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Derrick Avalon

Cold Calulating Mage.

0 · 255 views · located in A world much like our own.

a character in “SCION”, as played by shadowhope


Name: Derrick Avalon


Job: Senior Agent for Scion, he specializes in dealing with humans that witness supernatural events.

Species: Sorcerer (specializes in mind related magic)

Description: Derrick is always seen wearing his signature pair of sunglasses and a suit. He has short cropped blonde hair, and behind the sunglasses his icy blue eyes can occasionally be seen.

Personality: Derrick has a cold personality, keeping everyone at arm's length as he hides behind his signature shades. If you put up with his cold exterior for long enough you'd find that he does care even if he doesn't show it in the usual ways. At times Derrick can be a little clueless not understanding certain emotions, skills, or actions of others and wines up making mistakes.

Backstory: TBA

OOC Notes: : Derrick's Sunglasses are magically enhanced to make sure his aura, emotions, and presence are unreadable to supernatural powers.

So begins...

Derrick Avalon's Story

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Derrick was annoyed, he had just gotten off the phone with the scion elders and informed of the situation. If the Elders were not happy, no one would be happy and they had made it clear that he would be the one making sure of that.

With a sigh the man adjusted his sunglasses before stepping out of the black car with tinted windows. As he walked towards the police in charge of contamination he pulled out an MI5 badge and started going to work.

As he spoke to various members of the police, hospital staff, and hazmat suits his sunglasses came off. No one noticed the mage as he he got information and systematically altered memories of those involved to make sure things lined up with the correct cover.

After the fifth person he talked to and had to change memories on his annoyance grew into frustration.

He could just feel it, today was not going to be a good day.

Fel slightly stirred after Montana finished his wounds whimpering as she was laid on the bed. "Montana you came, I knew you would." A serene smile crossed the fallen's face before it turned into a frown. "Arc he listened to this woman and just started killing."

She shuddered at the memory "The guy he killed was his contact, why would he do something like that?"

After she got the words out she felt faint once more and slipped by into unconsciousness.


Crystal stared at Lulu, the woman had just mentioned green blood and another girl.

"Stride? Montana? do you think that she knows something about the murders?"

As Stride told the events that led up to finding the strange bloody vampire they shared a room with she decided to add on her own info. "I think a pack of you know.... wolves went after her I smelt them in the ally we got her from. Yeah waiting till she isn't high sounds like a good idea cause people see strange stuff tripping."

It was at this point Crystal checked her cell and turned to Stride. Pizza, they were talking about pizza at a time like this? Montana, Stride, Stranger, and herself were covered in blood and she wanted to know if they wanted pizza. It was confusing and yet, Crystal found she was starting to get really hungry.

"Can you tell Kora to grab me a slice of meat supreme pizza please."

After all Crystal had no desire to talk to the other wolf or any wolves in general, especially the ones she was expected to pack with.

Another message caught her attention, one from Issac. "Hey Stride Issac said he is on his way back and will be here soon. Also mentioned something about orange tape." With the information passed onto Stride Crystal replied back to Issac.

'Don't call me kiddo, and thought it was supposed to be red tape? Anyways got a neat story to tell you when you get back I found drugs and brought home a guest -C'

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Derrick was about done when Raf came out of the building and decided that now was a great time to cast all the magic in the world. Derrick gritted his teeth, Raf was dam luckily that he was here right now to clean up the idiot's messes.

Extruding more power any bystanders around's memories were altered to remove Raf and instead placed a brown colored gas in it's place complete with an unsettling smell.

It was then he spoke to the bystanders, hazmat, and police gathered his tone sounding authoritative with just a hint of panic.

"Get away from there! This is a serious leak, we need to evacuate the area!"

Of course to make his day worse Raf in all his extra brilliance decided to shoot someone then conjure fireballs and run away in a mustang. He was gonna punch that idiot or make sure to figure out a way to bind his powers until he stop acting like a high teenager.

The image of the remains bomb was placed on the bodies and burning with them.

He heard the mummers through the police as they recognized the 'bomb' burning with the bodies.

Derrick made sure to swear loudly before turning to the police chief. "Evacuate the area while I call my boss."

With that he walked away and placed a call to 'his boss' also known as Head Scion Sorcerer Saffiya Elmessiri.

"Yeah looks to be a planned attack, a brown gas was released and smelled raucous."

There was a pause as he made sure to put on a show for those watching.

"Stomach ulcers possible? A gas canister of weaponized Helicobacter pylori you think? Yeah and there was some shots and two bodies burning in a near by ally pretty sure I saw a bomb on the bodies."

