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Second Life



I Must Be Trippin'....

What if the 'real' you, the one you are stuck with day after day, the person staring back at you in the mirror, the one your family knows as their daughter or son, the one your friends hug or joke with, the one whose thoughts echo in your mind....wasn't really you at all?

What if the REAL you not only looked different, but thought differently, wielded strange powers, and had a back story of the most unusual sort that only they knew?

People who have this strange alternate self are called Trippers. They divide their life between two phases:

* An Alter Ego: A Tripper's alter ego is their realistic, normal self. The one they let you and their family see, this is the one that goes (or went) to school, has a job, friends, fun, a normal life. Or at least most Alter Egos lead a normal life.

* A Reality: A Tripper's Reality is their %100 real self. Because a Tripper's Reality looks and thinks differently from their Alters, to fully become their Reality they undergo a slow transformation. If their Alters hair is short but the Reality's longer, it grows out over a period of an hour or two. If their skin color is different in their Reality, it fades or darkens to its true color within a few hours. This process of transforming into 'someone else' is usually so traumatic for the Alter, who knows nothing of their Reality, that the process of completely switching their mental state feels similar to going mad.

Talk About Trauma

There are very few Trippers in the world, but those that are often share a similar feeling: that they weren't meant for this world. That they need to leave and go back to 'their home planet' as some claim or 'back down the rabbit hole' as others claim. No matter how they try to describe it, Trippers, or at least their Realities, do not want to remain on Earth.

Because Trippers' Realities often wield strange powers, world governments sought a way to keep the Tripper problem hidden and hush-hush, as well as a way to prevent the Trippers from using their powers for the wrong reasons. Since Trippers are always born with glowing blue eyes, a few minutes before their eyes fade into a normal color, it was simple to begin to separate them from their parents immediately, thus preventing them from slipping under the radar or going into hiding.

Their parents are lied to, told that the baby died, and that they cannot see it. Of course parents revolt and react violently, but the law is the law, and they never see their Tripper babies again. The babies, meanwhile, are always taken to a laboratory and implanted with a tracking device. They are studied and experimented on until about age six or seven, whereupon they 'graduate.'

Upon graduation, a Tripper is given a 'Guardian,' someone to watch over and protect them in the real world, or at least this is the lie they are told. A Guardian's real role is to be a watchdog, to make sure the Tripper continues to take their medicine, doesn't flee the country, and doesn't do anything criminal.

Also upon graduation, a Tripper receives their first dose of a drug called "REAL" which comes in the form of a syringe. REAL comes in many colors, depending upon the level of drug needed to suppress a Tripper's Reality. Blue colored REAL is for suppressing the most powerful Realities. Black is for suppressing the weakest. All other colors of the rainbow are available depending on the individual Tripper's needs. This purpose of this drug is to push away a Tripper's Reality into the back of their head, so that they are always their Alter, so that they never transform, so that they never see or hear from their Reality for as long as that they can forget they even have a Reality.

Trippers are instructed to inject themselves with this drug once daily.

Then they are wheeled into a surgery room and their mind is erased.

Welcome to the "Real" World

After graduation, a Tripper forgets everything. They are sent to the closest orphanage to await adoption. All care givers of a Tripper are given a heavy supply of REAL syringes and are instructed to make sure the child is injected once daily. If a caretaker or potential parent fails to do this, they are arrested.

And so, the oblivious, mind-erased child doesn't know the difference. They grow up simply thinking that they are different from the other children and have a medical condition that requires the daily dose. If they are ever adopted, then, of course, their life is elevated to an even more normal status. The parents, fearing arrest, give them the drugs, take care of them, sometimes even truly love them. The kids grow up like all the other kids, never knowing what they really are or what happened to them in their early years before they were adopted.

The Tripper's Alter becomes their one and only phase, and is all they know since the drug prevents them from transforming and it is something they take everyday.

