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"Search the shadows while I hide in broad daylight."

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a character in “Seasons of the Lich”, as played by TheFinalOne


n a m e s a k e :
¬ Full |birth| Name: Unknown
¬ Spoken |used| Name: Balthazar
¬ Acquired |aliases| Names: Too many to write down.

n u m e r i c a l :
¬ Appearing Age: early 20s
¬ Factual Age: 22

s o c i o l o g i c a l :
¬ Class: Assassin
¬ Profession: Assassin for the Shadow Thieves Guild
¬ Alignment: NA. See below.
¬ Marital Status: Unmarried.

b i o l o g i c a l :
¬ Height: 5'10"
¬ Weight: 160lbs.
¬ Hair: Originally they were golden-brown. Now they have been dyed to Black.
¬ Eye: Azure, almost white.
¬ Skin: Pale.
¬ Body Art: None.
¬ Scar Tissue: None.

¬ Genetics: Amnian
¬ Race: Human
¬ Attributes: None.
¬ Immunity: None.

m e n t a l i t y:
¬ Demeanor and Tendencies: Balthazar suffers from Multiple Personality Disorder. Whenever
he assassinates a person, their personality gets added to the list. Note, however, this will only happen
when he has been tracking the person for enough time that he knows their darkest secrets and their
demeanor and tendencies. Attacking random dudes will not affect him.

Personality 1: Original personality. Seldom seen. Controls the body when danger is around.
Arrogant. Argumentative. Brilliant. Cold-hearted. Domineering. Impolite. Sometimes Rational. Quarrelsome.

The first other personality is of a priest. Killing the priest, Alberto Cossini, was his first assassination
assignment; given to him on his nineteenth birthday. It took him two months of planning to finish
the job. It was done after a funeral, in the priest’s quarters.
Personality 2: Alert. Appreciative. Calm. Frank and Honest. Humble. Helpful. Kind. Leader.
Patient. Punctual. Satisfied.

The second other personality is of the first son of a merchant, Remi du Jesson. In truth Balthazar did want
or was required to kill him but he had no other option 'cause the merchant used the child, who was then
fourteen, as a human shield. It is a mistake Balthazar is not proud of. This is the personality that does
most of the friendly interactions.
Personality 3: Absent-minded, Adventurous, Animated, Carefree. Easily Conufsed.
Scatterbrained. Dreamer. Easily Excitable. Friendly. Fun loving.

The third other personality is that of Remi du Jesson. He took a two year break from assassination
assignments (or rather, he wasn't given any.) after this one before being given/"taking" his current
Personality 4: Angry. Wicked and Evil, but Rational in dispensing evil and wickedness. Brilliant.
Crafty. Harsh. Hateful. Inconsiderate. Inventive. Greedy. Resourceful.

a r s e n a l:
-- type: Dagger.
Melee, though can be thrown.

-- paragon: Hilt of iron, blade of steel.
-- enchantments: None
-- other: Supersharp. Needs a specially made sheath.

-- type: Scimitar. Melee.
-- paragon: The hilt is made of hard rubber, bound with black cloth. This decreases the force
of an opponent blow by bending slightly (on the downside, Balthazar's attack will be weaker too.).

-- enchantments: None
-- other: Much like the dagger, it requires a special sheath.

-- type: Needles x 8. Melee and ranged.
-- paragon: These needles are made of steel and are thicker in the middle. In the middle there
is a small rubber

-- enchantments: None
-- other: While they can be thrown, they are better used to stab.

Because of the nature, the weight specifically, of the sheaths, Balthazar carries only two main weapons.

[Fighters, paladins, rangers, assassins & barbarians
may have up to four weapons each. Bards, clerics, and
druids may have 3. Sorcerers may have 2. Copy and
paste the template above if you have additional weapons
and fill them out accordingly.]

¬ Defence: Shadow armor
-- type: Armor
-- paragon: Leather
-- enchantments: None
-- other: None

¬ Defence: Gauntlet
-- type:
-- paragon: Steel and cloth. The bottom half is cloth and the top half is steel.
-- enchantments: None
-- other: Stolen two years ago from the Merchant.

This also applies to helmets, shields, and bracers
Copy and paste the temp above if you have them
and fill it out or any other type of defence you have.

b a t t l e c l a d:
¬ Upper Body: No
¬ Full Body: Shadow Armor and normal trousers made of cloth.
¬ Head: None
¬ Arms: Gauntlet
¬ Waist: Intricately woven two cloth belt.
¬ Feet: Leather Boots

a t t i r e :
¬ Casual : His battleclad armor is already too casual to some assassins. These assassins do not
believe that hiding in plain sight and usually have to kill guards needlessly during their assignment.
The only difference between this attire and the battleclad one is the absence of the Shadow Armor.
¬ Feet: Leather boots.
¬ Legs: normal cloth trousers supported by the belt.
¬ Hands: The gauntlet.
¬ Upper Body: A normal cloth shirt

p r o f i c e n c y :
List what weapons you are proficient with. Fighters, barbarians,
rangers, assassins & paladins may have up to four. Bards, clerics
and druids may have up to three. Sorcerers may have up to two.
Monk: You use martial arts only.
¬ Swords.
¬ Daggers.
¬ Needles.
¬ Throwing knives.

a c c e s s o r i e s :
[i]He carries nothing that can be traced back to him. He does carry an enchanted ring which gives his
balance a boost but he rarely uses it. He also has a coin that occasionally plays with.

f e a t s:

Feather Fall: The affected creatures or objects fall slowly. Feather fall instantly changes the rate at
which the targets fall, saving you and your friends from a perilous plunge.

