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A world much like our own.


a part of SCION, by VitaminHeart.


VitaminHeart holds sovereignty over A world much like our own., giving them the ability to make limited changes.

2,259 readers have been here.


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A world much like our own. is a part of SCION.

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Oren Kovalenko [158] Science.
Roderic Alder Mayburry Montana [118] Espionage, Intrigue, Martial Arts, and a healthy Imagination.
Issac Schofield [118] Always watchful.
Phoebe Stride [113] "Nirvana doesn't get enough credit."
Fel [93] A kind Fallen that enjoys helping others.
Christina Eberhart-Taroni [92] Knowledge is power, magic is might.
Alexander Wiseman [92] "Perception is key, half the battle can be won if the enemy perceives he has lost"
Crystal [90] This snarky teenager has a reply for just about everything.
Rafael Jose Alihambra [89] "I am a F**k Mothering Assassin, and I demand to be respected as such"
Spire Schippers [86] Just your friendly neighborhood cryptid-killing werewolf-sadist-sociopath. :)

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Character Portrait: Oren Kovalenko Character Portrait: Kora Norrevinter
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"The Doc has signed off on this right? I don't like that there's no-one else here. I would't put it past you to be trying to bump me off while no-one else is looking."

"Don't tempt me, dog. Now quit bitching and start a shift. I do not have all day." Dr Kovalenko lifted a slender finger off the intercom button and returned her attention to her notes.

The researcher was stood behind a thick barrier of re-enforced glass in order to observe and make notes. Whilst funding was not boundless in these times, and the installation of a locked-down test chamber within the HQ was quite a big outgoing; she had pointed out to others within the network that could could never afford to be too cautious when you were dealing with cryptid species. And, certainly, she felt better in this case that there was going to be several inches of near unbreakable material between her and that damned animal.

Operative Norrevinter, stood inside the white walls of the test chamber, colourful sensor wires trailing from underneath the set of scrubs she was wearing, was feeling a little less re-assured by her position. The tall, intimidating norwegian woman regarded the researcher at the viewing window with undisguised contempt and adjusted the shapeless garments awkwardly. They were, of course, a bit of a gesture in futility. The beast was only going to tear free of them within seconds, and possibly eat half of the fabric in the process, and Oren wouldn't allow anything in there other than herself and her shifting focus in form outside of research out of concern it might influence the readings. However it was embarrassing enough to have been assigned to a session of being the bitch doctor's lab rat, but she was not doing without some form of clothing.

"Are you recording?" Kora asked, pushing a strand of wavy, ginger hair out of her face to scrutinize what the biologist was doing. She trusted that soulless leech about as far as she could throw her, but order were orders.
...though on reflection, she could probably throw her pretty far..

"Yes. Get on with it."
The vampress' cold grey eyes flickered from her annotations to a monitor set to one side that was gathering data. Pulse rate, brainwave patterns, temperature, electrical and magnetic impulses, that kind of thing. All the sorts of things you might want to know about a transforming werewolf.

Back in the chamber itself, the nordic woman reached below the neckline of the top and pulled out a simple pewter mjolnir, a few etchings in the scarred metal. Her large hand closed around the small metallic object, and gripped tightly, gripped until the edges started to dig into the skin on her palm. She then started to mutter something under her breath. Oren would have asked her to speak up for the recording...but who exactly spoke old norse? Well, aside from the backward Game of Thrones wannabe lycanthropes that seemed to dwell around the scandinavian coastlines. There wasn't a lot of data to be gathered anyway. As far as her research had concluded, the actual words of a focus was not important, but the state of mind it brought about, in order to force a change, a werewolf needed to-

Her thought were cut off by screams. Screaming and the sickening organic crunching of snapping bones. She looked back to the viewing window to see Kora bent double, arms wrapped round her ribs as they shattered themselves. The noise was deafening, and was not going to let up until about the thirty second mark, when the vocal chords ripped in half. Oren muted the audio output on her end. She didn't need that distraction.

The observation room in the research section was soundproofed. The test chamber, less so. Oren would not be totally surprised if the screaming was not filtering out into the rest of the building.

The HQ was an older building. Once it had been a house to some wealth eccentric supposedly, then a boarding school, then an ageing relic out far away from anything of note. Then it had been purchased by their anonymous benefactor.. So far, it had proved a worthy enough location. The house was large and sprawling, enough main complex and outbuildings to house the staff members, and set far enough away from anything, amid thick woodland, so they didn't get many unwanted guests.

The age of the building though did mean that things such as sound did suffer from time to time, and the people eating breakfast int he cafeteria that morning might have been put off their food somewhat.

By that point, Kora had dropped to her hands and knees, limbs beginning to lengthen in sudden, spasmodic spurts of growth. Her facial bones had split and elongated, pulling together into some twisted snout that was cultivating a set of pointed white fangs. The pulse on the monitors was racing and body temperature had spiked. Fur had begun to spread over her skin at the scrubs began to rip with the rapid expanse of the chest and shoulders.

At the two minute mark the pulse would stutter and momentarily fail before returning faster, more rapid and forceful.

After about the five minute mark, Oren stopped the timer. Change was complete.

Int he middle of the test chamber crouched a hulking monstrosity covered in thick, reddish fur. It stood on two large, paw-like feet, legs bent like the hind quarters of an animal, but its hunched torso carrying some hint of a human-like spinal structure. Its arms were long, wiry, ending in twisted hand-paws with great yellowing claws. The face was all that of some kind of monstrous canid, perfectly formed set of carnivore teeth on display at it watched her, snarling, planting its feet to move.

"You're going to try to kill me again aren't you?" Oren asked, wearily as she ticked something off on her list. The vampress took a small, but deliberate step away from the glass moments before the full weight of the werewolf flung itself against the barrier, snarling, clawing, leaving streaks of foamy drool against the formerly clear surface.

She was going to have to clean that.

"I can't tell, Norrevinter, if you just have no self control, or whether you know exactly what you're doing and just do this to piss me off....because you can't think it scares me." Dr Kovalenko remarked contemptuously as she went to check the readings.

No, it didn't scare her. Well, not any more. The fact that the first time had gotten a flinch out of her was not really worth mentioning as far as she was concerned. Though funnily enough since then the Kora-wolf had tried it every time, and the Kora-person had denied remembering doing it at all with the expression of a child caught with their hands in a cookie jar.

Oren sighed as she tied to collate the data and ignore the sounds of snarling and scratching from the test chamber.

What was that quote?

Never work with children or animals.

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Character Portrait: Liam Mitchell Character Portrait: Jonah Tanner
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"Don't do it Liam!" Jonah yelled as he held on to Liam by the collar of his shirt. Some jerk just rushed passed them and knocked them both down, and Liam being hungry or thirsty or whatever, wanted to teach him a lesson by draining him dry.

