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Liam Mitchell

"SCION will give us everything we need. A job, friends, and most importantly, revenge".

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a character in “SCION”, as played by Mr. Baneling Squishy



Full Name: Liam Mitchell

Nicknames/Aliases: Just Liam. Though Jonah occasionally calls him Zippy.

Age: The curse made him 10 forever. A lot of people would like eternal youth, but not THAT much youth.

Gender: Male

Species: Vampire, Originated from Curse

Post/Rank: Rookie

Description: (What do they look like? Even if you've got a picture, a bit of writing would be nice.)

Personality: Between him and Jonah, Liam is by far the more vengeful of the two, and the more impulsive. He was turned into a vampire, and watched his whole family get slaughtered. While Jonah certainly wants the demon and that witch dead, Liam wants them to die painfully and slowly. He wants them to suffer. He wants vengeance.

However, he hides this fact really well. He can be extremely fun loving and playful, whenever he isn't either hungry or near a witch or a demon.

Skills: He has a variety of Vampiric abilities, including enhanced senses, incredible speed/reflexes, enhanced strength, and the ability to rapidly regenerate. You know, all the usual stuff. Plus the darkvision on the intro page. As for normal skills, he knows how to fire a gun, and he is decent with a sword. He also knows how to make some great coffee.

Weaknesses: He can be easily enraged if certain topics are prodded. ALso, all the standard Vampire weaknesses except Sunlight. Hollywood loves dramatics. Also, that cross thing doesn't work either. He also loves to gamble.

Brief History: You ever go about living your normal, everyday life, only for one day to find out your best friend is a sorcerer and for the both of you to be cursed to be trapped in child bodies forever and you are now a vampire? Well, that is what happened to Liam. Yeah, I know, it sounds horrible. Thats because it is!

So anyways, while they both have at least had their happiness return (being a kid again apparently has that perk), Liam still wants revenge. He watched his whole family get murdered in front of him, one by one, slowly and painfully. He had to listen to them scream until they died. That sort of thing causes a person to get....aggresive...towards demons and witches.

He is still getting a hold of the whole vampire thing though. Until they joined SCION, they had to go visit some blood banks. Oh, and there might have been this one serial killer that is no longer alive. But he was a serial killer, so its okay. Right?

Other: He still keeps a family picture in his bag, at the bottom so no one sees it.

So begins...

Liam Mitchell's Story

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Sometime during the initial interrogation of Lulu Crystal had slipped away. The blood on her hands and clothing making her feel nauseated and bring up painful memories. The heat and noise of the shower as she scrubbed herself clean of the blood was therapeutic, and took her mind off the mission at hand. Or it did until the sound of screaming carried through the building and into the house.

With a sigh Crystal stepped out of the shower and changed into a new set of clothing before heading off to see what the comotion was about. Once she saw all the blood, another half dead person in the room she promptly got out of the way and went to the living room.

Beneath the smell of blood she could smell the sweet scent of pizza. Darting over to the box, Crystal grabbed a slice of meat pizza before darting away. She had no desire to be be near the person holding the box. Instead Crystal moved towards the other rookies in the room who must have arrived during her shower excursion.

"So uhh how did your questioning go? We found a vampire attacked by a werewolf pack and she mentioned something about green blood. So were pretty sure she knows something about the thing in the morgue." Said thing seemed to currently be in the house as the smell of it's putrid blood was unmistakable.

Even as she spoke more people enter the living room and a familiar scent hit her nose. Her eyes feel on Spire starring at the man for a moment before turning back to the two 'children'. As she spoke to them she slowly moved to a position where they were in-between her and the newest wolf entering the building.
Fel's eyes popped open as shouting and urge to heal pain started accompanied by her own pain. Shaking as she got up, Fel limped over to her back up wheel chair in the room. Exerting a ton of effort she managed to wheel the thing to the medical bay where a new wave pain washed over her.

Reaching out Fel touched Orren with a shaking hand trying to get the doctor's attention and healing her at the same time. "Arc got turned? Is he here? What happened? I think some vampire used some type of mind control because he started killed people."

Her hands shook more than they should and she started feeling nausea on top of the pain. This sickness was more than something caused by the wounds she had received something was wrong, very wrong. Focusing through the haze she eyed the person Madison was holding, instead of the urge to heal the person she was hit with a repulsion.

Her instincts took over and without realizing it Fel rolled her wheel chair away from Madison and the creature. Her own voice was loud and uncharacteristically cold "Let it die."

Fel blinked as if her own words surprised her, she felt guilty. Fel loved everyone vampires, werewolves, mages, and humans. Yet this one creature made her feel sick and want to run away. It was a confusing set of emotions to deal with.

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Toby, recovering from a bit of surprise that Oren so readily consented to letting him help, stepped forward, jerking out of the sleeves of his blazer with mild difficulty, exposing his sweatervest and the two holstered glocks. He pulled on a pair of latex gloves and picked up a pair of long tweezers--the sort of skinny ones--and poised himself above the creature's shoulder, where the bullet fragments had torn the flesh. The close proximity to the sensation of dark, old magic made him want to gag as much as the grisly, inhuman sight of the wounds did. On top of it, emotional and physical sensation tended to bleed through, especially when he got close--like when he set his hand near the bullet wound to brace and steady. But he drank it in, searching for a clearer reading as he carefully inserted the stainless steal prongs into the revolting, green injury to remove a fragment.

Real life "Operation."

"You weren't always like this, where you?" he mused softly as he did his best to find the hard fragments in the soft flesh, a measure of pity tempering his revulsion when he forced himself to look at her face.

Spire, meanwhile, listened to the ongoing argument with his arms crossed and his eyes half-lidded. About when Christina stormed off was when he couldn't take it anymore. He laughed. Quietly at first, and then harder.

"That would be useful, Mr. Montana," he said, picking up on Oren's comment. "The amount of drama in this room is getting a little suffocating. Look, I gather your 'mission' seems to have taken a dive, but if you've all finished finger-pointing and raising petty defenses and throwing tantrums, I don't suppose anyone would be interested in working out what you've actually learned and what you intend to do next? I'm getting a tad bored of the...clearly deep-seated interpersonal issues, but something practical, that. That I'm very interested to hear. I'm not sure exactly what you people are after, but Toby and I have done a bit of prodding around already, ourselves, and we'd just assume get back to prodding around if you all need some time for group therapy."

Bait for information exchange placed, he looked expectantly from one cryptid to the next. Impossible to tell who was in charge, here, or he'd look at that person.