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Clark Parker

We need order. Order will save our asses when we have structure and rules that are followed. Mmmkay?

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a character in “Secret Underground Shelter of Chaos”, as played by JayZeroSnake


Clark Parker is a caucasian male, aged sixteen, standing at approximately 5,11 with an average build for a teenage boy with regular exercise. He really just wears a Red T-shirt tucked into a pair of normal jeans, held up by a black leather belt with a rectangular silver buckle, possessing the image of a lightning bolt. Whether it be the lightning bolt of Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers or Captain Marvel's of 'Shazam!' comics fame is yet to be determined. He wears a pair of Dark brown boots, and a green jacket, which over the heart, has a large gold badge attached to it with the surname 'FORD.'

At times, he may also wear a pair of simple rectangular eyeglasses.




Clark was a rather quiet lad before the blast. He was very exclusive about his friend circle, mainly keeping himself with good friends he felt he could trust, and where possible, wouldn't get themselves into too much trouble. He was seen to be a very passive young man before, but has had a bit inside himself that wants to break out, and assert dominance: To be a leader. His feelings have mostly been bottled up, and with the fact they're all stuck in a shelter, with a war going on above them, he's starting to show off his true colors…

"Working For The Weekend" - By Loverboy


Clark possesses a set of keys entrusted to him by one of the original adult guardians that were watching them, namely a Military Policeman by the name of 'Officer Ford,' whom Clark looked up to previously, having been left with his spare badge. He also has a smartphone, but it's not of much use, most of his contacts failing to answer for some reason. He's no stranger to a brawl, having taken a couple martial arts classes, but has an interest in science, mostly technology and astronomy, as well as reading and history. He's okay at math, but doesn't really enjoy it as much as he does some other subjects.

He lives with a white Labrador Retriever named Doc, whom he affectionately may refer to simply as 'Pooch' or some other nickname. The two happen to be very protective of each other, Felix also having an interest for authority with his need to direct other dogs, and sometimes even other animals, recognized by his fierce bark, and his bandana.



Clark Parker was that one kid who really just did his work. He didn't want to go beyond just fitting in and normality to become some kind of popular kid, but he didn't really take people's crap either. He's gotten himself into a few fights with people who didn't quite enjoy his company, and practiced a bit of self-defense. Otherwise, he didn't really have too many problems with regular kids and adults, which, combined with his grades, allowed him less harsher sentences from the principal. In fact, getting into trouble with dumb punks was what had him meet his hero: A young man by the name of Grant Ford, who acted as a kind of big brother to the boy who needed a male role model. Clark and his dog, Doc, had been left behind by their original family, and taken in by his older sister, Veronica Parker. Years later, Clark strived to improve his life by working hard in school, and 'Mister Ford' was like a guardian angel to him, helping him out of trouble whether it be by helping him in fights, or talking to adults such as teachers and police, eventually becoming a rookie in what would become the AOU's Military Police Force, assigned to guarding town among other 'G.I. Cops' and whatnot.

Eventually, Clark was inspired by Ford, who was said to soon be climbing the ranks of the local precinct in a short time for his leadership skills and tactics in major investigations, inspiring Clark to realize he too wanted to lead others to success, and earn the respect of his friends, and the fear of his enemies (okay, a long shot. But it'd be like being the baddest mob boss in town or something). Ford had escorted everyone himself to the shelter, he and the other adults having left the shelter to see if everything was alright, and failing to return, along with Veronica and some teachers and store owners. With the loss of authority, he tries to decide whether or not he can lead, and if the others will listen, as he musters up the willpower to keep order in the underground bunker...

So begins...

Clark Parker's Story

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Keni had been up well since the clocks flashed past six. She was mending one of the younger children's clothes when Clark came waltzing into the living areas. Quickly reaching for the remote, she turned down the episode of 'Kids Next Door' and looked over to the older male, just in time to be greeting with happy, sloppy dog-kisses.

Smiling, she gingerly set down her work and began to pet Doc; scratching behind his ears and rubbing under his chin.

"Good Morning, Doc." She cooed before looking up to Clark with a shy smile, a light bit of red gracing her cheeks. "Good Morning, Clark."

At the mention of food wanting to be made, she tried to speak up.

"I-I can make you something if you're hungry, Clark. It won't be a bother." She hated seeing others have to do unnecessary work for themselves, especially Clark. For some reason, she always felt as if she needed to be the caretaker of their little group; making sure that everyone was happy and healthy.

"No one else is really up yet, so it won't be too much of a hassle." She smiled prettily, hazel eyes sparkling for a moment before they returned to Doc, giving the pup the attention he so craved.

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Seth groaned a bit before he finally descided to go out from his bed. He had been staring at the ceiling for maybe hours. He didn't even think he had slept at all this night. He felt terrible and yeah, miserable but when he finally stood he couldn't afford to think like that. They might come back, everyone. All the elder ones, his parents and their talking about how big he would get with whatever he chooses. He sighed deeply and streached for a while, feeling a bit stiff and then walked out from his room towards the living room.

