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Se7venth: THE RING



a part of Se7venth: THE RING, by Zensai.


Zensai holds sovereignty over USA, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

japanese horror novel "ringu" by koji suzuki, published 1991:


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USA is a part of Se7venth: THE RING.

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Baby [17] A slut in every sense of the word.
Benjirou OConnel Suzuki [17] Let's see how this picture turned out...
Amy Winterbrook [8] "When life gives you bullets... What the hell are you standing for, go find a gun?!"
Curse [1]
Benjirou O’Connel-Suzuki [0] Let's see how this picture turned out...

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#, as written by Zensai
Benjirou could tell she didn’t believe him…hearing the oozing sarcasm, but he couldn’t really blame her. He watched as she glanced down the street, “great she probably thinks I am some freak…” he thought to himself. His question though seemed to make her stay when she was about to leave. Maybe…maybe he wasn’t the only one in this mess. He probably was, but…it was a small hope. Then she asked why as he bit the inside of his cheek slightly. Could he even trust her? Would she believe him or just think he was crazy? “…Just, maybe it was the event…but I saw a figure…with black hair, very creepy…” he muttered. “I…I am sorry you probably think I am crazy…” he muttered as he clutched his the strap of his bag. “look um if ya want… I-I’ll just go.” He told her softly.


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Black hair The girl who turned into a monster before her very eyes flashed in her mind. The complete darkness of it's hair. Alisha took half a step back. She closed her eyes and swallowed. He definitely sounded crazy, but something about him...She turned away from him and began to walk away towards the college campus. "Let's not talk about this out here. My dorm shouldn't be too far away. ...We can talk there."