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Hagen Dawn Adriel

"Do you not realize the essence of science at all?"

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a character in “Secret Police”, originally authored by blackwolt, as played by RolePlayGateway


"I value knowledge, logic, and deceit. I love to pursue wisdom but also to manipulate and deceive. At my best, I am brilliant and progressive. At my worst, I am treacherous and cold."

Name: Image
Hagen D. Adriel

Purple Emperor




176 lbs

Sexual Orientation:


Modified Bow


Hagen usually comes off as a ruthless, calculating, apathetic and willing to use anyone to further his own goals, even himself. Despite his normally cold appearance, Hagen is surprisingly polite, soft-spoken, intellectual and charming when casual. But that is mostly because he is rather drunk when not on a mission.

Hagen is also a master at subterfuge, able to deceive his targets into believing what he wants and infiltrating well guarded areas. He has a knack for finding clandestine information with ease, knowing about most things that would seem to be vague details, and is unusually perceptive. He favors planning and preparation, and often lays out elaborate plans well in advance so as to not be caught by surprise. Though, he does recognize the occasional "odd variable" that makes his way into his calculations. During these times, he still remains calm and collected, never showing signs of distress or anger. Others often judge him as being overconfident, but with his genius intellect and experience, Hagen is a deadly opponent who can easily exploit a person's weakness and manipulate events into his favor.

In spite of his calm and relaxed state of mind, Hagen has a strong sense of justice. To the degree that he will take missions involving the crushing of criminals, believing they cannot be given the chance to hurt the innocent. His goals are somewhat unclear, but it spawns from his insatiable hunger for power and will to do anything to gain it. He is willing to kill opponents, if he finds it advantageous in some way.

Music (all kinds of music)

People Joking Around
Drug Addicts

Intelligence (especially strategic)
Gentleman Acting

Trust Issues
Heavy Drinker
Blackouts (alcohol-related amnesia)
Weak in Close Combat

Arrow Crafting
Bow Modding
Scientific Technology


Hagen is a test-tube child, one of the only examples through history that had survived some minor gen-manipulation. Of course gen-manipulation is strictly forbidden, but that didn't stop his creator as well as mother, from trying to create a new kind of humans. His mother Victoria, was the founder of the medicine company known as Dawn Corporation. A very successful company that had made her multimillionaire, and was known for making the best medicine in the world, though not priceless. She didn't create Hagen because she wanted a child to care for and love. He was an experiment, nothing more nothing less. This changed with the years, the more she tested on him, the more she grew attached to him as if he was her real child. The days started changing, going from testing to teaching, from working to training and from observing to loving. Victoria gave Hagen all possibilities to have a good life.

At the age of eight Hagen was pretty much a normal child, though his brain activity was far beyond other eight year old children. This was because of the minor gen-manipulation he had been born with, making him think faster and better than others. Victoria was very proud of her son, especially when he began to work as her assistant at the age of fifteen, helping her with a various of different experiments. She had stopped working with gen-manipulation after Hagen, mostly to keep it hidden from him.

Year went by and life seemed good, but with a brain always on overload Hagen began getting problems. Whenever he didn't have anything to work on he became unable to control his thoughts. It was as if Hagen's brain didn't want to stop working on overload. Victoria could see that it was tearing her child apart little by little, and as the days went on it became worse. She began giving him extreme puzzles whenever he wasn't working with her. It worked at first, but she couldn't keep finding puzzles for Hagen and she started looking into other things that could keep his brain activity at bay. The answer lied in training courses where he needed speed both using his body and mind to complete the different challenges.

It hurt Victoria that her experiments had backfired on her child. As the days went on a sense of guilt grew in her to the point where she started taking drugs to make it go away. The now drug addicted mother couldn't keep a normal day together anymore and it affected Dawn Corporation heavily. A group of criminals saw this as an opportunity to earn millions. They kidnapped her a day she was going home from the laboratory all alone. They recorded beating her up and send it to the company saying that they wanted millions to release her. This conflict actually ended well, considered everything. The police stepped in and saved Victoria. But the woman that had been kidnapped was not herself anymore. She didn't speak she was just lying in bed looking at the ceiling every day.

At the age of nineteen Hagen's world changed dramatically. He found his mother dead in the bed with a little piece of paper beside her saying "I'm sorry my love" and an empty pill container. What had caused her to do this is very unclear, but Hagen blamed the criminals that had taken her, and swore that they would pay. Not just the ones that had done this unforgivable thing to his mother, one time criminal always criminal. Hagen disappeared shortly after, taking a big part of his mother's fortune with him. A month passed and suddenly the police started finding bodies lying around the city of Berlin. But all the bodies had something in common, they had done a crime at least once plus they were filled with arrows.

One day a group of people caught Hagen, but they weren't criminals nor were they normal police. They called themselves the Secret Police and wanted him to join their course. They explained that together as a group they would be able to take down much larger groups of organized crime. Hagen wasn't fond of the idea at first, but since they had managed to catch him he decided to try it out. Being able to take down a man like Hagen requires high skills.

