking to herself, rapidly and unintelligibly. Suddenly from the darkness a thing of water appeared and engulfed the boy with the floppy blonde hair, drowning and suffocating him as this sea maiden merged with the overflow, biting and tearing at his flesh as another creature did the same. Blood suffused her bubble, coating it with sickly liquid as her lips were stained below the surface of the orb.

At last she broke away, the remains of the body and the other creature vanishing into the night. Her eyes turned towards the dark Jester as she whispered to the night’s air, her head resurfaced.

"...but is this landwalker prepared, I wonder...?"

Martellus had tilted his head to one side, shock and slightly disgust plastering his hidden features as his hands tightened in rage at the meaningless slaughter of his friend. Well they had only just met, but he had felt no ill will from the boy. From his hands slowly grew the long shaft of a war maul, curved and deadly.

"What is the meaning of this?! What have you done?"

His voice echoed as he bellowed his rage at the sudden absence of life from their gathering, his armour growing razor-sharp spikes and chains dangling from his form as his emotions shaped it. Lightning was given new life as it overflowed across his body, melting the ground around his feet slightly as it sparked.

"You were a guest at my fire, and this is what you bring to my table? Murder and secrets? Darkness and death?"


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#, as written by Siryn

Eludrest City

He was trying to get out of the strange city. Having seen his other half, it had unnerved him completely. What was worse was the look of evil intent in the being's eyes. Kiyu felt his heart race, a strange feeling at the back of his mind pressing forward. He fought to keep it down. The feeling was a strange one and it was scary as well. A kind of darkness that he didn't want to let invade his mind and body.

Kiyu moved swiftly, coming down a set of old stair in the short hill that went passed several broken down stone homes. The 'people' there seemed to turn their cold eyes upon him, causing him to fear even more and move faster. Always at the back of his neck, the feeling that someone was staring holes through his skin was present. He could almost feel his mirror image following him, if that were even possible. Kiyu continued to tell himself that it wasn't possible and that these people didn't mind his presence at all.

As he came down from the steps and the street leveled off he began to recognize where he'd come in at. The open courtyard was familiar with the fallen stones, the fountain at its center and the lack of the paper-like people. He felt a sigh of relief fill his chest as he slowed his advance. With his heart settling down, and his thoughts coming into a point of rest from their haywire earlier, he didn't notice the two sitting at the fountain.

Even so, he was a ways away from them, still on the edges of the main part of the city that was nothing but rubble. A sudden chill ran through his spine and he turned to look behind him. Golden eyes widening, he took a step backwards as he turned to face them. So, the people had followed him and they looked... upset. He wasn't sure really. Even so, they came at him with every intent to attack and Kiyu swiped his hand out in front of him, a shout of fear escaping him.

As his hand swiped out, a rush of black crystallized spikes erupted between him and those that wished him harm. He pulled away from them slowly, the crystal wall wasn't nearly high enough to keep them away for long and it wasn't all that thick either. He'd done it in a hurry with little to no thought at all. Kiyu's heart raced in his chest as he backed away, watching them carefully and preparing to raise another wall if he needed to.


Zakiriya edged closer to the growing tension. He'd not made it in time to save the boy, nor had he made it nearly close enough to do anything about the sudden attack of the girl in a sphere. She'd turned immediately and proceeded to... feast on the unfortunate companion. His heart twisted, wrenching as he watched her. It almost made him sick, but he kept control of his stomach.

His weapon, however, he did not put away and he kept a close eye on the man who had killed the boy in the first place. The others, though didn't seem to notice that their companion was indeed killed by something much worse. He wouldn't say anything though, they were not lucid dreamers and even if he did tell them... how were they supposed to believe him? Zakiriya swallowed dryly as he approached the group. His hand tightened around the shaft of his scythe.

"What is the meaning of this?! What have you done? You were a guest at my fire, and this is what you bring to my table? Murder and secrets? Darkness and death?"

The boy who spoke in enraged tones also materialized a weapon he too took an interesting look. Stopping just short of them all, Zakiriya shifted so that he was nearest to the boy who asked the question. The large blade of the scythe scrapped the ground as he moved ever so slightly into the better position. His gaze fell upon the woman who'd eaten their friend and he once again felt a wave of nausea ensue.

Zakiriya wouldn't say anything until the woman answered the given question. He would decide then if she was an enemy or not, even though everything about her screamed evil. He watched wearily, ready for a fight, but not really wanting one, not so early in the game...