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Full Name: Lulu Vivianne Botrelle

Age: 113 (turned at 25)

Gender: Female

Species: Vampire


Description: Lulu's build could be kindly described as petite, and less so as tiny: She stands at a mere 4'11", and weighs approximately 90 pounds. Her facial features are sharp and delicate, with soft round lips and striking green eyes. She usually keeps her light blonde hair pinned up high in a bun or rolled up-do, but it falls to her mid back when she lets it down. Her typical manner of dress is neat and well-kept, favoring suit jackets and dresses with clean lines. She generally sports a tasteful amount of makeup, notably red lipstick and matching nail enamel.

Personality: Lulu is often described as curt and professional, and often comes off as cold to those she works with. She is fairly vain about her looks, and takes pleasure in flirting with those she has no interest in pursuing. She has a slow temper, but is prone to grudges and does not let go of transgressions easily. Her friend group is selective and her sense of humor can be abrasive, but she has immense compassion for those she is close to. She is fiercely loyal to her cause.

Skills: Skilled markswoman, highly charismatic and charming, enhanced speed, stamina, sense of smell, night vision, excellent at reading people and calling bluffs, minor espionage training, partial fluency in Italian.

Weaknesses: Her stature is below standard, and she is easy to physically overpower. Additionally, she has a shadowy past she strongly tries to keep under wraps.

Brief History: Lulu was born in 1902 to Vivianne and Maurice Botrelle, in New York. They occupied a small town home in a quaint neighborhood in White Plains, a short distance outside of New York City. Her father was a milkman and her mother stayed at home, and though they were not a family of extraordinary means, they weren't an unstable home. When Lulu was fifteen, her father was drafted into the Great War. Her mother took up factory employment, and Lulu was left to her own means most of the time. Her father was killed in the war three months later, and the tragedy shook their household. Lulu's mother became distant and cold toward her daughter in wake of the death, and Lulu increasingly turned toward her peers for validation and love.

Shortly after graduating, Lulu ran away from home with her high school sweetheart, Evan. He had promised her a decent life and employment under his cousin, who ran a bootlegging business. She and her Evan became deeply entrenched within speakeasy culture, and by extension, the American Mafia. She took on the role of running numbers and speaking with law enforcement to try and persuade them away from the business, and did a fairly decent job. It didn't take long for a higher-up in the organization to take interest in her, and her boyfriend ended up being ratted out by an anonymous tip and sent off to prison.

Lulu, however, found herself in the new position of being a freshly liberated woman. She quickly became the sweetheart of the familia, and rose to the status of the favored mistress of a powerful boss. She enjoyed the glamour of the speakeasy and jazz scenes, being dotted on by her patron and treated to all of the finer things that the Roaring 20s had to offer.

Things took a turn for the worst, however, when she became accidentally pregnant by her patron. Eager to hide it from his wife, he coerced her into ending the pregnancy and then left her humiliated and tossed away from her former social circles. She was left destitute and ill, with nowhere to turn.

She took up employment with a highly secretive criminal organization she knew little about, and quickly realized she was in over her head. Her boss was demanding and difficult to reason with, and she had no way out of her employment. Out of money and options, Lulu resolved to take her own life.

After attempting suicide by throwing herself from a bridge, she was rescued by a vampire clan and turned. She has floated around amongst various clans and organizations in the United States since then, but has been a loner for most of her life.

So begins...

Lulu Botrelle's Story

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There was blood on everything— her hands, her dress, and her entire torso were soaked with a sticky coat of crimson that radiated out from where she clutched her gut. Even her lips, already painted rouge with makeup, were thick with the fluid as she coughed it from her lungs.

The petite young vampire’s green eyes were glazed in pain, unseeing as she staggered into the wall of the alleyway. “Help,” she choked, though the sound was scarcely audible over the cacophony of the festival only a block or so away. People were laughing in the distance. “Someone?”

Lulu Botrelle— for that was the woman’s name— knew that vampires were difficult to kill, but she was reasonably sure that she was dying. Or 

perhaps it was merely wishful thinking, given the burning pain coursing through her veins.

The wolf that had gotten a hold of her had shown no mercy, just as he’d been instructed: Lulu was clinging to life by a thin thread, fighting against the darkness clouding the edges of her vision. There was an obvious claw mark across her midsection, leaving a gash ripped through dress, skin, and muscle alike so that her trembling hands were the only thing preventing her innards from spilling out into the dirt. Her arms and throat bore deep bite marks, leaving her skin webbed across with black veins from where the deadly wolf's saliva spread.

She stumbled again, trying to catch herself on the edge of a dumpster only to collapse into a heap, her hair sprawled across the waste on the ground. Her slight form, surely smaller than five feet in stature, shook with shock from the impact. 

Her lungs drew a shaky breath, if only to assure herself that they were still capable. “H-help.” Her voice was scarcely more than a whispered whimper, likely in futility. 

There was nobody in this alley, and there would be nobody until more teenagers came by looking to purchase drugs from a backdoor dealer.

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Crystal had spent sometime at the festival with Stride before getting bored. Nothing was going on, she had bought tacky souvenirs and eaten viking-esk food and had done pretty much everything. It was at this point an idea popped into Crystal's head.

"Hey cous, want me to show you the thing I found earlier. After all maybe we could talk to them and see if they've seen anything suspicious since those people tend to be super aware and paranoid." Also those people were slightly less boring Crystal mentally tact on.

Without waiting for a response Crystal headed in the direction she had gone earlier.