Meanwhile, their Guardian watches in the shadows to make sure everything is going right. Sometimes the Guardian poses as a family doctor, a family friend, a best friend, an uncle....a brother. Anything to get close enough to the Tripper to truly spy on them.

But then there are always deviants. There are Trippers who begin to have doubts about their medication. Who begin to grow suspicious of the people who seem to be 'following' them. They stop taking their medication. Refuse, no matter how their parents try to force. Or in the case of adult Trippers, go right ahead and stop all together. There are Trippers who have seen who they really are and have finally figured out what their strange medication does to them.

In these cases, it is the duty of the Guardian to sedate and bring the Tripper back to a government laboratory to undergo another mind erasing surgery.

And you're supposed to be...?

Your char is a 'normal' Tripper, a good boy or girl who takes their REAL drug every day and thinks that they are just like everyone else in the world, despite some possible angst.

But then some strange things start happening that make your character start having doubts...and possibly stop taking their technicolor drug, opening up their mind to their Reality.

As slightly unrealistic as it is, I want our characters to all live in or near the same big city. Maybe there's an excuse for it, like this is where the original orphanage was, this is where the government decides to send adopted Trippers, etc. But mostly it is so that our chars can meet up with each other early on. I will also make some general locations that will serve as good meeting/bumping into each other places.

The time period is in the future, about 2075. We are going into a hip new age of neon light, strange devices, and plasma/laser weaponry, and hover cars. The setting is the city of Las Vegas, Nevada.

!!Though the rules state differently, I have decided that you can either make your own Guardian or I can make up one for you that fits you. Whichever you choose, but keep in mind you are still technically making two characters, your Alter and your Reality. (they both go on the same sheet however, while a Guardian requires a separate sheet)!!



Name - Self explanatory, put their Alter's name in this box.

Synopsis - Put a small quote from or description of him or her in this box.

Avatar - Put their avatar here, please make it something that actually shows me what they look like.

These fields must be included in the Description box. Pictures are great. Descriptive words are fine too.-

Alter's Name:
Reality’s Name:

Gender: (a Tripper’s Alter and Reality share the same gender so no need for separate fields)
Age: (same as above)

Color of REAL Drug: (explained above, your medication syringes can come in different colors depending upon their potency, for example Katie uses rainbow medication because her Reality is the most powerful ever seen. In general, blue is very powerful, black is very weak. Then there are all the colors in between.)

Alter’s Appearance:
Reality’s Appearance:

Reality’s Special Powers: (no more than two)

These fields are to be put into the Personality box. -

Alter’s Personality:
Reality’s Personality:

Describe any (if any) personality issues, psychological problems, etc. that your Alter may have:
Now do the same for your Reality:

Alter’s Attitude about Life:
Reality’s Attitude about Life:

These fields are to be put into the Equipment box. -

Alter’s Preferred Clothing Style:
Alter’s Accessories (such as a bag they always carry with them, teddy bear, make-up, etc.):

These fields are to be put into the History box. -

What was life like for your Tripper while a small child in a laboratory?

What happened after their mind was erased?
Were they adopted? If so by, who?

What is their home life like currently?

Has anything...unusual happened to them that they can’t explain?
Who is their Guardian currently posing as and have they ever been suspicious of him/her?


Name - Self explanatory,

Synopsis - Put a small quote from or description of him or her in this box.

Avatar - Put their avatar here, please make it something that actually shows me what they look like.

These fields must be included in the Description box. Pictures are great. Descriptive words are fine too.-



What do they really look like? (if they in fact wear a disguise)

These fields are to be put into the Personality box. -

General Personality Overview:

Attitude About Life:
Do they change or conceal their personality when around the Tripper they must watch over, to provide cover for the truth? If so, how?

These fields are to be put into the Equipment box. -

Clothing Preference:
Clothing for disguise:

Weapons: (Keep it realistic. A plasma gun is fine. A plasma gun the size of a rocket launcher is not fine. Or any rocket launcher for that matter. Also keep in mind that they will have to hide this weapon when in public or around their Tripper.)
Other Accessories:

These fields are to be put into the History box. -

Describe his or her childhood.