Hagen have now been a part of the group for years, and haven't thought about leaving it since he joined. He sells some of the technology he makes in his spare time, but mostly lives off the money his mother left behind.

Hagen has a purple eye color, probably because of gen-manipulation.
Hagen got the name Purple Emperor from the group because of his eye color, clothing style and intelligence.
Hagen found a way to keep his brain activity down using alcohol.
When drunk Hagen seems like a normal guy with a kind personality.
When Sober Hagen shows his real cold personality.

Relationships/Thoughts towards Other Characters:
Jin Seung TsubaitoImage:
"Jin? If he stopped hitting on every living creature he could and stopped joking around all the time, I might begin considering him as a compatible comrade. Until then, he should stay away from me... I wonder what keeps people like him alive in this world... Probably his sister."

Ayano Gi TsubaitoImage:
"Ayano... The woman with the smile. I don't have much to say about her. I can't say that she isn't nice, in fact it is the exact opposite, she is way too nice. I don't know much about her, but I wonder how she gets the jobs done. At least she is better off than her brother."

Katherine Akira PrestonImage:
"The girl with a deathwish. I like her attitude, she has her heart in the right place. The thing I don't like is her way of jumping into danger, as soon as she feels it is the right thing to do. I see my own sense of justice in her, maybe that is what makes me want to protect her. She shouldn't do jobs alone if you ask me."

Yomi TamuraImage:
"A woman you can count on. I like her, she is one of the more serious people around here. Maybe it is something that comes with age. The way she works is remarkable, I would never be able to handle a computer the way she does. An expert on her field and I admire her for it. Though she has a coffee problem..."

"The girl that Yomi found. A high intelligence for someone her age, it even exceeds the most around here. But she is still a child and has much to learn. But I swear if she tries to command me around as she sometime does with the others, it's not going to be pretty."

Youji KarakuniImage:
"Ah, that guy. He is okay I suppose, he has the same fascination for technology like I do, but on another field. I see him as a rebel, but I believe it'll wear off when he gets older. He is in the problematic age after all."

Kanako GreeneImage:

Kotaro Ishinomori DaikiImage:
"Ah, Gang Killer, he has his problems. Not that it bothers me really, as long as he keeps his cool when near me I don't have any problem. I don't really know him. He seems like he enjoys being in action, but not for the reasons I had hoped to see. If he was a bit more serious, I might like him better... He fits."

Kurosaki EkoImage:
"The little man Kurosaki. He reminds me of myself in so many ways. I like him, but he should seriously start working on some anger management. I would also say that he should change his attitude towards others, but who am I to judge on that subject."

So begins...

Hagen Dawn Adriel's Story

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His grip tightened around the handle of his bow. 'What the hell Katherine.' Was all he could think of as his teammate went out of his sight from the rooftop he was standing on. 'We've been through this so many times, when do you learn to count on others?' As always Hagen was in a really bad position to follow her. With a quick decision Hagen went into a full run, he knew that she was able to handle a criminal like the one they were after, but still, he wouldn't risk anything when she was a part of it. Why? He didn't even know himself.

Running down the stairs of the building, while throwing his bow back around him, Hagen ran through possible ways to catch up to his teammate and their target. Fiddling with his phone while running he tried to call Katherine 'Come on... Come on!' He knew the chances of her answering it was near zero, she was smart enough to mute her phone while on a mission. After ten seconds without a answer, Hagen put the phone back in one of his pockets. 'We'll do it your way then.' He knew that it would be pure luck if he caught up to her, but at least he knew where she was going. 'I'll put a wireless taser-unit on her before next mission for sure.'

As Hagen got closer to the warehouse their target was spotted at he saw blue lights shine on the walls. The police had gotten there before him. Hagen found a spot he could observe from while well hidden. He pulled out a small pair of binoculars and started watching the police do their job. One of the men opened the door to the building and a shock went through Hagen at the sight of a bloody body lying inside. There wasn't enough light inside and Hagen was too far away to see what the body looked like but one thing was for sure, this was too brutal to be Katherine's work.

Finding his phone Hagen tried to call her one more time. He kept his eyes on the police hoping that none of them found a phone on the bloody body inside. Hagen calmed down the second the phone was picked and the breath of his teammate could be heard. He started walking away from the crime scene while calmly talking on the phone "Where are you? Did you get the target?" Questions started occurring in Hagen's mind as he spoke, such as 'What happened?' 'Are you okay?' 'Was it you?' But he didn't want her to know that he had seen the crime scene, at least not until he could ask her in person.

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Katherine had sat down on the grass. She heard the faint noises of police cars and people's whispers as they walked from or to the crime scene. Katherine satred up at the sky, sighing. She could return to headquarters but she figured she could face the music later. 'I screwed up I doubt it'd be good to go back right now' she thought. With another sigh she stood. Katherine knew Hagen would be looking for her but and she knew she'd probably get scolded for it but the thought didn't bother her. She started walking towards headquarters and made it a few minutes until her phone rang. She didn't have to see the caller ID to know it was Hagen.

