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"Ill find you, and then *click* erase" Updated

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a character in “Secret Police”, as played by DreamerOnTheStars



"To know is to die."

Name: Kira
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Height: 5'1
Weight: 85 lb
Sexual Orientation: Bisexual
Nationality: Half Japanese Half British
Weapon(s): A Pistol, rifle and..Yes a computer.

Personality: Kira is very quiet and often never seen, because she is always inside or erasing her trails becaue She never really enjoyed going out in public and dislikes strangers excluding anyone apart of the secret police. Why? Its because she is consider freakish by the average civilian because of her high IQ/Intelligence and rather being toyed around with in the news and such, she is better off being with the secret police. "Off the grid" or Nonexistent.
But despite her reserve life style, she enjoys being surrounded by those who can accept her, and take great respect in those who do, to the point where she'll watch over them just to make sure they're alright. It shows that she is kind by heart and pretty "innocent" However, she isnt all kindness, when she is overly frustrated, she takes on an irritating aura. even Her appearance visible changes and her behavior will as well! [Shown above] She usually kicks people out of her room or demands a lap to sleep on. A childish phase of hers for being too "adult" all the time.

  • Cake
  • Her Toy Bear or anything cute
  • The Secret Police
  • Information
  • Being short on any info or anything
  • Being Underestimated
  • Arrogance
  • Lack OF sleep.
  • Being treated like a freak
  • She knows of most or maybe all information about everyone and everything. If she doesnt, she will~
  • She is very discreet, easily erasing trails, and she can defiantly act.
  • She is a skill pro at technology and can hack into many systems, taking information.
  • Being a very intelligent young girl, she can easily solve and observe. She can also adapt easily, learning quickly, so if you need a role to be filled, she can probably do it.
  • Despite the fact that she is fast and very discreet, she can barely fight for her own sake. Meaning, she is usually held back from "war" grounds.
  • Being a child, or appearing like one can sometimes give an disadvantage because she is often held back in public places and always underestimated.'
  • Sleeping
  • "Computer~"
  • Going out to some random place to eat famous sweets~


Bio: Kira was an orphan from a very young age, and she never really got to know her parents. But honestly, she didnt care, since she never met them, however it effected her pretty well. It caused her to be quiet and rather lonely, especially with the lack of attention, giving a reason to why she dislikes being known. But she got used to it over the years..
Anywho at the orphanage she stayed at, they provided schooling and care. So one day, they began to test the kids IQ and intelligence. It was just to see where to put each child, into which ranked class..
Most were average, and few, a little impressive, but when it came to Kira's IQ, it was astonishing. Her intelligence was triple the average adult, and this caused commotion within the staff. This was amazing! They thought. they could use it to their advantage and cause publicity to their business. However, despite them being so discreet about her results, she found out anyways.. It was easy to her what to do. she took some money, and got ready to escape.
Kira didnt want to be treated like a freak, and quickly, she ran off without leaving a trail. Well until she bumped into someone who gave her an opportunity in the secret police. They promise for complete secrecy and she'll be off the grid. She just needed to use her brain to help those who need it.
and Of course, she accepted.
Relationships/Thoughts towards Other Characters:
Jin Tsubaito - Kira really doesnt have a certain opinion on him since.. well she isn't so sure. Its more of a mixed feelings, she doesn't hate him yet she doesn't love him. He is someone who she can tolerate. But she wouldn't mind him, besides he never really flirts with her since she is way younger, so there is nothing to hate.
Ayano Tsubaito - Ayano is one of those girls who she looks up to. One being because she seems so kind and strong. And you can "never" be so nice, right? Besides, because of the lack of attention and kindness she received as a younger child, she wouldnt mind alot of it.
Hagen Dawn Adriel - Hagen always seems to consider her nothing more then a child, but after a few days of watching, she saw some sort of acknowledge from him which made her rather pleased. However despite her natural thought to be intimidated she sees nothing to fear. Sure, she'll back off but honestly.. she hasent much to loose. Besides despite all that seriousness, he is a respectable man and is a great assist in the secret police. "Ill prove him wrong!"
Katherine Preston - Being very observant, Kira knows of the distance Katerine puts between them. She knew of her cautiousness around her and she doesnt like that.. It made kira feel different from someone normal, but nevertheless she makes small attempts to get her to trust her. Hopefully it will happen someday since Katherine is the only young girl besides herself. It would be nice to talk some female other then her caretaker. "Don't leave.."[/i]
Yomi Tamura - Oh, Kira loves her, she is the one who takes cares of her of course. Plus their interest are ever so similar, so she can relate. And because of her love for her, Kira doesnt mind her attachments which she considers a flaw. But she does mind her lack of sleep, and she constantly tries to get her too. And if she got to tell her thank you."Please go to sleep... Or no games for you!.. *quietly* But thank for you for being here for me.."
Youji Karakuni - Youji shares a friendly rivalry with her, and they always go at it when it comes to tech. But its just to amuse him...or so she says >> Anywho, Youji is one of her friends but to her she also considers him somewhat of a brother. He always seems to relate and despite his rebellious appearance, he is really nice. Hopefully more people will come to know that, and overlook his cockiness. "Like I said Youji, I'll always beat you *smiles*"[/i]
Kotaro Daiki - Well to put it bluntly, she never really talked to him. And its not like she doesnt want to, its never happens. But from what she knows, she believes that she'll like kotaro despite his bi-polar personality. [i]"Maybe I'll help with his medication..."
Laurel Steadwell - She respects the women by all means, but she is rather withdrawn by her sassy attitude. It isnt a bad thing of course. She believes that her personality can be a great assist and she likes how she follows her gut more then direct orders.
Kurosaki Eko "Neko" - She defiantly considers him somewhat of a rival because of his genius. He is similar to him, with age and intelligence. Though, she admires his strength, and wishes she too can have such skill. Not only that, but him being the closest age, she wishes to be friends of some sort..

