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Second Life


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Earth, for now... is a part of Second Life.

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Ninn/Moon [0] "I wish I could go play with the other kids..." A special (or maybe just especially unlucky) Tripper.
Cass / Isabel [0] "Ever since I started questioning people's motives, it seriously feels like someone is trying to kill me."
Nero Goltbenz [0] "If you aren't here today, you're just somone else tomorrow." Katie/Alice's Guardian.
Ailliana (Ailli) [0] "Just breathe"
Sonya/ Maddie [0] "I'm not crazy. I promise..."
Camden / Abrams [0] "I... Should I be calling myself 'I' in the first place? Who... Who am I?"
Ingen/Alle [0] "Somtimes yah just gotta break free."
Katie/Alice [0] "There's nothing like fooling everyone around you..."

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0.00 INK

One pill makes you larger
And one pill makes you small
And the ones that mother gives you
Don't do anything at all
Go ask Alice
When she's ten feet tall

And if you go chasing rabbits
And you know you're going to fall
Tell 'em a hookah smoking caterpillar
Has given you the call

Call Alice
When she was just small

When the men on the chessboard
Get up and tell you where to go
And you've just had some kind of mushroom
And your mind is moving low

Go ask Alice
I think she'll know

When logic and proportion
Have fallen sloppy dead
And the White Knight is talking backwards
And the Red Queen's "off with her head!"
Remember what the dormouse said;


Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

“It isn’t like you’re doing anything useful with yourself...where am I? Where’s Alice, Katie? Don’t you want to be the hero? Then you need to let me in.”

Images, or rather, strange, technicolor shapes, danced behind Katie’s closed eyelids. She sighed deeply in her half-sleep , the part of sleeping between waking and dreaming. She grumbled, partly aloud: “Stop talking to me, you freak...I don’t know you.”

“You’ve been asleep for the past ten years. Wake up. Wake up, Katie....”

And by some force of will, she did. She raised up in her thin green sheets, leaned forward, and let out a long breath, her silky brown hair fluttering in the breeze that breath made. She was glad to be out of her usual nightmares and back in the real world, and started to reach for her glasses when the same voice from her dreams came back, shouting in full, deep yet feminine force, a voice that bounced around in her mind, echoing:

“Stop taking it, you fool.............”

Sucking in a breath, the girl froze in disbelief. Her extended arm quivered. She felt a cold sweat form on the back of her neck. But, then, finally it was gone. She completed the task of putting her glasses on and swung her legs off the side of the bed in a fluid motion. Still a bit childish, she preferred traditional nightgowns to the modern t-shirts or boy shorts for sleepwear, and a simple white nightgown was what she wore now, thin and silky, draping down just a bit past her knees. Her bedroom was small since it was a small apartment, about the size of a wealthy person’s closet. But she was happy...she had a bed and a dresser and a computer station for her schoolwork and a chair and a window (never mind the fact that the window looked out onto the neighbor’s adobe wall.)

The voice still chilled her, but she told herself an excuse aloud: “I’m just having weird thoughts again. That’s all it is.” She grimaced, looked to the clock and nervously wringed her wrist with her other hand. “Already ten o’ clock....I’m so hungry...”

An empty stomach was something she couldn’t stand, and promptly the eighteen-year-old got up and made her way to the kitchen. Her parents were long gone to work, so the house was empty, the only sound the always-running air conditioner. The blinds were closed to seal out the heat but even with that protection enough light seeped through to light the house up naturally.

She almost forgot to take her daily dose of REAL, perhaps almost forgetting on purpose since Katie hated having to prick her arm with that all the time. It wasn’t that it hurt, the crook of her elbow had grown numb by now, it was just that it was annoying, an unwanted morning wake-up pinch. The carton of eggs on the bottom shelf of the ice box seemed much more appealing, but Katie preferred to get the dose over with first thing. She took out one of the syringes filled with the rainbow fluid from its case on the first shelf, sickeningly (to her) located right next to the milk, and pulled off the needle’s cap.

Cringing all the while, she tied her arm with the rubber band and inserted the needle into the most obvious vein in the crook of her elbow before pushing the plunger down.


Ninn had been awake for hours before this, but for all this while had stayed inside her ‘home’ of the abandoned warehouse since she only ventured outside when the place got unbearably hot. She only considered the room she was in - a small place that might have once been an office - her home. The rest belonged to the rats and bugs and was generally scary to wander in, so she spent as little time as possible running from the warehouse’s back door, across the main floor, and up the stairs to this room.

Currently she was sitting on a large desk, legs crossed, attempting to read some sort of dusty instruction manual like it was an exciting novel.

Her blonde hair was also dusty, her skin dirty, due to the fact that all the grime here settled on not only the equipment and furniture, but on her usually still body that never seemed to find a bath unless she was lucky enough to sneak into a yard and use someone’s hose or jumped in a swimming pool without permission.