Ghost Sound: You have the skill to control the sound of your footsteps, and also create sounds (footfalls
, voices, etc) to misdirect your foes.

Deep Slumber: You will be able to heal the wounds of yourself and your friends, granted they are only minor,
such as: gashes, cuts, sprains, etc.

Invisibility: The ability to move about unseen is not foolproof. While they can’t be seen, invisible
creatures can be heard, smelled, or felt. Invisibility makes a creature undetectable by vision, including
darkvision, but they can still be physically harmed. The spell lasts for about ten minutes unless dispelled.

O t h e r:
How the posts will work:

The original Balthazar is performing an action which everyone can see. The real
Balthazar is speaking to the other personalities or just plain thinking
. Balthazar said,
"Balthazar talks to other people (not his personalities) in bold red."

The priest is performing an action which everyone can see. The priest is speaking
to the other personalities
. The priest said, "the priest talks to other people (not to Balthazar's
personalities but they can hear) in bold Blue

The kid is performing an action which everyone can see. The kid is speaking
to the other personalities, which rarely happens
. The kid said, "the kid talks to other
people (not to Balthazar's personalities but they can hear) in bold Orange

The merchant is performing an action which everyone can see. The merchant is speaking
to the other personalities
. The merchant said,
"the merchant talks to other people (not to
Balthazar's personalities but they can hear) not in bold."

So begins...

Balthazar's Story


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B A L ʈ H A Z A R
Even before the Lady of the Night made her exit off the stage, the young adventurers were ready to move on to greater things. Except, for one man sleeping in a tent much farther away from the fire. As the nightmare played, he tossed and turned. Night had never brought him the comfort a believer of the Mistress would hope.

The man woke up with a start. His tent was colder than the rest but he was drenched in sweat. His breathing was shallower and his eyes wide open. Stupid kid. Stupid dreams, he thought and spat on the tent floor. Every night he would have the same nightmare and every night he would wake up a few minutes before daybreak in the same condition. He was feeling tired. Shaking off the feeling he stepped out but went back in when he realized that the sight of a naked man would impress nobody.

Keep at it. Don't repent. Then wonder why this happens,the priest said.

Shut it, old man. After finishing his business, Balthazar packed up and he reached the bonfire just as their leader started speaking. Balthazar looked at the rest. The kid had interacted with most of them, hiding Balthazar's true motive. As usual, the cruel and cunning Remi knew how to turn bad luck around. Most of them would believe Balthazar was a fool; a idiot who was naught a threat. Perfect cover.

The Crowcatcher, as the man had introduced himself (truth be told, Balthazar had no idea what creature The Crowcatcher was; he was merely making assumptions. Once more interaction were possible, the creature behind the mask would be revealed.), started off with refusing the offer for breakfast. For a moment Balthazar considered eating, otherwise the Kid would clamor about being on an empty stomach. Balthazar decide against breakfast. He knew nothing about the quality of the food prepared and would rather not poison himself.

A dealer in shadows. Hmm. Not one to be underestimated. Nevertheless, we are here for a reason. How long before you decide? the Merchant asked.

You listen here, Balthazar began, I'll finish off the job after I find out why all you idiots managed to get in my head. Once I remove you all... The raven haired elf continued talking; this time about business. He talked about a gypsy caravan filled with valuables and how protecting the caravan would be good for them.Fattening us up, eh Crow? The Merchant spoke.

Balthazar ignored the Merchant's comment. When the man chose the Paladin as his stand-in leader, Balthzar was surprised. He isn't going to travel with us? he thought as the Crowcatcher's voice turned threatening. Either we follow her or we are killed by him, the hidden words beneath the flowery language informed Balthazar. Balthazar looked at the Paladin with a sense of hatred. Paladins were the kind of people out of remove all the fun from life. If the Crowcatcher chose her to be the leader, it meant one of two things. Either she was the strongest among equals (Most here could beat Balthzar if they knew he was coming. But if they didn't, then nothing could save them from Kelemvor) or she was so stupid that she would not make a move when handed such power.

It didn't matter for now. Balthazar kept his belongings in the bag of holding. Zedek, the name the paladin called the Crowcatcher by, had already left in the shadows. Hopefully the next seven days would be better than having to look at the same ten faces again and again and decide which one is worth the risk.