He took another deep breath and put on a soft smile, everyone needed to be strong now. There was doubt and he could bet that everyone was feeling a bit scared but they all had to stay strong and if this was going to be their place to stay for sometime, then they really needed to not think about the worse. Just make sure that everything went smoothly. "Good morning." He said when he slowly were closer to the kitchen. He fixed his clothes so that they weren't that rumbled. Always look neat, he could hear his mom in the back of his head.

He saw that there were two who was already awake. Keni and Clark, and ofcourse Doc. Clark's dog. He walked up to them and sat down on a chair. "Breakfast doesn't sound bad at all, do you need help?" He asked and looked towards Keni, running his hand through his hair so that it didn't hang over his eyes.

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Keni blinked softly as Seth entered the room. Well, it seems everyone was going to start working on early morning scheduals. (She had begun to tell time by using the re-runs as a guide) Smiling to the other male, she gave a light and gentle nod.

"Help sounds lovely, Seth. Thank you." She cooed, reaching over to gently fuss with his hair for a moment as he ran a hand through it, before pulling back and standing, doing the same with Clark before smoothing out her skirt and making her way towards the kitchen. She didn't mind taking this role. With the parents gone, there needed to be someone who could allow the others to focus on the more important issues. Even if what she did was just a small help, she was glad she could do it.

When she reached the kitchen, she began to look through the supplies. Mostly everything was canned or powdered. Picking up a box of pancake mix, she smiled. She could recall the episodes of TV that showed families eating stacks apon stacks of pancakes, coated in syrup and butter... Maybe, today could be one of those days? Giving a light nod, she set the box on the counter and began to pull out ingrediants.

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Shauna slowly came walking into the living areas. She was wearing the same clothes as yesterday; old blue jeans and a green top with a red cardigan over it. Her hair was one big mess and her eyes were red, but she didn't care. She'd slept in her clothes. Well.... she actually hadn't slept at all. She'd just been laying on the bed all night, thinking about everything that had happened the last couple of days. She walked over towards the kitchen area where a few of the older kids were sitting. One of the girls was even making breakfast.
Shay sat down at the table and looked at the others - all strangers to her. This was the first time she actually came out of the room. Not like she hadn't eaten or anything, she'd just done it when everyone else were asleep. "Aren't we a nice little family, huh?" she chuckled mockingly, even though nothing about it were funny.

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"Is everything to your liking Ian?"
Ian looked at Bliss and smiled
"as always everything is perfect and especially the tea! So same time on the morrow? I wonder what i should make for you; its my turn after all is it not?"
Bliss returned the smile which Ian so adored and wondered if Bliss would like something sweetish
"Indeed it is and please do be imaginative, remember that you may gain any ingredient you need for the recipe in this realm"
Both paused when a great dong was heard and looked towards a towering clock above them which stood as a keep to a great kingly castle.
Bliss stood up and bowed slightly to Ian
"it seems that our time together must come to a close, I do hope this new dawn signifies a new beginning for you"
Ian also stood up and returned the bow
"What if this dawn shall never rise for me?"
"Then you should help others find their dawn and wait for the night"

Ian opened his eyes, was it already morning? but where was the sunlight?
Ian then remembered, this was an underground shelter and as a result witnessing the rise of the sun was a bit problematic.

Ian wondered if he should simply go to sleep again and wait for all this to be over and done with when he remembered; a dream.
"then you should help others find their dawn" Ian closed and shortly after opened his eyes again deciding he should stand up and hope he did not sleep on his arm again.
Standing up Ian stretched and looked around him, the shelter was a likable enough place but a prison was still a prison no matter from what dangers it was keeping you safe from. Ian smiled in amusement, if indeed war had began the day they had arrived at the shelter then the earth above would be a radioactive wasteland by now. And here the humans who's species where responsible for such carnage hid from the consequences of their actions, as if a group of killers hiding behind bares from a vengeful mother.
Ian began to giggle and soon his giggle became a laugh, unable to stop Ian wiped the tears off his eyes; he did not know if these where the tears of laughter or sadness and suspected they where both in some way or another.

Ian looked around him and saw that while he was laughing he had ventured into what seemed to be the dining room, smiling at everyone Ian again began to laugh for a few moments before he sat down and sighed. Ian looked around at his fellow comrades and wondered if he had shocked them in some way, too hungry to care Ian picked up his fork and began to play with it until it fell down to the floor.
Ian then again looked at those in the room and smiled

"Morning all!"

Now standing again Ian coughed clearly making it up and spoke his voice full of cheerfulness and joy but in reality still wet with the dark humor which greeted him each morning while he was in the shelter.

