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Kyosa Masaru

0 · 200 views · located in Silenthill Bording School

a character in “School For Vampires”, as played by xxAnimexxFreekxx


Kyosa Masaru
Looks like: Image ... rose_2.jpg
  • Suckers (preferably red or blue)
  • Chocolate
  • Jokes and pranks
  • When people give her nicknames
  • She loves blood, well, actually the color and texture of it
  • She kind of likes pain, if it's her in pain that is
  • Sharp things
  • Being yelled at
  • Being left alone with a stranger
  • Being in large crowds
  • Having to work with a large group
  • Someone else being in pain
  • Remembering her birthday or celebrating it, it's also the adversary of the brothers death
  • Running out of suckers
  • Being alone
  • She will do almost anything anyone asks/tells
  • She has very low self-esteem
  • If someone says something good about her they have to take drastic measures for her to believe them
8 (cuz it's symmetrical!... and one of my favorite numbers x3)
Door mate(s):
Easily entertained, low self-esteem and always thinks of herself as inadequate, can space out at random times, can be forgetful and sometimes forgets to use common sense, can be clumsy and immature, she doesn't like asking people for help because the way she sees it she'll just be in the way, she loves jokes and pranks, she can act like she isn't sensitive but she's actually very sensitive and you can hurt her with words easily, she is and has always been afraid of being alone, she is very accepting.
Kyosa's family was once very rich, but on her fourth birthday her home was set on fire, the only ones getting away being her and her twin brother. Kyoru, her twin brother, was very mature for his age and took care of them both, protecting his younger sister and feeding them both. Since they didn't have any money or anything they were both set out into the street. Her brother was like her other half, they were very close, but Kyosa always got into trouble and would end up getting into fights, Kyoru fighting for her. On her twelfth birthday she got into another fight, trying to steal some bread from a bakery. Kyoru found her being attacked by two big men with knives and ran at them, after a little bit they ran off. The only problem being Kyoru was dieing and Kyosa's right eye bleeding. Kyoru died that day, Kyosa sent into a deep depression. After that day, she wore eye patch to cover her blind eye but always feeling it was her fault that her twin died.

So begins...

Kyosa Masaru's Story