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Character Portrait: Balthazar
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B A L ʈ H A Z A R

When the Ocarina blows away the shadows,
Revealed is the plague,
When the Sands of time bury others,
Revealed are the stakes.

Striketh the paper, blood,
A pledge beyond death
Nothing is true,
Everything is permitted.

I see you still remember it.
Brother Remi, assassins never forget, come even death.
Why did you, then, leave?
I did something no man should, something I knew I would regret.

One leg fell before the other, a sign that the entourage was ready to set sail. Behind the rest, walked Balthazar. He loved the serene breeze of the forest. Even if the chilling wind tried desperately to stake him, it was the howling fireballs that ran amok in the cities which he hated. When was naught but a milk drinking baby in a whore's arms, he imagined the forest around them was alive. It hid them from the demons, from the burning torches of the villagers.

Silence filled the air, if only for a fleeting moment. Each adventurer and barnstormer here walked their own path, had their own goals, their own means, their own lies. Yet, for the next few moons, he would have to consider each one his compatriot. Perhaps, even save them. No, he would just try. Any more than that would just be a waste of his time.

Rustling of leaves, he heard. A rabbit thrashed through the fallen dry leaves in an attempt to evade something. For a few seconds he studied the noise. The commotion caused by the predator was not something a fox would make, a fox was too big to go through those bushes, especially with the razor sharp thorns. A snake? No, a snake would not bother chasing after a prey, stand and deliver its motto.

Is violence the only thought in your mind?

The agitated bush moved ever so slightly, and through the gap saw Balthazar the predator. It was just another rabbit, albeit a larger one. This one's fur was darker, with spots. More importantly, this one looked succulent. Balthazar's maw grumbled, cursing Balthazar for missing breakfast. Balthazar wondered what the kid would allege when Balthazar would let him out of his mind's cage. Some where along the lines of, "You meanie," he was sure.

Realizing the world would not stop for him as he pondered what one part of his brain would say to the other, Balthazar moved on. He was slacking behind, more than he wished for. He may have the skills to know if a bear was around, it was not like he could stop the bear. The bear would still crush Balthazar's weak little spine and tear off his head, leaving behind only the blood coagulated on the leaves as proof. Perhaps, someone would remember him.

Unlikely someone would remember a son of a whore.
Who cares what my mother was? The world will know of my legacy!
The greatest legacy assassins can have is no one remembering them.
What nonsense! I wanna be as great as El Dor!
If people knew he was an assassin, he was not very great at his job.
You've gone senile. People are afraid of him.
People are more afraid of the dark.

It was a pointless battle, one fought against insurmountable odds with the help of fucking nothing. It was like the time in the forest when he and his mother were being chased, again, by torches, years after he was born out of her foolish womb. He should have ran, for she was only a whore. Yet, he tried to save her, once. She was sent to the dungeon, where she had no doubt been passed around like a dog, like the man, whose servant Balthazar was forced to become, said. Even if, in the end, he broke free from the shackles, he was still haunted by her.

Just before he could break down into tears begging Shar to circumcise that memory out of his mind, his eyes closed, reacting to a sudden increase in light. They had reached near the edge of the forest. Sometime later they would eating nice food in a nice shade. If only the gypsies had roasted lamb...

The setting changes from Faerun to The Sword Coast


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#, as written by Celedia

Events unfolded at the camp once more. Some of the recruits left, whether because the task itself proved insurmountable to them or their employer filled them with distaste was left unknown. Yet just as swiftly as people exited the camp, more people seemed to file into it. Perhaps this was all a part of the Crow’s game? Placing pieces of the puzzle together in separate ways until he created a picture that he wanted? With the last of the members entering the clearing, in a rather prominent way, the elven druidess averted her eyes and turned to enter the woods.

And so the merry band made their way through the forest in the general direction of the Coast Way. Apprehension flooded the druidess’ lithe body. Despite her off the cuff and almost condescendingly aloof remarks about heading to a human city, the elf was actually affected by the thought of leaving nature. She had spent her entire life without entering the man made stone and steel creations that humans prided them selves on but now her path led her directly through the very things she despised.

If she were a more sociable creature she might try to befriend one of her traveling companions and tell them her fears to ease her mind, yet her innate hostility towards all other races prevented that from happening. There were no friends of nature in this ragtag band with the exception of the Ranger who had fled into the woods on her steed as soon as the party started moving. Whether she had decided that she was unable to deal with their newfound allies or if she was simply taking another path through the woods, Araina couldn’t be sure.

As they moved, the druidess hung back to take up the rear. In part, because she wanted to stay in her haven until the very last possible second and also, so she could observe the newest members- the bard, the sorcerer, the assassin, and the barbarian. Intriguing men, all of them, in their different ways but she stayed observant until her keen sense of hearing picked up the sound of voices in the distance and at the same time, the foliage broke way to open plains and a winding dirt road.

Within sight yet quite a fair walking distance north, her eyes could pick out a caravan moving slowly onwards. Their smaller group could easily gain on the gypsies if they were to pick up their pace.