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Johnathan (Illumination)

"You are heaven's melody and your notes play the tragedy of my soul."

0 · 185 views · located in The Sword Coast

a character in “Seasons of the Lich”, originally authored by Baby, as played by RolePlayGateway


n a m e s a k e :
¬ Full |birth| Name: Johnathan of the Illumination
¬ Spoken |used| Name: Johnathan
¬ Acquired |aliases| Names: John The Deceiver


n u m e r i c a l :

¬ Appearing Age: 24
¬ Factual Age: 28

s o c i o l o g i c a l :
¬ Class: Bard
¬ Profession: Entertainer
¬ Alignment: Undecided
¬ Marital Status: Single

b i o l o g i c a l :
¬ Height: 6'1
¬ Weight: 190
¬ Hair: Blonde
¬ Eye: Green
¬ Skin:Mildly tanned
¬ Body Art: None
¬ Scar Tissue: None

¬ Genetics: Illuskan
¬ Race: Human
¬ Attributes: None
¬ Immunity: None

m e n t a l l i t y:
¬ Demeanour: Mild tempered, charming, and passionate.
¬ Tendencies:Manipulative, flighty/commitment issues, easily detached

a r s e n a l:
¬ Offence: Shortbow (Angeline)
-- type: Ranged
-- paragon: The shortbow is made of branches from a magical tree, the name of the tree is unknown at the moment, but attainable.
-- enchantments: The shortbow has an array of magical properties.
-- other: Johnathan does not have the magical aptitude to access the powers of the shortbow, though if someone who did have a higher command of magic were to wield his bow, they could do so. Johnathan chose the bow because it can wield (but is not limited to) magical arrows, which require no power to shoot.

¬ Offence: Dagger
-- type: Both
-- paragon: Steel
-- enchantments: None.
-- other: The dagger is collapsable.

¬ Defence: Black Dragon hide armor. (Runner's Hand)
-- type: Leather
-- paragon: Black Dragon hide
-- enchantments: None, but could be.
-- other: The armor was given to Johnathan as a gift, otherwise he would not be able to normally afford it. It is exceptionally light and allows total movement with mild stretching.

b a t t l e c l a d:
¬ Upper Body: Shoulder strap for quiver
¬ Full Body: Black Dragonhide armor
¬ Head: None
¬ Arms: None
¬ Waist: Nothing other than his waist band included in his armor.
¬ Feet: Matching Black Dragonhide boots

a t t i r e :
¬ Casual: Johnathan always wears his armor under his normal clothing.
¬ Feet: His black Dragonhide boots
¬ Legs: A very loosely worn pair of pants, dyed black.
¬ Hands: Bare
¬ Upper Body: Loosely worn shirt, dyed black.

p r o f i c e n c y :

¬ Short/long bow
¬ Throwing knives
¬ Daggers (minimally)

a c c e s s o r i e s :
A teak violin, engraved with his family crest. A black pouch strapped to his waist, that is deceptively stretchy and can hold a multitude of small items.

f e a t s:

s p e l l s:

So begins...

Johnathan (Illumination)'s Story


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#, as written by Baby
Johnathan of the Illumination.

-The night before

No one doubts the exarch of Tempus
Whose dogma has yet to forsake us.
Remember my friends, when the troops are led,
The Red Knight is always, three steps ahead.

Before Johnathan could bow, his audience stood up and shook the ground with their stomps. Their hands were endlessly clashing with an applause that was surreptitiously asking for another tale by boosting the bard’s ego and egging him for more.

Johnathan knew this trick well and occasionally deluded his audience by appearing to be touched by their applause and giving them another tale. But tonight he was tired and had to travel to Baldur’s Gate in a few hours to serve as a replacement in a mission. He raised his instrument to the audience of Tethyr and took a bow, his silent response to their request for more. When they calmed, Johnathan spoke

“Happy birthday princess Zandra. And may your life be filled with many more.” Johnathan’s deep, musical voice echoed in the hall, easily reaching the princess, sitting on a throne-like chair in the far back. The princess was still young and easily excitable, and had a small group of her female peers seated next to her. Johnathan made it a point to watch her intently with his eyes until her pale cheeks reddened in a blush under his seemingly passionate stare. His serious face lifted with a smile, directed at her and left his face when he broke eye contact, so everyone else could see that the smile was only for the princess. That motion would stir gossip for the people of Tethyr, and be awarded plenty of giggles from the princess’s entourage.

With that, he left the stage, his violin being carefully placed in its makeshift holster on his back, where his quiver would normally be. He was greeted by blue eyes, of similar size but more intensity than his own. “Johnathan. I do wish you would stare at me like that. I am your mentee.” The woman hissed, giving Johnathan a jealous frown and lowering her steel blue eyes.

