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Illaria LeVough

A hard headed young woman who is hell-bent on survival

0 · 201 views · located in Wasteland

a character in “Scorched Earth Symphony”, as played by XToxicX



Appearance & Equipment:

Illaria is 25 years of age. She stands 5' 6" and weighs 140 pounds. She is rather muscular from years of heavy labor. Her normal attire consists of pants, t-shirts, an ancient leather belt and a pair of worn trackers boots. Her hair is generally pulled back in a pony tail or bun to keep it off from her shoulders. When traveling, she carries an old gunny sack that was her fathers. What most people do not see is the sterling necklace around her throat that has her parents wedding rings strung on it. It is a reminder that love once existed in the world.

Her Equipment consists of:

  • extra set of clothes
  • a Shake light
  • A multi-tool
  • A plate and eating Utensils
  • A length of rope
  • Lock picking tools
  • A hand and a half Bastard Sword
  • A Notebook and Pen


Illaria is a relatively quiet young woman that has maintained some semblance of innocence in a world so full of negativity. She has a lot of good in her that she cannot share lest she become the target of those who prey upon people like her. Aside all of her goodness, Illaria is not afraid to take a life if it keeps hers intact.

On a more personal level, Illaria is a very deep and thoughtful woman. She longs for friendship and a cure to her loneliness. After a few years spent alone, she lacks social graces and can come across as awkward or even crass. There was a time that she could tell a joke but that sense of humor has shifted to a rather dark form of sarcasm.


Illaria does not openly express her past. She looks at it as a weakness and will only share it with those that she deems worth. So far that has been no one. She will openly admit that she has been on her own for the past six years when her parents 'passed away'.

So begins...

Illaria LeVough's Story