How did they come to work for the government, furthermore, how did they get or why did they want this particular job?

Describe his or her daily routine, including how they spy on their Tripper.
Anything else about their life you want to add?



#1 Most Important Rule : No Mary-Sue or Gary-Sue

Other things I can fix. If someone is powerplaying or godmodding, I can fix that. If someone has gotten something wrong, I can fix that. But if someone's character is a complete and utter Mary Sue...there's no way I can save that player from the horridness, whether or not they are breaking other rules, because by default Mary Sues are going to break the rules or just plain be annoying. Do yourself a favor and research Mary Sues, run your character through a Mary Sue test, whatever it takes to make sure your character is believable and fresh. While I can forgive powers, beauty, etc., especially in an RP like this, there is a point where enough is enough.

#2 Most Important Rule : Moderate to Advanced Writing Ability

It's okay if you aren't a friggin' novelist or if your only real writing talent lies in RP. But I expect you to be able to write well, that is, no one liners ever. I expect at least a five sentence long post from everyone every time they post, more than that will be highly applauded. Either know how to spell or use spell check. Have high school level grammar, etc. I also expect that you pay attention to not only your characters actions, but their thoughts and feelings and location, put some description into it.

But what do I do if there's nothing my char can do? Even if you honestly feel there isn't enough happening to warrant five sentences, there is! Consider alternatives to your usual posting. Use internal thoughts, random descriptions of the scenery such as leaves blowing in the wind, etc. as padding if you feel nothing really is going on and you can't write enough.

#3 Most Important Rule : No Godmodding. No powerplaying.

You know what it is. I know what it is. If I see it, you get a strike. Simple as that. Give other players a chance to react to what you do. You can't always come out victorious, it's okay to loose or let your character be injured or stalled once in awhile. Katie is really the only exception to powerplaying, and not only is she my lead, but she is also capable of loosing, capable of being hurt, and plays things out very humanly which balances out her enormous power.

4) All characters await approval. I may even go as far as to discuss your character with you before I approve them.
5) Respect meh authority. But I will try not to be a total Nazi XD
6) Humans only please. Realistic humans at that.
7) Read the introduction thoroughly so you know what this story is about and how to build your character and have them function in this world and aren't just running around randomly doing whatever.
8) Your characters' alter egos must be realistic and live and function in a realistic homes. They may not have powers beyond very simple things such as being able to tell when their reality is coming back or having brief flashes of their powers without knowing where they came from or how to get them back, etc.
9) Your characters' real selves may have powers, but nothing that creates immortality, invulnerability, flight or death dealing on a godmodding/extreme level. Try to keep the special powers mild to moderate. I will decide whether or not your char's power is too much or fine.
10) Characters may die, but not without the dying player's permission. Unless your character is doing something really stupid, then I may kill him/her myself.
11) No extreme sexual situations. Sex is okay, but try to limit it and don't go into a lot of detail. Swearing is fine. Gore is fine, so long as the gore does not venture into smut territory. Obviously, drugs and addiction are okay topics to explore for your character.
12) You must make three characters, a Tripper (including their Alter and Reality, making two chars in one) and that Tripper's Guardian. All Trippers must be taking medication at the beginning of the RP. They can stop taking it later.
13) Respect other players. No fighting. If there is a problem or question, ask and we can work it out.

***Please keep all chat and OOC in the OOC thread. I only want to see IC posts in IC sections. No pictures in IC sections (besides the actual char sheets), but you may post pics in OOC.
***There will be no playing in the Chat format unless I say otherwise. It all must be posted like a normal post in a forum.

This RP contains blood, gore, "drug" use, portrayal of insanity/mental health problems and generally scary topics. If any of this is too off-putting for you, do not play.