As soon the newly turned werewolf was outside of the festival radius a strange scent hit her nose. The metallic scent smelled familiar yet out of place, stopping Crystal in her tracks. After taking her a moment to process the scent her eyes widened, it smelled like blood and alot of it.

"Stride, I smell a large quantity of blood coming from around here. I'll lead you to it but I need you to be ready in case whatever attacked the person attacks us."

With the simple warning Crystal checked to make sure her gun was in the easy to access place before taking off.

Sprinting as she tried to find the location of the smell. It was easy to follow as it grew stronger the close they got to the source. Until Crystal and Stride arrived onto the grizzly scene of an unfamiliar woman covered in blood and torn to shreds.

Crystal stopped dead in her tracks and stared at the woman on the ground, vile filling her throat.
Her tone held a hint of panic in it "Stride what are we supposed to do?"

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Festival duty was turning out to be a bit...well, peaceful. Too peaceful for a position that SCION gave out, Stride mused.

She had tagged along with Crystal for the most part, keeping an eye on both the rookie and surroundings. However, the most interesting thing so far was a teenager who- quite evidently- had far too much to drink, and even then it was a momentary source of entertainment. She had paused to take pictures with tourists obviously enthralled enough to put everything to photo, attempted to try some “mutton” (although it had proved to be quite the difficult task, considering how large of an obstacle her mask served), and generally played the part of a regular tourist.

However, when Crystal suggested that they go visit the druggies, Stride couldn’t have been more happy to tag along. Nothing of interest was going on, after all, and it seemed like the best lead available at the moment. Besides, she reasoned; if anyone asked, she could just say that she was trying to babysit the rookie, and ended up getting dragged along in the youth’s wandering.

“You know how I am about ‘things’,” Stride replied, attempting to put an edge of mischief into her tones as she followed. “Lead the way, o’ captain of mine!”

Stride wondered how anyone managed to do the “acting” part of field work for long. Even though she was currently giving herself a pat on the back for keeping up the front, it was annoying to do so. After all, she wasn’t exactly the most welcoming person, but posing as one was part of the job-

Before she could muse further upon the subject, Stride became aware of Crystal suddenly freezing, and slowed in her own steps to listen. Blood...it seemed that the festival would be quite interesting, after all. Giving a brief nod to acknowledge the werewolf’s comment, she pressed on, fingers brushing against the sides of her coat to feel for her own guns. They weren’t the best if they needed to sneak up on a scene in progress, granted, although it would at least prove handy if a cryptid suddenly came charging around the corner.

Upon arriving to the alleyway alongside Crystal, Stride quickly halted in what had become a jog, taking in the scene before her. Although it wasn’t easy to catch the coppery scent through the amount of fabric hiding her face, she would have had to been blind not to see the mauled victim curled on the ground, and the amount of blood pooling about her. Stride would have to take a better look, but from the looks of it, it was either a bear attack or something far, far worse.

Aware of her comrade’s rising fear, the hybrid lifted an arm as if to stop her from doing...something, staring down at the curled form all the while. “We follow procedure,” Stride eventually answered. “You learned how to use a gun, right? Well, you better have paid damn good attention; need ya to cover me.”

With that, Stride moved forward, steps echoing throughout the alley among the victim’s ragged breathing. As she approached, crouching somewhat to get a better look, she scowled upon viewing the full extent of the wounds. A definite werewolf attack, from the looks of it; even if she hadn’t seen the bite and claw wounds, the black trails running down the woman’s flesh served as enough of a sign.

Glancing up to ascertain there was no lurking figure hunched further down the alleyway, Stride lowered her gaze once more, one hand resting on her bent knee.

“Hey,” she began, before raising her voice slightly. “Hey, lady, can ya hear me? We're gonna getcha outta here."

Questions on the hows, the whys; they could wait until they had gotten the victim away from the scene, to a place where she would not be seen, and, more importantly, where they could get the proper treatment. The steps she had heard repeated over and over in training, had performed several times in the past, and, now, was performing once again.

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The scent of another approaching wolf should have caused Lulu to jump, but the pulsating agony of her wounds inhibited any reaction beyond a slight flinch. There were people near her, walking to her, and then someone very, very close to her face. The heat signature closest to her was faint, nearly reptilian in coolness.

She registered the scent of fresh blood in their veins, close enough that if she could just reach them, could close the inches between them... But that would entail her working up the energy to move, or being able to register more than a foggy infrared image of those around her.

The nearest figure, apparently female, now clear from her voice and scent, was speaking. Saying something about hearing, moving…. Lulu forced her eyes to open, and clenched them back immediately shut upon seeing the face of a wolf close to her own.

They had come back for her, it seemed, or another wolf had come to discover the source of its kin's scent. A cold terror settled into her gut, mind racing in fear that her ordeal was far from finished. “I- I’ll k-keep…” she stammered, brain reeling to try and piece together the right thing to say to the beast. “I won’t t-talk. I'll- Just d-don’t…”

Her shaking limbs fell limp for a moment as she phased out and back into consciousness, vision darkening and recovering in a matter of seconds. "P-Please."

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"Yes I know how to use one."

In a flash a small pistol came from her jacket pocket and she stood at the entrance way of the alley keeping an eye out for any hostile. With none spotted she moved on to step two of procedure.

Crystal's voice was initially shaky but grew steadier at Stride's reassurance. Procedure, yeah she could follow that. With a deep breath Crystal pulled out her cell phone and dialed SCION HQ.

