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Full name: Rodthers Mardenhall
Nickname(s)/Aliases: The Macaw
Age: 47
Gender: Male
Physical Description: Mardenhall is a man of average body. He's slightly above average when it comes to his height. A decently long beard adorns his face, judging by the look it is definitely being cared for. That same face, however, is also proof of the man's experience. Claw marks are running through the right side of his face, while whatever is left of his left eye is covered by a black eyepatch with a red "1' painted on it. Same claw marks can be found on his chest, as well as shark bite scar. The pirate sports a number of tattoos as well, most notably the large shark jaw on his chest. His hair is longer than you could see on an average pirate, and it's tangled, also falling on the man's shoulders.

Personality: Confident and manipulative, Rodthers is a specific man in his own, rouge-ish way. He is often called mad, and for a good reason, for he made himself a reputation for combining experience with what people would call absolute recklessness. He proved himself to be a charismatic man, rallying his crew and keeping their morale high in situations seemingly without hope. As such, he rarely ceases pursuing his goal, and he does that by any means, often turning arguments and talks in his own favor. To a degree, Mardenhall also believes in honor among thieves and possesses his own moral code, and as such he sometimes is able to band together with other pirates to take on a common threat.

A large part of Mardenhall's personality is also centered around his look. He loves looking good nearly as much as he loves himself. Because of that, he is very keen on sporting expensive clothing and he believes that even his own weapons have to be fashionable. Mardenhall also takes great fondness in peacocking around with whatever he is sporting and as a captain, loves to be in the center of attention, be it in a fight or while giving a proper speech. Even during regular talks, his hands add to the conversation by gesticulating. To add to that, he most certainly isn't afraid to spit in the face of danger and give a proper show, even when that danger is the death itself.

Likes; Dislikes;
Alcohol strong enough to burn his throat His competitors
Himself and his ship Whatever could interrupt his 'businesses'
Fashion and glory! Kings and queens

Skills: Great fencer and duelist, capable with firearms, charismatic leader, experienced seafarer.
Weaknesses: Reckless, irresponsible with finances, untrustworthy, brutal and bloodthirsty, deceiver, vindictive, one-eyed.
Personal History: Rodthers Mardenhall is a man hailing from England. Born into a poor family, he spent his childhood living in the shade of the higher class' decadence and luxury. However, as time passed and the boy grew older, tired by envy of the conventional extravagance, so did his hatred towards the higher class and rules of this world: absolute power being in hands of the ruler, people not earning enough to live despite all the hard work, neglecting of people less fortunate in life, their cries falling silent in front of greedy people, fattened by their own wealth. He couldn't do much more, however, than curse and work with other "lesser people", as the aristocracy would say. The young man soon became fascinated with swords, particularly rapiers and cutlasses. With fencing being a popular sport and a respected skill, it wasn't hard to find a trainer to share such ability in the putrid underground of England.

More years passed and Rodthers, now a grown man, took particular interest in seafaring. He eventually left his old, hideous home and moved over to the seaside, where he could expand his newfound hobby, which could potentially turn into his new job. Eventually, he gained enough experience to be eligible to serve on a proper ship, serving under a registered captain. Mardenhall applied for work under the Grand Maritime Union, the largest trading company in the Kingdom of England. Every merchant, who had any history of trading with England, eventually had to run into their representatives.

He was assigned to a trading vessel. That ship was classified as a "small galleon", called the Pathfinder. It wasn't a ship of large importance to the Union, but it certainly was a sight to behold. Beautiful engravings on the captain's quarters' balcony, tall masts, and high-quality paint adorning the hull. The figurehead is also worth mentioning, a Grand Maritime Union Insignia decorated with two unicorns emerging on the sides. Including the captain, eight people were able to man that vessel. With four cannons on both port and starboard sides, she could defend herself, should she have to face a pirate ambush, quite possibly the largest threat to any merchant vessel on the seas. Rodthers spent years assigned to that ship, refusing to leave it when he would get promoted. He had a particular bond with the crew. Thanks to his charisma, he was eventually able to befriend his comrades, along with the captain, however, that was, in truth, a hidden hatred. Captain Riverwell, for that was his name, used to engage in slave trade with little care towards his "cargo". Rodther's childhood beliefs haven't died over the years and having a merchant and a slaver as a captain was heavily against them. As it soon turned out, a seemingly good person such as Mardenhall would be Riverwell's fall. Having a good reputation and high enough position in the crew, he manipulated some of his most trusted crewmates and shared his plot with them under the cover of night in port. He planned an act of treason, mutiny when such an opportunity arises. He used his charisma to have his friends understand his point of view, about the rulers, about neglecting the poor, about him not going to stand for that.