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The GM of this roleplay hasn't created any rules! You can do whatever you like!

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One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call

Call Alice
When she was just small

When the men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving low

Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said;


Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

“It isn’t like you’re doing anything useful with yourself...where am I? Where’s Alice, Katie? Don’t you want to be the hero? Then you need to let me in.”

Images, or rather, strange, technicolor shapes, danced behind Katie’s closed eyelids. She sighed deeply in her half-sleep , the part of sleeping between waking and dreaming. She grumbled, partly aloud: “Stop talking to me, you freak...I don’t know you.”

“You’ve been asleep for the past ten years. Wake up. Wake up, Katie....”

And by some force of will, she did. She raised up in her thin green sheets, leaned forward, and let out a long breath, her silky brown hair fluttering in the breeze that breath made. She was glad to be out of her usual nightmares and back in the real world, and started to reach for her glasses when the same voice from her dreams came back, shouting in full, deep yet feminine force, a voice that bounced around in her mind, echoing:

“Stop taking it, you fool.............”

Sucking in a breath, the girl froze in disbelief. Her extended arm quivered. She felt a cold sweat form on the back of her neck. But, then, finally it was gone. She completed the task of putting her glasses on and swung her legs off the side of the bed in a fluid motion. Still a bit childish, she preferred traditional nightgowns to the modern t-shirts or boy shorts for sleepwear, and a simple white nightgown was what she wore now, thin and silky, draping down just a bit past her knees. Her bedroom was small since it was a small apartment, about the size of a wealthy person’s closet. But she was happy...she had a bed and a dresser and a computer station for her schoolwork and a chair and a window (never mind the fact that the window looked out onto the neighbor’s adobe wall.)

The voice still chilled her, but she told herself an excuse aloud: “I’m just having weird thoughts again. That’s all it is.” She grimaced, looked to the clock and nervously wringed her wrist with her other hand. “Already ten o’ clock....I’m so hungry...”

An empty stomach was something she couldn’t stand, and promptly the eighteen-year-old got up and made her way to the kitchen. Her parents were long gone to work, so the house was empty, the only sound the always-running air conditioner. The blinds were closed to seal out the heat but even with that protection enough light seeped through to light the house up naturally.

She almost forgot to take her daily dose of REAL, perhaps almost forgetting on purpose since Katie hated having to prick her arm with that all the time. It wasn’t that it hurt, the crook of her elbow had grown numb by now, it was just that it was annoying, an unwanted morning wake-up pinch. The carton of eggs on the bottom shelf of the ice box seemed much more appealing, but Katie preferred to get the dose over with first thing. She took out one of the syringes filled with the rainbow fluid from its case on the first shelf, sickeningly (to her) located right next to the milk, and pulled off the needle’s cap.

Cringing all the while, she tied her arm with the rubber band and inserted the needle into the most obvious vein in the crook of her elbow before pushing the plunger down.


Ninn had been awake for hours before this, but for all this while had stayed inside her ‘home’ of the abandoned warehouse since she only ventured outside when the place got unbearably hot. She only considered the room she was in - a small place that might have once been an office - her home. The rest belonged to the rats and bugs and was generally scary to wander in, so she spent as little time as possible running from the warehouse’s back door, across the main floor, and up the stairs to this room.

Currently she was sitting on a large desk, legs crossed, attempting to read some sort of dusty instruction manual like it was an exciting novel.

Her blonde hair was also dusty, her skin dirty, due to the fact that all the grime here settled on not only the equipment and furniture, but on her usually still body that never seemed to find a bath unless she was lucky enough to sneak into a yard and use someone’s hose or jumped in a swimming pool without permission.

Wan light filtered in through the small window, up high on one of the concrete walls. Books and manuals were scattered everywhere, a lot of them on car mechanics and floating tech...implying that perhaps this was once a factory for hovercars. Though the oak door to her office home was closed, Ninn could, to her regret, make out the loud, yelling voices of a handful of construction workers and crew on the floor below. If they came up her way, she’d have to find somewhere to hide or leave, but it wasn’t like she was going to blow her cover or get worked up over a few voices.