"Come on! Just a little!" Liam pleaded as he dragged Jonah, who had his heels to the ground and both hands on his collar, across the room. "He deserves it!"

It was kind of hillarious, since they both looked ten. BUt if you knew their backstory, their history, you would realize this was them coping. Both of them watched their families get murdered right in front of them before they got cursed.

"No! Stop Liam!" Jonah told him as he continued to get dragged across the room. "I have a blood pack for you in my bag!"

"But the guy is an asshole!" Liam whined.

"He is not worth getting into trouble for!" Jonah shouted.

"Okay" Liam said, finally stopping and causing Jonah to slide across the floor and nearly trip down the stairs. Luckily, Jonah managed to get a hold of the railing, and transmute it so that it stopped him from falling by bending it across the stairs and giving him something to land on that wouldn't break his neck. Liam ran over, and helped him get up as the railing returned to normal. "Oops. Sorry".

"Its okay. Lets just find someone to talk to. We need to get started somewhere, and I want to get started out in the field" Jonah told him, and the two kept walking forward. Liam was a vampire, and Jonah a Sorcerer. And while Jonah did not admit it, it wasn't okay. There were any number of spells he could have used that would have been a lot easier then transmuting the railing, but transmuation was for some reason instinctual for him. Most people just considering transmuation as something that lets you turn silver to gold or something like that. And maybe for those people, that's all it was. But Jonah could transmute anything he touches into all sorts of things, so long as it "made sense". Like, he could not turn a stick into a sword, but he could turn a pen into a sword.

Of course, the two of them got lost. Twice. They were not used to the building. Jonah was carrying a dufflebag with him containing a variety of things. It was also warded so if anyone tried to open it without his permission, enough electricity would go through their bodies to make them rethink that. Liam might have been an accidental test subject to its effectiveness.

Speaking of Liam, Jonah passed him a Bloodbox. It was a juicebox filled with blood. Of course, Liam was still eyeing any source of blood that got too close....except for this one fat guy. His blood actually make Liam get repulsed, even though he was bleeding. A papercut. "Exactly what made you avoid him?"

"His blood smelled like bacon. Now, granted, I like bacon. But holy shit, that blood had more cholesterol in it then actual blood. I might be hungry, but even that blood is off menu".

"Nice to know I am not the only person who you don't have any desire to drink from" Jonah mentioned.

"Hey. Technically, the only person I ever drained fully was that one serial killer and the drug dealer. And both of them had it coming. And I don't do babies either, despite the fact they have the purest, richest blood I have ever smelled..."

"Liam, you are drooling. Which, given the topic, is creepy".

"Oh, sorry. Need to drink faster" Liam mentioned, drinking the blood faster. Jonah was just glad the awkward conversation was over.

"Yes, please do. You start the creepiest conversations when hungry".

Then, they finally found the receptionist. "Hi, yes. My name is Jonah Tanner, and this is my friend Liam Mitchell. We are the new recruits".

She looked at them, and responded with a voice Jonah took as insulting. "Aren't you both a little young".

Liam quickly grabbed Jonah as he tried to claw his way to her, holding him back. "We...are....both...cursed! And I am a Vampire! My friend here who hates being talked to in that voice is a sorcerer! We were both cursed by a witch to be kids forever! Now, who are we supposed to talk to?"

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Character Portrait: Kate Opal
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#, as written by Kagerou
The screams of Kora eventually made their way to the Medical office, where Kate was trying to relax after saving more than one agent from death. Her powers had been pushed to the max in just a few short hours, which was nothing new. Her illusion of human like features were gone as well. Anyone who walked in would barely be able to see her without her clothes. Kate sighed, and looked over at the exhausted nurses. Each were trying to reassure the agents that there was nothing wrong, just an experiment done by Doctor Oren Kovalenko. She heard them shushing the patients, attempting to coax them into sleep. With no one in immediate danger, it was high time for her to replenish.

The Azure silently went into the back room. In this room were various medical supplies for the other doctors...and then, there was a strange structure that resembled a fountain. In said fountain was some of the purest water one would ever lay eyes on. This was the essence of the Azure. Kate simply took off those silly materials that humans called "clothes" and settled into the fountain. The screaming had eventually stopped, leaving Kate with a deafening silence. Her body blended in with the water, letting none realize she was there. Hopefully, there would be no more injuries for the day...

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Character Portrait: Scarlet Wilkson
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Dust danced around her ankles as she made her way through the darkened building whose lights were put out due to the rising moon and the lackluster of its light. With the murky, agonizing figure’s long and slender fingers wrapping around her neck, the silent walk down the hallway became slower than before. Even with the androgynous figure tightly securing itself around her, its malevolent fingers tapping against her jugular, Scarlet kept walking. The mission given to her was indeed very simple. Jonathan Dextris was her one and only target; and to terminate him was her only order. He was a low key politician who had 'accidentally' discovered SCION just a mere three days ago along with some very confidential information that included the list of newly included members and the medical records of two other members.

However easy the task may have seemed when given to Scarlet, she did not expect the several dozen or so posted guards who kept watch along the property- nor did she expect them to find her so easily. Sure, Scarlet was a gifted individual when it came to combat however she was still somewhat human and when her enemy outnumbered her thirty to one, it would be an average sense to feel a bit overwhelmed. And although she did kill fourteen without the use of her powers, the abilities she possessed was still a very frightening and gluttonous being. The release of her powers devoured whatever energy the dead had, turning the bodies of both, the living and those who recently crossed into nothing but dust. Not even the blood droplets which stained the porcelain floors or the green blades of grass remained.

And now, here she was- stumbling against the wall for support and trying to find her way towards Jonathan’s room so she can dispose of him. Scarlet wanted nothing more than to return to the cheap fabrics of her bed and the warm, white body of Astros. This desire caused her feet to move faster, breaking free from the maleficent hands of the curse momentarily. The tall walls suddenly narrowed and Scarlet could tell that this dark hallway was coming to its end as the vibrant mahogany door made its presence. Examining it in silence and listening to the rapid breathing coming from the other side, Scarlet could tell he was readying himself for her and from the fearful adrenaline rolling off his body, it was apparent the man was armed.

Closing her mossy mud colored eyes, Scarlet breathed in once more. She hadn’t the energy nor the tolerance to deal with this man anymore. Taking her gun out of the holster, Scarlet cocked it back and pointed the weapon ahead of her while she placed her hand on the door. Without a moment of surprise, Jonathan fired several shots in Scarlet’s direction upon the opening of the door. All of which were futile thanks to the rather large wall of energy that surrounded her body. Although consuming those men’s life force caused Scarlet immense pain, it did aid in protecting her body from outside harm in some twisted, parasitic way. Calmly walking towards the shaking man, Scarlet raised the gun to his head and listened to the man’s pleading words and deplorable sobs.

