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The disgusting capital of Yurskota.

RolePlayGateway holds sovereignty over Dilhana, giving them the ability to make limited changes.
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While having a somewhat low population, it has an extremely high population density. This is because of the low amount of habitable places in Dilhana. While being surrounded by waters filled with deadly reptiles, it is hard to settle here. Most homes are stacked on top of eachother, usually reaching about 5 floors. Most of their food sources come from other regions, so Dilhana is very dependant on others. However, a large amount of gold and silver is here so they can also export goods.
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The disgusting capital of Yurskota.


Dilhana is a part of Yurskota.


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As they approached Dilhana, a storm was brewing above them. Thunder rumbled upon the harsh waves of the Teschato. Luckily, Vema's ship was able to handle the intense waves. As the sky darkened, torches lit in the small city of Dilhana up ahead. People were walking back to their homes. Not much of a surprise however, as weather like this was common in the swamp areas surrounding the Teschato Ocean. They slowly rolled into the port, where the Yuka-sami layed its anchor into the ocean. Vema's first mate, Ryuvi laid the plank onto the nearby pier. As they approached the sand and mossy rocks that dotted the beaches, Vema was the last to leave her ship, as always. She gracefully walked down the pier with her elite crew in front of her. No ports seemed to be in the docks today, perhaps the weather was envisioned. A lot of crazy people lived in Yurskota, primarily in Dilhana. They began to approach the marketplace that seemed nearly dead. Torches illuminated under the drizzle that was just beginning under cheap awnings. They noticed several people approaching a building nearby, and as the door opened they could hear glasses clanking and friendly voices. Vema nodded to the man in the front of her line. He walked up proudly to the door and looked inside. It seemed quieter that time, mysteriously. He returned.

He hesitated to speak.

"There's a tavern in there, my lady." he spoke in the pouring rain that was once a drizzle. Vema nodded.

"Tell the crew to wait here. They may have what I'm looking for." Vema responded, her eyes blazing with firecrackers. The man nodded and she with superb eloquence approached the door. As she was opening it, several drunken fellows stumbled out the door in the direction of their home. She held the door open for herself and entered into the pub. She stood at the door and looked around. A variety of people lived in Dilhana, however it was mainly a poor continent. Some people stopped talking to take a gander at her unique attire. Vema was getting used to such glares. She slowly walked up to the bar and took a seat.

"Fancy yourself anythin', miss?" the bartender asked as he wiped off a dirty glass. She shook her head.

"Suite yourself," he responded, raising an eyebrow. He was a man appearing in his mid 50s, but people here looked so much older then they really were. It was not quite a large tavern, many people had crowded in such the small tavern. A respectable 10 tables held around 50 people, some standing and hanging against walls and some sitting down and conversing. Then, the door slammed open. Three individuals walked in slowly. They were all dressed up in purple robes, with rapiers attached to their waste. Vema turned around and instantly recalled these men. Each one had long hair down to their shoulders and all possessed a goatee. She looked outside of the tavern's windows and saw all of her men and women. They knew these people. The Silver Falcons, was the same group of mercenaries that had attacked Jaero when she was younger. She stood up, and the three men stared at her.

"You are all alone this time, miss." the one in the middle said. He slowly walked towards her.

"We will do the same thing to you as we did your family." he continued. The whole tavern was silent now, with the focal point being the purple men and the peacock woman.

"You be glad you die in honor, Vema." he stroked her chin. She turned her head to the side and closed her eyes. Then in the blink of an eye, her hand fixated onto the hilt of her curved dagger and injected into the flesh of his stomach. He stared at her.

"You've evolved..." he whispered, before the dagger exited his epidermis. He fell to the ground and laid there motionless. Blood began to spill out from the wound. Several gasps and words were heard around the move. Immediately, the two other men drew their swords and attempted to strike Vema. But she was already on the other side of the bar. Her crew was watching through the window. They knew she could handle 3 Silver Falcons. A dis-respectable target is always an easy one, she said. A sword nearly sliced her foot, but she dodged it, landing on the nearby table. She was assaulted. The man, who was significantly larger then the other one, threw the table off leaving Vema helpless on the ground. He gained closer and then grabbed her by the neck with a sword held there.

"Come out, or I will kill her!" he yelled. Her crew looked in awe, but then Vema winked. With the right eye. He further gripped his rapier upon her neck. But as her belt wielded many daggers, she quickly withdrew one and then back fired it into his heart. His head rested upon her shoulder, and then she lay the body down to rest. The last man dropped his sword and rose his hands. Vema approached him and took out some firecrackers from her belt. She lit them and forced them down the victim's throat, burned in the process. And then in the midst of his esophagus, several explosions severed his spine and neck as he fell to the ground attempting to save his sorry soul. The crowds watched in awe. Women gathered their children and quickly left the scene, but sailors and blacksmiths stared and observed. She then quickly walked out the door and everything inside resumed as normal, with the exception of the bartender disposing of the body. They quickly walked to the port, where they noticed another large boat that had taken into the dock.

More of the Silver Falcon were here.

"Miss Vema, we have to leave. It is not safe here." Rukis told her, one of her loyal crewmates.

"Understandable." The crew all ran to the boat in the midst of the storm. The waves were increasing in size on the Teschato but they felt as if they could handle it. They all walked the plank and Vema, last one aboard took it and put it back in the appropriate location.

"Where to, My Queen?" Ryuvi asked.

"The port town of Ariga. I have a contact there who will be able to assist us." she responded, and then retreated to her quarters. Her quarters was very exquisite, with furniture imported from Corosav all over. Carpets from Eutarymn and statues and figurines from Escarachiuta. Despite her lavish life, she had no intentions of risking everything she had for it.