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Wong Chi

"Catching pokemon is not fun if they don't fear it."

0 · 354 views · located in Secret Ranch of Kanto

a character in “Secret Ranch Of Kanto”, as played by Scarlet Bullets


Name: Wong Chi

Type: Trainer

Age: 17

Sex: Male

Pokemon: Ariados, Golbat, Drapion, Roserade, Swalot, (empty slot)

Nickname: Hunter

Personality: Cold and heartless, meaningful in manipulative ideals, this young boy found a high off of capturing pokemon and found an unhealthy version of ‘gotta catch them all’ for he hunts down pokemon to the point it’s not humane to do so. He finds breeders as pussies, gym battles meaningless, and pokemon as game. He does not show many people his darker side of things but when he sees something he wants he does not stop till he has it under his control.

Likes: Pokemon, catching, safaris, power, pokeballs.

Dislikes: Breeders, resistance, training, gym battles, and rules.

History: At a young age his family showed him the fun of being a pokemon hunter. He then grew up secretly training to be a bounty hunter who forcibly catches pokemon no matter who owns them for money. Though, no one knows of this but his family, many see him as just another friendly trainer.

Notes: Pokemon trainers usually don’t capture anything but pokemon… However, no one ever tried a poke-human before eh?

Crush: TBA

Picture: Image

So begins...

Wong Chi's Story

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Bell took deep breaths from her long, skinny nose. Dripping wet also and too weak to fly she laid in Mac's hand breathing and recovering from the nightmare. She thought she woke up from the crashing waves but it only seemed that she woke up to more deadly water. She opened her big sparkling blue eyes and looked at Mac carefully. Then, with a puff of her nose, she fluttered away from him so she could change back to her human form. Once she did, she was wearing her skirt and bow outfit that seemed to come with the transformation of her pokemon. She shook her head back and forth to rid the water of her hair like a dog and sighed.

"YOU- STUPID!" she yelled at Mac suddenly.

"Your stupid pranks nearly got me killed, and- and- MEH~" she called out childishly as she crossed her arms and sat down in the grass pouting.

She looked up at Mac with her angry face and puffed.

"Too far."


Wong... Sat on a tree stump laughing.

"Again! Do it again!" he spoke.

His Golbat sighed and screeched at the Odish once more. Wong laughed as the poor grass type attempted to plunge it's self into the ground to stop the screeching. Finally he returned his pokemon into the ultra ball and grinned at the poor thing.

"What have we learned today little one?" he asked rhetorically.

The odish shivered and nodded knowing that defending his friend the Gloom was the reason he got into this mess. Wong grabbed the Odish be it's leafs and lifted it up in the air like holding a decapitated head by the hair.

"Don't cross me... Again." he said before he threw the pokemon into a tree.

Wong laughed and walked off, leaving the area with pleasure. No one knows of his wicked deeds for he keeps them a minimum. He was invited to the ranch after his fake file was found by the researchers who were looking for trainers to respond to the poke-humans. He was the few who was picked for the file was so outstanding that he just had to come. Though, that was the plan, to be invited. Now he had a whole place to control. The pokemon would learn to fear him, and he would use that one day to take the ranch for his own. His plan, simple, and secret, to others he is a sweet trainer, but for pokemon who cross him, know him as the hunter he truly is.

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Bell face brightened at the ice cream. She swept it out from Mac's hands and licked it happily. Her face almost a bit red with a blush of how much she loved the sweet sugar and glorious taste of the icecream. She nibbled on the poffins and simply devoured the icecream in little licks. She felt a swell of happiness from sweets. Like a true swelling, sweet things buzzed her enough as beer did for a drunk. That's why she was not suppose to have ice cream. Most of the time Tovi kept it away from her so she did not get a sugar high. Though thanks to Mac, Bell got her fix of the heavenly sweet icecream she enjoys always.

"Thank you!" she said to Mac with a sweet smile.

Once she was almost done, not leaving Mac's side, she sighed at her full belly.

"Now you owe my one everyday for two weeks." she said with a giggle.

"And don't say you can't. You can fad though walls and turn invisible sometime. Sneaking icecream should be like... Well like pushing a mattress on a lake no?" she grinned.