“Please,” He begged, pressing his hands together as if he were praying. “I have children and a wife.” When he was met with silence and cruel eyes, the man wrapped his trembling hands around the barrel of the gun. “Money? Do you want money? I am a very wealthy man, you know. I can give you as much as you need or want- hell, I can give you an island.” Once again, his pleas were met with the cold silence and the rugged end of the gun which was now being pressed up against him harder than before. “Please,” He whimpered, closing his eyes as she pressed the trigger hard enough to cause the gun to release its tensing bullet.

The white dog supported himself on his back legs while deviously itching his snout towards the bowl of untouched oatmeal that was quickly becoming cold. With almost exact skills acquired from past experience, Astros quickly moved his snout away from the bowl, narrowly avoiding the beige mush that fell from her spoon and back into the bowl. Black orbs looked up at the dead face of his master, watching her carefully as she dozed off into her own world before slipping his tongue into the bowl and taking a mouthful of the cinnamon flavored oats. Carefully placing two white paws onto the seat to give him more leverage, Astros slowly tipped the bowl towards him as he chomped down on another mouthful.

Quickly retreating while licking his chops, Astros watched his master carefully as she yawned and placed her hand underneath her chin before taking a bite of whatever was left on her spoon. Scarlet wasn’t a morning person; hell, the dead could have more vitality than she did in the mornings. The nights before whether she be training or doing missions for the SCION would always seem to tire her out; in fact, mornings, although she was an early riser, would be her slowest time. Astros’ ears perked up as he tilted his head to follow her spoon, watching it carefully as it dipped down into her bowl to take a scoop of oatmeal and to raise it carefully back up to her full yet small lips that now resembled the color of a withered, pink rose.

Her short, choppy hair was its usual unkempt self; fly-aways scattered above the main strands of her head while the majority of it seemed to almost defy gravity altogether. As if to compliment her disheveled hair, Scarlet was dressed in sweatpants that seemed to be just barely hanging off her hips thanks to the band that was tightly secured in place due to the several knots in it where it had broken and a potato-sac looking shirt that swooped down low against her bare shoulders. It was hard to believe that this woman was even a part of an establishment such as SCION. The thick-fabric choker, however, seemed to be brand new and expensively crafted to fit around her neck, covering the ‘scar’.

Screams jarred Scarlet from her morning daze causing her to look down at Astros who wagged his tail at her acknowledgement of him. Deeming that she probably wasn’t going to finish her breakfast anyways, Scarlet placed her spoon in the bowl and lowered it down to where Astros could eat whatever he didn’t finish. With a bark of appreciation, the white dog did not hesitate to lick the bowl clean. She leaned forward slightly, closing her eyes to listen to the screams that seemed to be happening several walls away from her. It seemed like that sadistic doctor was at it again.

Although she did not care for Dr. Kovalenko, Scarlet harbored no feelings of hate towards the woman however it would be a lie to say that Scarlet was not overly cautious. The idea of becoming someone’s lab rat would not sit right in anyone’s stomach. With a mere passing thought of empathy for whoever was in Dr. Kovalenko’s care, Scarlet sat back and watched those around her in the mess hall slowly begin to opt for a change in scenery to enjoy their breakfast.

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Oren scratched a few readings down on her notes.

Whilst people tended toward the more technological, she was a child of the 1920's, and had a measure of mistrust for anything too non-tangible. She had learned th eusuage of computers as a necessity rather than out of any kind of appreciation for the things. Most of her research notes existed in paper form and were backed up digitally, to make it easier to compile them into the data she was after.

Oren was attempting to create proper scientific studies on the cryptid species and document their abilities in concrete terms. SCION allowed a unique opportunity for that. Though the sample size was little and the participant were...

Oren paused. The snarling and crashing had stopped. Never a positive sign.

The vampire set her notes down and walked back toward the window to find the thing crouched against one wall, its elongated, animal head turned towards the door on the other side. Sealed, of course. But...sealed enough to repel a wall of muscle and fur and teeth flying at it was a little more questionable.

It lined up, burst forward, and collided with the door with a crash, sending cracks spidering up the sides of the wall.

Oren reached up and purposefully pressed a finger on the intercom.

"Kora I know that you know exactly what you're doing and if you do it I will make sure this comes out of your pay."

Another line up, another charge, more cracks.

"Norrevinter. Don't you dare."

The beast cast a glance towards her for a moment, meeting her gaze for an instant before it shot forwards a final time and tore the exit door clean off its hinges, sending it screeching down the corridor and leaving a trail of spark behind it, right as the hulking red beast dashed out of the chamber and into the hallway. A transformed werewolf running free in the complex. Beautiful.

"Fucking werewolves..." The Doctor sighed, running a gloved hand down her face, before hurrying over to the door.

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Character Portrait: Oren Kovalenko Character Portrait: Kora Norrevinter Character Portrait: Liam Mitchell Character Portrait: Valerie "Kitty" Valentine Character Portrait: Jonah Tanner
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"You had plenty money 1922...." sang Amy Irving, and Kitty would hum along with the radio she hung upside down from the pole she personally had placed in SCION's gym. Some read a book, go for a walk, or run on a treadmill to relax and 'get in the zone', but twirling around and hanging upside down on a pole was more Val's speed and helped keep her in shape quite well.

As the song coming from her laptop's sound system came to an end Valerie would slide down the pole until her hands hit the ground and she was able to back-flip onto her feet.
"Voila!" she said to herself jokingly, before slipping a mesh cover-dress over her black sports bra and shorts set and heading down the hallway. She was starving, as usual, and made a beeline for the main Kitchen's refrigerator where she'd pull out a 6-inch Tuna sub for Subway - her favorite.
Most normal individuals would wait until they got to their destination before eating, but Val dug into her sandwich as she walked down the halls without a care in the world.

"Aren't you both a little young" Val heard a vaguely familiar voice ask as she rounded the corner- quickly spotting two young kids and the receptionist she barely knew.
"We are both cursed!" one of the boys said before quickly explaining his and his friends predicament to the woman and that they were rookies. He'd then follow his declaration up by asking to speak to someone, and as soon as Val heard that she'd turn on her heel to walk away from the area, but she wasn't quick enough and the receptionist would spot her. "Val! Hey! Can you come here for a second"
She wanted to act as if she didn't hear the woman but it would have been blatantly obvious that wasn't the case if she kept walking, and while she didn't care so much about what the receptionist thought something inside made her stop and jolt back to the receptionist desk so fast that it would appear as if she ported there.
"Yeah yeah, I'll take them off your hand - since you're lazy." Val said to the woman in jest. She'd then looked down at the two boys and tell them to follow her.

