Charlotte Chausee

"I thank you for your apology, but your head is worth much more."

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a character in “Seas of Paradise: 2”, as played by Florenai


Name: Charlotte Chausee
Gender: Female
Age: 22

Appearance: At a first glance, Charlotte seems like an amusing lass, but on the inside she is much different. Her personality is as broad as a hammer and as blunt as a block of gold. Her primary focus is set on the ideologies of money and fame rather then lust and parlor games. She stands at a tall 6"0, with long black flowing hair to compliment her sculpted body. Her long arms prove well with a rapier in hand, where she can reach to places to slit necks and stab chests where no one else can. Always maintaining a serious glare, her expressions are none more then neutral. She hardly expresses any feelings, and saves them for when she's alone. She never trusts anyone other then her close family, prominently the members of her bounty hunting group, Vega. She has crystalline dark blue eyes which can protrude a magnificent glare that can attract just about anyone. Although looks can be deceiving, she hardly cares for anybody except herself.

Personality: Charlotte has a dead honest personality, and she is very serious. Sarcasm and irony take no part in her phrasebook. Naturally, people of Escarachiutan descent tend to point out flaws and if they aren't corrected they will take it upon themselves to do it. It is no different in the attitude of Ms. Chausee. Although she has gorgeous features - beautiful hair, a chiseled face, long neck, tall body structure, she does not use them for personal gain. She uses her feminine muscular physique to accomplish her goals which do not include men. She does not like jokes, but takes humor in the sight of her enemies being slaughtered before her. She is quite handy with the rapier, and is an expert duelist in the region. She is somewhat sensitive if you can delve into her inner layers of feelings, however. Some of those who know her closely know how to crack her and she will speak her mind to them. But to most people, she is very seclusive.

Equipment: Charlotte's arsenal of weapons always contains a long, sharp-edged rapier. It is her weapon of choice, and her ability with it is quite matched to her ego. In her history of professional dueling she has lost three out of 300, resulting in one of the best duelists of all time. However, in case her rapier is lost or broken, she carries a smaller sword sword around. While she is not quite an expert with this weapon, she can utilize it to the best of her ability. In combat, her style is to continue to volley attacks at the enemy until they get tired and she can launch a powerful strike at them. On her belt is also 3 knives of varying sizes, mainly for general usage but can be used in combat if necessary, although she is not as experienced with them.

History: She was born in Iba, Escarachiuta to Marelle, a weaver, and Jacques, a fisherman in 1669. They could afford to live in a decent home and could afford food and some luxuries others could not afford. She grew up lively and she was surrounded by family. Her and her two cousins, Alta and Sukh often played together. Her cousins hailed from southern Yurskota in the mountains, where the family fled because of an incoming hurricane. They just barely survived one of the worst Yurskotan disasters in hundreds of years. After had living in Iba for years, her cousin's parents died and they moved in with them. In 1680, she was 11, Alta was 9, and Sukh was 14. The family alongside her mother and father prospered, and then in 1685 they moved to southern Escarachiuta where the quality of life was better. Jacques got a career as a sailor, and he was commonly away while her mother stayed home and tended to their new farm. 3 years later, her father was sued in the case of sinking another man's ship, when he did not, so her mother and father were exiled to Lenaira, the nation's capital for a trial. Months later the trio found out he was deemed guilty, and her mother was also jailed for being part of the plan. At 16, she had no parents, but she did have close family. As they began to run to the farm, she became very close to her cousins, mainly Sukh. The three would commonly go to the town together and go shopping when they could afford it. They habitability sent letters to their parents and back, keeping in touch. When she was 17, Sukh gave her an offer she could not refuse. Although it was cruel, Alta was all for it and Charlotte decided to do it as well. The job was to assassinate a local merchant who had been scamming people for 5 years across the world. They executed their mission perfectly - which began her career in the bounty hunting business. Each took special training classes. Alta became an expert with bows, and Sukh mastered the art of the knives - and the three were set for a life long express. Their job took them all over the world, and her body count piled up. She began to take pride in the killing of those who were making the world a badder place. Although her personality differed from both Sukh and Alta - the three became very close - if unseperable. And to this date she will continue to bounty hunt with them. As the age of war drawn around, bounty hunting contracts reached an all time high. She realized she had to choose a side, or go somewhere else.

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