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Lord Hood

"Why do I allow children on my ship..."

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a character in “Seafarer's Tale: Drowned Kingdom”, as played by Arkrider


Full Name: Terrance J. Hood

Nickname: Captain, Lord, Lord Hood, Sir, Terry(called by his friends and siblings), Serpent of The South Eastern Sea

Age: 48

Terrance is a tall, regal man of disciplined and refined stature gained by years of service as a captain of the worlds premier navel power. At 6'3" and well built for a life at sea, Hood's physical stature coupled with his refined barrings allows him to command the attention of all around him with casual ease. His dark brown hair, now graying with age, is kept clean and sleeked back, his full beard trimmed neatly. Often in stark contrast to most privateers, as he prefers to call the profession, Terrance's clothing is almost always clean and refined complimenting his physical stature. Long sleeve silk white shirt and fine leather three piece vest covered by a slightly faded dark blue long coat. Black pants, complete with appropriate belts, and dark leather boots complete his usual attire. On occasion he will dawn his favored tricorn but more often then not Hood travels hat-less. Despite the quality of his clothing the Captain's dress is largely unassuming in the pirating world. That is, in fact, how he likes it.

One word describes Hood's personality in it's entirety, one word that defines him, molded him; Ambition. Through this ambition Terrance became strong, disciplined, ruthlessly dedicated. Almost everything in Hood's life has been driven by one singular goal to succeed. To fulfill a goal he has revealed only to a select few. Terrance is nothing if not a man of opportunity. a man of calm neutrality and a man who defines the phrase "The ends justify the means." In speech and manner Hood almost always appears calm and disciplined. Rarely is he visibly angered even when internally he is enraged, for one to bring him to the point of striking out in rage they must press hard. That said, there is a clear difference between anger and annoyance and the captain will freely let his irritation known to those who garner his ire. To his crew he is a strict but fair skipper as Terrance is well aware a good crew makes a good ship, let it never be said however that one can simply walk aboard his ship and not expect to do work.

Hood is not by all accounts a good man, nor is he evil though some argue to the contrary. More to the fact he is neutral, his decisions determined by cold logic and ruthless ambition. He has garnered a reputation, one of several, among the known world as a man who is just as likely to shoot you as to save you. Compassion is not something he gives out freely and when the hard blade of force is necessary he will drawl it without remorse. He is not needlessly cruel, however. He does not destroy without a cause, never takes without need.

Brief History:
Terrance was fathered by an navel officer within the paramount navel and economic power in the world; The Kingdom of Leonryl(Leo-ne-rill). In this way it can be said that he was born to serve at sea, destined to become a captain of the helm. Growing up in and around one of the foremost navel academies within His Excellencies Kingdom, this was indeed the case as Terrance was all but groomed in be part of the Navy. This life was not always an easy one, however, but Terrance made do. Entertaining himself with his fellow academy mates or his sister was always a nice way to kill time. At first, Terrance was an average student at best, showing promise in everything he did but no motivation to excel, in the end only doing enough to get by and nothing more. It was then during those intervening years that an event transpired that would change the very fabric of Terrance's outlook. In one swift stroke the unchecked ambition that would drive him through the rest of his life was formed; a singular goal only known by a special few.

As the years past Terrence would travel up the ranks and experience much within The King's Navy, culminating in his participation in the famous Battle of Johnathon's Isle. A fierce navel engagement that by it's end saw the death of his First Mate by his own hands and him knighted as Lord Terrance Jacob Hood VI, Knight of Kerrion(Carry-On), The Serpent of The South Eastern Sea. As what appeared to be the height of his navel career Hood left the navy he came to love, the reasons known by few. And just like that, Terrance all but disappeared from the world, those that knew his whereabouts unwilling or unable reveal his location. As the years past Terrance's legacy faded from the minds of the public, rumors and legends concerning him abound. Each wilder then the last.

Until one day many years later on a island near the now famous Johnathon's Isle, a lone ship sailed into dock and with it's passing word spread like wildfire; The Serpent of The South Eastern Sea has returned.

Blue Kellin Crabs(food)

People who do not pull their weight

Two Pistols
Trench Knife
Officers Sword

Silver pocket watch that doubles as a compass.

-Master of navel strategy and tactics. To Hood, his ship is an extension of himself.
-Trained in the art of sword fighting.

So begins...

Lord Hood's Story


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Character Portrait: Elaine Fletchel Character Portrait: Lord Hood
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#, as written by Runika
Another coin flipped into her violin case. Elaine gave a sweet smile to the donor as they passed by. The young woman standing on the streets of the town had a violin rested on her shoulder as she played the strings of the instrument. Her wavy hair draped over her shoulders, and it was brushed to the side to not interfere with her playing. On her left arm that was holding the violin in place, a long glove that was similar to a sleeve covered her tattoo from the public's eye. It was a mark that immediately categorized her as a no-good pirate. Which she was, but the folk weren't usually kind with their money when they knew. Some stood around to listen, and others simply passed by and gave her dirty looks. They were looks that judged her. Long ago it irritated her, and it still did, but much less than before. She had learned to not care about critics. After all, why should a pirate care about common folk?

She had noticed that most of the coins she had received came from men, but that was of the norm. A young thing like her that wasn't cooped up in the house? They tended to immediately label her as someone they could have fun with without their wives and children knowing. The smiles she gave them probably didn't help either. After she had finished playing her piece she retreated the violin from her shoulder and held it at her side as she took a small bow. The musician received a few claps here and there, nothing extravagant. It was better than some days where no one would even take notice. Crowds were tough nowadays. Elaine quickly gathered the coins that had accumulated in her violin case and stuffed them into her coin sack. As quickly as she had pulled out the sack, she sneaked it back into her trouser's pocket.

As soon as she had put her pouch away she felt a stranger's hand acting familiar with her as it draped over her shoulders. She grumbled and ignored it, packing away her violin. This ensued a cough and a grunt from the stranger. Of course, she could tell it was a man without looking. Once she packed up her violin she swung the case over her shoulder, knocking the man's hand off. He cursed and grabbed her arm. Ugh, what disgusting hands. She thought.

"Hey little lady, how about you play mes a private concert back at my place? I'll pay ya three times what cha got in that sack of yours." He said.

"I best be going, sir." She declined.

"Come now, let's have us some fun." He said as he tightened his grip.

Elaine kissed her teeth at the annoying man. If only she could pull out her dagger and slice his hand off. They had just arrived on the island so they had unfinished business. She couldn't cause a riot without risking the navy coming after them all. Oh, how her captain would be angry. Clearly irritated with the man she proceeded to pull out her dagger and rest it on top of the man's wrist.

"I suggest you let go now unless you be willing to lose a hand mate." She threatened rather gently.

The man cursed once again and loosened his grip at the sight of a weapon. She pulled out of his grasp and headed back down to the shore. Really, where was their captain? She jumped onto the ship and put her violin aside in her cabin before walking back on deck. There were men running back and forth with supplies. Being the ship's musician, the heavy work wasn't her main priority, but she knew everyone was expected to pull their own weight. She was their entertainment, as well as their looter. Also, being one of the few women on board she was well known in the crew.

"Has anyone seen the Captain?" She shouted on deck.