At first she didn't say anything else to the two and simply walked down the hallway continuing to eat her sub, but after a few bites she'd stop outside the Kitchen. "Here's the Kitchen" she'd say nonchalantly, before again walking. "My name's Val by the way. I'm a shitty tour guide so, yeah..."

Valerie would spend the next several minutes walking the two of them around the base, eventually ending the tour at the living quarters.
"All the apartments that are empty have a 'Vacancy' sign hanging on the door and are unlocked, so feel free to shop around but honestly, the rooms aren't all that different."
Kitty would turn and begin walking away, but after a few steps she'd turn back around. "Oh, since you're rookies you'll probably be tagging along on our next mission to observe more than assist whenever. It would be smart to not annoyg whoever the boss assigns as the lead for our next mission and resist any urge you have to play hero. Also, you're probably going to be called kids a lot, and a few folks around here might even dismiss you as runts, brats, or little would be in your better interest to keep your temper in check if and when that happens."
As soon as she stopped speaking she'd hear a scream echo throughout the halls as she took another bite of her sub. "Nothing to worry about there, just our resident Dr. Frankenstein poking around with someone again, likely Kora."
Valerie would inform the two she was heading back to the living room before walking away. There was no need for her to hover over them as they chose an apartment to settle down in, and besides, her computer was in the living room and she wanted to look up more about SCION's latest recruits before some mission came in to base and ruined her lounge time.

Val hadn't quite made it to the living room when she'd hear what sounded like a stampede coming behind her. She smiled before porting herself into the doorway of a nearby room seconds before Kora came into sight.
"In here's empty." she'd say, before moving out of the way and back into the hallway where she'd eventually continue on towards the living room once she was sure she wouldn't be trampled.
Whether or not Kora took her suggestion and went inside the empty room or not wasn't up to her, but Val assumed Kora was running from Oren and that amused her, so why not try to help the werewolf hide?

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Character Portrait: Oren Kovalenko Character Portrait: Kora Norrevinter Character Portrait: Valerie "Kitty" Valentine Character Portrait: Rafael Jose Alihambra
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Rafael could only sigh when the screams started. "That vampiro puta is at it again..." He sat up out of his chair and put his book on the end table. Walking to the door to his room, which was really just one big library, he frowned as he cracked open the door and leaned his head out the door. "Oye! Doctor, your giving me flash backs of the Inquisition, cut it the hell out and give the poor lobo a res-" His voiced trailed of as he heard something coming from the other end of the hall. "What the.." his voice trailed off as his reflexes kicked in and pulled his head back in just time to see a wall of furry flesh fly past him. "Dios mio.." he mumbled as he dashed back to his end table and retrieved the Luger, sliding the magazine in to the grip and pulling the slide and loading the silver ammunition. "Oren I swear to god if I have to put her down..."

He dashed down the hall after the she-wolf. He turned a corner and saw Valerie and the she-wolf, "Ah, so that's were la Lobo went, she running from the vampiro bitch again?" his grip on the luger would tighten but the gun would remain down at his side. Shes fast, and a lot younger and I haven't had to take one of her kind on in a few centuries...this could go south fast

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Character Portrait: Oren Kovalenko Character Portrait: Kora Norrevinter Character Portrait: Valerie "Kitty" Valentine Character Portrait: Rafael Jose Alihambra
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The beast skidded out into the corridor, scratching up the floor and knocking up chairs and tables as she crashed around, breaking things with the usual reckless abandon. She took a corner to set her grey, lupine eyes on Valerie, stood in the corridor. She charged in the directly of the woman at full speed, mouth over and teeth on display, before at the last moment vaulting sideways through the open doorway with a crash of upturning furniture.

Of course, such a...showy kind of exit was bound to attract attention, and it certainly had.

What it also did, was lead a certain researcher right to the spot.

"The 'vampiro bitch' is behind you, Alihambra." came the voice of Oren, without much degree of intonation. For someone whose job was principally that of an academic, she did seem to have a rather unnerving ability to appear suddenly and soundlessly.

"And I hope you were not thinking of opening fire on Norrevinter. First you'd be destroying a potentially rather SCION asset and . Secondly you would be pissing off most of the nordic lycanthrope population, and if you think one werewolf running amok is unpleasant, try fifty. Thirdly if you hit her she might just take umbrage and bite your face off. All of these would mean a lot more paperwork to deal with."

Oren re-adjusted her coat.

"Besides, Norrevinter knows exactly what she's doing. She's just trying to cause trouble so I'll never request her for research purposes again. Because she's an immature fuckwit who is only interested in breaking things."

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Character Portrait: Oren Kovalenko Character Portrait: Kora Norrevinter Character Portrait: Valerie "Kitty" Valentine Character Portrait: Rafael Jose Alihambra Character Portrait: Kate Opal
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#, as written by Kagerou
Kate's relaxation was short-lived, as Kora ran right past her office with Dr. Kovalenko running right behind her. Quickly assuming her illusion of human features and getting dressed, Kate also made her way towards the living quarters. There, she found a succubus, a sorcerer, and Doctor Kovalenko gathered in front of a door. The vampire was warning Rafael about killing Kora, saying he would "piss off" the rest of the lycan Nordic population. "Besides, Norrevinter knows exactly what she's doing. She's just trying to cause trouble so I'll never request her for research purposes again. Because she's an immature fuckwit who is only interested in breaking things." Doctor Kovalenko didn't show any emotion, despite the werewolf halting her research. Kate made a note of it.

"Kora will come out eventually. She cannot hide forever." Kate's voice was very monotone. She joined the group in front of the door. Kate listened for Kora behind the door. She then looked at Oren. "Did she force a change? I'm sure she must be uncomfortable, considering she's not fighting..." At this point, Kate's only concern was Kora's health. She knew she must have been annoying the vampire, considering the two women had hated each other, but it was Kate's duty to keep everyone fighting fit. Kate glanced at the others. She knew of them, but this was her first time meeting Valerie in person. Rafael had been in her office a few times. However, they didn't look like they wanted to stay very long. Kate looked back at Doctor Kovalenko, waiting for her to respond.

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Character Portrait: Oren Kovalenko Character Portrait: Kora Norrevinter Character Portrait: Liam Mitchell Character Portrait: Valerie "Kitty" Valentine Character Portrait: Jonah Tanner Character Portrait: Rafael Jose Alihambra
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As the woman got to showing them around, Jonah listened while Liam was still a little....aggressive. But he was not done drinking yet, so that was understandable. When she introduced myself, Jonah introduced them. "My name is Jonah. Sorcerer, and I am a LOT older then I look. My friend Liam here is too, plus he is a vampire".

"Did he mention we were cursed to be this age forever?" Liam mentioned inbetween sips. "I swear, when we find that witch, I am ripping her damn head off".