Another calculated pause.

"I agree it could be someone making good on threats to the viking festival, some rif /Raf/ possibly. Can't rule out gang activity, either way I recommend reinforcements."

Hanging up the phone Derrick walked back to the police and Emergency mangers now on scene.

"Just called my boss, upper management wants the site be evacuated of all non essential personal for the moment. Myself included, only bomb squad, emergency management, and people to secure the area should be here. It was also ordered that everyone exposed be checked out by specialized doctors once the source of the gas has been found and treated asap."

With that Derrick turned to walk away following the orders given to him by his boss. Hoping back into the vehicle with tinted windows he drove away.

As he drove away he seethed, using so much magic was always a risk, it attracted attention from the supernatural community that he liked to avoid. Unlike other sorcerers Derrick preferred to keep his magical talent under-wraps.

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Issac fought the urge to step into her swing and land a quick jab at her throat that years of combat had instilled into him. He saw the blow coming, from the way she had set her feet to the hay-maker mile wide swing, he took the hit. He didn't expect the teeth rattling magical force behind the already well placed smack. The sweet-iron taste of blood filled his mouth, but his normal distasteful expression held. He wasn't going to say anything, if her smacking him made her feel better than so be it. Alex reinforced Issac's idea of not doing a damn thing about being hit. " Wasn't planning on it, I let her hit me didn't I?" he spat before answering Stride.

" Desertion of my post, endangering my team, attempted murder of an un-armed cryptic, you know every day things with me. " Issac said with a hint of irritation, it wasn't aimed at Stride but rather the mage who fled upstairs. " According* to her anyhow. Rafael did what ever Rafael does and brought Spire and Toby into the lab. Oren got attacked by the thing, I shot it. , once we were surrounded by the bio-hazard team I simply asked if we needed that thing in the other room alive or not then Oren told me that she wasn't my leader but gave me the option of going my own way, so I did.
Montana left because "of no reason" but if she had payed attentions he made it all to fucking clear he was going after Fel.
Pretty sure that about covers everything. "

Issac turned hearing the door open, an halfway drew his sidearm when Derrick strode in with Arc of all people. " Well looks like we don't have to go fetch him." Issac said letting go of his weapon. Issac had a lot of respect for Derrick, even if he was a mental magic user, but being talked down to like a child had started to grate on his nerves, which all things considered was rather sad. Something really was off about him this whole damn mission. Sighing Issac found a seat and waited for Derrick to poke and prod at the him. This was going to be great fun, two bleeding hearts against his version of what happened. the odds like very much in his favor.

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Spire met Montana’s matte dark eyes steadily and the two became a very short study in poker faces—one steady and polite, and one that had lost its polite façade and now showed smooth contempt. He could see this was a man not to be trifled with. Of all of the operatives in the room, something about Montana’s softness, almost gentleness, made him seem the most dangerous. But Spire wasn’t to be trifled with either.

“Sounds fair enough,” he said, matching the faint smile with a cynical one of his own. He was ready to follow Montana, hyper aware of the distance from his hand to his weapons, though he knew words would probably be his weapons for this conversation-- until Derrick Avalon entered the room.
Spire had only met him once. Toby had known him somewhat better.

Spire didn’t like him.

Toby didn’t especially enjoy his company when it came to it, either, though Toby had always been quicker to trust.
Still, Avalon’s entrance was beginning to click the pieces together. Avalon had spoken of an organization once, too. Same intelligence-agency gimmicky phrases.

“A fortunate coincidence,” Spire explained with a wave of his hand. “Right place, right time, same trail of breadcrumbs.” His eyes flicked back to the pit-black eyes. “Montana here was about to debrief me. Say hi, Toby.” He pointed and made once again to exit the medical wing to accept Montana’s offer.

Toby, still poring over the creature's bullet wounds, looked up briefly with a suffering smile. "Hi."

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“Seems like it,” Stride drawled, the words rolling smoothly off her tongue as she watched Derrick out of the corner of her eye. Avalon. Condescending, glasses-wearing asshole he was, his presence only told the Fighter that things really had gone to shit out there. After all, it wasn’t every mission that he of all people were sent out to deal with things, much less put them all under “time out”.

Golden eyes flicked back to Issac, regarding him casually. “Look, get that you’re pissed n’ all, but ya should stop actin’ like ya got a stick shoved up your ass. From the sounds of it, pretty much everyone ‘round here fucked up one way or another. That right?” There was hardly any accusation in her tone, merely the same informality as before. “So cut Christina some slack, sit down, and get some damn pizza. Either way, everyone’ll probably have a shit ton of paperwork to do when this is all over.”

