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A world much like our own.


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VitaminHeart holds sovereignty over A world much like our own., giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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A world much like our own. is a part of SCION.

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Oren Kovalenko [158] Science.
Roderic Alder Mayburry Montana [118] Espionage, Intrigue, Martial Arts, and a healthy Imagination.
Issac Schofield [118] Always watchful.
Phoebe Stride [113] "Nirvana doesn't get enough credit."
Fel [93] A kind Fallen that enjoys helping others.
Christina Eberhart-Taroni [92] Knowledge is power, magic is might.
Alexander Wiseman [92] "Perception is key, half the battle can be won if the enemy perceives he has lost"
Crystal [90] This snarky teenager has a reply for just about everything.
Rafael Jose Alihambra [89] "I am a F**k Mothering Assassin, and I demand to be respected as such"
Spire Schippers [86] Just your friendly neighborhood cryptid-killing werewolf-sadist-sociopath. :)

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Throughout the commotion that followed the phone being picked up, Madison waited patiently, moving his foot in slow, lazy circles as Silas dealt with his scaled companions. It was commonplace an occurrence enough that the vampire wasn’t particularly startled, and it was with his usual chipperness that he spoke once again.

“Well, first of all, hello Silas," he greeted. "I'm glad that I didn't catch you at a bad time, because, well, it turns our cryptid isn’t that...late after all. She apparently just hopped right back to life while Oren was trying to identify her. Caused quite the scene, from what I heard.” A laugh, as if the event was something just as normal as a drunken fight between two of their fighters.

“There’s been a few other...things that have happened, as well. Namely, Fel refusing to heal her in spite of her injuries. She acted completely out of character- just turned around and left her to die. Fel, of all people!” Madison paused, letting his words sink in, before continuing.

“And then Oren was mentioning how it seemed like she- the cryptid- had been turned. It’s just been quite the day, really. Our cryptid’s doing fine and all, but it’ll be some time before I get the chance to actually talk to her, and since you’re at base, I thought you might be able to look through the database and help us identify her species with what we found. You wouldn’t mind, right?”

While Madison doubted there would be much opposition to the idea- given that Silas had apparently been looking into potential identifications when he picked up- it was only courteous to make sure.

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Alexander Wiseman

Alexander sat in a chair in the corner of the room had his eyes shut as he focused on his other sense, more specifically he was paying attention to Arc's body temperature to try and gauge how far the transformation had gone. There were other methods to try and determine the current stage he was in, but for a vampire that easiest method was body temperature. Alex knew Arc would be out for a while still, but he was good to check his condition. Opening his eyes Alex took the blood bag that he brought in earlier and set up an IV line.

After having set the line up he went to wash his hands. It was during this that he remembered he had a phone call to make. Swiftly drying his hands he pulled his phone out of pocket and began to slowly work the thing to make a call back to the base's tech team. After waiting what seemed an age for the ringing to stop he smiled hearing a voice on the other end of the line. " Hello... could you get someone to pull the bank statements of all employees who work for the morgue in York city?...I need it for an investigation... Thank you" Alexander hung the phone up cutting the woman off on the other end. A money trail was always a good thing to follow and if this cult and some of the spies of the payroll there would be something to work off... though with his skills it might be better to let one of the others look through the records.

Leaving Arc in his room Alexander left to go join everyone else as he was certain Mr Avalon would want to have that talk soon. It was as he was making his way towards the main room for that purpose he spotted that back of Christina, though he was almost thrown since she had her hair down. " Christina... How are you feeling?" Alexander asked softly, in a tone that felt sincere

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Character Portrait: Madison Lovette Character Portrait: Silas Whitmore
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Silas adjusted his glasses on the bridge of his nose, and furrowed his brow as Madison spoke. “No, no… I wouldn’t mind at all. I’ve been looking over some things, but…” He paused, bending to grab one of the books he had knocked onto the floor and then opening it on the desk. “The bit about Fel is worrisome.”