Eventually, rumors made their way on England, speaking of newfound lands and seas, rich with treasure and ripe for business, hidden beyond a devilish mist. The first map the Union had was kept heavily guarded, while copies have been made to support multiple expeditions. First few have not returned. Finally, the Pathfinder was assigned to one such expedition. It was the smallest ship in the line, serving as a provision vessel. When such news was announced to the crew, Mardenhall devised a plan.

When the time of the expedition came, the fleet made its way out of the port and continued as the maps advised. They were stored on the flagship, however, before the voyage started, Rodthers had paid a certain mercenary who was able to infiltrate the vessel and procure a copy of one such map. When the ships made it close enough to the borders of what was called "the Devil's Shroud", the betrayers struck. It didn't take long. Mardenhall and his mutineers drew their blades and stormed the captain's quarters. He was dragged out of there and his back took a whip each time Rodthers mentioned a crime of his, for he was counting them all right in front of the humiliated man. He spat on his former captain and ordered his men to throw him overboard. Of course, before that happened, those rogues were met with opposition from the part of the crew loyal to the captain. Those, however, were only two people out of a total of eight who used to man "the Pathfinder" together. Eventually, Rodthers was left alone with his crew, as his enemies were vastly outnumbered. The treason wasn't left unnoticed, as soon came time for the fleet to stop and consider a strategy to pass the shroud. When the ships gathered, the Pathfinder approached the rest, while keeping her distance, and her new captain announced what happened through the speaking trumpet, along with his reasons, and the vessel turned towards the shroud. Thanks to the element of surprise, before the fleet gave chase, the Pathfinder was already a fair distance away. Soon, they entered the Shroud, both them and their pursuers. The Pathfinder took some damage, but the outlaws managed to hold it for long enough to make it through. As they were cutting through the hellish mist, cries for help and screams were heard. The larger ships than the Pathfinder were too big to make it through and were annihilated by the fog. The moment they got the situation under control, they knew they were in the right place. It was night, and stars shone brightly. As proper seamen, they knew the placement of stars, and those on the sky were different. The only star that seemed to have carried over from the world outside the Shroud was the North Star.

Following it, after a while of sailing and arguing, the crew made it to an unknown port, where they resupplied, shrugged off what happened and reconsidered who they were now: pirates. The scum they used to defend themselves against in the past. Captain Mardenhall had the Pathfinder reoutfitted with whatever savings the crew had in their pockets. The Union's insignia and the unicorns have been chopped off. The hull was repainted with red, yellow and blue. Sails bore the same colors, along with Mardenhall's symbol. That same symbol replaced the Union's insignia on the figurehead and became the crimson flag that was hoisted on top of the mainmast: two crossed cutlasses and a crowned skull with jewels in its eye sockets. Proud of the accomplishment, he stood at the helm and declared:

"Gals! Gents! Let this day be marked as the day when we freed ourselves from the clutches of the corrupted people! Let this ship be a true embodiment of freedom! Let it carry us onwards to our future! Let our galleon be known as the Royal Vendetta!"

Possessions: His beloved cutlass and flintlock pistol, at least one bottle of unspecified alcohol, his spyglass, compass, and pocket watch.
Affiliations: Used to be his own, now in close cooperation with the Sea Dogs.
Ship: The Royal Vendetta - a mighty galleon, nearly as good-looking as her captain. Her sails and hull are painted red, with traces and stripes of yellow and dark blue. She is equipped with four cannons on each side which, along with the capstan and wheel, were made in the Sea Dogs design. The bow additionally sports two iron harpoon launchers. The middle deck is equipped with a galley, a map table, armory and barrels for necessary supplies, such as provisions and cannonballs. The bottom deck holds the brig, ready for whoever doesn't adhere to the rules on board and the crew members' quarters, giving shelter to seven other crewmembers.


Roleplayer Details: I am a veteran SoT player (literally started playing at night the moment the game launched), Pirate Legend and Athena 10. I am obsessed with pirates for good years now and I have a decent understanding of sailing and pirates in general in that time period. My discord is GemsHanger#3031, should contact be needed. Also, "Randy Dandy Oh!"

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