With that, she plopped herself onto the couch, popping her shoulder and letting out a sigh at the noise that followed. “And, uh,” idly, Stride gestured towards the fallen Arc.

“Should we go toss him in a closet or somethin’? It’ll make for a good joke.”

In truth, she was quite annoyed; what with Derrick's sudden appearance and subsequent chiding, as well as the various arguments, there was little chance to sit down, crack open a cola or whatever Kora had brought, and relax. The sound of "being put on time out" was rather foreboding, as well...

At the very least, Stride mused, it would make for an excellent show with the meal. She had done nothing wrong, after all; hell, from how things were turning out, she and her group were looking like the cream of the crop.

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It seemed that Oren was taking mercy on his lack of medical skills, for Madison found himself merely serving as retrieval instead of being forced to choose between blue or red wire- or what appeared to be a kidney and maybe a slightly misshapen liver, in this case. He moved about the medical bay as swiftly as possible, gathering this, drawing that out of that other thing, and bringing them to wherever they were needed.

He hardly noticed Toby had joined them until he found himself maneuvering around the man, as well, although he hardly gave the man more than an appreciative smile before pressing on. After all, considering that they were attempting to keep a previously unrecorded species of cryptid from dying where she lay, surgery took priority over idle chitchat.

However, all things considered, his job didn’t last long; after all, there were only so many supplies you could bring before your task was unnecessary. As such, Madison had retired himself close by, hands placed carefully at his side so as to prevent any more staining- although by now, his outfit was definitely beyond saving. It allowed him to break out of his previous trance, at any rate, and, in connection, allowed him to take notice of his current company.

Upon spotting a certain bespectacled businessman, Madison brightened, smiling and raising a hand in a semi-wave. “Oh, hello, Derrick! Good to see you again; you didn’t get too much trouble out there, did you?” Although the voices that had drifted to him told that the mage wasn’t the one in trouble, it was still a polite gesture to ask- or such was the researcher’s logic, at the very least.

And courtesy was always key, especially around well-known coworkers.

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Alexander Wiseman

Hearing the door open Alexander glanced sideways to note not only Derricks arrivals but he had collected Arc as well. A fortuitous turn of events indeed as they did not need to send anyone out now, plus the mages skill set was an extremely useful tool. " Mr. Avalon... Its good to see you again" Hearing Derrick use the term of time out implied to Alexander that they place was entering a sort of lock down. No operation was to be launched until all the information was compiled and given a once over.

" And you come bearing gifts" he said flatly. Striding over to Arc he Reached down and lifted the unconscious figure and threw it over his shoulder. " I will secure him upstairs in one of the rooms... and once i have him compos mentis i will let you know" he said turning to carry the man upstairs. It was strange seeing Alexander carrying a person with the seeming ease and very little discomfort shown. It served to remind everyone that he was still a vampire and not just an old man. He would however make a detour into the medical area to grab a blood bag before heading up stairs.

Once upstairs he find the room that had his possessions in. Mainly a large travelling trunk. Placing Arc on the bed he went over to the trunk and undone the leather straps and the clasps. Rummaging round inside the trunk for moment he pulled out two separate lengths of ropes and laid them to one side. Using the ropes he would lash Arc down to the bed making sure to tie some bulky knots into the rope to make sure he couldn't shake them loose. Satisfied that Arc was secure he would wait for the man to regain consciousness before even thinking about feeding him, as Alexander could tell the new blood had yet to feed.

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"Mr. Avalon." Spire and his small bit of soul searching was briefly interrupted by the entrance of their superior. The man behind the shades was a ranking SCION officer, one who handled the Cold War esq job of erasing memories. Just like Ms.Kovalenko, he chided the group, perhaps rightfully so. Like his interaction with Oren, Montana didn't seem offended. Briefly interested perhaps, but not tickled in any way.

"Yes, I was going to have a private word with Spire, then I'll join the briefing. I believe I'll be able to give somewhat of an accurate rundown, and would like to address the situation first if I may."

Strictly to avoid the choir of voices that would inevitably voice their displeasure, and their defenses, and their opinions. Each would have their turn, but it was time to get some semblance of order between them. There was a lot to cover. Their next course of action would need to be decided upon, as well their plan for the hunter brothers, and their newly turned comrade. Arcturus.

"When the operation is finished, and our patient is taken care of I imagine."

