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Ayano Tsubaito

"I'm not one to use violence... but don't get me angry, alright dear?"

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a character in “Secret Police”, as played by γƒͺンーけゃん


Ayano Gi Tsubaito

Name: Ayano Tsubaito
Age: 21
Gender: Female
Height: 5'7
Weight: 134
Sexual Orientation: Unknown because she doesn't know herself
Nationality: 1/2 Japanese 1/2 Korean
Weapon(s): Unknown

Personality: Ayano is probably the sweetest young woman you'd ever see, especially in the Secret Police. She's always keeping a smile on her face, and hates no one, no matter what they did, a flaw of hers because she's too forgiving. You could say she's a pacifist, despite being in that private groups anyways, because if you asked for her weapons, she'd just shrug with a smile and probably say, 'I don't know~ What weapons do you have hmm?' It's the one topic she can't handle talking about; Violence. It's also why she'll usually stand back while everyone else takes a job.
She's much too forgiving as said in the last paragraph, loving anyone, even if they did kill someone, whether that person be good or bad. She's kind of like a mother, giving you a lecture on something before forgetting about it a moment later like nothing ever happened. If someone is being rude, she'll lecture them, then forget about it a moment later. Sometimes, it can be a bad thing because she'll even forgive criminals for doing what they did if they just simply apologized.
But behind all of her smiles and laughs, Ayano can truly become a dark person. It's one reason why the rumor is to not get on her nerves; Because she can go from a sweet and loving young woman to a merciless devil. And it's true if someone were to know her childhood. This side of her is what some would say... sadistic? She's still grinning, but when she speaks, there's that hint to her voice that says, 'Drop the subject, or I swear we'll have a talk.'

-Kind people
-Sunny days
-Groups of people

-Cold food

-She's quite flexible
-Great at acting
-Strangely really strong

-Too trustful
-Too forgiving
-Lets things pass too easily
-Doesn't remember things very often

-Serves as a waitress as a part time job
-Paints scenery when there's time
-Sows clothing


Bio: Ayano was one of those popular people back in elementary. She wasn't a bully, and had a good heart, being a bit of a teacher's pet also though it never bothered anyone or herself. She was loved so much and paid attention to is so much that she forgot about her brother who stood in the darkness while she was surrounded by her loves ones. In fact, she forgot about this so much that she sometimes even forgot she had a brother, seeing how he spent after school days being bullied, or staying alone.
She only noticed this in Jr. high where she finally tried to gain her acceptance by him, and he smiled and said everything was fine, but she knew he was still bothered by it, and tried her hardest to go on with daily life, as hard as it was after knowing that her brother couldn't do so. Because she turned her focus away from her friends, she grew to lose a few as the days passed because she kept on circling her brother and asking for forgiveness. He also said everything was alright, but she didn't feel certain, even with his words because he still stayed behind while she was moving forward without him, even though she tried her hardest to slow down.
In high school, Ayano just stopped trying, feeling tired of it all after a year, and made new friends in that school while he brother continued to live his daily life of being bullied and staying alone. Of course it still bothered her, but she didn't pay any more mind to it from that day. On the day of graduation, Ayano was walking back home, feeling proud because she was also accepted into a college, but along the way, she was kidnapped by a thief. Luckily, someone, who's face is no longer remembered by her, took care of the thief and offered her a new home in the Secret Police. For some reason, she was persuaded, and accepted. Just before she could tell her brother about this, he already got brought in a year or two later. To fix her past mistakes, she's always been trying to help her brother in any way possible.

Other: Ayano sows most of her brother and her clothing. She also starts many things (especially in art) that she seems to never finish. She doesn't go to college unfortunately, as she is now apart of the Secret Police, but does work a part time job in replace.

Relationships/Thoughts towards Other Characters:
Jin Tsubaito~ 'I'm a bit ashamed as his sister to say I never noticed how lonely he was, and I really do feel quite guilty for doing this... I can only hope that he'll accept my apologies, so to make up for that in the mean time, I'll just have to support the dear right now, correct?'
Hagen Dawn Adriel~ "He's such a serious person... Honestly, some people must smile some more... Even though it's not much of my business to know people or get to know them unless needed... Well.. At least he's got a sense for his job unlike my brother. I'm glad for that at least!"
Katherine Preston~ "The dear is so adorable! She does seem a bit stubborn and strong willed, but I find that just as adorable as a little puppy! Would she be considered a friend of mine? O-or is it weird to be friends with an older young woman? Hopefully not because she seems like a sweet girl sometimes."
Yomi Tamura~ "She's a funny woman! I have seen her around at the base sometimes, and she looks like a serious person, but I'm sure she can open up like everyone could! I'd like to get to talk to her sometimes if she wasn't always on her phone or busy."
Kira~ "Such a young dear... Her age worries me because of how young she is... and I just hope that the dear can take care of herself without getting hurt! I don't want to be rude from age, but I really am nervous for her!"
Youji Karakuni~ "He's slightly well... unusual, not someone I would befriend as easily, but I could try to give it a chance maybe! Despite his outside personality that I see, I'm sure he's a good person on the inside as well."
Kanako Greene~ "
Kotaro Daiki~ [i]"Such a childish man, but there's nothing wrong with that! I wouldn't want to be the only one lightening the mood of this organization! It's good to see someone else around your age since it's a bit difficult to make friends with anyone older than you or younger."

