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Dexter Kensington

Lets go back to where we ran from...

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a character in “Second Chances: Fate's Game”, as played by Phoeni


☄ Dexter Kensington ☄


Theme Song

❝The Basics❞

Here's to every time that you rock a boat
Here's to every word that you ever wrote
There were clues but it was never clear
You've got to choose your own way out of here

| Full Name |
Dexter Nathaniel Kensington

| Nickname |
Dexter isn’t really good with nicknames. Sometimes he will be lovingly be called ‘Dex’ by his sister, but more often than not he just goes by Dexter.

| Age |
19 years old

| Gender |

| Role |
Boy 1

❝The Disguise❞

I've been waiting for the spark myself,
I've been scrambling in the dark for health
I have read your words a thousand times
All this spark but smashed up love and crime.

| Eye color |

| Hair Color |
Dirty Blonde

| Skin Tone |

| Height & Weight |
Dexter stands at 5’9 and weighs 63 kilograms.

| Distinct Markings |

[size=300]❝Getting to know me❞


I could say anything you need, anyone you see
anything you knew, anything you say
anything you need, anyone you knew, anything you
It would be this, it would be this

| Likes |
fire, mischief, sunrises, bees, the tales of homeless people.

| Dislikes |
loneliness, circuses, loud noises, traffic.

| Fears |
Anything paranormal, being abandoned, falling.

❝Delve a little deeper❞

I've been choking on the bones and tears.
You are the smoking gun that thrown the years
A broken heart won't get you far enough,
I'll be up waiting through the tire and rough

| Personality |
Dexter thinks about everything. It's surprising that he can handle so much, as everything seems to require at least a decent amount of thought. He debates everything, weighing all consequences and options of his actions. This teen never used to consider the affects of his actions, but after losing his sister and himself in a horrible accident, he contemplates everything. Thinking more before he acts has become a habit, one that most others have a hard time mastering. Even though he does consider consequences, Dexter may still create horrible situations for himself. like anything to do with fire He sometimes knows that his actions would cause a painful outcome for him in the end, but this does not keep him at bay. This boy can still find himself in sticky situations, even when he knew how it would exactly turn out.

From his youth to his teenage years, Dexter has always been the mischief maker. If there is anyone who can claim trouble-making as a hobby, it is him. His nature is not really unpredictable - his mischievous behavior has been occurring since infancy, when he spit out every pacifier given to him and set the sand box on fire. Dexter is not generally an awkward person, but he when gets emotional- he gets extremely awkward. It’s like he’s a wreck of wants and needs that he can't properly express. He might stare too long at a stranger, or clam up when a friend needs help, or ramble on in front of his crush. Dexter can't seem to make the connection between his tongue and the rest of his organs, be that his head or his heart.

Dexter is a pyromaniac. Some may call it a disorder, but considers it a personal passion. He has always been attracted to light but it wasn’t until he discovered the simple flame that he fell in love. Something about that flickering light and all its ability to simultaneously destroy and create fascinates him, and as soon as this amazing discovery was made and experimented with he began to use it to his cruel advantage. In kindergarten, he was caught with a lighter. It continued through the years- and the flame has never burned out. Dexter is extremely cunning, but prefers not to show it, as some people will think of him as sly. He cares about what others think of him personally, except for the fire thing. People have been accustomed to the fact of Dexter being a pyromaniac so he’s fine with that. It’s just new things about him that he’s a bit shy to show. Like half of his real personality. To everyone aside from his family, Dexter is a confident but kind young man. They have no idea.


[size=300]❝Welcome to my life❞


I could say anything you need, anyone you see,
anything you knew, anything you say,
anything you need, anyone you knew, anything you
it would be this, it would be this

| History |
Even as a baby, Dexter Kensington never fitted. He was born in a large house in England with an even larger family of fourteen. Nearly smack dab in the middle of a frosty November day, Zachary Kensington and his wife Josephine got the first look at their lastborn child. Dexter Nathaniel Kensington had not started showing signs of any weirdness. The boy had a mop of blonde hair and grey eyes the size of dinner plates. His mother faked a smile at the sight of him. The nurses were looking. Zachary gave a lopsided smile at the baby. Dexter started burning things at a young age. Five years may seem like a long time in theory, but when you have a mini pyromaniac running around, causing havoc at all possible, it tends to fly by. In those first five years, the large family seemed perfect, almost too much so. Zachary’s job had them a particularly large home and his kids drowned in all the toys they would ever want. Unfortunately, Dexter ruined it all.