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"To be with the others, you have to have your hair short and wear ties. So we're trying to make a third world happen, you know what I mean?" Jimi Hendrix
Maddie Smithens:
"They're all out to hurt you. Protect yourself and only yourself," A beautiful blonde women spoke in her dreams. Colors swirled around her and she was gone.
"Wait," she groaned in her sleep, but the girl was gone.
Luckily her alarm went off at five in the morning. Protect myself and only myself? Heading sleepily down stairs she opened the fridge, to find her daily dose of REAL staring her in the face. Wrapping a rubber band around her arm, she stuck the needle into her vein and pushed the plunger down. Feeling someone watching her, she spun around and no one was there.
Why do you do it? a nasty little voice called in the back of her mind. Because if you don't you will die. She answered to the little voice. Her parents and the people at the orphanage had said the same thing. She then went back upstairs and took a shower. As she undressed herself, the voice in the back of her head spoke. they're all out to get you. They're out to violate that pretty little body of yours. A slight panic set in. Climbing into the shower, she glanced around making sure there was no one there. They're still watching, waiting for you to look away, so they can hack you in the back with an ax.

Troy Daniels
Troy awoke at around 4:30 in the morning. He poured himself a cup of coffee and then left to go make sure Maddie took her dose of REAL. He made to her house about an three minutes before she came down stairs. He watched her rubberband her and inject her dark blue REAL, into one of the delicate veins that lined her arm. Her bright red hair was airbore as she spun around. Ducking down quickly, he barely missed her hawk-like eyes. He watched her walk back upstairs to take a shower.

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He bounced the ball, a ratty, old thing, up and down the sidewalk. It make a somewhat satisfying sound as it hit the warming pavement and bounced into his waiting hand. Ingen wanted to run, wanted to be free, but he wasn't sure what he was trying to escape from. So he came outside to think, bringing along one of his first 'trophies' with him. His lips tugged up in a small smile. His trophies... The things that no one else knew about. Maybe a child's doll, or a woman's ring. Maybe just a few stones from a display, or a pack of tic tacs (empty, now) he had grabbed on impulse. All hidden in his room, of course. None in the same place, either...
Ignen sighed, catching the ball and looking up in the sky. He felt like he was chained down somewhere, but the chains were invisible and he didn't know where to start to throw them off. He wanted nothing more then to run. To escape the feeling. But no, he didn't want to escape. No, he wanted to escape. He just wasn't sure how to escape. Escaping was something he knew about, something he thought about, and something he was scared of. Ignen sighed, starting to bounce the ball again. Maybe I just need to do something interesting, he thought. I'll walk around later today, he decided.

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"Well now. You're quite the big lug, aren't you? I seem to-- Hey! Don't leave me mid-sentence!" A tall pale man screeched at Camden as he slowly faded into oblivion,

"What the... Who was that?!" Camden shook his head and felt through his short hair, making sure that nothing had hit him during the night before. Finding nothing that resembled a bump or bruise, he nodded, satisfied. He stood up to his full height and stretched, he palms easily flattened against the ceiling. He looked at himself in a full-body mirror, bronze orange hair, muscular body, and a clueless grin covering his face. Only a pair of boxers and a thin shirt covered his body. He frowned as he rummaged through a pile of clothes in an unnoticeable corner. He sheered in triumph as he pulled out a Shirt that somehow hadn't been used yet, and slipped it on quickly.

"Caamden honey, I'm going out, you can take your medications yourself, right?" A deep but sweet voice came from down the hallway as Camden opened his door. He popped his head out to see a man zip through the hallway, ruffle his hair and run out the front door. His "mom", Robert Walker. Jericho Walker, his father figure, had died a few years back in a freak accident back at the place both Robert and he worked. Camden only refused to let Robert go to work for a few weeks, but he soon came to realize that Robert's job was the only source of income until Camden became a legal worker.

