Seasons' Change

Seasons' Change


My very first RP here, the world is quite immense, I'll reveal parts and bits to it here and there. Ask questions. It wouldn't let me describe everything, so I had to cut a lot out.

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Long ago, a poem was written, describing the nature and personifying the seasons, and has been kept throughout history because it accurately represents them. The Deities are four siblings, each representing a season, who keep balance and guided humanity through dark times. They began to look up to them so much that each developed their own faction and following who had customs and traits revolving around their patron. In every settlement, there were four sectors, one for each faction, no matter what, and although they were separate, they had festivals and meetings which kept them together. The Deities have a special form of Angels who are loyal to them, known as Servants, they have special Magical powers and help deliver their messages. However, some become known as Corrupts, who go mad and are cast down to Earth, stripped of their authority. Here, they begin making offers with humans. Humans always want to be like their Patron, to a point where it is childish and ridiculous, for some. They begin making deals with the Corrupts, promising their souls and freedom to them so they can turn them into something more like...them. They can be summoned and used at any time by the Corrupts, to a point where whole labor factories are built for the humans are to work in! Now, some humans have begun to travel in small groups with each other, seeking their Four Deities so as to restore balance...

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Godmodding is forbidden. I will tell you what can and cannot be done.
Though the plot is scrappy, I swear it will expand.
Please, do keep romance to a minimum.
Trolls should be ignored.
Attempt creativity and depth in every post.
I can edit the rules and make more if I so choose.

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