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Nero Goltbenz

"If you aren't here today, you're just somone else tomorrow." Katie/Alice's Guardian.

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a character in “Second Life”, as played by agonydonkey


Name: Nero Goltbenz
Gender: Male
Age: 35

Appearance: A tall (about 6' 3") lanky, character, Nero almost has the figure and precise face of a supermodel, or at least the male equivalent of a supermodel. He has long, sultry blonde hair going down past his shoulders. He wears glasses. His expressions are subtle but always severe.

What do they really look like? Underneath his clothes lies a bed of scars crossing about his chest and back. He disguises himself as a normal guy versus otherwise conspicuous clothing but never changed his actual appearance just for her, even a bit.


General Personality Overview: Nero is, generally, plain and simple--- unapproachable. He makes a few comments about his "life and the things happening in his family" to Katie when she comes over but for the most part is quiet, guarded and secretive, perhaps implying that he is not doing his job as a Guardian well, perhaps implying that this is simply the way he chooses to present himself, perhaps implying that there truly isn't much more to him than this. Nero tends to ask more questions of others than answer any about himself, and this has grown on Katie to come off as 'the next door pedophile' but now that she is older she views him as less harmful and more eccentric and out and out secluded. Despite his normally cold and standoffish views, Nero seems to get a bit brighter and appreciative when Katie does her usual routine of cooking something or buying something for him and bringing it over...though this is really more from her sympathy of her forlorn neighbor than an actual like for him.

Attitude About Life: "If you aren't here today, you're just someone else tomorrow..."

Do they change or conceal their personality when around the Tripper they must watch over, to provide cover for the truth? If so, how? Nero honestly isn't much different in disguise as he is in reality. While in reality, he speaks his cold, harmful viewpoints much more freely, and doesn't mask his greeds or lusts, particularly for money. But this is about as far as any personality morph goes. He is even secretive with his own employers.


Clothing Preference: Likes to keep it very simple. Either a suit or long sleeved shirt and pressed pants.
Clothing for disguise: Reluctantly wears looser clothing and jeans to give a less OCD look, but prefers not to wear this look as much as possible, so restricts his 'normal' clothing to a few days a month.

Weapons: A very small but very harmful laser pistol always on hand, hidden away around his midriff, under his shirt. Knows that sedation is always a possibility, so keeps a sedative gun in a holster around his calf. Since he always wears pants, it is always hidden.
Other Accessories: a silver chain on his wrist, a wallet


Describe his or her childhood: Raised in an environment of druggies and alcoholics, Nero felt like an abandoned orphan without really being one. He stuck to himself and watched the goings on, the people who started as angels but always ended up falling to incredible lows, the parties, the fights and bloodshed, the sex...all this he watched with a slightly amused eye, as though he were too good to become just like them. He felt he would become better than them, give his family the title it began aiming for the stars, or shall we say, the mafia in his teen years.

How did they come to work for the government, furthermore, how did they get or why did they want this particular job? Nero began as the worst of the worst criminals. Not quite overlord of the entire mafia or even a dom, he still carved out a fairly nice name for himself as the family head of Las Vegas...tons of drug deals, a few assassinations, and even a few cases of rape. But when the FBI came knocking, he turned his head and smiled, somehow knowing that he was just the one they needed. For a hefty price and a few knock downs of his ego, Nero was spared the gallows and given the job of Guardian, something that he started out absolutely hating because he had no fun being normal and spying on someone like a coward and not having his formerly amazing reputation. But the child he was given quickly grew on him.

Describe his or her daily routine, including how they spy on their Tripper.

Nero is let into Katie's apartment every night...the door is left unlocked, she is sleeping by this time, and usually her adoptive parents are asleep. He checks her store of REAL to make sure it is being taken daily. Sometimes he will speak with her parents if they are awake and ask questions of what she is doing with her time and how she is acting around home. He then returns to his place and sleeps for a few hours. Nero makes a point of being awake and active around lunchtime, because it is during this time Katie will sometimes walk to town for lunch, and they always seem to "bump into each other" on the stairway or in the lobby, which Nero always comes up with a perfect excuse for. Katie has been suspicious of this continual occurrence for awhile, but writes it off as 'my desperate eccentric neighbor is trying to charm an 18 year old like a total pedobear.' He leaves her alone for the rest of the day, but Katie takes a long walk every night. This means he has to start watching the video feed from the security cameras on his laptop at about 8:00, wait for her to leave her apartment and get down to the lobby before he leaves his own room and follows her from a distance to witness where she goes and who she talks to. Once or twice they have bumped into each other, whereupon Nero came up with amazing excuses, but she has never noticed him doing this.

So begins...

Nero Goltbenz's Story