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"I wish I could go play with the other kids..." A special (or maybe just especially unlucky) Tripper.

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a character in “Second Life”, as played by agonydonkey



Alter’s Name: Ninn
Reality’s Name: Moon
Gender: Female
Age: 6

Color of REAL Drug: N/A

Alter’s Appearance: Ninn is small, thin and blonde with chubby cheeks and red undertones that seem like a constant blush. Her hair is wavy and long. She has blue eyes.
Reality’s Appearance: Also a child, Moon is equally skinny and compact, but has a more athletic appearance to her. She has purple eyes and long, long brown hair.

Reality’s Special Powers: Can heal herself (shares the invulnerability power with Katie) and heal others, but her power to heal others does not extend to serious or mortal wounds. On several occasions, Moon has tried to help a sick animal, only to have it die simply by her looking at it for awhile, leading her to fear that she has some sort of power over death. Moon, however, refuses to explore this power, ever.


Alter’s Personality: Quiet yet considerate and thoughtful, Ninn likes to watch the world pass her by. But this is not from being shy...she can be quite friendly if approached, but this rarely happens because she avoids being approached by strangers as much as possible out of well placed fear and anxiety.
Reality’s Personality: Moon is adventrous and wild, as well as disdainful towards adults.

Describe any (if any) personality issues, psychological problems, etc. that your Alter may have: general anxiety and phobias, but nothing serious.
Now do the same for your reality: perhaps a bit manic, but it is a quiet, thoughtful form of mania if anything. also has anxiety.

Alter’s Attitude: “If only I could go home to a real home every night...”
Reality’s Attitude: “Don’t ever listen to the adults.”


Alter’s Preferred Clothing Style: Whatever she can scrape up or steal. Enjoys dresses and comfortable shoes that are easy to walk and run in.
Alter’s Accessories: A stuffed sheep doll


Ninn never saw the inside of a laboratory, rather, her mother died in childbirth. Her father, distraught, witnessed the birthing, and did not believe the government workers who told him his child had died, yet he could not see her. He tracked down the room they were keeping her in in the hospital and stole her back, running before anyone had the chance to really register what he was doing. Naturally, a large search for her was ordered, but no-one managed to track them down because her father, an already superstitious man, had chosen the perfect hiding place deep in a forest. Beyond reach of roads, beyond the dwellings of average people, Ninn basically grew up to her current age in a campsite, complete with tent and campfire.

Her father taught Ninn how to speak, read, write and fend for herself on a basic level, occasionally leaving her alone to take care of herself for days at a time while he made a long journey to the nearest town to buy the basic supplies they needed with the family money he‘d saved for emergencies like this. They grew very close to each other and loved each other very much, as was common for most children and their parents.

Ninn turned five and her father wanted to do something special for her birthday...make a trip to Las Vegas, near their forest of residence, and really treat her to something great ---- maybe a stay in a fancy hotel, walk down the strip, really pamper her. However, it didn’t really go according to plan. After only two days, their hotel was overrun with agents who recognized her father’s image in the camera. Her father was shot and killed in an attempt to get to her, but Ninn had already taken off, running as fast and as far as she could to get away like he had taught her.

She holed up in an abandoned warehouse and has stayed there since, in hiding. She has an imaginary friend that comes in her father’s form, whom she talks to whenever she is ‘home.’ That or she still hasn’t gotten over his memory and talks to him like he is still there. She steals clothing and food to survive, and has it rough recently more than ever because the city of Las Vegas is considering renovating her building and turning it into a workable state...meaning she now has to duck and hide from inspectors, engineers and developers every so often.

Ninn can control her Reality on her own, no drugs needed. Occasionally she lets Moon out when she needs or wants her, or when Moon is crying to be let out.

So begins...

Ninn/Moon's Story