"First and foremost since this is our first joined dinner i would like to wish us all a great day full of joy, laughter and comradeship.
I trust that no matter what acts of insanity and barbarism may occur on the surface of our dear planet that we will maintain civilized society in this our little shelter.
we may remain here for a considerable amount of time so without further adieu i propose we accept that our fates are joined in this place and that we make this place our home away from home"

Ian held a bottle of water and poured a small amount into his cup, he then held the cup and said:
"Chin Chin!"

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Keni’s attention turned to the two children as the commotion started. She got a bad feeling in her gut when she watched the rather moody female stand.

The blonde had thought the male’s speech was rather nice; a gesture of wanting to get to know everyone… It made her smile a little to think that these people didn’t want to slice open everyone’s throat. But then the girl made her move.

“Excuse me!” Keni squeaked quickly moving forward. One thing she would /not/ tolerate was such rudeness at the ‘family’ table. Turning off the stove and grabbing two of the kitchen towels, she quickly handed one to Ian and placed one on the floor where the water had spilled. “That was rude and uncalled for, young lady.” She snipped, looking down to the younger female with a stern glare, all traces of shy seeming to have vanished. “We are all stuck here, and it would be greatly appreciated if you don’t start trouble.” Yep. There went the mom voice.

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Ian was quite bemused by the sudden splash of water and wondered if it was raining, looking up at the sealing Ian made a thoughtful expression on his face as he examined the sealing for clouds. Ian knew it could not be raining however to Ian it was always a good idea to idiot check the world.

Ian grinned as he turned his gaze back to the table and its occupants, Ian guessed his expression was a little scary but saw this as a way to pull off a sweet little piece of action. Now gazing at little miss Temper who splashed him Ian changed his stance to seem taller, placed the towel he was offered behind his neck as if a cloak and picked up a piece of toilet paper. Within a few moments he had shaped the piece of paper into a rough example of a glove and then closing his eyes for a few moments Ian let loss the full fury of his voice with a deep sinister twist.

"I am the count of Monte Cristo, i shall have my revenge!" Ian tossed the toilet paper glove like creation he had made a few moments earlier on the floor and then pulled a water bottle as if a sword in its hilt.

"I challenge you to a dual! On guard!"

Ian "drew" his bottle of water, opened it and splashed a little water at the offending girl's face. Now laughing he made a show of "disarming" her of her own bottle which he snatched off the table and then proceeded to make a little victory dance around the table.

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They shyness returned, and Keni quickly crawled back into her proverbial shell.
When Shay began to yell at her, she quickly hung her head, mummbling soft sorries and 'yes ma'ams.' As the towel struck her chest, she let out a soft squeak, letting it drop to the floor in a sloppy mess. Clark's voice however, caused a shudder to dance up her spine as she immidiatly stood at attention.

Her head hung once more, she gave a light nod - not quite sure herself if she was agreeing or simply obeying. Grabbing the towel that had been tossed at her, she slid onto her knees and began to mop up the water. No noises would escape her this time, her mouth glued together with the possibilities of small whimpers and tears. All she had wanted to do was make breakfast. A nice, calming, home-made breakfast.

She wouldn't ask for help, she didn't need it. When she came to it, she would just kindly ask people to move out of the way and be careful as not to slip. Occasionally she would stand and make her way to the kitchen to ring out the towel before returning to her duties. She would have to tend to the pancakes soon...

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Ian nearly fell down when the loud one made his noises, Ian could never stand people shouting like that but admired the old man for his amusing attempt at maintaining sanity in a world which dispensed with that sort of thing.

Ian turned and saluted to Clark while grinning like an idiot

"Yes mine president, I assume we will be suspending the constitution for the time being? How about you declare a state of emergency? that would give you the authority to issue such commands"

Ian laughed and sat down at down again placing his feet on the table, as suddenly as he started laughing Ian stopped struck by how close to reality his statement had been. Now making the effort to sit properly on his chair like respectable people do Ian seemed to loss the grin he had on his face.

"hmm it just struck me that we may be the last people alive in the world for all we know; maybe the other shelters have been sabotaged by the communists and even now their occupents are being killed by poison gas in the ventilation systems?

Well i guess we do not know but for now we can only assume that only we survived this war, based on that assumption this shelter has within it the last shreds of the United States of America and therefor it is within our rights to elect a new president"

Ian now turned to face Clark his eyes full of wonder however with a hint of appreciation that someone was willing to take the situation seriously.

"I nominate Clark Parker as the 45th president of the United states of America"

Ian then grinned and chuckled

"Or Chairman Parker if you are a communist, prime minister if we are going for a parliamentary democracy, chief Parker if we are resorting to tribal life styles, Overseer if any one here fancies fallout or... we could crown him as King of the British Empire and then anax the united States! they are all dead any way but i am sure they would have appreciated the gesture!"