"Seeing a feathered ship in the midst of a storm is a bad omen."

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a character in “Seas of Paradise: The Search for Ilma”, as played by Florenai


At a first glimpse, you may think Vema is preparing for some sort of ritual. But it is simply her culture. As the daughter of the King of Jaero, she was expected to wear this uniform until she reached womanhood at 18. But even past that age, she used her outfit as a method of intimidating her opponents. The most prominent feature upon her is the unique crown she wears. It resembles that of a peacock, with unique designs scattered across it. An exquisite robe rolls down to only her shoulders, while exposing her undergarments made out of the plants from the Nima Archipelago. Eloquent boots cover her feet and compliment the figure of her colorful clothing. Upon her waist lies various daggers of all shapes and sizes. Daggers are what she was trained to use. Unique jewelry is covered around her feet, bracelet, necklace, and some dashing earrings which she always seems to wear. Regardless, the sight of Vema is one to remember as no one is like her.


Vema, although may look comical and self-applauding, is literally serious. The only thing on her mind is to find Ilma. She had met Ilma in her past, but only for a second as she had to "go somewhere." Anyway, she has determination that could cut through steel and the tactical mind that no general could match. She makes conversation with only her crew mates or if necessary those from across seas. As her massive ship passes by nearby boats, the only greeting that shall be met between the two is her crackling stare. It may seem that her eyes are an explosion of firecrackers. No one knows Vema enough, as she has trust issues. No one can hold a regular conversation with her without ticking her off one way or another, yet most of the time she is able to hide her anger and fear. As taught by her own father, King of Jaero, she cannot trust those from foreign lands. And that is exactly what she does.


Vema and her crew are renowned for the usage of many different weapons, but most famous for usage of explosions, mainly firecrackers. Her crew is not necessarily large, but more hand-picked. Her crew is full of elite men and woman, each trained specifically for finding the mysterious woman Ilma. Although half of her crew's skin is appealing, through extremely swift movements they are able to dodge such attackers. Firecrackers by the side of their waist along with several unique daggers and throwing knives intimidate the enemy. When first engaged in battle, they appear motionless aboard their feathered vessel. And then at the blink of an eye, firecrackers fly across the gap between the ships and blind the enemy. Before you know it, they are already aboard your ship and they are given the opportunity to slaughter. What remains of them only relies on the capability of the survivors. They then plunder the vessel and then continue their way. Their boat, Yuka-sami literally translates into Oceanic Starlight. This is because at night, torches illuminate the boat and its unique features. Her vessel from afar appears as a flower-ful decorated ship that appears to be alive. Many, many cannons lie hidden under the flowers, ready to shoot at you. However the people on board have no intention of seeing you alive. Her crew is known as La Shami d'Emiras. That literally translates into The Advocates of Nima. Although their ship may appear very fragile, it is actually a warhouse. It moves slowly on the open seas at the expense of being one of the largest ships in the world. The frigate takes much to sink. Her vessel is known and feared across the ocean wide. If you see this boat following you, escape is your best chance at survival.


Born in 1628 to King Zumad of Jaero, she lived the glorious life of being the king's daughter. Throughout her childhood, she was remained isolated not only to protect her but to teach her of the future. King Zumad's wife, La Sienta was a woman who hailed from Dilhana. She was exceptionally spiritual and she said that one day Vema would need to use her skills to help her survive. La Sienta died 3 years later in an epidemic. Through years, Vema stayed within her quarters and stared at all of the normal people. When she asked her father why she couldn't be like them, he told her it was for her own good. She learned from the best, as a private tutor by the name of Hujal Khamilaide visited her daily to teach her the modern, advanced things that were being taught in Renor and Escarachiuta. She grasped things quickly. She was a brilliant child and that began to exhibit throughout her teenage years. With hormones raging, she became a more audacious girl and began to play music on a harp. Her father began allowing her to have friends visit her, both male and female. She became close to these people because she was never allowed outside. Then at the age of 18, she wore her ceremonial outfit to the ceremony where she would be granted womanhood. This had been the first time the world had seen her. However, that very night, Jaero was raided by mercenaries hired from Corosav. Stunned, she and her many friends fled the city and approached the boat that had been worked on for one hundred years, the Yuka-sami. Ever since then, she wanted to get revenge on the mercenaries that had raided her. Luckily her father was still alive and back in his home, but had no idea that Vema was still alive. Now, she has adopted her own techniques and made a name for herself in the Seas of Paradise.

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