"Yeah could you get us a cab driver who doesn't mind some blood and doesn't ask questions. We have an attacked woman here in need of transport to the safe house for healing."

"Yeah super urgent, okay thanks." With a click Crystal hung up her phone and turned to Stride. "Someone should be here asap." Normally she would have tossed in some joke about a taxi driver who doesn't asked questions but now wasn't the time.

As the mysterious woman muttered something about not talking, Crystal's face paled.

"What? No I don't, it's okay I'm not..." Flashback to that terrible night less than a month ago played through her mind as the faint scent of another wolf hit her senses.

Somewhere along the line the hand with a gun in it started shaking. "Str... Stride I think this was the work of a w..wer..were wolf. I can smell the fact there used to be one. Maybe we should tell the others once she is safe and alive."

Crystal's green eyes full of fear turned to glance at the strange woman and Stride "She is gonna be alright right?"

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“She’ll be fine, ‘s long as we don’t sit around with our thumbs up our asses,” Stride drawled, the urgency of the situation adding a bit of a gruffness to her voice. Shrugging off the faux fur coat, the gorgon began to tear into the fabric, ripping away shreds of material before moving to wind them around the woman’s gashes to the best of her ability. The new holes and damage inflicted on her jacket hardly bothered her; after all, if she needed to use it again, it would only add to the effect.

Soon enough, however, Stride found that she didn’t have enough fabric to cover the broad marks running across the victim’s torso. Muttering a curse under her breath at the fact, she picked up the remainder of her coat and pressed it firmly against the gashes, turning to glance at Crystal over her shoulder once she had a proper position.

“As for it bein’ a wolf that attacked her, I had a hunch. Either that, or there’s some random ass bear wanderin’ ‘round the festival, and I don’t think we gotta worry about those.” By now, the grey of her coat began to shine with maroon, earning yet another curse from the Fighter.

Adjusting the fabric, Stride lowered herself more comfortably on the ground, seeing as they would still have to wait for the taxi to arrive before they could do any real medical care. “Mind sendin’ a text to the others to warn ‘em about this?” A slight jerk of her head towards the woman. “Don’t want them flippin’ their shit about havin’ a random lady bleedin’ out on the table or anythin’.”

While the matter of "not talking" grabbed her attention rather quickly, she chose to not comment on it. After all, even if they were in a hurry to get some answers, it would be difficult getting any real information out of a corpse.

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Somewhere a mere three kilometers away from the festival, an exceptionally well-kept looking cab had just left off passengers and punched a small button on his console to indicated that the vehicle was empty. 

Conveniently in time, as well, for the screen on his dash lit up immediately in blue and flashed the familiar symbol of a crescent moon. It rang with a low beep, and he pushed the button is response. “Operative Meryl reporting, come in dispatch,” he replied, pulling away from the curb and heading north. 

“10-4. This is dispatch,” the system chimed, “We have a pickup 2.7 kilos North of you. Can you make it?” 

“10-4. I can make it.” 

“10-12. Sending coordinates now.”


The screen lit into a blinking map of the city, a red dot radiating around an address in shady part of town. Operative Meryl swung a quick left turn, darting deftly through the streets toward the pickup location.


Back in the alley, Lulu’s perception of the world around her was clouded at best. The pressure being applied to her injuries sent fresh tears springing to her eyes, but she lacked the will and strength to resist. 

There was nothing left for her to do, and the vampire let out a pathetic whimper as the heat of an approaching vehicle came tearing toward her.

A man sprung out of the car, a cab, and his boots landed with a crunch against the gravel and broken rubbish on the ground. “You needed an 87?” he asked, holding a door open, looking at the scene with little more than mild interest.

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Crystal didn't trust herself to speak, she hadn't expected her first mission to involve an attack by werewolves. Unconsciously the teen reached up putting a hand on her neck, even if the turtleneck covered the scar it felt more visible than ever.

Instead she kept watch, anxiously waiting for the cab to arrive. Her first instinct was to shot at the man who sprang out of the car. Repressing the instinct Crystal nodded, the man had said the magic code word meaning that this was their ride.

Finally getting the courage to speak Crystal walked over to Stride and the bloodied stranger. "Here I can help lift her, on the count of three. One, two, and three!" The new werewolf evidently did not know her own strength as she single handily lifted the bloody stranger and moved her into the vehicle.

Once Lulu was properly settled, laying out bleeding all over the backseat Crystal spoke.

Her voice was quiet and serious, very unlike the laid back joking teenager from moments ago. "Stride you have more medical experience than I do so you should be in the back with her, I'm going to text the others okay?"

She didn't wait for a response as she passed off her jacket to the half-breed and started texting like the teenager she was.

'Found victim of werewolf attack, seems to know something. Will be taking her back to safehouse as she is in serious need of medical help. Would like Fel to come help out as soon as possible. -C'

The text went out to the group of operatives before Crystal turned to look at the backseat of the vehicle reaching to help Stride anyways she could. Even if that meant taking off her own shirt and tearing it to make more makeshift bandages.

Silently Crystal hoped that they would get to the safehouse soon.

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While Crystal’s sudden hefting of the women by her lonesome would have been fairly surprising to some, Stride, having worked with a few werewolves in her time, hardly bat an eye. Although the fact that she had developed such a strength- without seemingly realizing it- was somewhat brow raising, Stride merely used the opportunity to keep her focus on stemming the blood flow from the stranger as they moved into the cab.