Montana nodded to Derrick, the rest, and moved to the foot of Lulu's bed. Placing his hand on the foot, he began to pull her, very carefully, out of the medical wing. The IV drip most parts crimson life, some parts painkiller was left behind. He'd rather have their second patient lucid for the meeting.

"This way."

He opened the door back first, and pulled Lulu into their hallway, past that beautifully carved dresser, and to an empty room. A guest room, filled with the polite knick-knacks your average homeowner would leave in a room that anyone might stay. Homely enough without being overbearing, completely with a wide eyed cat clock that sat on the bedside drawer. "Would you mind Mr.Schippers." The older male motioned to the cot with his head as he lifted Lady Lulu's small frame, and placed her on the other bed. "Just out in the hallway, it shouldn't take up much room."


"It will take some time to discern what the creature is, which I believe was part of our agreement."

He reclined against Lulu's beside table, removing the wide eyed cat from view. His palms were placed on the wood, down. Inches away from his 1911. "That being said, if you have any questions, I'll do my best to answer them, within my parameters."

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Issac shrugged off her response not allowing the disappointment show on his face, even if it wasn't a date thing it still sucked to be turned down by a friend for drinks. Listening to the rest of what she had to say. Arching an eyebrow when Stride mapped out Lulu's wounds.

" Sounds like it was pretty nasty, hope she heals up well. " Issac nodded a bit glancing away from the female fighter. " we really don't know who attacked our lady friend other than it had been werewolves. Good to hear the kid's doin' alright. She seems to be the most dependable rookie we have. She didn't freak out or nothing.. Hmm. " Issac gave a sage like nod. He just sorta sank into silence not really knowing where to go with any of this.

He was after all locked in a safehouse waiting to be questioned by Derrick. They had Longbow Upstairs, Alexander was probably dealing with him. His mind went through a check list off all the others in the house, he haddn't talked to the kids, not that he really wanted to but it might be wise to see what they had found, unless they were gonna do some sort of team meeting and discuss what the hell was going on. He frowned a bit , puzzled at what his next move should be. Christiana was off in her room, probably still fuming at Issac... Maybe he should go apologize to her.... or at least let her know that Longbow was alright.

"Do you think I should go apologize to Christiana, or at least let her know Longbow is alright, or just let it be? I'm not terribly good with this sorta situation..." Issac admitted studying the glass window and the street below, it overlooked the rear of the building where he had parked the van and his rental car, he looked at everything but Stride at this point. If Stride didn't have a useful answer he'd probably wander off to see what was going on in the 'rookie lounge' or see what Fel was upto...

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The corners of Issac's mouth curled into a quiet smile, one that managed to touch his eyes for a split second, but it was washed away like chalk on a side walk when Derrick's words caught him. He had already figured that he hadn't fucked up the most but at the end of the day it was still something to take note of, if only on a personal level if Arc and Rafael's blunders overshadowed his own. When Derrick got to suggestion, Issac simply nodded taking the bag from the man. He didn't even think to question how Derrick had known , after all with both of them being a mage, it would have been like Issac why he offered Stride or Arc a bottle of water after a mile long run or something. Least that's how Issac saw it.

" Don't know how responsive she'll be to me, but I'll do as you ask." He said , sounding like he was off to clean latrines for the next week. He offered Stride one more smile, as if to say ' well funs over' before heading off to the direction Christina had fled.

He moved through the house quietly, more of a force of habit than actively trying to sneak about. He guessed Christina had long figured out about him showing up.Better lead with a peace offering.... He Simply tapping twice on the door panel , pausing a polite moment before speaking.

" Hey Christina, Derrick showed up with Arc intoe and told me to bring these to you. "He ruffled the bag a bit. " Looks like a grocery bag full of granola bars or something... " He fumbled around for words for a moment, finding himself feeling extremely awkward for some-reason... " You probably don't wanna talk to me right now, rightly so probabl--- no just rightly so, but I wanted to apologize. " Why was this so awkward... just talking to a wooden door.. He felt like he was speaking with a mouth full of sawdust and was half sure if he spat it'd be there. He pushed on.

" I shouldn't have done that, suggesting you were just lucky. I forget that you're not a field agent. You've got a good head on your shoulders and I should have trusted that. You're right about me having a bias for some people 'round here but it has less to do with feelings of affection and more with pride... But at the end of the day you lab folk are the people who are really make a difference and i'm just another boot who can shoot at stuff...." Issac paused trying to gauge how the door was taking his words... It wasn't working well...

