Kate Black

"Three can people can keep a secret. If two of them are dead."

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a character in “Secret Promises”, as played by missfightingfork


~Full Name~
Katherine Elizabeth Black




October 31st 1993

Girl three

~Sexual Orientation~

~Love interest~
Boy three

Boy three

~Whats your secret?~
She's a killer.
Kate has shoulder length brown hair and bright hazel eyes. She is not what most people would call skinny and has more of a curvy figure, she is relatively short standing at only 5ft 3. It could easily be said that she has an average appearance as there is nothing exceptional about the way she looks. She dresses like an average teen, preferring to cover up rather than flaunt herself although she does enjoy pretty clothing like dresses and skirts rather than baggy hoodies and tracksuits.


Kate is a generally cheery person, she can be a bit quiet when she is deep in thought which is often. Kate doesn't have many friends because of her temper, she has to work hard to keep herself under control or risk flipping out and doing something terrible. She is deeply regretful of the murders she has commited and often punishes herself. She wants to be a good person she just finds it a challenge.


Kate was born on Halloween in 1993 to a loving mother and father, she also had three sisters: Megan, Charlotte and Olivia. Life was always good for her as an infant but as she grew she found it increasingly difficult to control her dark side and on Christmas day 1996 she killed her own family. Since then she has been adopted by her new parents Mark and Lizzie and she is recieving all the therapy she needs, finally starting to rebuild her life and she has had the occasional slip when her temper has become too much for her but so far she hasn't been caught.

So begins...

Kate Black's Story