In spite of the seriousness of the situation, the hybrid had to stifle an incredulous snort at Crystal’s comment on “medical experience”. There was no denying that she had handled several events such as this in the past, as opposed to the rookie’s complete lack of real experience gathered from the field, it was a bit of a novelty to be the most medically knowledgeable one to handle something like this.

The car had rumbled along a fair distance when Stride became aware of her phone vibrating in her jacket pocket once again. Glancing down at her now-bloodied gloves, she scowled slightly, before drawing one hand back to bring out her phone. Better be important was all that she thought before running her thumb against the keys, smudging them with red.

And it was a text from Kora asking if they wanted any pizza.

Granted, while there was also a helpful bit of information before the question, and while Stride adored pizza, she didn’t feel so positively about getting her phone all bloody. It was enough of a piece of shit as it was. Nevertheless, in spite of her irritation, she typed out a message anyway with her free hand.

‘fuck yeah i want some pizza. get some of that stuffed crust theyre selling these days. thats the shit.’

A few moments later, another message came.

‘bringing back company. wolf attack. u know if anyone else is in the medical place?’

Placing the phone on the seat beside her, Stride gave one attempt to clean it with her sleeve, and, seeing that her efforts were once again in vain, brought her hand back to push against the woman’s torso.

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Lulu turned groggily to look at the woman holding her as the car shifted around a corner. The girl was still wearing a mask, oddly, and saying things that didn’t quite register to the vampire. The scent of a “New Car” air freshener mixed with that of Lulu’s own blood for a pungent and nauseating cocktail. The mild rocking motion of the cab was excruciating, each subtle bump further jarring her already broken body.

The car took a sharp turn up an alley-drive of an inconspicuous address, and stopped just feet from a back door. “This it?” the cabbie-slash-agent asked, though he was quite aware that “this” was the location provided by dispatch. He engaged the parking breaks and flicked a switch on the dash, activating a shield-style cloaking charm that emanated out from the car’s trunk to conceal the activity that took place behind.

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Stride had gotten used to dealing with blood.

It was, after all, practically in her job description. A Fighter was someone who shouldn’t mind things getting a little messy, either from their opponent, themselves, or even some poor sap that somehow got in the line of fire or the like.

However, it was still rather annoying when you ended up having to clean up the aforementioned mess, especially when it somehow got into your technology and gunked up the keys.

Absentmindedly wiping her glove on the front of her pants, spreading the stains even more, Stride used her once-again freed hand to pick up the phone and unlock it. A message from Issac, this time. Wondering if he had wrapped up his mission as well, she lifted the screen, squinting through the smears and smudges in order to read the text.

“If I'm not home soon, Catch me at 22:00, what ever the channel for the news is. I “

"Stay safe."

...Well, that wasn’t ominous at all. Either Issac was being a sentimental little shit again, Stride thought, or Group One had managed to get themselves into some serious shit. Cradling her phone against her knee, she began to type out a message, sending it shortly after the final letter had been made.

‘wtf happened dude’

‘did u get ur sorry ass in trouble again? for fucks sake’

She didn’t get a chance to wait for a response, however; her attention was soon stolen by yet another buzz from her phone. Upon exiting the conversation with Issac, she soon found that it was Montana who had sent the most recent message. Stride skimmed through the message, tapping the end of her device rapidly upon her leg while she did so. It seemed that their resident medic had gotten in trouble, too...Upon seeing the man’s request for an operative, she typed out yet another message, teeth gritted in spite of herself.

‘kinda busy on our end. the hell happened?’

What with the message from both coworkers, it was fairly easy to guess that something went wrong for at least two groups. It seemed unlikely, given the amount of training that went into preparing for the worst, but the texts seemed to imply an attack of some sort...Before she could think too much on it, however, the cabbie’s voice called to the back of the car; they had reached their destination.

Tucking her phone in her back pocket, Stride gave a quick “Thanks” before moving to help Crystal bring the stranger out of the taxi- although, yet again, her assistance was unnecessary. Continuing to hold the bloody mess of rags in place, Stride trailed after the two, walking alongside them until the woman was lain upon one of the spare cots in the safehouse’s small “clinic”.

Stride didn’t go off to twiddle her thumbs until the pizza arrived, however. Seeing as how the resident medic was wounded, and there was no sign of Oren around the safehouse, she started to pad to one of the cabinets littered upon the walls; pausing only to glance back in Crystal’s direction.

“Mind keepin’ the rags still? The chick’s a vamp, from the looks of it, and wolf spit ain’t exactly good for ‘em.” Without waiting for a response, the half-gorgon began to circle the room, mumbling rapidly under her breath, pulling out drawers, swinging open cabinets in her search for...something. Eventually, as she started another loop, she found them; several small boxes tucked away on a shelf, the font upon them boldly declaring the contents as antitoxins.

Pushing a few capsules and bottles aside, Stride pulled a box free, reached inside, and pulled out a single syringe. Gripping it carefully so as to not jab herself, she returned once again to the woman’s side, removed the clumsy wrapping from her arm, and, spotting the larger vein, Stride slipped the needle into flesh and pressed down on the plunger.

With any luck, she wouldn’t have to grab a second for the other bite. While they had a fair amount of the stuff, they didn’t have an unlimited amount. Besides, too much would most likely have an unfavorable effect as well. In the back of her mind, Stride thanked the months of medical field training she had been forced to sit through. Although incredibly boring at the time, it was certainly coming in handy now.
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Lulu gasped and then whimpered as the young wolf lifted her body from the carseat and carried her away toward… something. Her mind was racing with thoughts that she did not bother trying to formulate into words: Though she could deal with a decent amount of pain, it was doubtful that anything coming from her mouth at the moment would bear any trace of intelligence.