Camden only smiled and waved, quietly saying goodbye and found his way to the kitchen, where the needle was already prepared with the REAL. Camden frowned, and looked around casually before injecting himself in one swift movement. He hated thinking about it, knowing that the drug kept him 'Alive', or atleast that was what Robert told him. He ate every word up and obeyed his single parent happily.

Either way, it's time to get to building up that warehouse down a few blocks... Camden nodded and grabbed a chain of keys as he fastened a belt around his waist and ran out the same door that his parent had just a few minutes ago without any breakfast. Humming a small and happy tune, he unlocked his truck and started to drive down towards the warehouses that had been long abandoned...

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"I'm not crazy. I promise..."
Character Portrait: Troy Daniels
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Character Portrait: Katie/Alice
Character Portrait: Nero Goltbenz
Character Portrait: Ninn/Moon
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Character Portrait: Cass / Isabel
Cass / Isabel

"Ever since I started questioning people's motives, it seriously feels like someone is trying to kill me."

Character Portrait: Ninn/Moon

"I wish I could go play with the other kids..." A special (or maybe just especially unlucky) Tripper.

Character Portrait: Nero Goltbenz
Nero Goltbenz

"If you aren't here today, you're just somone else tomorrow." Katie/Alice's Guardian.

Character Portrait: Katie/Alice

"There's nothing like fooling everyone around you..."


Character Portrait: Ninn/Moon

"I wish I could go play with the other kids..." A special (or maybe just especially unlucky) Tripper.

Character Portrait: Nero Goltbenz
Nero Goltbenz

"If you aren't here today, you're just somone else tomorrow." Katie/Alice's Guardian.

Character Portrait: Cass / Isabel
Cass / Isabel

"Ever since I started questioning people's motives, it seriously feels like someone is trying to kill me."

Character Portrait: Katie/Alice

"There's nothing like fooling everyone around you..."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Ninn/Moon

"I wish I could go play with the other kids..." A special (or maybe just especially unlucky) Tripper.

Character Portrait: Cass / Isabel
Cass / Isabel

"Ever since I started questioning people's motives, it seriously feels like someone is trying to kill me."

Character Portrait: Katie/Alice

"There's nothing like fooling everyone around you..."

Character Portrait: Nero Goltbenz
Nero Goltbenz

"If you aren't here today, you're just somone else tomorrow." Katie/Alice's Guardian.

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hello, umm i have no idea where to pose the characters profile XD where shoudl i pose it please? so you could take a look at it. and thank you !

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Sorry, I'm going to be pulling out. I'm juggling about four thousand things right now, and I'm getting rid of my rps by how long I've been in them... And this one is pretty new -sweatdrop- I'm sorry.... But I won't be in this one anymore. Really sorry....

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Of course. ^_^ So long as it's explained it works for me.

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@ Agonydonkey --

Heh, all right with me, and yeah, he works in construction and the such. c:
And agh, Sorry bout not making Robert's skelly. Is it all right if he's Camden's Mother figure? His dad died. I'm thinking how. ; u ;

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Hmm I was thinking about making some interesting stuff happen (or trying to) that would possibly motivate your chars to see what happens if they don't, but I don't think I was going to directly say 'stop taking it now.' XD unless of course the story called for something so abrupt...

Re: [OOC] Second Life

I will go ahead and post, and after that I will make a guardian XD My brain is working again, so it'll be fine XD Thank you for trying, though. Anyways, if I make the guardian I think it would be fine if I control them... Since I might want them to do something in the future -shrugs- And I'll probably have Ignen lurking around....
Also, are you going to tell us when to stop taking the REAL drug?

Re: [OOC] Second Life

First post is up. You can start posting.

