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Grag Badruk

'' I juss' do what da boss says..''

0 · 194 views · located in The Imperium of Man

a character in “Secret Heroes of the Imperium”, as played by PreachingLegionary


DATE: 0023045.M42
From the desk of Inquisitor Volsk Osbourne.
Citizen Identification Number: 345DF-12Z-UGG87789
First: Grag MI: Uh... Last: Budruk
M: X F:
Nicknames/Aliases: Thickskull or Meatshield. Although he isn't fond of either one.
Age: 37
Birthplace (City): Gothan Hive
Birthplace (Planet): Primus V
Birthplace (Sector): Gothic
Birthplace (Segmentum): Obscurus
Current Residence (Adress): CLASSIFIED
Current Residence (City): CLASSIFIED
Current Residence (Planet): CLASSIFIED
Current Residence (System): CLASSIFIED
Current Residence (Sub-Sector): CLASSIFIED
Current Residence (Sector): CLASSIFIED
Current Residence (Segmentum): CLASSIFIED

Blood Type: O +
Height: 2.62 meters
Weight: 221 Kilograms
Eye Color: Brown
Hair Color: Dark brown

Physical Appearance: Tall, bulky and muscular. Grag looks like most Ogryns does. Thick brow, big nose and tusks protruding from his underbite, he is very proud of having ''clean'' teeth for an Ogryn. His Lord and Master Inquisitor Osbourne makes sure that the big brute gets a bath once a week and brushes his teeth. His face and arms are scarred from getting to close with the enemy during his time in the Imperial Guard as a Bone'ead for an Ogryn Squad. He got his eye poked out while restling an Ork Nob and had it replaced with a cybernetic eye, the thick ugly scar that goes from his forehead down to his cheek remains from the brutal battle and it stands out more then the others. His chin is stubbled and he does is best to shave often to look good in the company of ''Da finast man of da Emprah''. His head is like his chin covered by a brown stubble that he often scratches with his big hands.

Psychological Profile: Grag might be slow when it comes to thinking but if someone would let him take his time he can say something ''clever''. He's friendly and after years in Osbourne's service you could say that the giant brute have picked up some better manners then the others of his kind. While Grag is ruthless in battle the big brute has a soft heart when it comes to people he sees as friends, however his bad ways of expressing himself just makes him rather socially awkward.

Psyker (Check One) Y: N: X
If Yes What Category:
If Yes What Is/Are Their Psychic Abilitie(s):

Family (Alive or Deceased): Family killed by an Ork Raid upon Gothan Hive

Personal Funds/ Monetary Assets: Grag have no use for money.

Current Proffession (If Applicable): Bodyguard for Inquisitor Volsk Osbourne

Skills and Apptitudes: Grag can shoot straight with his Ripper Gun but like most of is people he prefer to use the weapon as a club and get in thick with the enemy. In battle he's more beast than man and even when the weapon is knocked out of his hand he'll keep going using his large fists to crush the skulls of his foes. His Commissar said that the only skill Grag had was to stand infront of the enemy and take their shots for said Commissar. Grag uses his brute strenght to do anything needed of him, kicking in doors, running through a wall and just be a general packmule.

Personal History: Life before joining the Imperial Guard is of none importance and Grag isn't too good keeping track of his own history. What is known is that he joined the Imperial Guard as soon as he could and have served with them for the rest of his life untill Osbourne made him his new companion.

Intelligence Quotient:
Neural Wavelength Frequency: 3
Spacial Reasoning Score: 34%
Linguistic Apptitude: 31% He can speak and read Low Gothic fairly well but writing isn't his strong side. He's very proud that he can write his own name.

So begins...

Grag Badruk's Story

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#, as written by cha-kun
Volsk nodded and downed his tea, "Mmph! Aahh! delicious. Now, onto business, first thing's first," He reached over to the table next to his chair and picked up a small, grey, metallic box, and tossed it to Arcturas, "That is your limiter, it will limit the void that you create, making your presence here much more bearable for those of us who are of the psychic persuasion." He turned his head to the Navigator seated in the chair next to him, "Ah, the ever beautiful Yolande Visus," He took her hand and kissed it, "How are you today my dear?" They always started briefings with a small bit of banter. As she finished telling him about her day to day events, he stood and adressed the group around him as a few more of his team, already well entrenched in his life, began shuffling their way into the briefing room, "Welcome, those of you who have not had the pleasure of my informal acquaintance, I am Volsk Osbourne, and I offer my hospitality to you. Any questions before we begin?"

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Character Portrait: Varn Gaius Character Portrait: Tristan Holt Character Portrait: Arcturas Serdali Character Portrait: Atellus Kaenar Character Portrait: Inquisitor Volsk Osbourne Character Portrait: Lady Yolande of House Visus
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Holt nodded. "If I understand what you are saying correctly, I would guess that the virtual intelligence you are referring to a are a form of archeotech voidship cogitator. While I have read of such things in Mechanicus texts, I have never seen one myself; they are exceedingly rare, even among ships belonging to the Priesthood."

"Fascinating." he added.

Across the room, Holt noticed the squat engineer lighting his pipe.

Damnit! Does nobody here understand how much damage smoke inflicts on air filters!? thought Holt.

"I'll graft some runes of protection into the Enginarium, Key Engine parts, Hull an' Bridge,"

"My brother was the Rune Priest but every Engineer knows how tae protect his machinery, they'll banish an' keep out any Daemons that might try tae tamper with the Ships workings... IF we Do happen tae have a Daemon stashed away on board somewhere ye may want tae tell me..."

"I think you misunderstand my question, squat. I was alluding to the possibility that the ship's core bore a soulless sentience, an entity which is entirely the opposite of a daemon, but equally abominable. Either way, I am satisfied with the Inquisitor's answer." said Holt.

"You seem quiet today, my lady, what seems to be the matter?" said the Inquisitor, addressing the Navigator from earlier.

Yolande glanced away from the Tech-Priest to acknowledge the question. Internally, Holt breathed a sigh of relief. Even with a psychic-dampening headband covering her third eye, the glare of the Navigator's unblinking greyish-black eyes was quite disconcerting.

"Oh nothing my lord. There just happens to be a gaping hole in the warp sitting a few feet away from me. He has yet to turn on that limiter device you gave him, and it's giving me a rather dreadful headache. No offense of course Mr Serdali."
said the Navigator, looking over at the Detective seated across the room.