She vaguely registered the difference in scent as the lycan carried her inside the house. The air smelled slightly of cleaning products and leather luggage, but more obviously of cryptids. 

Lots, and lots of cryptids of various species.

Her muscles unclenched, only to tighten again as her body was lowered onto a cot. “I- Where- Where’m…” She tried to turn her head to see something other than the ceiling, but the effort sent pulsing agony through her neck wounds. “Who’re…” 

The additional pain of being pricked by a needle was harpy noticeable, but the feeling of antiserum coursing through her veins was obvious within a few seconds. The fluid rushed through her bloodstream, replacing the fire of the wolves’ saliva with a stinging coldness. The spread of the cure was visibly evident, too: The black webbing across her skin paled to purple, and then blue, finally disappearing against her pale flesh.

She shivered at the sensation, but relaxed into the cot after a moment. Her injuries were still grievous, but the burning consuming her nerves had ebbed. "Wh-where am I?" she managed to stammer out at last. The warmth of another body coming into the space as well as a male voice piqued her curiosity, but she had already made the mistake of trying to look once.

If she survived, she would have time to work out the details later.

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It looked like one was enough after all.


Stride had turned away to dispose of the used needle in the disposal when a familiar voice caught her attention. Somewhat irritating, yes, but familiar nonetheless. Taking a moment to shed her stained gloves for a more reasonable pair of latex (and briefly revealing the rows of haphazard scales upon her hands), she turned to face Montana, eyeing him before turning towards the cabinets.

“Nah, we’re good here,” Stride drawled. “S’not like we’re havin’ to patch this fucked up vamp all by our lonesomes. We’ll be fine; go ahead to prance off to wherever the hell you spend your time.” Immediately after the words left her lips, however, she spoke once more, not allowing the man a sarcastic response.

“Just help us stitch ‘er up, yeah? Maybe get somethin’ for her to drink? I know how vamps can be when they’re like this, and I really don’t wanna have to spend some time nursin’ a bite.” A pause, then, “Guessin’ Fel’s taken care of, yeah? What the hell happened, anyway? Issac’s bein’ a cryptic fuck, and I can’t really check to see what he’s sayin’.”

She had felt her pocket vibrate once- twice, actually- again, but with her hands full with trying to keep a random vampire from dying of a werewolf attack, it was rather hard for her to check the messages. For all Stride knew, some Godzilla monster had went on a rampage, and started chasing the teams around and destroying half of the city.

From behind her, the hybrid heard the cryptid speak- roughly, weakly, but it was something. Idly, Stride turned her head to peer at the woman, taking in her conscious state. “You’re in a safe place, n’ not some random ass alley anymore. Gonna patch ya up in a bit- just, eh, try not to move too much, yeah? Don’t wanna make anythin’ worse or nothin’.”

As Stride spoke, she walked back over, extending her hand slightly towards the cryptid before hesitating. “I’m gonna have to remove that,” she commented, gesturing towards the rest of the fur- still wrapped in some places, and, in the case of the mess settled upon the other’s torso, hanging limply. “Probably not doin’ much now, anyway.”

A fair warning; didn’t want the cryptid lashing out, after all.

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"I'll explain once this has been taken care of." Lest their inner workings be exposed to this creature. Not that he assumed this porcelain faced woman was untrustworthy, but anyone could be careless with their words. Or threatened. One he had properly sanitized himself Montana moved over to to the infusion stand and wheeled it over. Montana took her arm into his hand, and turned her wrist over.

"If you could both hold her, I'd rather not get bitten unintentionally or otherwise." Finding her vein was easy, and he had her hooked up quickly, and painlessly. Her own blood mixed for a moment with the bloodpack, then they joined. It was medicated with a painkiller, partly to make his stitching easier, and partly to sedate her.

Stitches came next, he was careful as he worked on her. While it may have lacked the tender love and care he poured into caring for Fel's wounds, his professionalism and attention to detail remained the same. The deepest of her wounds would be helped along by the fresh, and healthy blood running through her system. These would only be held together until her natural healing process took over.

The final stitch ended with the needles glint in the strong light. Montana severed and finished, then set about cleaning himself off.

"What's the story here?"

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A safe place. 

Despite the woman’s sailor-like speech patterns, the answer stuck out in Lulu’s mind as a shallow comfort. 

Where or why the place was so safe had yet to be answered, but their good intentions were obvious enough through their actions. Whether or not something more sinister underlined the care had yet to be seen, but the vampiress was in no position to question aid.

She grimaced at the idea of the makeshift bandages being pulled off, but gave a feeble nod. 

At the mention of being held down, though, her whole body went rigid. “What are you doing?” she asked, eyes growing wide. She attempted to pull her arm back, but she lacked the strength to tug against the man’s grasp. “Why’re you-“ What little color her features held blanched at the sensation of another needle being slipped under her skin, and a cold panic gripped her chest.

They could have been doing anything to her. 

And if they were holding her down, it was likely something bad.

“Don’t… I won’t talk, I swear. Just don’t- Don’t make me like the-“

Whatever had been started in the IV drip moved swiftly despite her slowed heartbeat, spreading a warm heaviness through her body. “Like the girl…” The sharp pain of her wounds gave way to a dull pressure, and the thirst she had been too preoccupied to heed began to ease as well. Her thoughts turned muddled, and her senses became cloudy.