He was too absorbed in his naivety and personal chaos to really care about his mother’s love, or lack thereof. He spent most of his childhood causing mischief, and those were the innocent years where the simplest things like playing with candlelight was an amazing accomplishment. His mother didn‘t quite enjoy his little stunts, especially when the house caught on fire, and as a result he was taken to a therapist. They tried to change his fire addiction with medication, a sickening thought to young boy, but did it actually work? No. Whenever he decided to stick the pill in his mouth he only spat it into the fire later on and its effects did not alter his mood. It failed to suppress his urge for fire, which was the one quality his mother really wanted to focus on. When the ‘incident’ happened, they moved to the promising land of America. ”New beginning!” his mother told him with a forced smile on her face. The young boy could tell she despised him, especially when he woke up late at night only to her the endless shouting about his name. In fact, the only family members he liked were his father and older sister Rose, who he had took a liking to when he was young. Anyway, they moved to a small town. Her father was away for work most days and his mother was always cold and distant. Dexter began to get a bit emotionally- weird and he expressed emotions to their extremity. He tried to hide this at school, but at home he would often stare at the blank walls, letting tears fall where no one could hear them.

When Dexter turned ten years of age, his mother and father divorced. Himself and his older sister Rose went to live with their father and the others chose were probably forced to stay with their mother. This made Dexter happier, and he tried to burn things less to please his father- who he inevitably loved more than his vacant mother. Dexter then grew up fairly normally until he hit high school. A few things went wrong. The first being his sister's new boyfriend. The boy was kind at first, although Dexter never really payed much attention to him. The family couldn't find Rose anywhere, so they went out looking. Dexter found rose bleeding on the side of the road, through her sobs, she told her younger brother the whole story. Horrified, he promised not to disclose the name of her attacker, her boyfriend. Rose was never really the same after that, always keeping to herself and staying close to Dexter. He was thankful she was not killed, and made sure he watched her every move. He was becoming paranoid. Rose met a new boy, and Dexter met a girl. Rose and her new boyfriend were actually in love, and Rose became her normal, happy self again. So, anyway he met a girl It’s always the reason things start to go wrong and she was the most important thing in his life. He'd rather die than be without her[i]. Although, ‘being without her’ happened fairly often as their relationship was slightly rocky and a bit on-and-off. They broke up one faithful night, and to this day have never gotten back together. Rose went out with his girlfriend to cure her grief, as they were best friends, and his sister ended up getting killed in a car crash. As he was driving he became his emotionally weird self and started having a mental breakdown. He crashed the car. And died.

Now he is dead, and all he wants is revenge- and this is his chance.

| Death |
It was one of those days that Dexter couldn’t wait to end. The sun shone weakly on his face, but instead of feeling the joy which often came when he looked at the sunrise- yellows, oranges and the occasional red- Dexter Kensington felt dread. He had woken up painfully early and was planning to stay in bed all day. Dexter was not looking forward to the day at all. His father, Zachary Kensington, walked in to what he called his ‘room’ at around seven thirty. It was usual for the family to rise at least what an average person would call early. His father was handsome enough, a bit wrinkled around the edges, but still ruggedly handsome. His once completely jet black hair was streaked with age, a common thing when you’re around Zachary’s age.

Dexter walked downstairs, still dressed in flannel and a plain black t-shirt, and had breakfast. The food on his plate hardly filled him. To be honest he felt sick, and was not sure if he should notify his father. He decided against it, and went back to bed. He woke up around noon. He was quite surprised it was so late. His phone rung loudly, It was his girlfriend. He hurried out of bed to answer the call. he honestly doesn’t remember what they argued about. It was something really stupid. Maybe she does, but Dexter doesn’t have the greatest memory. He knows he should remember- just don’t pester him, alright? Okay, now back to the call. It seemed to go on for ages, and was ended with Dexter hanging up in the middle of one of her sentences. He couldn’t take any more of her voice. He loved her more often than not, but today was not one of these times.

He heard the door shut at maybe one o’clock, he assumed it was Rose, went back to sleep and woke up again in the afternoon. He decided to get dressed. It might’ve been a waste of time, but he wanted to get out. He drove around aimlessly for a while, trying to get his mind off things. Failing, he was about to go home. Until he heard the phone call. It was like time stood still. Like he was frozen in space and the only thing he could do was sit there, stunned and shocked. He couldn't breathe, he couldn't move. Rose was dead. All he could do was sit. It was indescribable feeling. Not horror, not fear, just disbelief. It lasted for close to two minutes, but to him it seemed like it was even faster, like the moment was there and gone again. It went as quickly as it came, that last moment of peace. And when it was gone a new feeling came over her. Fear. It was like the tree came out of nowhere. It was a country route that he’d taken- a short cut, if you must. But it didn’t pay off now. No one could hear his plead for help as he bled to death.

And the world went blank.

❝Digging up the past❞

[i]I could say anything you need, anyone you see,
anything you knew, anything you say,
anything you need, anyone you knew, anything you
it would be this, it would be this

Before his death Dexter was slightly taller, standing at 5’11. His eyes were smaller and a more blue-grey, and skin slightly more tanned. His hair was less yellow in colour, more of a white dirty blonde. His features were generally larger, and his face was often in a smirk.

| Motivation |
Revenge through and through. Dexter absolutely despises his ex-girlfriend, but mostly for his sister's death over his.

So begins...

Dexter Kensington's Story