Belle Roseheart

The energetic, enigmatic, and overly perverted first mate of Captain Drake Fellmen

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a character in “Seas of Paradise”, as played by Arietraekos


Standing at 5'6'' she is comparitavely short to her captain. She has sandy brunette hair and peircing green eyes. Her traditional clothing is either a mix of skirts, stolen lengerie, and unbuttoned dress shirts; or Padded leather armor and Victorian undergarments. She Wears her Green clothing as a bandanna and as a skirt, to show she's at the top, but not completely a captain. She usually keeps a folded telescope hooked in her skirt or in a back pocket. She prefers to not wear shoes. She is relatively Skinny, weighing a mere 120 lbs and having a C bust. She is lightly tanned as being in direct sunlight bothers her as it affects her eyesigh, which she is proud of.


Perverted, perverted, perverted, oh wait have i mentioned PERVERTED?! Belle grew up away from the rules of a traditional lady; she realized at a young age that if something brought her pleasure she'd use it to her full extent. She also is always willing to set up Drake for a dirty joke, or to put him in a smany awkward situations as he can. Frequently mentioning how long it's been since they "Slept" together last. She knows how much it annoys drake, but it always pulls a good laugh. She gets jealous of other bustier women fairly quickly as she deeply wishes that someday her body would suit her pleasures. It hasn't happened yet, so she takes it out on other women and hits drake if he merely looks at another woman, even though the duo arn't in a real relationship. In truth however Belle couldn't live without Drake, and it's obviosuly the other way around as they grew up together.


being somewhat frail, belle doesn't pride herself in the large Cutlasses the rest of her crew uses. Daggers, on the otherhand; she has become a master of. Not simple throwing knives; but large, razor sharp, barbed terrors. She frequently has them coated in incredibly toxic poision that she steals in Corosav. It doesn't often take effect untill a short while, in which it slowly desintigrates the body from the inside (As displayed By Rhonda whose symptoms progressively grew worse).

She is also proficiant with Grenades, flash bombs being her personal favorite.


A child of a Corosavian family, Belle was left alone at a young age due to her "overfreindly" attitude. Her parents typically pledged her as another families, untill they threw her out onto the streets by the age of 21. She met Drake quickly after he killed the first two crewmen that murdered his father, and the two have been unseperaable ever since. Which is good for her, as she really needed an outlet.

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