Had she been less panicked, the sensation would have been a relief.

As it was, the forced relaxation that overtook her body was worrisome, and then vaguely concerning, and finally only a fleeting worry. She should have been trying to run. 

She blinked hard, forcing herself to not give in completely. “I’m… Idunwanna be… green… green blood.” 

The lights above took on a hallowed glow, like the ring that stayed plastered over one’s vision after being photographed with an old camera with a loud flash. Her look grew glazed, and the last tendrils of her intended train of thought spiraling away like smoke. “What’re you doin’?” she asked the man now, noting the gentle tugging feeling around her wounds.

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Green blood.

In the back of her head, Stride registered someone asking a question, but her thoughts were running in circles with what had left the woman’s lips. Green blood...although she was aware it was best not to count her chickens before they hatched, the words had rung a bell. A memory of the meeting, a thin vial in the grasp of a certain doctor. Green blood.

Hands still securing the cryptid, Stride cast a glance over to her company to see whether they had reached the same conclusion as she. There was a chance, however slight, that the woman knew at least something...

It looked like this wasn’t just a rescue of a random cryptid off the streets.

It took her a moment, but, eventually, Stride managed to comprehend what had been asked, and she turned back to face the vampire, taking in her expression carefully.

“We’re not gonna make ya blood ‘green’ or anythin’, got it? We’re tryin’ to keep ya insides from bein’ your outsides here, so don’t flip your shit. You’ll be up and at ‘em soon as we get ya taken care of here.”

While Stride was not exactly winning any awards for her tact, she was at least making an effort to calm the woman down.

Not an exactly good effort, yes, but it was something.

Soon enough, Montana had finished the job, and Stride released her grip upon seeing the neat stitches that had replaced the gaping wounds. She wiped her hands- once, twice- as if she had somehow ended up staining her gloves completely, instead of the few specks that had landed on the latex.

“Found her in an alley somewhere. She,” a nod towards Crystal, “smelled blood, so we traced it and found...well, ya know. Her.” Stride paused to strip her hands of her gloves, disposing of them in the same bin as the needles before putting the matted pair of her costume back on.

“That’s about it. Guessin’ we should wait ‘til she’s not trippin’ the hell out to talk to her, yeah?”

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"It's only a mild sedative." He couldn't talk when he was stitching her wounds, such work required meticulous focus when the wounds were so deep. Casual conversation for him would only be accompanied by lesser injuries. "Something to ease the pain, I'm warm to the touch, human, just want to make sure the pain doesn't spur a violent response." He was cautious of a vampires kiss biting the soft flesh of his neck while he was knelt over her body.

Her response had been interesting. Perspective was a guiding light, and she had misconstrued his medical actions for a torture routine, and rightly so, the preparation of these two very different procedures were very similar. The first being subduing the target. She pleaded to her phantom captors for mercy, while pointing to what she knew in her delirium.

Montana was sure Stride heard the same, or at least her mentioning Green Blood. More then that she highlighted that whomever owned this information operated on a similar level as themselves.

A gem. The duo had saved her life and brought her to their safehouse. He nodded to Stride, signifying he had heard her. "I just finished stitching up your wound, the sedative I spoke about is mixed in with a blood pack, healthy donor, something to cradle your healing process."

The last thing he did was clean around the stiches he had made, and cleaning her person. He wiped the blood from her face, neck, behind the ears, being as gentle as he could manage.

"It might be hard to believe, I'd feel the same, but you're safe."

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Lulu hadn’t possessed any plan to “flip her shit,” and likely wasn’t capable of of doing so if she had wanted to. She tried to blink some of the fog away from her vision, and offered a subtle “Mhm” in response to the request to keep calm. She listened to the conversation as it carried on… Either they were trying very hard to convince her that they meant well, or they honestly held no malice for her.

Only a mild sedative.

The man had stitched her, and was now helping to clean her up. The sedative mixed with blood explained the drowsiness that had settled into her body, and the newfound weight in her limbs. They could still be trying to lull her into a false sense of security, but the man’s words seemed genuine. 

She drew a deep breath, steadying her panicked heart rate.

Which, considering that she was a vampire, was no faster than an average human.

Her head lulled to the side, brushing against his hands as he wiped away the gore covering her neck. She looked up at him, something between suspicion and thanks reading across her face as she studied him. 

He was tall, but not remarkably so. His eyes were black, yet not unkind— Warm enough to feel welcoming, but unmistakably unique.

She made a note of what he looked like, as well as his scent.

It was never a bad thing to keep a catalog of new people in new places.

“Thank you,” she said softly, and then gave a small choked laugh, “I- Uh. Um."

Whatever humorous idea that crossed her thought slipped her mind, and her face fell back to staring at him intently. "You're nota wolf," Lulu mumbled, as if this was some reason to trust him more, "And you're nota human. Why're you helping me?"

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Derrick was annoyed, he had just gotten off the phone with the scion elders and informed of the situation. If the Elders were not happy, no one would be happy and they had made it clear that he would be the one making sure of that.

With a sigh the man adjusted his sunglasses before stepping out of the black car with tinted windows. As he walked towards the police in charge of contamination he pulled out an MI5 badge and started going to work.