Jonah looked towards Val. "He gets a bit more agressive when he is hungry. Luckily, we have a deal. I keep him out of trouble, he keeps me out of trouble. And he should remember we can't kill her in case she is the only one who can break the curse, remember?"

Liam pouted. "I can at least make her suffer right?"

"Yeah yeah, though look at it this way. At least we got to meet Frank Sinatra in person. Aren't you still obsessed with him?" Jonah told him, before looking at Val. "I think your doing a great job by the way. Don't mind Liam too much, this is just a sensitive topic that makes him want to rip off heads, and me set things on fire".

"And cause all that stuff to happen in France" Liam mused. "And for the record, how can anyone not be obsessed with Sinatra?"

"At least what happened there was better then what happened in Vegas" Jonah retorted, before focusing back on their guide. "Alright, Liam, scout them all out and find us the biggest available room".

As she finished explaining things and Liam got back, they heard various loud noises. "Is...that a werewolf with her? Is it a friend or a foe?"

The two of them had encountered werewolves before. Some of them would not be happy to see them again. One of them at least still wants to eat them. And...Jonah noticed that Liam was playing a Sinatra song via his headphones. Still, when Val went to go investigate, they got curious as well. Liam quickly put their backpacks in the room, and then they ran towards the noises.

And then, they met some other people, as well as seeing some vampire scientist appear behind this one guy. Liam and Jonah stayed out of it, but they did not feel good about this whole situation. There was a possibly out of control werewolf in the area, and they were the least familiar to the beast they were pretty sure. Which probably meant the beast would be most likely to attack them.

As a result, Jonah put himself into position. Jonah could use magic reguardless of what position he was in, but certain parts of his magic worked better when he moved a part of him, or had physical contact with something. Should the werewolf come after them, there was a pen inside his right sleeve that he could transmute into a sword, as well as being fully ready to raise a barrier around them.

Liam looked towards the others. "Is this common?"

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Alexander Wiseman

Alexander rubbed the bridge of his nose, throwing the papers he was looking through onto the dimly lit desk in front of him. Paper work had become his bane recently, the organization seemingly always needing more forms to be filled or more requests seemed to appear on his desk. Sitting back in his chair he gazed emptily towards the door. Despite this being his personal room, he had arranged it very much like an office, a large imposing desk in the center of the room, facing the door. The rest of his furniture was arranged around the sides of rooms.

A noise drew Alexander's empty thoughts back into reality, screaming. He already had a pretty good idea on what it was, and who had caused. As soon as the screaming stopped he dismissed it from his mid as he went back to silently cursing the papers in front of him. It was only when he heard a large crashing sound that his interest finally peaked and drew him from his seat and out of his room.

It did not take him long before he laid his eyes upon the group of people in the corridor. He came to the conclusion that Kora could not of been far as he soon spotted Dr Kovalekno. He took note of the others who had been gathered by the noise including two faces which Alexander did not recognize and seemed rather young. " A Truly impressive amount of noise this time Oren.... how long do you reckon till she reverts?" he said towards the vampress, He actually needed to speak with the she-wolf, but that required her to be in a talkative mood, and less furry.

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Arturus was the first to make the 32,000 foot jump to the surface, armed with a silenced Vector and a silenced USP-45. An Israili militia outpost was their target, reecently made contact with a small faction of god knows what. Arc was still getting used to this whole supernatural side of the world, but it didn't bother him. S.C.I.O.N. paid his bills, and that's all he was worried about at this point.

They landed half a click south of the encampment, covered by the pitch black night. Arc took point, leading him and two others through a small patch of trees, emerging five minutes later near a fence. Two patrol guards were fairly close. Instead of raising an alarm and killing them, he let them pass.

"Alright, cut it J"

His second took out a small pair of bolt cutters, and chopped a human sized hole through the fence.

Arc took a look around, the outpost was fairly light on personnel, then he heard the trucks. 3 at 2:00 heading into the barracks, 2 at 12, 2 at 10:00, two trucks incoming, estimate 4 in each vehicle. thankfully, smoke grenades were a great distraction. The three made their way through the fence, and tossed a smoke about 15 yards to their left, drawing the attention of the patrols long enough for them to slip inside the barracks undetected. Three inside, headshots finished them quickly. Now, the real fun began. Arc threw another smoke from the door, his sqadmates throwing two stun grenades, all in different directions. Now that the soldiers were good and confused, the three of them exited the barracks, easily dispaching the heavily confused guards, then burning the place to the ground.

Their walk back to the LZ was silent.

Arcturus arrived back at camp before daybreak, and had managed to sneak into the kitchen before anyone had noticed his late night dissapearance, except, of course, the staff. They usually didn't say much to Arc, but that was mostly based on the fact that he wouldn't say much back. The only one he had any sort of an acquaintance-ship with would've been Rafael, Arc thought they had some similarities. He poured himself a small glass of milk, and proceeded to his room. His path was temporarily blocked by a young wolf dashing past. He paid no attention, and continued on his way, he had work to do, his gun was dirty.

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Rafael holstered the luger and shrugged. "Trust me when I say this, there are far worse things that can run free..." he turns to leave
"Oh, and doctor, if you ever want to see a real demon" he would motion to Kora, "You need only ask" he walked down to the kitchen and made his way to the freezer. Taking out a hot pocket he caught a shadow out of the corner of his eye. "Good to see you back, Arcturus." Putting the frozen ball of heart attack in to the microwave, he would turn and lean against the counter.

He didn't need to eat, being immortal, such things were not mandatory. How ever he had gotten in to the habit of having one the little frozen treats due to their varied flavors and he didn't have to worry about their negative health effects. He had found that during his...extended stay in life, he had to enjoy the little things in order to keep it down. His spine shivered the last time it had made its existence known. He felt his mind slip and he started to see flash backs of jungle trees and...No, he couldn't have a flash back now. He didn't need the questions it would bring, and didn't need to explain they story behind it. What brought him back to reality was the sharp Ding of the microwave.

Walking back to his room he bit the end off and smiled. Bacon, egg, and cheese was his favorite.

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Montana /had/ been for lack of a better term, 'chilling' at his desk, admiring the craftsmanship that put such a thing together. Admiring objects was truly a pastime of the idle, whos idle minds had the free range of motion to idle on to such whimsical thoughts. Had he been a carpenter, he would have admired it the second he laid eyes on it, but Roderic Montana was no craftsman. Apprentice, journeymen, or otherwise.

Work he could appreciate on sight involved violence, deception, and the timelessly classic well executed mission.

Other work didn't require a person touch to appreciate, and spoke for itself. Bach, Da Vincni, Chopin, Miley Cyrus, art and music, the popular kind. It didn't require an aficionados ears or eyes to enjoy. They were worldly in nature, whos value went far beyond the idle fancy of the bore obscure. They were there, in your face. Demanding your attention just like...