“Allora, you know that no matter how many other women come into my life, you are still the-“ Johnathan was joined by Allora, who rolled her eyes as they both recited his famous line given to her. “-apple of my eye.” “Yes, yes Johnathan. Sing me a song I haven’t heard before.” Johnathan wasn’t offended by his mentee’s unrefined remarks, after 20 years, he was used to it. Even when she was a child, Allora was very possessive and hated seeing Johnathan with another being, be it man or woman. Johnathan found this both off-putting and complimenting, not letting her jealousy stop his flirting and traveling nor letting her jealousy influence his feelings for her.

Johnathan walked alongside Allora as she joined their arms in their leisurely stroll to their home. While listening to her talk of her practicing for the day, Johnathan smiled at familiar faces in the road, who also receiving a warning glare from Allora. “Are you still seeing that boy, Allora?” Johnathan hummed, interrupting Allora and also shocking her. “What boy?” Allora asked, confused. Not confused at his question, but confused on how Johnathan found out about her secret relationship with Caine, a boy she met after one of her performances.

An hour and several arguments over jealousy and fairness later, the siblings were inside their family mansion, walking up the stairs to their rooms. “Allora I just do not see how I cannot get to have any friends, but you can have a boyfriend. You are not being fair to me. “Johnathan said calmly, though under his stone expression, he was actually very upset. This argument has been going on for years and Allora always ended it on a sour note. “It’s not fair to me! I just want to spend some time with my older brother and mentor, and all you can do is think about every pair of legs that walks by you, Johnathan! You don’t love me!” Allora yelled, storming into her room in front of the stairway and slamming it shut. “That is not true!” Johnathan raised his voice while going into the room right next to hers. He did not slam it shut, but wanted to.
After a few minutes of being angry, Johnathan felt his mood lighten. He was never one to be sad or angry for long, he sung better when he was happy, and he always made the effort to be happy.

He picked up his violin and started to play very close to his eastern wall, the wall shared with his sister. Every member of the Illumination family was a lover of music, and the family’s crest had a lyre for their symbol. The Illumination blood runs deep and produced countless bards in their centuries, many famous. The blood couldn’t be thicker for Allora. Nothing, and absolutely nothing can alter her mood so quickly, other than the strings of an instrument. Within minutes of hearing him play, Allora joined him with her lyre, humming a little as the duo played.

Allora, you are heaven’s melody.
And your notes play the tragedy of my soul.
I’ve crossed through the garden of beauty,
And loving you is my toll.
If we were not bound by blood
Would you love me?
If I worshipped you and took your hand,
Would you marry me?”

Johnathan ended his part, dragging his last note for emphasis. Allora loved Johnathan’s nocturnes, and he exploited that whenever they argued. He quieted his instrument to better hear Allora, as he always indulged in her singing. Her voice was suited to opera and she was a prodigy of the musical mastery. He mentored her as best as he could, but knew that she would soon surpass him and become a legend. Even their father, a stone critic of his children, let her sing without interruption, only correcting her missed notes after her songs were over.

Johnathan, Johnathan
Have your words won me over so soon?
Surely your love is but a passing storm,
Dynamic yet temporary.
I know you’ll leave this maiden forlorn
But my heart says “Quite the contrary!”
You are filled with many things, but not surprises.
You will love me or leave me when the sun rises.

Allora ended her note perfectly and stopped playing her lyre. Johnathan managed a quick “I love you.” before he fell asleep. His tired body with Allora’s melodies was too much to resist.

In the early morning, long before the sun came up, Johnathan awoke. He freshened himself up and packed his shortbow, Angeline, and his quiver filled with steel arrows. He needed little else for the mission, and if he did it would be easily acquired. He took ten minutes to write a farewell letter to Allora and slid it under her door before he went into the family stable.

"So Cap, when we be off?" Johnathan heard from the right of his horse. He directed it towards the voice and approached easily, his arms raised to show he had no weapons. He approached a group of people coming in various tones and background. He already knew by the time this mission would be over, he would have many stories to make into musical tales.

“When you have your bard, maybe?” Johnathan exited from some bushes and nodded to the group. He jumped off his horse and took out his violin from the pouch on the steed’s side. With a whistle, the horse left and returned back to the Illumination mansion, knowing its way without the lead of a rider.

Johnathan stared at the woman who was presumably Caleb Beth-Dagon. Though the upcoming song was for the group, Johnathan stood and played in front of his leader.