So begins...

Kira's Story

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In a dark room, a brightly lit was face was the only thing seen as a matching typing was heard as well.
Click. click.
A girl watched the screen intently, as she accessed all security cameras in a designated area and stopped every few seconds. Though she would replay this process over and over again until- She stopped. There. She leaned forward. 'Jin.' Yes it was him alright, along with some dead body. She grimaced slightly.
'The target I guess.' Zooming in, she examined the face and turned her head to a second screen and a third screen that showed a wanted list. It was the same person. Great.
"One mission down." She yawned, before deleting the women off the wanted list without a single thought. "More to go.." ImageScanning the long and never ending list, she stopped at one. It had been completed, but by who? Searching her resources, she stopped, blinking. This was team 3's mission..but they didnt get the target? 'Thats wierd' She blinks, loads of information and possibilities racing to her head. 'Maybe the target did a self suicide..thats pretty common, or maybe..' Kira slipped off the bed and began towards the door in thought. '-Someone else took the prey?' That was more likely..but it was surprising. She didn't think that the team would let that happen. It wasnt her buisness though.

'Oh well.' The criminal is gone and dead, and whether or not they did it, the fate remained the same.

'Ill do a back ground clean up later.. Ill have to handle the police too..' Kira thought calmly, yawning a few more time. 'Maybe a little investigating..'

Slowly, she turned the knob and left the room in nothing but a large shirt, shorts and sleepy eyes.
"Hello.. Yomi" She smiled softly at the female and turned to the male. "-Youji" She examined them, all well, then walked towards the mini refrigerator bringing out her "food". Cake. Cutting a slice and taking a glass of milk, she took it to a table and began to eat her delictable treat.

Moments later however, she informed them of new events [that they probably knew] In between bites. "Jin finished the mission.. and team three as well.. kinda"

[OOC: A little crappy >3> but i was in a hurry ><]

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#, as written by Keen
Yomi Tamura

Yomi nodded in thanks to Youji as she took the can from the small drone and opened it up, she took a long drink of the cold bitter fluid before setting the can down on her desk and inputting a few commands into the device in her hands. A door nearby opened up, Yomi knew who it was before even looking. She quickly put the game away and turned towards Kira with a smile. Her smile faded a bit as Kira began to dig into a cake.

With a sigh she rose from her seat, grabbed her coffee, and walked over to her. "You really should try not to eat so many sweets, you're still growing, so you need to eat more nutritious stuff." She crossed her arms and tried to sound stern, but she really had no intention of stopping her from eating the sugary treat. She decided to take a seat at the table as well, taking a drink from her can and retrieving the gaming device from her pocket. She gave a smirk as she began to play her game, "And you know... All that sugar and all that laying around you do, you wouldn't want to get fat right?" At this point Yomi was mostly teasing her, but she really was concerned with the girls health. She was concerned with just about everything regarding Kira. The girl had cemented her place in Yomi's mind, it was something new for Yomi, in the past she had only been concerned with work but she didn't really mind the change.

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Seeing that nobody was paying attention to him, Kotaro decided to get some food. On the way, he saw Kira enter the room.

"Great," he thought, "another person who'll ignore me. Not that it matters..."

When she finished what she was saying, Kotaro grunted. "At least they get some action." he told no one in particular. He grabbed a plastic cup and filled it with water from the dispenser.