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"There's nothing like fooling everyone around you..."

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a character in “Second Life”, as played by agonydonkey




Alter's Name: Katie Welsch
Reality’s Name: Alice

Gender: Female
Age: 18

Color of REAL Drug: Rainbow

Alter’s Appearance: A meek, slightly chubby and curvy figure. Yellow-white skin. Lots of dimples. Straight brown hair to shoulders. Wears glasses and generally tucks into herself. Tall but not too tall.
Reality’s Appearance: Very very tall, six and a half feet to be exact. Same complexion, but red hair, no need for glasses. Curvy and busty.

Reality’s Special Powers: Invulnerability (cannot be injured or killed so to speak.) Telekinesis (can move objects and people.)


Alter’s Personality: Quiet, shy and clumsy. Sticks to herself but in her own mind is very creative and thoughtful.
Reality’s Personality: Unfeeling, uncaring, cruel. Has a murderous streak and a desire to please only herself.

Describe any (if any) personality issues, psychological problems, etc. that your Alter may have: Katie is slightly depressed but does not show it. Some have called her schizophrenic since she likes to always ask unusual questions.
Now do the same for your Reality: Sociopathic, a pathological liar and murderous, Alice can also be called schizophrenic since she feels she is the true leader of the Trippers and that their destiny rests with her.

Alter’s Attitude about Life: “It’ll be okay if I just try.”
Reality’s Attitude about Life: “Kill or be killed.”


Altter’s Preferred Clothing Style: Muted colors. Skirts or jeans. Sometimes likes to show off her bust and thighs but not often.
Alter’s Accessories (such as a bag they always carry with them, teddy bear, make-up, etc.): The classic Purse with Everything in it. Has a small stuffed rabbit that she always keeps in that purse.


What was life like for your Tripper while a small child in a laboratory? Katie/Alice was immediately hailed as the most powerful Tripper they had ever seen, or at least the only invincible one. Her tests and experiments stretched on longer and longer than the other children’s and were more painful as they tried to kill her and failed several times. A dark side to her personality developed early and by the time she was five years old she was such a problem that a straight jacket and/or drugs were required to keep her from hurting anyone.

What happened after their mind was erased? She was sent to an orphanage for a few years. By this time she was eight, and she would have to wait five years for an adoption. While in the orphanage, Katie stuck to herself out of shyness and confusion, staying alone in her room for hours...reading a book, watching the clock, napping. Anything to avoid painful social interaction.
Were they adopted? If so by, who? Yes, eventually, by a Native American family called the Schnelly’s. They moved to Las Vegas from New Mexico three years ago.

What is their home life like currently? Calm and serene, Katie is left alone just the way she likes. While she does now and again explore the city and its wonders, the home (with its lovely air conditioning) is where she prefers to be, in her room, headphones on, distracted.
Job? n/a
School? She is home schooled. With good reason.
Friends? None to speak of.

Has anything...unusual happened to them that they can’t explain? She sometimes notices, while looking at the mirror, that something about her appearance is off, but when she glances again, the difference is gone. While walking around the city, she gets a sinking feeling that she is being followed.
Who is their Guardian currently posing as and have they ever been suspicious of him/her? Nero poses as a next door neighbor in her apartment building who ‘befriended’ her but she doesn’t really see him as a true friend. No, she has not really suspected him of anything but being a creeper. But there’s lots of those in Las Vegas.

So begins...

Katie/Alice's Story