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Leonardo "Leon" DiMarek

"I served my country as I saw best and was payed in shame. I shall redeem my name."

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a character in “Seas of Paradise: The Search for Ilma”, as played by Mikhos


Leonardo is about 5'9", 140 lbs. He is a bit slight of build, but he can easily use it to his advantage.
He has pale blond hair and icy blue eyes that are shrewd, calculating, and altogether cold looking. He has the look of a leader.
He is slightly pale complexioned, with just a few small pockmarks that few escape.
He wears a brown captain's coat without any pins or decoration - the badges were removed after the court martial. Underneath the long coat is a utilitarian military shirt dyed standard white.
He wears soft brown boots that are quiet when moving, and insulated against the water to prevent feet sores.
He wears a fencer's belt, and has a brass pocketwatch.

Crew Name
Dead Ocean Drifters

Crew Type
Adventurer/Treasure Hunters

Crew Description
Notable Members:
Foul Mouthed Pietro - Oldest member at age 48. Currently advises Leon and takes the wheel. Gray hair, tall, and fit for his age, but his youth is long gone and is not much of a fighter. Got his name from his use of curses.

Homeland of Crew

Favorite Sea

Character Theme:
Walking Forward With Determination


While not exactly cold, Leon is not quick to friend anyone. People might think he's stuck up, but it's how he is, and how he was trained. Prove your worth to him and he will be your greatest friend. In the end he is good at heart with a strong sense of what is right. Justice is his biggest concern in any case. Sadly, got more honor than he should - adventurers are a spineless lot, and he will honor his word in a world where words aren't worth their weight in gull guano.

He is an excellent fencer, an average shot with a rifle, but personally is pretty bad at maneuvering and aiming large weaponry. He also prefers to have another at the wheel to free him up to do other things. He prefers to be able to move about on ship and keep tabs of his crew.

He is fast, dextrous, and maneuverable, and makes sure his larger than most Corvette "Agamemnon" does is exactly the same.


Captain's Musket,
Silver Basket Handled Rapier

On Board His Ship:
2 crates potatoes
1 crate salted pork
1 small crate tobacco
6 pipes
1 crate dried oranges
2 Crates: Ammunition

Large Corvette ship "Agamemnon"
80 ft long
4 "Long Nine" extra-long range cannons
2 Corronade-Protoype Close range cannon ; useless unless very close to the foe
6 Demi-Cannons

Simple and utilitarian, the only decoration is the simple carved mermaid on the front of the ship, for good luck. The ship is not intimidating, but the state of the art cannons show that the bite is worse than the bark when it comes to this ship. Suited very well to very long range battles, the ship is best at keeping itself out of range while firing at foes. If it has to be in close range, however, the Corronades fire shotgun style into the side of nearby ships, doing the most damage to crewmen and the hull.


Leonardo DiMarek was born to a marchant and his wife. While the family business did moderately well, the life in the city of Lanaira bored the young child who always wanted to go places and do great deeds. When he joined the Naval Academy as a young teen, his desires were sated. He travelled abroad aboard small military vessels running errands and proving himself. It was no surprise he would be promoted at a younger age.

It was 7 months and 3 days ago when on a particular mission, express orders were to leave no smugglers aboard upon one ship. They had been jailed numerously times and this time the higher ups wanted them quietly disposed of. Leon made the choice his conscience chose - he had his men capture the lot and brought them in to be jailed for good. It had been the first and only time Leon had chosen to disobey orders. It was the time he learned that doing anything aside from orders was looked down upon. Very, very much so. Despite the protest of him men and a petition, Leon was court-martialed, his possessions and life savings taken from. After the public humiliation of being stripped of his rank, Leon turned to adventuring, nor longer feeling any duty to Lanaira. With a bit of luck and one find that got Leon his dream ship, there's nowhere the winds and currents can't bring him and his trusty crew. After the winds brought in rumors of the greatest treasure known to man resurfacing... Leon assembled the crew of the Agamemnon, the Dead Ocean Drifters, to make himself a brand new name and erase his shame.

So begins...

Leonardo "Leon" DiMarek's Story