A howling Norrevinter.

-Never surprised, never bored- Montana said, to himself as there was no one else in the room with him. Well, as far as he knew. This was S.C.I.O.N. after all. He collected a few choice items that lay in front of him, and stood up from his desk. His near skin tight stealth suit, a prototype he had been wearing to test functionality, as well as range of motion, made no sound as the material moved against the wood of his chair. It was a dark blue, covered in thin plating where the most important vitals were. Expensive. New. About to possibly be field tested.

Along with these dull matte black gadgets. Possibly. Resolution without violence was his tenant, and when at all possible, he preferred diplomacy over violence. In his mind, you got much more done that way.

With that, Montana removed himself from the room, and moved into the corridor. His movements were fluid, trained. His muscle mas, compact and tight, moved well with the stealth suit. Save for the temperature regulation, it almost felt like he was running nude. He imagined it would feel like he was fighting nude too. Which was fine for him. Brawling naked was an issue amongst the living he had never shared.

"Kora." There were others here to, as expected. No powers flaring or steel flashing. Good. They didn't panic under pressure. Meaning most of those gathered were veterans of some kind, rather then green recruits. Not that anyone recruited into S.C.I.O.N was 'green' mind you, but seeing a transformed, red she wolf destroying cutlery and finely crafted cupboards could be disorienting for anyone unused to the supernatural.

"Kora." Montana's voice was raised now, and he had moved to the doorway. He wasn't going to go inside until he could gauge how lucid she was. Last thing he needed was to get thrown into a wall, and slide down with two new broken ribs and a contusion.

"Come now Kora, there's better ways to handle situations."

A piece of wood, now airborne from her assault moved toward Montana's head with the speed of a thing propelled by immense strength. His response was simple. A small movement to avoid, no waste of motion. Fighting vampires had a great way of improving reflexes.

"Or we can get the recruits down here for a live demonstration, with interaction on non lethal techniques for subduing top tier wolves. That's not a threat dear, that's the best way I can justify your rampage to the higher ups if this doesn't stop. Talk to me.-

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"Well it is a study on werewolf transformation. How else would I gather data?" Oren responded to Kate's apparent concern.
"Besides, nordic wolf, bred for war...she's been doing forced shifts since before she could write her name...assuming she's capable of that even at this stage."

Some more crashing from inside the room at the werewolf slmmed down on the table in the small kitchen and crushed the legs inwards, the researcher peered round the door whilst she endeavoured to answer Alexander's question.
-"Can't give an exact answer. Moon-based shifts stay in effect til moonfall. Battle shifts work until the fight is over. Shifts invoked for scientific study and upheld by the werewolf attempting to ruin my morning are a little hard to predict."

What prevented her from intervening directly was mostly that she was aware of the wolf's pathological hatred of her, and the likelihood of it trying to behead her on sight, regardless of whether Kora was deliberately doing this. You were still dealing with an animal, and it was still likely to act on instinct.

This was more a practical concern than one borne of fear. Oren wasn't really easily rattled. She didn't really want to end up damaging a useful asset (particularly not one with an influential family) and she also didn't really want to get mauled in the line of duty. It was hard to get things right when you were covered in werewolf bites. Her previous career had tsught her that.

Still, she wasn't concerned so much as she was irritated by the whole thing, and Rafael's comment provoked an eyeroll from the vampress.
"There are no 'real demons' in SCION, only big scary egos that possess people and cause their head to disappear up their-" Oren switched off into muttered hungarian that was, if one understood it, more than a little obscene. Her only cause to shift was the entrance of Roderic Montana, because, hey, if he wanted to get his hand bitten off, that was his affair.

Inside the rooms, the form of Kora was tearing the cupboards off the walls of the kitchen, biting clear through the tin cans that had been left in for whoever was going to occupy it and messily bolting some corned beef from a freshly ripped-open tin. The beast turned as Montana made his way in, and eyed him levelly, pressing its paw-like hands onto the linoleum.

As he spoke the sides of its mouth pulled back to show the full set of teeth, like a sort of wolfish approximation of a grin, and, as if taking his offer as a challenge, it sprang forwards at the man.

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"So, I take this as a sign that this is normal" Liam mentioned to everyone. Meanwhile, Jonah was a little off put by what Oren said, having learned Hungarian and German to learn a strange dialect created by werewolves in the region. The dialect had then been adopted by the Coven of the Silver Spoon, which for the record sounded much better in both Hungarian and German then in English. Jonah had done research into this Coven even more so then normal Covens, because this Coven specialized in charms, illusions, and curses. Of course, none of their curse removal spells panned out, but it did give him insight.

"You know, you didn't have to go that far. Kinda obscene" Jonah told Oren. "Also, whats the deal with wolfy there? I didn't think werewolves liked to shift inside. If I recall correctly, Werewolves prefer to run in open environments, only shifting inside if nessisary. Oh, sorry, have not met yet. My name is Jonah, Jonah Tanner. And for the record, neither me nor Liam over there are actually ten. Its just a stupid curse we cant get rid of".

That was when they saw the wolf charging, and Jonah had a rapid reaction. It reminded him of a time, while he and Liam were in China chasing down some Monks known for curse removals, and a werewolf just happened to decide to hunt down supernatural creatures...for sport. Plus, there was that time near upstate Wyoming, where a pack of werewolves tried to kill them so that a demon would grant them full control and more power. Was not pretty.

Either way, Jonah conjured a barrier around everyone to protect them from the werewolf. It was a Level 3 Barrier spell, but it should be enough. Jonah's father taught him spells of varying difficulties in the form of levels. Each sorcerer family has their own way. The DuMonts use an Animal rating system, their most powerful spells being Dragon level. The Asters used an Alphabetical ranking system. The Tanner's used Levels...most of the time. Magic was unpredictable. While most spells can be rated, some can not. For example, Jonah's ability to transmute anything does not follow any level system because it was fluid. Turning copper into gold was easy, while creating a giant Stone Guardian out of pure stone was much more difficult.

"So, just curious" Liam mentioned. "Is this guy a friend or a foe? Its hard to tell with werewolves who transform like this. We know some werewolves who can actually control and remember their wolf forms though".

As Jonah kept the spell up. he waved his hand and the barrier reinforced itself. He didn't know if he actually needed it, but he figured attacking a possible SCION operative would make for a poor first impression. So he figured staying on defense was the best idea.

Meanwhile, Liam looked over at Alexander and the others. "So, can someone explain to me who everyone is and what is going on? Preferably before the werewolf makes bite marks out of my friend?"

"Hey! I can totally take on a werewolf if I need to! I just don't want to is all. If this wolf really is an SCION operative like I gather, I think killing, attacking, or wounding a SCION operative on the first day is a bad idea. Gives a poor first impression" Jonah remarked.

