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Aito Daisuke

"Haha, I love all of you. No, not like that... Unless you want me to mean it like that..."

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a character in “School Tails ~ Nekogi High”, as played by Kai_Hibiki


Name: Aito Daisuke (Rose to his friends)
Appearance: Image *His tail is like Chiyoko's, but MUCH bushier and longer. If he curls up, it works like a big fluffy cover. And his ears are quite fluffy*
Who are you?: Aito was a simple student, befriended by most and considered cute like a puppy or Kitten. He enjoyed reading and playing the guitar with his friends. But ever since he was cursed, he was still the same. But he was more jumpy, and didn't play the guitar. He is 13.
Personality: He's sweet, Kind, Caring and Considerate, with a hint of being cheeky. He is a little jumpy. But is all around a friendly person to be around.
Who's your crush?: Chiyoko Nakamura, but he thinks she doesn't like him. He would get her anything she wanted, and because he's from a rich family *His doesnt remember who his parents are - He assumes they are old butlers that will wait on him.* he could BUY her the world.
History: Brought up in a rich family, he was taught about manners, and being proper. But the day he entered school, he became a cheeky monkey. At home he wears cashmere vest and silk clothing, which is quite odd. He is considered to be energetic and childish, but acts like he's 35 when he's at home. (Lol...)
Promise: To have a free life.
Extra: He's an Artisan in Painting, Drawing and Music. He controls the element of Fire, and controls an element of speed, meaning his Ears and Tail put his DNA to extreme levels, making him run as fast a wolf on all fours. (I'd like to clarify that's the WOLF on all fours. He runs on two legs!) His teeth have also developed to a Wolves. Making his grin show very sharp teeth!
Animal type: White Wolf (Long Haired)

So begins...

Aito Daisuke's Story


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