He thumbed through the pages, searching for something specific that he had previously overlooked in his searching. “I was thinking, or well, had been suspecting some kind of hydra or Scilla-type cross, given the blood color. It was very characteristically sea-monster-ish, in nature. Or perhaps some victim of the aforementioned’s venom, or a wyvern-bite, maybe but…Ah! Here—” 

His hand paused in it’s searching, holding open a page with an image of an old cuneiform sketching. “If Fel’s averse to it— her, sorry— If a Fallen has a grief with someone, it may be that something very old’s gotten a hold on her. Send me whatever you have.” 

Silas slid the book so that it sat directly under the desk lamp, and placed the lizard from his pocket on the page to hold his place. The little green animal stretched, looked up, and then sunk down under the heat to bask and nap. 

“I’ll do some more digging," Silas said, starting back toward the shelves only to be stopped by the length of the phone cord and fumble back a step, "But watch the um… The new cryptid? The mystery guest? Whatever we’re calling her, watch her. Carefully. If Fel think’s she’s bad news, I wouldn’t overlook it.”

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"Don't look so surprised." Oren remarked, getting the impression that the young man had been expecting her to start snapping at him at any moment.
"Contrary to popular belief I'm not the Wicked Witch of the West, I just have a very low tolerance level for other people's bullshit."

She finished taping up the dressing across the cryptid's torso.

"And I appreciate the fact that you mostly just keep your mouth shut and get on with what you're supposed to do."

She pulled off her gloves, now veneered in glistening green, deposited them in a biohazard bin by the door. The vampress then made her way through the rooms of the safehouse, until she managed to track down her target.

"Avalon." she called from the doorway.
"I'm formally requesting that I get taken off the crew for this mission. I have specifically, specifically requested that I am not required to do field work. Whilst that farce that just occurred probably only qualifies as fieldwork in the vaguest sense of the word, it is more than enough to convince me that I want nothing to do with any of this. I was hired as a scientist. To do science. Not to babysit field agents. There are numerous other things that I could be doing which would be far more productive to the organization and far less infuriating to me, and since people seem convinced that I'm lazy and incompetent and have nothing to offer, I'm sure no-one is going to be overly concerned when I leave and get back to the werewolf research."

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Character Portrait: Madison Lovette Character Portrait: Silas Whitmore
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“I plan on getting a volunteer to keep an eye on the cryptid when I’m not speaking with her. While she seems peaceful, I don’t want to put things to chance in a situation like this.” Keeping the phone tucked between his chin and shoulder, Madison rose and made his way over to the computer situated in the corner of the room. After blowing some of the dust off the thing, he sat himself down and began to work, typing up an email to his bespectacled coworker.

“We actually had to patch her up right now- poor thing was in tatters when we got to her- and, well, while I didn’t exactly get a chance to take any pictures or anything like that, I did get a good view of her anatomy. Of course, you’ll probably want to speak more to Oren about that, but…” He took a moment to delete what he supposed was a fairly unnecessary piece of information, before changing his mind and keeping it.

“At any rate, we’re certainly dealing with something very interesting here. I don’t have all the little details of what happened during the mission and all, but Derrick’s bringing us all together in a bit so everyone can explain. He actually had to put the safe house on lockdown for now, so with any luck I can learn the rest, but for now...there.” With a flourish, Madison pressed down upon the enter key, sending the bright blue loading bar flashing upon the screen for a few moments before fading.

Upon the document was a general synopsis of what he had heard, as well as Madison’s own observations; how he overheard the apparent involvement of a wolf pack, the resilience of the cryptid, her almost reptilian eyes...Any little tidbit of information that he could think up, the vampire had added onto the document.

Logging out of his account, Madison stepped away from the desk and took a moment to properly grip his phone. “You should be getting it soon, but, again, I’ll go ahead and update you when things are properly settled. Can you call in, by any chance? You could just listen in to the whole thing.”