"No I didn't get him someone saved me the trouble." Katherine answered his question with obvious frustration about the memory. "Besides you would've known if it was me." Katherine added. When she killed a target it would usually be with her knife and the body would be found with a large 'X' shaped gash on the chest. "As for my location I'm on my way back to headquarters so don't worry about me and you should head back as well." Katherine awaited the reply of her teammate half-expecting for him to start his scolding rant now but she said nothing about it as she continued walkng.

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Well at least she spoke true of what he had observed, but it was still a shitty situation they were in. "Okay, we have to talk. Let's just hope that the overheads don't have any problem with it. If they do I assure you that you would wish it was my scolding words and not theirs." When no answer occurred Hagen continued "And for next time Kat, you better wait for your team. See you at the headquarter, I would like to hear what you saw in detail when we get back."

This wasn't the first time a thing like this had happened. Though it had been minor problems, not like the one today and because of that the overheads didn't take action. But this was very different, it seemed like someone from the outside had gotten some information about the Secret Police. This didn't exactly mean that Katherine was in any sort of problems, but she would be the first suspected because she ran away from the team just after they've gotten the information of their target's location and suddenly a mysterious person takes out their target. It didn't look good, but at least Hagen might be able to manipulate the story a little if Katherine didn't say too much before they had had a talk.

"Don't talk to anyone else before we've talked okay?" Hagen felt a sudden vibration on his chin. It was the phone he felt but it wasn't the phone that made the vibration, it was his own hand. It had been around ten hours since his last drink and it had started taking its effect. He wasn't happy about his addiction, but it was the only way he could keep up with his own mind when not working. He started walking towards the headquarter waiting for a response even if it was just the sound of an ended call.

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Katherine heard him speaking androlled her eyes at his last comment. "No promises Hagen. I know what I'm doing and if this happens again I know what I have to do." Katherine had suspicions the last time an incident like this happened but twice? She thought it was more of an incident and its something she'd have to speak to her 'informant' about when she saw him later on. Katherine knew to others it may not look good but she couldn't possibly tell the others about her suspicions and who she suspected as the culprit. Not even Hagen knew the truth and Katherine wanted to try everything in her power to keep it that way. "Trust me Hagen I don't like it either but I'm pretty sure Kira and/or Yomi already know."

In truth Katherine was a bit nervous because the last time this had happened she ran off and hear the mystery person speak to her. In the back of her mind she slightly thought of such the slim odds that it could possibly be a coincidence but she also thought of the chances that this mystery person was doing something personal. She shook her head at thought not wanting to dwell on it any longer. "Like I said Hagen don't worry about me. You should head back. I'll be there soon." Katherine knew she had to see her 'informant' now and figure out if it could be who she suspected. The person whom is her informant is an older member of the secret police a little while away from retiring. Katherine woldn't tell him everything but she had a few questions not concerning the Secret Police.

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"Don't do anything stupid. Remember if you have any problems don't hesitate to contact me as the first Kat." With those words he ended the call. He knew he couldn't help her if she didn't want any help. He hated not being able to control the situation, but what could he possibly do? In any case the headquarter sounded like a really good idea for now, especially because he knew a six-pack was waiting for him in the fridge. He wanted to keep his head clear for Katherine if it was needed, but it was easier said than done. If he kept his head clear he knew that he would be pretty hard to be in the same room with because he couldn't keep his mind calm, and without alcohol his body would start fucking it all up.

Finally getting to the headquarter he went directly for the fridge, taking one of the beer and drank it in one go. He didn't greet the others not even a look showing that he acknowledged their presence. He just picked up the rest of the six-pack and went into his own office. It was easy to see that he was frustrated. He slammed the door behind him, threw his bow on the modding table, sat down in his office chair and opened the next beer, though only taking a sip regularly.

Trying to find his mp3-player in the mess of wire, chemical powders and blueprints, he stumbled upon the picture of his mother. 'What would you have done?' He began relaxing a bit, the alcohol starting to take its effect. He put the picture down and found his mp3-player, put the earplugs in his ears and turning the volume up. He needed a moment for himself just to calm his mind and nerves.

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Katherine didn't reply and hung up a few seconds after he did. She had many different emotions running through her head. It distracted her so much it almost made her miss her location. She walked into the small diner. It wasn't packed and was quiet like usual. She went to the back where a man sat wearing dark clothing and a hat to cover his face. As soon as Katherine sat down he slid a file across the table and over to her. Katherine didn't open it and looked at him , deadly serious. "Is he back in town?" She asked him lowly. The man did the least expected of him and shrugged. "Not sure. It's too soon to tell. Sorry Katherine but you'll have to wait until I get more information on his moves and whereabouts." the man spoke lowly as well. Katherine clenched her fists and grabbed the file before shooting him a glare. "That doesn't help me. I need to know and if he is he better pray someone else finds him instead of me." Katherine said before standing up and quickly exiting the diner. She made her way back to headquarters and simply waked through the door too frustrated and angered to greet anyone.