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The Name's Jonathan Kujiyuu. To answer my differing first and last name, I have a Mix of European And Asian blood, primarily Irish-Italian, and Japanese. in turn, my Japanese side of the family has history of originating in china, which probably led to my learning of Martial Arts.

I have Spiked Jet Black Hair, Blue eyes, and an Athletic Caucasian Build that stands at 5,10. My muscle can expand slightly with a breathing technique I use while powering up.

I usually wear a Red and White Hawaiian Shirt with a Black T-shirt under. The Hawaiian Shirt has all but the last three buttons near the bottom undone to look almost like a Karate Gi top. My Pants are a dark blue color with yellow stripes on the side, and I have a simple Black Leather belt. My sneakers are colored Black and red, and I wear Dark Blue Wristbands.

Sometimes I may wear a Dark Blue headband, or Wayfarer style Ray Bans. I also enjoy candy cigarettes.



Shirt- http://www.paradiseclothingco.com/prodi ... QK-Red.jpg

Wristbands- http://terrywristband.com/sweatband/ima ... or_men.jpg

Pants- http://resources.shopstyle.com/sim/03/b ... ys-47x.jpg

Shoes- http://www.basketballonlineshop.com/ima ... n-Sale.jpg


Quiet. Calm. Stoic. That's what I try to show off neutrally, and towards people I don't like. Sometimes it pisses off assholes, and scares a couple people. I don't trust too easily, but when I do, I wish to be kind to my friends, maybe show a little attitude and joke around, but I'd still give my life for those close to me.

Rating: Awesome Asskicker

Status: Pummeling Thugs to death

(Theme A) Double Dragon

(Theme B) Tough Boy


Cell Phone, Keyring, Candy Cigarettes…

And Mastery of a Kung Fu Style Called 'Ejiki No Ken,' AKA Liewu Quan, both meaning Fist Of the Prey.


Touki (Battle Aura): A spiritual aura that appears around a fighter in battle when they release energy.

Tora Jujizan (Tiger Cross-Killer): A Technique that throws out rapid punch barrages. They retain strength and accuracy to hit major vital points. It's older versions from previous Prey Fist practitioners was known best as a killing technique. This is both a non-lethal, and lethal move, depending on the user.

Nigeki Kyaku (Raging Twin Kicks): A Double Flying Kick. after the first kick hits, the other leg snaps instantly to action.

Tsudan (Heat Bullet): A Ranged technique Jay tries not to use too often. With one hand he can throw a fireball. He can also charge it with two hands in a hadouken style fashion. The Ki for this attack is usually Green, but sometimes blue.


Just a Wandering Martial Artist who ended up in Toronto while searching for a place to call 'Home.' He's been getting into more fights lately, enjoying the thrill of the fight, always training himself to surpass his limits.

He was trained by His Father And his friend, A man named Master Utabori, in the Style of Ejiki No Ken and one other Secret Style, from a young age. His mother died of an illness far back, so he and his father stuck close together and tried to keep their heads high. Despite spending lots of time with martial arts, he did find time to play tons of video games, watch various shows and movies, and even screw around on the internet.

Now, he searches for a girlfriend, as well as some serious Adventure.

"I Got the GLOW!"

So begins...

Jay's Story