As he spoke to various members of the police, hospital staff, and hazmat suits his sunglasses came off. No one noticed the mage as he he got information and systematically altered memories of those involved to make sure things lined up with the correct cover.

After the fifth person he talked to and had to change memories on his annoyance grew into frustration.

He could just feel it, today was not going to be a good day.

Fel slightly stirred after Montana finished his wounds whimpering as she was laid on the bed. "Montana you came, I knew you would." A serene smile crossed the fallen's face before it turned into a frown. "Arc he listened to this woman and just started killing."

She shuddered at the memory "The guy he killed was his contact, why would he do something like that?"

After she got the words out she felt faint once more and slipped by into unconsciousness.


Crystal stared at Lulu, the woman had just mentioned green blood and another girl.

"Stride? Montana? do you think that she knows something about the murders?"

As Stride told the events that led up to finding the strange bloody vampire they shared a room with she decided to add on her own info. "I think a pack of you know.... wolves went after her I smelt them in the ally we got her from. Yeah waiting till she isn't high sounds like a good idea cause people see strange stuff tripping."

It was at this point Crystal checked her cell and turned to Stride. Pizza, they were talking about pizza at a time like this? Montana, Stride, Stranger, and herself were covered in blood and she wanted to know if they wanted pizza. It was confusing and yet, Crystal found she was starting to get really hungry.

"Can you tell Kora to grab me a slice of meat supreme pizza please."

After all Crystal had no desire to talk to the other wolf or any wolves in general, especially the ones she was expected to pack with.

Another message caught her attention, one from Issac. "Hey Stride Issac said he is on his way back and will be here soon. Also mentioned something about orange tape." With the information passed onto Stride Crystal replied back to Issac.

'Don't call me kiddo, and thought it was supposed to be red tape? Anyways got a neat story to tell you when you get back I found drugs and brought home a guest -C'

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“No shit, Sherlock,” Stride drawled, slipping her phone from her pocket now that Montana had things under control. Several missed messages; one from Issac, another from Oren. As she clicked through the texts- starting with Issac’s- she continued to speak, occasionally looking up at her company. “Might be just sayin’ some random shit, but I kinda doubt it. Seems too specific- ‘specially with the whole attack n’ all. ‘Sides, the...”

The hybrid trailed off, suddenly, staring down at her screen with an unreadable expression (masks, after all, tended to have that effect). She said nothing for a few moments, simply reading the message she had opened, before pressing down on one of the keys, and allowing Oren’s voice to drone softly out from the speakers. After a few words from the woman, Stride eventually paused the recording, walked out of the room, and pressed play once more.

Upon the message’s conclusion, Stride stayed silent for a few moments, before walking back in and muttering under her breath.

“What the fuck.”

This, of course, soon grew loud enough for the others in the room to hear, and soon enough she had brought her gaze up with a scowl. “Well,” she began, eyes flicking over to Montana, “Mind tellin’ us more about what went on ‘fore ya flounced, now that the lady’s taken care of?”

As she spoke, Stride glanced back at her phone, thumbs skipping along the keys as she typed up the proper messages; first to Oren, seeing as how she was already in the conversation.

‘medical’s room up and running, but we kinda had our hands full on our end. how the fuck is the cryptid alive?’

Then, to Issac,

‘did u rly fuck off in the middle of a mission? u better have crapped ur pants or something. orens pissed.’

Finally, Stride flicked over to Kora’s name into her contacts, typing out the most important message of all.

‘also, crystal wants some meat supreme pizza.’

Pizza, after all, was the most important objective.

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Lulu's gaze was well met, and her searching mirrored Montana's own, somewhat younger gaze. Her baby blues were guarded, but intent. Even with the painkillers that ran through her veins her eyes held the focus needed to study who she was talking to. "Not a Wolf, no. My humanity is an issue I only debate with myself." A small joke, but one that held a small amount of truth behind it. Something to set the mood between them. 'Your mind is in good company with mine' Not in the sense that she struggled with the same things, but that one intelligence wouldn't find anything amiss in the other. That implied a lot.

"My associates simply helped you because you needed it, I imagine. I saw a person wounded in a way that didn't exceed my knowledge, so I did the same."

Stifled honesty might be best at work here, in his opinion. Crystal inadvertently said as much when she brought up the murders There was nothing to gain from outright lies. They had taken the woman to their safe house, she had seen their faces and knew the diagram of their blood. She could be a well placed spy of the White Rose, or even the Cult they were looking for. The options, were endless. One of those options was that she was a wounded vampire that meant them no ill intent, and was attacked for reasons native to herself. If they needed to wipe her mind, Derrick had his well polished loafers on ground. A memory wipe was that mans bread and butter.

"Our help has no strings attached, but if you could tell us who attacked you, it could shed some light on our situation." Our was the word he used in particular, for very good reason. Our meant, we have involved ourselves in an attempted slaying, or warning of some kind, and I'd appreciate knowing a little of what we've gotten ourselves into. He didn't expect her life story, or what she might have done before that influenced the situation. Just a what. The rest would come later.

"I can go into that in detail in a short while." He replied to Stride. "It's a bit of a long story." Loosely translated, I'd rather not talk about it in front of the vampire in case she's not receptive to who we might be.

He'd send out the message now, and quickly, pocket texting as he always did. One message. "Advise caution. Arcturus, followed White Rose member alone" He set it on a minute timer, to all standing SCION operatives.

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The pace of the conversation whizzed over Lulu’s head, the mud-colored haze of her mind not able to scrutinize data at anywhere near her normal capacity. A few key phrases stuck out as important, though she couldn’t piece all of them immediately together.