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Alihambra reappeared in the hallway, mostly due to boredom and the group of people. Hearing Jonahs and Liams repeated questions, he leaned up against the wall and spoke. "The lobo there is Kora, Nordic wolf, big family, Dr. Oren here is a vampiro, Montana is our spy master, by the way, shes coming your way." he would get up and move out of the She-wolfs way. "I take it you already met Val, shes a Succubus, so you might want to keep an eye on her; Arcturus is...well Arcturus." he would motion to the bulk of the group. "Theirs my self, Rafael Alihambra aka the resident sorcerer, and last but not least, we have our dear Kate Opal...who if memory serves is the only one here older then my self....Oh, there is Wiseman as well. Kind of a introvert, side affect of being an Elder Vampiro"

He would put his gaze on Jonah, "Trust me Nino, you don't need to worry about using a barrier, as scary as she looks, Kora is in control, she just likes to piss Dr. Oren off." he would turn to Liam, "Sure, you could take her, its obvious you two are not children, not regular ones anyway; but Kora comes from a large and influential clan of Nordic Lycans, you mess with her, and her family eats you alive. "

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Arcturus put the last spring back into his Vector, cocked it, and fired. The clip was, of course empty, so nothing came out the business end. He liked this gun, it was compact, accurate, and easy to manoeuvre. However, the M14 was his all time favourite, he'd be putting a request in with Val later, she was usually pretty good to give him what he wanted.

"Arcturus is...well Arcturus"

Arc immediately exited the room, to find that Kora had begun to destroy everything she had seen fit. Ol' Doc was at again. He made his way into the crowd, looking for a sign of why she was transformed in the middle of the fucking morning. Not that anyone really gave a damn, but this was his quiet time, before he'd start training again, preparing for their next mission, whatever it may be.

He made his way to Rafael. "More fucking experiments?" he said in a somewhat disgruntled voice. It did piss him off that they could just lock anyone they pleased in a room and force them into doing as they pleased. God damn bullshit, the one plus was that Arc is human, they didn't give a shit about him.

"What's with the kids, field trip?" he looked down at one of them, covered in some kind of magic, Arc didn't really care what it was, but it did look like some sort of forcefield.

He made his way closer to Kora, before lighting a cigarette, leaning against the wall, and looking her in the eyes with a half cocked smile. He didn't blame her for going on a rampage, he knew if it was him, the doctor wouldn't be breathing. He had to commend her for that, she held more value for others lives than he did, maybe it was just his military background, always taught that the mission comes before yours or anyone elses lives.

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Oh yes, this is exactly what he was trying to avoid. He had come to know her temperament over the years, watching the red-she wolf grow from an angry teenager, to an equally, If not angrier adult. Part of him knew that his words, though meant in sincerity, would be taken as an issued challenge, but it was easier to write off this way. At least on his end.

During their brief exchange, if you could call it that, he had hooked his foot into the bottom lip of the chair adjacent to his leg. Her leap was incredibly quick, only telegraphed by the tensing of her muscles. A telltale sign for those who were looking, i.e. people in his line of work. Or people in his line of work, mainly humans, who ran an especial risk of being disemboweled, beheaded, or drained of blood via artery puncture.

So as she leapt, with the intention to, in Montana's mind at least attack his center mass, knocking him, and the wind in his body out of him, he struck. Had she been another, he would have been a bit more worried about losing a limb to one that wanted to play with its food. Or his neck. Either way he imagined his following maneuver would be applicable in more then just this situation. Montana launched the chair toward her face, with the intention to blind, and break off her line of sight for a few seconds. As his leg rose, his body fell, flat onto his back. In the same second he fell, Montana's left hand, which held the matt black, electric impulse prototype, designed to overload your targets body, moved to pressed the device against Kora's exposed underbelly.

Montana rolled right after, the kick, the placement, and the roll were all one fluid movement, the final second of his maneuver saw him back to his feet, in a position reminiscent of a runner, with a Statis-Stick extended and humming with energy. He noted with a quick nod that someone had set up a barrier. Good, good.

Hopefully the charge worked, so he could move forward to finish this as quickly as possible. Finish being hoping either Kora would be out long enough to shift back into her human form. Again, broken ribs were a pain. Broken limbs in general were a pain.

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All four twisted paw-feet had left the ground as the werewolf pounced, with considerable speed for its size.

It was while it was in the air that the chair impacted with the side of the beast's head.

For the most part, Kora was very hard to repel, and the impact caused the piece of furniture to collapsed into splinters against her skull...but reflexively the creature turned her head and squeezed her eyes shut, avoiding any shards of timber flying into them. In the moment it took her to open again her quarry had disappeared from her line of sight...

And it was at that point that Montana had jammed the device against the muscles of her stomach.

The whole large animal convulsed violently and collapsed onto the floor with a thud that shook the surface a little. Its paws twitched a couple of times, like a sleeping dog, before it came to lie motionless on the floor.

Oren regarded the whole thing with the general look of disapproval, but had little to say on the matter. Honestly it served Kora right if she was going to act up when she was required for research. Research was one of SCION's major responsibilities within the supernatural world, as she felt it was timely to remind Arcturus when he began mouthing off about such things.

"Well unless you feel confident that you can take on creatures without any kind of information on how they tick, then yes, you do need 'more fucking experiments'. And if you do feel confident in that, then it would just make you typical of the arrogant variety of human that kept getting found in about three to five different parts splattered across remote crossroads and woodland clearings all across Europe for years." Oren muttered, taking out her notebook once again and glancing at a watch that she'd pulled from her pocket. Ten seconds. Eleven. Twelve.

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As amusing as Val found it to see Oren chasing Kora all about the hallway she wasn't really interested in the little impromptu social gathering occurring, so when she spotted Arcturus heading off to his apartment she'd go invisible, backtrack, and follow behind him - curious.
Arcturus was never very social with the rest of them, and even though she had hacked the basics on everyone from SCION's database the day before they arrived she really didn't know him too well.

Like most other supernatural beings Val had heightened senses that were superior to those of a Human, and as she passed by Arcturus while he entered his apartment she'd smell GSR, so it wasn't really a shock when he pulled out his gun and began to clean it.

She had only been snooping around in Arcturus' room for less than a minute before she'd hear Rafael mention her name. Val rolled her eyes at the Vampire's assumptions that he was older than her and that the boys should be weary of her. Perhaps some would find it wise to avoid her but what in the world would she want with those two new recruits?
Valerie snapped out of her own thoughts when she noticed Arcturus leaving his room, and she'd quickly follow behind him, still invisible, and only reveal herself after leaning against the wall across from him and chuckling at the mentioned of a "field trip."