" Look I'm really not good at this sorta thing... So I'm gonna leave this here and leave before I say anything else stupid... uh, Derrick is gonna collect the reports and what not here soon, he also has some new information for us by the sounds of it... " He trailed off leaving the bag at the door. He hoped he hadn't offended her anymore.

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At Derrick’s remark, Stride snorted, drawing a foot back to rest snugly in her lap. “Yeah, I heard a little somethin’ ‘bout that,” she droned, glancing at the sole of her boot out of the corner of her eye. She’d have to clean it when she had the time- a few splatters of maroon had ended up sticking to the sole, combining with previously existing mud and debris into an unappealing crust.

The hybrid was unconcerned at Derrick’s change in tone, given the fact that it wasn’t directed at her. She instead busied herself with shifting her legs, allowing for a better view of the other foot. Upon noticing that Issac was leaving, however, she raised her head, giving the other fighter a wry salute in return to his smile.

“Have fun,” she said, slipping both feet back onto the floor.

Stride had started to rise in order to get another soda when Derrick came back, and, casually, she allowed herself to drop back into her seat with an audible “thump”.

“Do I get a cookie after?” Without waiting for a response, Stride deftly rolled up her sleeve, revealing an amalgam of smooth flesh and scales. Thankfully, several veins were visible beneath the surface, and the woman idly scratched the flesh about them. “Ya better not be lyin’ ‘bout me gettin’ the stab ya after,” she mumbled, picking at one of the plates on her skin. “‘fter all, ‘we’re in dire need of blood’, yeah?”

Of course, even if Derrick opted out of donating, she would at least get the benefit of getting more reasons to call the mage a pussy- and that was always a plus in Stride’s eyes.

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Christina’s current position was thus: curled rather pitifully upon her bed, head buried beneath her pillows as she tried to stifle the sound of the sobs and hide the tears that were part of her ordinary response when she became too scared, stressed, or angered – or any combination of the three. It had been rather embarrassing when she was younger (“Why are you crying?” “Because I’m ANGRY!”) but if she couldn’t get rid of it, at least she could make certain that she was alone before she gave in.

Issac was just about the last person she wanted to hear from, but she pressed her mouth harder against the pillow she was hugging, choking the sobs (which fed off each other) long enough to listen to his words. Words, which she had to admit helped her calmed down, begin breathing normally, and compose herself to open the door a crack.

“Apology accepted.” She said softly, angling her head so that her now loose hair would best hide her tear stained face. “And sorry for hitting you…” her voice was low, lest he hear evidence of her breakdown in it. “With all my ranting about professionalism, it was pretty hypocritical…” she smiled quickly, though with her face mostly hidden he might not see it. “I’ll be down soon.” And with that she swiped the granola bars and once again shut the door.

First things first, she bit into one of the snacks, helping her dwindling energy level, then with a huff pushed heavy black locks behind her ears. She broke the headache-relief charm, and then scrubbed at the reddened skin out of habit, followed by drawing out the few bits of makeup she carried with her. It wasn’t much but it would be enough. She had a bottle of water, which she used to wet a cloth and dab at her eyes before covering the temporary damage as best as she could.

A few gulps of the cool water finished the process, and Christina stood, composed as she was going to get on short notice. She fiddled with her hair, decided to leave it down and taking a final steadying breath, opened the door. She then walked to the main room and shyly peered in, almost looking like a different person without the elaborate updo.

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"Don't look so surprised." Oren remarked, getting the impression that the young man had been expecting her to start snapping at him at any moment.
"Contrary to popular belief I'm not the Wicked Witch of the West, I just have a very low tolerance level for other people's bullshit."

She finished taping up the dressing across the cryptid's torso.

"And I appreciate the fact that you mostly just keep your mouth shut and get on with what you're supposed to do."

She pulled off her gloves, now veneered in glistening green, deposited them in a biohazard bin by the door. The vampress then made her way through the rooms of the safehouse, until she managed to track down her target.

"Avalon." she called from the doorway.
"I'm formally requesting that I get taken off the crew for this mission. I have specifically, specifically requested that I am not required to do field work. Whilst that farce that just occurred probably only qualifies as fieldwork in the vaguest sense of the word, it is more than enough to convince me that I want nothing to do with any of this. I was hired as a scientist. To do science. Not to babysit field agents. There are numerous other things that I could be doing which would be far more productive to the organization and far less infuriating to me, and since people seem convinced that I'm lazy and incompetent and have nothing to offer, I'm sure no-one is going to be overly concerned when I leave and get back to the werewolf research."