Laurel Steadwell[b]~ "She looks like someone i used to know as a child! I'm sure we could get along if she wouldn't mind an age difference or gap between us. A fun personality and type of person really! I'd love to try and meet her!"
[b]Kurosaki Eko "Neko"
~ "Oh dear, Oh dear, Oh dear, I'm quite anxious around this one. He looks so serious and seems so young! Ah, it makes me worry about these children! I don't want anyone to get hurt! But they seem to be fine on their own so far... I'll still have to keep an eye on this one also though!"

So begins...

Ayano Tsubaito's Story

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Jin Tsubaito

Jin sped up his pace of running as he chased after his target. It was a woman, maybe a year or so older than him, and his eyes were set on taking her down, even though she was female. Often, he would have let her go, causing conflicts within the organization that he just ignored, but this one kind of got on his nerves and he wasn't looking to flirt anymore.

The woman made her first mistake by running forward while Jin took a height advantage, jumping off the stairs he climbed and rolling before he hit the ground to break the fall. The woman paused immediately, seeing how the young adult was in front of her and would be caught if she just ran backwards by the actual police.

"Gotcha dear~" Jin said, pointing his pistol at her, little hesitation in his eyes and holding out the other hand, "I'll be taking back that code of yours, love. I can't let you go stealing that much money from the bank. Now usually I'd let you go, but I do recall me having to had already given you that chance. Lets see... wasn't that last week? Ah yes, it was. And I told you to stop that thieving habit of yours, right?"

He walked closer to the woman and put the pistol to her head and said again, "The code now, if you'd please."

The woman growled angrily, but reluctantly took a piece of paper from her pocket, and gave it to him, a look of regret on her face as she turned away and frowned. Jin checked that it was the right paper before putting it in his own pocket and winking, "Thanks now, love. I really appreciate it. If I didn't get this, I'd lose my job!"

The woman spit at him before snarling, "Go lose that job for all I care, and while you're at it, go die also! Now let me leave!"

"Oh, feisty are we?" Jin chuckled at her personality, and within the blink of an eye, he shot the bullet, a kind looking smile still on his face even though he had a splatter of blood on it, and on his clothes along with the fact that he just killed a woman, "But I can't let you go after what you've commit, love."

He wiped the small trace of blood from his cheek, smearing it a bit as he whistled a cheerful tune and began to walk back to the base in the city, which was basically a run down apartment that belonged to them. He heard the police sirens ring behind him while he made his way back, but paused and turned around, "Oh wait."

Jin walked back to the woman and took out a paper in his pocket before placing it in her hands.

"Jin was here loves~ Give your thanks to the Secret Police~ "

He always left that after he killed someone or solved a case to give the credit to the organization he was in, and to himself of course since he wanted some credit as well, "Alright, time to go back now." Jin walked back to the base for the last time, not turning around, even though he knew the police were right on his tail.

Ayano Tsubaito

Ayano, also, had a target of her own. She was severed from her group, just like her brother, but that was mainly because she already knew how to lure her opponent into the trap, and close the gates before he could escape.

She was at the bar, doing her part time job there as the waitress. In the corner of the room was a suspicious and dark looking man who was typing onto a computer. There was only one more person in the bar, and that was one of the people apart of the organization used as a mere distraction. The boss of the bar left Ayano to close up since she was trusted, and the only costumer for the night was the one sitting in the corner, or, the one who she was supposed to take care of.

While she set down a drink for the "other costumer", she went back to the bar to grab a small cup of sake before walking over to the one in the corner. But she wasn't really going to serve him his drink obviously. Just before she could reach him and set down the cup, she accidentally tripped, and spilled the sake all over his computer, which spazzed a bit and then made a small explosion.

"I-I'm so sorry dear! I didn't mean to!" Ayano acted out before grabbing a napkin and patting him down since some of the alcoholic beverage was spilt over him as well, "I can pay for the computer! Name your price! I swear!"

"Why you little-" The man began but then stopped when he sighed and muttered, "I don't care. Just get out of my face. I'm leaving."

He headed for the door, and was just about to open it, but when he tried to push, it didn't budge, and when he tried to pull, it didn't budge either, "What the hell is this... a prank?" He growled and turned to Ayano who simply smiled, but it seemed more dark than happy and cheerful.

"I don't think I'm allowed to let you go. That's what my boss tells me, and he's not the one that owns the bar, dear." Ayano told him. The other costumer, who was apart of the organization, stood from his chair and walked up to him as she continued, "Sorry, but it's about time you took a break from work, isn't that right?"

"W-what?" The man asked, his last words seeming to be faintly breathed from his mouth before his vision disappeared, the last thing he remember being the white haired woman's smile. Or... perhaps it was a smirk.