"This would be a pretty shitty field trip if you ask me" she'd muttered more to herself than anyone else. It took only several seconds for Val to again grow uninterested in the scene playing out before her and decide to head to her own room this time.

After pushing herself off of the wall she was leaning on Valerie would walk over towards the two boys she had given a tour to earlier and sarcastically remark "Welcome to SCION, we hope you enjoy your stay!" in the voice of a stewardess before approaching Arcturus and gently plucking the cigarette out of his mouth so that she could take a few puffs from the cancer stick herself and then hold it back up to his mouth for him to grab or let fall to the floor if so chooses.
"Thank you kindly." she'd say to the Canadian with a wink and a smile before feigning a Southern accent laced with sarcasm as she turned and began walking towards her condominium. "Yall have fun now ya hear?"


By the time she reached her apartment Val had already peeled off her mesh cover-dress, and within seconds of closing her door she'd remove her sports bra and flounce down on her couch.
Moments later her laptop was in her lap and she was logging onto the dark web. She hadn't been logged into the various network chatrooms for long before she noticed a common theme - buzz about "the Magic Men." Valerie initially laughed at the moniker, but the more she read about this trio the more she was convinced these men were using supernatural abilities to commit the robberies they're becoming popular for on the Dark Web, and while others on the Network were seemingly oblivious Val figured this would eventually land on SCION's doorstep.
Nevertheless she couldn't resist making one of the taunting sarcastic comments she was known for on a few network forums:

"The Magic Men, really? Why on Earth would they pick such an awful name! I mean if you're going to rob Federal Banks and risk decades behind bars at least come up with a badass name you can be known by! Not something that sounds like the name of gay bar's Barbershop Quartet."
After reading a few of the comments underneath her own she'd put her laptop to the side and lean back to rest her head against the wall.

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Rafael felt a tingle on his neck. At this, he smiled and put his book back on his end table. Walking over to his desk , he opened a drawer and took out a thick file folder.

Still smiling as he would walk through the now empty hallway, he would stop. Something was not right. Focusing his vision, the numerous runes he had bound to the building would appear. Seeing the glowing dark red circles of energy, he breathed a sigh of relief and let him self relax. He started to walk and came to Valerie's door door.

He knocked lightly twice. He new full well her abilities as a succubus meant she had already heard him walking up, but he had to keep appearances. "Oye, Senora Valentine...I have something you might want to see, mind if i come in?" he stood and waited. Out of the many runes he had bound to the HQ, the one he found the most useful was a certain rune that allowed one too....tap in to ones thoughts. It wouldn't let him read their mind completely, no, that was nearly impossible with out full physical contact. And with most of the other members being either too strong of mind, or too well protected, it gave him vary little in the way of coherent thoughts. It did, how ever, allow him to pick up when some one was thinking about Rafael himself.

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"It's supposed to be obscene. That's why I said it." Oren responded to the, apparent, boy who'd addressed her. She assumed most people in the place would not be fluent in Magyar, and if they were then they might also be familiar with the language's culture of colourful an elaborate swearing. She saw no need to censor herself.
"And thank you for the fun facts, but I am the head of cryptobiology here, so I'd save them for somebody else. Werewolves are sentient after all. They're stupid, brutish, and they smell bad, but they've got the autonomy t shift wherever they want. Outside or inside is down to practical implications. You don't turn into a giant canid in your living room for the same reason you don't turn a bear loose in your shower."

Noticing people starting to wander off, Oren sighed irritably.
"No no, I'll stay and make sure this is tidied up. Not like I have vital projects ongoing or anything..."

However, as if in answer to her complaint, her phone let out a sudden bleep.

A seemingly young woman who was truly in her late eighties, Oren was not really a fan of technology, but it was policy that they be contactable, and whether it was technical wizardry or something a little more...esoteric in nature, the messages that arrived came with no trace of their sender. It was the lack of any trace that made it clear who they were issuing from.

' -----


Something has been shipped to you that might be of interest.

Tell us what you think it is.

New deployment to begin shortly. '

The message choosing to inform her of a deployment gave Oren a sinking feeling.

She tended to avoid field deployment if there was any possible way for her to avoid it. Oren was far happier in her laboratory working on her research than going out to get her hands dirty again, but, her contract with her organization was not a specific one. If she was required to go out into the world, then she was going to have to capitulate.

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The expected apathy that accented work happenings like these had expectedly set upon the group, and a fair bit of them dispersed. Those brought by the /action/ rather then the /individuals/ of course. These similarities between mortals and immortals had always interested Montana. The more things changed, the more they stayed the same. Yes?

"That isn't how one is meant to take out a top tier werewolf." Montana motioned toward the still form of Kora on the floor, Stasis-Stick very thankfully left un-activated. He didn't take any pleasure on using one on a work colleague. "I think my only lesson here was recklessness and its place in a minute situation."

His fingertips lightly tapped the smooth metal of the Stasis-Stick not unlike a teacher drumming their fingers on a smooth desk. They spun the smooth metal around in a small circle, and the thing collapsed into itself, becoming much more compact. It fit into its place on the stealth suits belt snugly.

"Or perhaps misplaced optimism in facing a creature bred for war. Opposite of Miss Kora's warpath is a place I'd rather not be." He had been careful moving as he spoke, avoiding stepping on her still form as he traversed her splayed limbs. As his foot landed next to her still head, he knelt slightly and gave it an affectionate pat.

"Misters Tanner two, it is a pleasure to meet you both." Montana had taken knee to greet them, rather then keeping his height, or simply bending over as one would do to a child. They weren't children, they were adults, and he'd treat them as such. "If I recall the conversation in passing, I believe I've been introduced as Montana."

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#, as written by Kagerou
Kate simply nodded at the others as they left, and understood what Oren meant. It was never fun to deal with a loose werewolf, but Kate had to get back to the office as soon as possible. Seeing that one of her regular patients, Alexander Wiseman, was there, she decided to check in on his strict feeding schedule. Kate thought to herself, matter how old they get, they still tend to forget the most simple tasks to keep alive... Alexander in particular had come into her office multiple times needing blood packs and extra care. Organic bodies are fascinating, always needing some sort of energy source. Kate never understood why they needed so much just to function! However, it was still her job to take care of them.

Quietly, she walked over to the Old One. She studied him for a few seconds. She realized he hadn't been sticking to the schedule she had made for him. Kate shook her head. "You know, Old One." she stated. "You need to start taking care of yourself more. Otherwise, you will die. Do you not understand why I gave you the regimen I did? Kate's voice still had no emotion in it whatsoever, but her concern was visible on her face. She did not need to lose another S.C.I.O.N member. This organization needed all the help it could get to become an operational force once more. Kate swore to the head of S.C.I.O.N many years ago that she would not fail S.C.I.O.N again.