Wong traveled though the forest in silence. He was looking though his pokedex at all the 'captured' pokemon he had added up over the years. He stopped when he felt a strange aura nearby. He looked up, and put his pokedex away. There, though the clearing of bushes, was more trees, but also a floating hooded figure. At first he thought it was a ghost, though, he knew well enough what to expect in the ranch that he so wrongly took advantage of. He stepped out in front of the figure, seeing little of the glow from it. He snared, then grinned.

"I had no clue death was being cruel today." he said.

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Iksha was floating along, minding her own business as she headed towards the woods. It was hard for her out in the sun, she needed the shade and soon, it was too hot for the ghost pokehuman out here. If she was in her solid form she would have been sweating like a dog with her heavy clothes on. The young woman wasn’t really paying to much attention to where she was drifting, as long as it was towards the woods she honestly didn’t care.

In fact she was so focused on the woods that she didn’t see the young man step out in front of her, she would have passed right on through him if he hadn’t said anything. Which probably wouldn’t have been a pleasant experience for him. Iksha stopped and lifted up her skeleton masked head to look at the person letting her head lull to the side, her eye was almost closed. What was he talking about? Death being cruel? What in hells name did he mean by that. He must be out of his mind. Then again…she wasn’t exactly solid today so maybe he just thought that she was a ghost. Whatever. She gave the man a shrug of her shoulders, keeping her scarlet eye on the grass below her feet. She decided to play a long. Why not? After all she hadn’t gotten to play a prank on anyone yet. “Yeah, death can be cruel…I am looking for my body, have you seen it sir? Why are you here on this scary mountain?” She asked, trying to keep her voice wispy and innocent. “The people here…they took my right eye! Why did they do that to me! GIVE ME BACK MY EYE!!!” She screamed out, giggling on the inside. She then lifted her face and stared at him with her one scarlet eye, trying to scare him like she had the others. The thought of why he was here didn’t really cross her mind, she was just bored really.

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#, as written by Zenia
Tovi looked at Juliet a faint smile on his face, “well I need to get out now and then I can’t stay cooped up forever. Plus it is good for you guys as well, I also thought it would be a good idea to meet this new trainer sooner rather than later.” He explained to her as they neared the lake where he spied Bell and MacAualay. “Hey! MacAulay! Bell! We are hiking! And no you cannot hover MacAulay you have to walk like the rest of us!” Tovi called out to them as his Houndoom sniffed the air around them, it seemed to be on the alert for something as if to protect Tovi and the rest. Tovi patted the Houndooms’ head to comfort him. He continued on his way to the forest spying Iksha in the distance as well as an unknown figure. As MacAulay sighed and started to follow them. "Hello there!" he called out to them, "I thought you would be further ahead of us!" Tovi greeted as Setsuna looked ahead at them and just nodded. "You must be the new trainer, so how was the trip here?" Tovi asked as they drew closer to them.

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Signor sat on the ground, drenched in sweat, tired from his morning of training. He always did his training early, so he could peacefully enjoy the rest of his day. For a while he just sat there, enjoying the cool calm breeze. "Well, time to get back." He stood, brushing his pants off and retrieving his jacket from a nearby rock. He began to walk back and saw everybody walking outside, and Tovi talking to someone he'd never seen before. "Greetings all." Signor said as he came upon them. "Was there some sort of group trip I was unaware of?" He looks over at the strange man, getting a weird kind of vibe from him. Something tells me this guy isn't normal, he thought.

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Bell noted that her black mail was a failure, for if Mac got caught then she would get in trouble too for telling him to do it. She sighed.


She perked up with her ice cream when she heard of a stone. A stone would be nice, for they are rare, and if Mac is as good as he claims maybe she would have a collection soon enough. She smiled at him, finishing the rest of her ice cream.

"One stone would be fine Mac. Thank you." she said sweetly, as the kind gesture seemed unthinkable at the moment.

She almost forgot that she was wearing his jacket for warmth, as much as she was comfortable with it on, she gave it up as she felt she was giving Mac enough trouble now. Everything seemed to slip from her mind when near the prankster MacAulay O'Conner. He had a vibe that gave Bell a warm feel in her chest, though, she could not tell it was there do to the water that still soaked the two. She gave up the jacket to Mac and saw the others coming. She smiled and waved at Tovi. The thought of hiking was a great idea, for she loved the outdoors and sweet scents of the outside leafs and flowers.

