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Valem Shujare

"Guess what? I don't care".

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a character in “Secret Society of the Specially Gifted”, as played by WhySoSerious?


Valem Shujare




Red got her nickname from her extremely bright red hair that falls down to her lower back; this makes her pale complexion and green stand out a little bit more than she's comfortable with. She is around 5'5" in height with a delicate and dainty figure. Faint and barely visible freckles locate themselves on her nose and underneath her eyes. She has hated that ever since she was old enough to worry about disliking her own features, which was at a very young age.

Red carries a light blue bow and quiver on her back. She keeps it on her at all times and will rarely be seen without it, especially at school. This is really the only weapon she carries, the other weapons comes from her body. Her ability to control the elements are what makes her unique among her school, since not many people actually posess that particular skill. Her arrows are coated with a thick poisen that would stop a man's heart within a couple of hours, if not properly treated.

Red is a very sarcastic, witty young girl. She loves to laugh and joke, hating on anyone who views life as being 'pointless and dull'. She believes that she has to live every moment as if it is her last, because she never knows it it is or not. At times, if extremely annoyed, her sarcasm can turn into rude and offensive joking, often resulting in the person she is targetting being embarrased or mentally scarred.

So begins...

Valem Shujare's Story


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Red's eyelids fluttered open to reveal her bright green orbs. Her vision was still blurry but she managed to make out the faint lines of a person leaning over her. Her hand shot up and shoved the figure away, "Dude.. It's like weird to watch people sleep, y'know" she mumbled, her voice a little groggy from having only just woken up. Once she could see clearly, her eyes locked onto the figure. A man, her uncle. "My apologies," he replied, "You need to wake up now. It's your first day!". Red lifted her hand up and palmed her forehead, "Out".

Her uncle exhaled slowly, "Do I hav-" he was interupted by Red screaming her previous command even louder now. He flinched and pranced out of the room, "Your clothes await you in the fridge" he called back at her. Red's face went bright red with anger. She clambered out of bed cursed at him through the door, only to recieve a few short giggles in return. Once her little 'argument' had finished, she turned and walked into her bathroom. She'd spent a while in the shower, but it didn't take her long to get ready.

She ran out of her room, fully washed and clothed. Her uncle greeted her with a smile, but Red merely glared back at him. "I'm leaving" she said bluntly, then left before he could even respond. She wasn't going to an average school, it was a school for specially gifted people like herself. Maybe then she wouldn't have to be so awkward and secretive around others. Red turned right, then right again and went around the side of her house until she reached her garage. Unlike normal people, Red had to kick the door open in order to get in; something she'd quite enjoyed as a child.

The garage was a dark room. It was covered in cobwebs and stank of mold. A small painting was propped up against the corner of the room. Red made her way over to it and examined, curiosity clouding each thought. She moved her arm forward until her finger would've collided with it, but instead of doing so it went straight through. She kept it like that for a few seconds before she was sucked in completely.