She didn’t think she had much pertinent information to “the murders” in question, but she did know about at least one untimely disposal of a body. 

Though whether or not these were people who needed to have such information had yet to be seen.

The man’s studying glance did not unnerve her in the least, and she blinked hard, fighting her eyes to stay open and return it. “I dunno…” she paused in her speech, trying to pluck the right phrasing out despite her impaired processing, “I don’think they want me… talkin’.” The faintest hint of an old New York accent crept into her tone at the end of her phrases; an old habit trying to seize advantage of her lazy tongue.

She turned her head slowly to the side to look at the young wolf in the room, her gaze taking her in fully, as if searching for any recognition. Finding none, she cast her eyes back to her inquisitor. She stared at the jugular vein of his neck, watching the subtle rhythm of his pulse for concern, and then stared at his forehead for any sign of a cool sweat.

“Wolves,” she said at last, her voice hardly rising above a whisper. “A- a pack. Tryin’a shut me… Shut me up.”

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Montana’s words only got a grunt of acknowledgement in response, Stride crossing her arms over her chest as she waited. While the hybrid was more prone to violence than not, she wasn’t unintelligent; speaking on the matter with fresh ears about was dangerous.

However, Stride was still as intent to get information out of her coworker as ever. After all, not only were the details still quite hard to swallow- and even a tad hazy, although they were much clearer than when she had assumed the worst- but leaving while such a shitstorm was going on was...a bit unbelievable.

As if in response to her musings, she soon found her pocket abuzz once more. Curious, she drew her phone out, only to find a text from Montana.

...Well, that explained at least something. Somewhat placated, Stride slid the device back into her pocket, and allowed her arms to fall to her sides.

At the sound of the cryptid speaking up, Stride’s focus immediately switched back to settle upon the vampire, watching her inquisitively. It seemed that she was still hesitant; as if she expected the wolves to come bounding through the wall at any moment.

“Look, lady,” Stride said, “as long as you’re with us, ya don’t have to worry. And we’re not gonna tell anyone that you told us anythin’- we can give ya a pinkie swear if ya want. So don’t worry, yeah?”

In an absentminded motion, she rose a hand to scratch at her face, but thought better of it. “Why’d they try to shut ya up? Ya said somethin’ bout a girl; were they doin’ somethin’ with her?”

In truth, Montana most likely would have been much better at squeezing information from their little guest, Stride couldn’t keep herself from jumping on the subject. This was as best of a lead as they had until Oren and the not-quite-dead cryptid arrived, and every little thing they could get mattered in a case like this.

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He nodded as she spoke, listening intently to every word. Werewolves were an interesting cryptid for him to deal with. Their agility, mixed with their canine physiology made non lethal takedown difficult when engaging in close quarters, the main difference being the intent behind their mutual violence. One wrong move could spell grievous injury, followed by death. Well, for humanoids anyway.

It was good she told him. If she was telling the truth, he knew what to prepare for. There was no doubt in his mind that the ramifications of their actions would resonate for some time. The girl was probably being watched in the alley, with news of her saviors traveling to the right ears once Stride and Crystal departed.

Stride chimed in, a bit ham fisted as always. Compounding her questions with his own, especially since the vampire was feeling the effects of the painkillers, didn't make sense. Montana preferred to tackle subjects like this with some amount of subtlety, showing their hand so eagerly wasn't in his immediate line of questioning.

Leading a person to a confession was better then pulling it out in his opinion. Leading them to it made them trust you a little bit more then you just asking them, to him anyway.

"Yes, we can handle any hostility that may yet arise."

Montana gave a reassuring nod, adding only that to Stride's words. It was always possible Stride could extract information as she did. He had no feelings of superiority, only an idea of how things should be handled.

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Lulu shrunk at the masked woman’s abrasive impatience— She was asking so many questions, and so quickly that the vampire’s brow furrowed as she tried to keep up with each one. 

The woman was a loose cannon, or so it seemed, but at the very least it showed that she was candid: She was too reckless with her words to have been dishonest.

Lulu took a sighing breath, finally pulling her gaze away from the man to stare at a bit of empty space just past his face. There were flecks of dust in the room, and they caught in the light and spun, leaving trails of broken luminance in their paths.

The wounds on her body had begun pulling themselves together with a subtle tugging sensation, healing in moments what would have taken a human weeks. 

Even so, she knew she’d have hours to go before she would be in any shape to fight back agains those in the room— If they wanted to kill her, they likely would have done it by now. 

Her stare snapped back to the man when he spoke, his even tone pulling her out of the momentary daze. She reached out faintly toward the edges of the cot, nails drumming as she sifted through the questions posed. “The- The York Moors Pack,” she said at last, “I’ma- a private eye, kinda, ‘nd’ve… Well, I had a lead on them, ‘nd I checked it out… Tailed them for few days, ’nd I found’em carryin’ something. It smelled... dead. And they dumped it. So I waited for’m to leave, and looked.”

She drew a quavering breath, digging into the fabric underneath her with curled fingers. Her hands shook slightly, as she continued, “It was a— a body. But not like one’ve seen before. She was bashed in bad. And- and her blood. She bled green.”

She unclenched her hands, blinking heavily as the continued wave of the IV drip flowed into her bloodstream. “The wolves were waiting f’me in my flat when I came back. And the rest…” Lulu gestured downward to her tattered state, “Yeah.”