Wan light filtered in through the small window, up high on one of the concrete walls. Books and manuals were scattered everywhere, a lot of them on car mechanics and floating tech...implying that perhaps this was once a factory for hovercars. Though the oak door to her office home was closed, Ninn could, to her regret, make out the loud, yelling voices of a handful of construction workers and crew on the floor below. If they came up her way, she’d have to find somewhere to hide or leave, but it wasn’t like she was going to blow her cover or get worked up over a few voices.

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"To be with the others, you have to have your hair short and wear ties. So we're trying to make a third world happen, you know what I mean?" Jimi Hendrix
Maddie Smithens:
"They're all out to hurt you. Protect yourself and only yourself," A beautiful blonde women spoke in her dreams. Colors swirled around her and she was gone.
"Wait," she groaned in her sleep, but the girl was gone.
Luckily her alarm went off at five in the morning. Protect myself and only myself? Heading sleepily down stairs she opened the fridge, to find her daily dose of REAL staring her in the face. Wrapping a rubber band around her arm, she stuck the needle into her vein and pushed the plunger down. Feeling someone watching her, she spun around and no one was there.
Why do you do it? a nasty little voice called in the back of her mind. Because if you don't you will die. She answered to the little voice. Her parents and the people at the orphanage had said the same thing. She then went back upstairs and took a shower. As she undressed herself, the voice in the back of her head spoke. they're all out to get you. They're out to violate that pretty little body of yours. A slight panic set in. Climbing into the shower, she glanced around making sure there was no one there. They're still watching, waiting for you to look away, so they can hack you in the back with an ax.

Troy Daniels
Troy awoke at around 4:30 in the morning. He poured himself a cup of coffee and then left to go make sure Maddie took her dose of REAL. He made to her house about an three minutes before she came down stairs. He watched her rubberband her and inject her dark blue REAL, into one of the delicate veins that lined her arm. Her bright red hair was airbore as she spun around. Ducking down quickly, he barely missed her hawk-like eyes. He watched her walk back upstairs to take a shower.

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He bounced the ball, a ratty, old thing, up and down the sidewalk. It make a somewhat satisfying sound as it hit the warming pavement and bounced into his waiting hand. Ingen wanted to run, wanted to be free, but he wasn't sure what he was trying to escape from. So he came outside to think, bringing along one of his first 'trophies' with him. His lips tugged up in a small smile. His trophies... The things that no one else knew about. Maybe a child's doll, or a woman's ring. Maybe just a few stones from a display, or a pack of tic tacs (empty, now) he had grabbed on impulse. All hidden in his room, of course. None in the same place, either...
Ignen sighed, catching the ball and looking up in the sky. He felt like he was chained down somewhere, but the chains were invisible and he didn't know where to start to throw them off. He wanted nothing more then to run. To escape the feeling. But no, he didn't want to escape. No, he wanted to escape. He just wasn't sure how to escape. Escaping was something he knew about, something he thought about, and something he was scared of. Ignen sighed, starting to bounce the ball again. Maybe I just need to do something interesting, he thought. I'll walk around later today, he decided.

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"Well now. You're quite the big lug, aren't you? I seem to-- Hey! Don't leave me mid-sentence!" A tall pale man screeched at Camden as he slowly faded into oblivion,

"What the... Who was that?!" Camden shook his head and felt through his short hair, making sure that nothing had hit him during the night before. Finding nothing that resembled a bump or bruise, he nodded, satisfied. He stood up to his full height and stretched, he palms easily flattened against the ceiling. He looked at himself in a full-body mirror, bronze orange hair, muscular body, and a clueless grin covering his face. Only a pair of boxers and a thin shirt covered his body. He frowned as he rummaged through a pile of clothes in an unnoticeable corner. He sheered in triumph as he pulled out a Shirt that somehow hadn't been used yet, and slipped it on quickly.

"Caamden honey, I'm going out, you can take your medications yourself, right?" A deep but sweet voice came from down the hallway as Camden opened his door. He popped his head out to see a man zip through the hallway, ruffle his hair and run out the front door. His "mom", Robert Walker. Jericho Walker, his father figure, had died a few years back in a freak accident back at the place both Robert and he worked. Camden only refused to let Robert go to work for a few weeks, but he soon came to realize that Robert's job was the only source of income until Camden became a legal worker.

Camden only smiled and waved, quietly saying goodbye and found his way to the kitchen, where the needle was already prepared with the REAL. Camden frowned, and looked around casually before injecting himself in one swift movement. He hated thinking about it, knowing that the drug kept him 'Alive', or atleast that was what Robert told him. He ate every word up and obeyed his single parent happily.

Either way, it's time to get to building up that warehouse down a few blocks... Camden nodded and grabbed a chain of keys as he fastened a belt around his waist and ran out the same door that his parent had just a few minutes ago without any breakfast. Humming a small and happy tune, he unlocked his truck and started to drive down towards the warehouses that had been long abandoned...