She giggled for a moment and tugged on Mac.

"Come on silly!" she urged him.


Wong frowned at the figure as it began to spat out random horrors as a ghost would do. He doubt that it was one, if anything, it was a ghost pokemon for they have a reputation at coming off as real ghosts. Human ghosts were never found in forests, though pokemon once normal pokemon only to die by some unknown reasons led them to be ghost types in another life. This however, must, just had to be a poke-human that Tovi warned about before he came. A human and a pokemon genetically bred into one... Well, he doubt it was breeding, must of been DNA configuration. So the big question was what kind of pokemon was this girl and does she take him for a fool?

Wong stepped forward, entering the poke-human's personal space.

"I would not joke about things if I were you." he said in a threatening tone.

"Death must be cruel today if you came my way my dear shadow." he spoke in riddle again.

By this time the others had saw them and Wong took his hand off his pokeball. He smiled brightly and waved to Tovi.


Wong politely moved around the poke-human that floated before him and shook hands with Tovi.

"Ah the trip felt like forever. I was so exited that you invited me that the flight here was just torcher!" he said with a chuckle.

He then turned to notify the poke-human with the group.

"We would of been a bit farther on but it would seem this one is a bit provoking. Mind I ask what her name is?" he asked Tovi.

He then turned to the group of poke-humans. He put on his fake smiled, though it was kinda real for he never seen such a art of half human half pokemon in one place. It was wonderful. He only could image what power they had.

"Hello, I am Wong Chi, Pokemon trainer. Pleasure to meet all of you." he said kindly.

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Juliet glanced at the trainer, raising her eyebrow at him in confusion. This new trainer seemed odd in a way, not by his appearance but the way he sounded, Wong seemed nice enough yet there was something odd about him that bugged her a bit. She did as Tovi encouraged them to do and introduced herself to him, "I'm Juliet Tarantino..." she greeted him as she peered around Tovi at Wong. Soon her eyes traveled over to Ishka and waved at her with a wide grin on her face, she always loves seeing a friend.

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Bell smiled with everyone as the young trainer was welcomed with opened arms. Though she too, noticed something odd about him, though Tovi didn't show any reason to be worried so she waited happily for everyone to introduce then came up to the trainer, named Wong? Hm, odd name, though, she didn't care to say anything for it.

"Nice to meet you. I'm Bell." she said.

Short and sweet, she didn't want to say much more once Iksha came by. She didn't really understand what had happen between the two before they all arrived but, she felt a disturbance.


Wong greeted them all happily. His eyes darted to Setsuna who spoke of training. A despising ideal but it helps when on the job.

He smiled and said, "Well I am a trainer, so I be honored to train with all of you. That is, if Tovi allows it of course."

After greeting a few more his attention went back to Iksha who now had a name then the ghost he saw. He smiled at her, as if the accouter never happened from before.

"I thought you were lost." he said calmly.

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Lucien gazed at the trainer…
Lucien got distracted for a moment. He couldn’t quite place what was bothering him, but it caused him to stop using his sight. Lucien was dumbfounded at his blunder, but realized that at this point everyone would notice if he used it so he decided to use it when they were alone and no one was watching. He found it odd that a young trainer would be a teacher, all the more reason to be wary. One thing was for certain to Lucien at that moment, this man was dangerous.

It was time to wait and see what happened. Lucien hoped that he wouldn’t have to act on his first instinct, even though it was usually right.

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Juliet couldn't help but to giggle as Iksha wiggled one of her stripped feet in a gesture of hello in return to the girl. She'd always enjoyed being of a friendly nature to the other poke-humans, pokemon, or even the regular humans. Soon her ears perked up then sudden fell flat against her head, something about him wanting to train with them seemed odd, even if he was a trainer. The meowth's gaze soon went up to Tovi as she listened to him talk, he didn't seemed worried about the trainer and relaxed a bit, she knew he wouldn't let any harm come to any of them. With another trainer at the ranch it was surely going to turn out interesting for everyone.

"Hey Tovi, are we going to keep going on our hike? It's no fun standing around like this." She spoke softly up at him.