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Elaine Fletchel

"I told you not to call me Ellie."

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a character in “Seafarer's Tale: Drowned Kingdom”, as played by Runika


Elaine Fletchel


Nickname(s): “Isn’t Elaine short enough for you?” Ellie

Age: "Didn't you know it's rude to ask?" 23

Appearance Details: She is about 5’6, with pale olive skin and murky hazel brown eyes. Black abstract vines that resemble those of rose thorns spiral around her left arm; starting from her shoulder and running all the way down to her wrist. She tends to cover her tattoo from sight whenever the ship docks to avoid being lynched. On her right ear she has two piercings on her earlobe. On her left she has a single piercing. Each piercing is occupied by a gold hoop. Elaine tends to wear her bandana as more of a headband, binding it above her forehead and tying it under her hair.

Personality: Elaine is someone that could be mistaken as ‘bitchy’. She is rather cold and uncaring at first glance. She doesn’t like to talk much and always acts disgusted around the crew members. Actually, she just likes peace and quiet, and the rowdy crew is far from that. Most of the crew are men and she doesn’t really feel the need to talk to dirty perverted people like them. As rebellious as she may seem she will take orders from those above her. It may not be without complaint, but she will comply. She respects the captain but not many others.

Brief History: Little Miss Fletchel is from a small island in Navener Bay. Abandoned at birth she was raised by a local fisherman. He treated her as more of an assistant than as a child though. She grew up on the small island, but grew bored the longer she lived there. On such a small island, there were no jobs and people lived like they were survivors stranded on an island.

At the age of 15, the next chance she got she took a boat to a more populated city. Once she arrived she didn’t know what to do and had no money. To start herself off she played her violin on the streets to earn some income. For a year that was how she survived. She played music for a living and earned just enough to get by. Many thought of her as something similar to a gypsy, and she gained somewhat of a bad reputation.

One day as she played her violin she met a few pirates that came up to her to hear her play. They seemed more interested in her and not the music, but she tried her best to not seem fazed. Eventually they asked her to come aboard the ship and play. Being low on coins, she reluctantly agreed. She found herself rather comfortable palying onboard a pirate ship and it was a great opportunity to see the world. She met the captain and offered to become the ship’s musician. For 4 years now she has followed Captain Carta as part of her crew.

Likes: Quiet, Music, Rain

Dislikes: Illness, Being Ordered Around, Moustaches

Tools/Weapons: Sabre and Dagger

Abilities: One of those in the crew that doesn’t seem to have any abilities. She is able to change the atmosphere of the room depending on the song she plays, but she thinks it’s just the tone of the song that helps the atmosphere.

So begins...

Elaine Fletchel's Story


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#, as written by Runika
Another coin flipped into her violin case. Elaine gave a sweet smile to the donor as they passed by. The young woman standing on the streets of the town had a violin rested on her shoulder as she played the strings of the instrument. Her wavy hair draped over her shoulders, and it was brushed to the side to not interfere with her playing. On her left arm that was holding the violin in place, a long glove that was similar to a sleeve covered her tattoo from the public's eye. It was a mark that immediately categorized her as a no-good pirate. Which she was, but the folk weren't usually kind with their money when they knew. Some stood around to listen, and others simply passed by and gave her dirty looks. They were looks that judged her. Long ago it irritated her, and it still did, but much less than before. She had learned to not care about critics. After all, why should a pirate care about common folk?

She had noticed that most of the coins she had received came from men, but that was of the norm. A young thing like her that wasn't cooped up in the house? They tended to immediately label her as someone they could have fun with without their wives and children knowing. The smiles she gave them probably didn't help either. After she had finished playing her piece she retreated the violin from her shoulder and held it at her side as she took a small bow. The musician received a few claps here and there, nothing extravagant. It was better than some days where no one would even take notice. Crowds were tough nowadays. Elaine quickly gathered the coins that had accumulated in her violin case and stuffed them into her coin sack. As quickly as she had pulled out the sack, she sneaked it back into her trouser's pocket.

As soon as she had put her pouch away she felt a stranger's hand acting familiar with her as it draped over her shoulders. She grumbled and ignored it, packing away her violin. This ensued a cough and a grunt from the stranger. Of course, she could tell it was a man without looking. Once she packed up her violin she swung the case over her shoulder, knocking the man's hand off. He cursed and grabbed her arm. Ugh, what disgusting hands. She thought.

"Hey little lady, how about you play mes a private concert back at my place? I'll pay ya three times what cha got in that sack of yours." He said.

"I best be going, sir." She declined.

"Come now, let's have us some fun." He said as he tightened his grip.

Elaine kissed her teeth at the annoying man. If only she could pull out her dagger and slice his hand off. They had just arrived on the island so they had unfinished business. She couldn't cause a riot without risking the navy coming after them all. Oh, how her captain would be angry. Clearly irritated with the man she proceeded to pull out her dagger and rest it on top of the man's wrist.

"I suggest you let go now unless you be willing to lose a hand mate." She threatened rather gently.

The man cursed once again and loosened his grip at the sight of a weapon. She pulled out of his grasp and headed back down to the shore. Really, where was their captain? She jumped onto the ship and put her violin aside in her cabin before walking back on deck. There were men running back and forth with supplies. Being the ship's musician, the heavy work wasn't her main priority, but she knew everyone was expected to pull their own weight. She was their entertainment, as well as their looter. Also, being one of the few women on board she was well known in the crew.

"Has anyone seen the Captain?" She shouted on deck.