Lucien is no longer your bard
But I assure you I am just as well
I am a master of many instruments and tales.
Behold your bard is Johnathan of the illumination!
And none will serve you with a greater passion than I.

Which is the truth, many bards are special for something about their tales, whether it be their voice, their instrument, or their dance, and for Johnathan it was a combination of his voice and violin, he was filled with passion and vigor. He sung his tales standing straight, he never danced and never found the desire to; he believed it took the seriousness from his tales.
“But I would prefer to just be called Johnathan, as my title is too wordy for casual conversation.”

The setting changes from Faerun to The Sword Coast


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Caine Abel

"Oh, looks like we got ourselves a brand new fop... At least this one can carry a tune," Caine said upon the not-so-subtle arrival of their new bard. Lively and bright, just like one would expect a bard to be. Caine chuckled. At least they had entertainment for the road ahead. "Play me a diddy Johnny!" Caine called out, not hiding his amusement. It seemed though, if he was to get his request, then that request would have to be fulfilled on the road. Their captain began to move out, with them behind her. Caine made she that his sword and shield was secure and that his shortsword was within reach just in case things got nasty on the road. As one would expect with the title of a fighter, he was always wary of a fight. At the bidding of Nevae, Caine shrugged, "Let's," and they were off. Before long, they had entered the forest.

Off to the side, Caine heard something in the brush. His hand went to his sword, and awaited the beast to show itself... And the beast did. In all of it's dangly glory. "That's... One hell of a way to start the mission..." Caine said, quickly shifting his line-of-sight elsewhere, anywhere that didn't inevitably lead to the newly arrived Orc's... Package. Ugluk was a decent enough of a man himself-- if you could call an Orc a man. Loud, boisterous, and always wanting for a good battle. They were alike in many regard... Except this one. Caine didn't like to traipse around in the buff (not that he was ashamed of anything mind, just that... It got chilly). Now the sudden appearance of the orc (all of him) had caught Caine offguard. He stole a glance from Veilyn, who was handling it about as well as he was.

"So the hunt... Went, uh, well then?" Caine asked trying to do anything to get his mind off of the Orc's bit. Noticeably, Caine said this behind a curtain of fingers. Surely he wasn't the only one who found this a might bit awkward. Hah, the fighter, awkward, he didn't he'd ever see the day. Perhaps if Caine hadn't been trying to shield his eyes, he could see the pelt that Ugluk had returned with. Alas. He couldn't imagine what was going through Nevae's mind, and he almost pitied the poor girl... almost.

But like all good things, they must come to an end. Ugluk found his hide armor and Caine gave a prayer to Tymora. "Oh thank Tymora," he muttered, " he found his clothes,". This time, Veilyn was the one to venture a glance at Caine. His only answer was a subdued shrug and a shake of the head. Things were off to a smashing start... As it stood, it would take an entire tavern's worth of alcohol to cleanse the visage from his mind.

With the first of the day's ordeals managed, Caine continued forth.


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#, as written by Celedia

Events unfolded at the camp once more. Some of the recruits left, whether because the task itself proved insurmountable to them or their employer filled them with distaste was left unknown. Yet just as swiftly as people exited the camp, more people seemed to file into it. Perhaps this was all a part of the Crow’s game? Placing pieces of the puzzle together in separate ways until he created a picture that he wanted? With the last of the members entering the clearing, in a rather prominent way, the elven druidess averted her eyes and turned to enter the woods.

And so the merry band made their way through the forest in the general direction of the Coast Way. Apprehension flooded the druidess’ lithe body. Despite her off the cuff and almost condescendingly aloof remarks about heading to a human city, the elf was actually affected by the thought of leaving nature. She had spent her entire life without entering the man made stone and steel creations that humans prided them selves on but now her path led her directly through the very things she despised.

If she were a more sociable creature she might try to befriend one of her traveling companions and tell them her fears to ease her mind, yet her innate hostility towards all other races prevented that from happening. There were no friends of nature in this ragtag band with the exception of the Ranger who had fled into the woods on her steed as soon as the party started moving. Whether she had decided that she was unable to deal with their newfound allies or if she was simply taking another path through the woods, Araina couldn’t be sure.

As they moved, the druidess hung back to take up the rear. In part, because she wanted to stay in her haven until the very last possible second and also, so she could observe the newest members- the bard, the sorcerer, the assassin, and the barbarian. Intriguing men, all of them, in their different ways but she stayed observant until her keen sense of hearing picked up the sound of voices in the distance and at the same time, the foliage broke way to open plains and a winding dirt road.

Within sight yet quite a fair walking distance north, her eyes could pick out a caravan moving slowly onwards. Their smaller group could easily gain on the gypsies if they were to pick up their pace.