Try to post once every one or two days, and if you can't make it, tell me here. :)

Try also not to leave others behind, though it is okay if you go back and forth between two characters when it doesn't affect anyone else.

Oh yeah, and read every post all the way. Or you may miss something and end up being corrected. XD

Otherwise, have fun. This will still be open for awhile but I'll close it after we really get into it.

@OverworkedWarden: Since your char works (I think?) in construction or building, I thought it might be convinient for a meeting if he was working on the building Ninn lived in. You don't have to meet her or work there of course but just an idea if you are interested.

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Okay...I can't do it.

I've spent the past few hours working on Guardians whilst also finishing my own character...and to sum it up it isn't turning out so wonderful. I'm just having a really hard time is all. I thought I could make them for you to take a load off of your back, but now that the load is on my back...I seem to keep hitting dead ends. If you really really really want me to make yours then I will try again, but otherwise please consider making your own Guardian to suit your personal flavor and desires for this character.

In other news, I am finally starting to write the intro post, so we'll be able to start playing soon for those that are excited...

Finally, I need to know your guys' preference for the playing of the Guardian chars. Do you want:
A) for them to be NPCs that both I and the player control?
B) player chars that only I control?
or C) player chars that only the owner player (the one who made them) control?

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Alright. :) Thanks! And no worries! :D I'm just excited to play. Great idea really!

Re: [OOC] Second Life

@Ailliana: Of course. Would be glad to make a Guardian for you, and yes I will follow the starting points you gave.
@Poetic: XD I shall make one for you as well then
@Mother: The Guardian skelly is right below the Tripper skelly.

I really can't wait to get home...where I actually get a signal and can work on this rp much faster >.<

Re: [OOC] Second Life

I have a feeling my character has the slightly useless and not very cool powers... haha... XD I don't mind XD Anyway... You can make the guardian for me, unless you'd rather I made it... I don't really have any ideas, so... XD I'm fine with waiting to post, too XD

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Is there a specific character skelly to follow for the guardian?

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Yeah, I know the charm thing can become iffy, but I promise not to go overboard, unless of course you have a suggestion for another power. I was honestly having trouble coming up with one and I figured it was fitting for the person.

(: I wouldn't mind so much if you made my guardian for me. I mean, I listed a little about them when I submitted my character, but yeah. :) I'd love it if you would do so.

And it's no problem! (: Take your time although I'm antsy!

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Okay, so if my internet would stop being a total snail I'm going to get around to accepting all of you.

To the players who have characters with the Mind Reading and Charm powers, I have seen these become problem powers before but so long as you don't go overboard I'll let you keep these powers...just be careful of how often you use them and how potent they are so the chars do not become all mighty.

Remember that each of you needs to make a Guardian sheet, that or I'll take the name and persona you gave me and make one for you, but if you want me to make your Guardian ya gotta say so or I'll think you're still coming up with one.

Last but not least....DO NOT POST YET. I know I accepted you but I'm trying to work things out to a final-ish state here. I also always like to make an intro post, posting. Be patient. I know it's taking forever, so I'm sorry for being slow...

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Hee, so I finally found the pictures for abrams and Camden, and then I facepalmed when I saw them next to eachother and saw how different the styles were.

Now onto a guardian charrie. If my Tripper even gets accepted. XD

Re: [OOC] Second Life

I'm definitely excited for this! :) The idea intrigued me!

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Sounds interesting.... I'll probably have a profile up sometime today, maybe around 10 (my time, so in about an hour) depending... Anyways~

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Haha, yeaaah.
Nevermind about huge edit now though!
It turns out parental units decided to go out and watch another movie, so I got time. LOL.
I just need to find my pics for Camden and Abrams and for the Guardian too~

Re: [OOC] Second Life

Hey there, thanks for the interest and sorry for the late reply. Go right ahead. Though wouldn't it be easier to just wait till tomorrow entirely if you need a huge edit? XD Whatever works for you though I try to keep my players happy.