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Luther Esmer

"No matter the situation. No matter the enemy. We hold the line."

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a character in “Secrets & Lies”, as played by WAAAGH!


Luther Esmer
The Crown Prince of Averland

Child of Marius and Emmanuelle Esmer


The boy, Luther, stands at 6'3, and he is 19 years of age. Luther has a rather beaten appearance. While many consider him handsome, he has the beaten and worn face that many in Averland have. Constant fighting and war against the Orcs wears down anyone even a Prince. He has numerous scars on his body and one over his eyebrow that was given to him by a particularly mean Orc Warboss. Luther has bright blue eyes and long blond hair that has run in the Esmer family for generations. He has a strong angular jaw, thin nose, and pouty pale lips. Luther has his share of muscles as he has spent most of his life in military training...

Personality: Averland is more... wartorn then most other kingdoms, so they spend less time on intellectual gains and more on militaristic learning. Luther has spent the vast majority of his training to battle and lead the armies of Averland, so he is not quite as... book smart as most other royalty. It has created a complex where he despises most scholars or others who believe they are smarter then he simply because they spent the last ten years with their noses in books. The dislike is born from envy and questions of his own ability as he feels they are always looking down their noses at him. He has been raised with duty being drilled into him from a young age, and he cannot stand the thought of failing or worst, letting down his father. While he is a skilled warrior and leader, his younger brother is better then he is. His younger brothers name is Richard, and he is 17. Everything Luther has ever accomplished, Richard has surpassed which has also given him a complex. Luther feels like he needs to constantly prove himself otherwise he will be forgotten.

In Averland, the most skilled child takes over for the father; birth has little to do with it. Luther has seen so many die for him, and has done everything in his power to prove himself to his father, yet his brother makes it so easy, and Luther fears that his brother will take his place, and so when the chance came to prove himself once more in politics, and area he has no skill or experience in, he jumped at the chance. Luther is a little more... grim then most other princes. He has led men into battle and seen them butchered by monsters, at only 19 he has fought in eleven battles already. He has a strong dislike for the other kingdoms for never once have they ever come to their aid when the Orcs had nearly overran them. They have always stood alone... and part of Luther blames the death of his men on the other kingdoms and their politics, of course, this could just be a defense mechanism allowing him to coup with their loss, and the things he has seen.

Bio: Working on it.

Luther has many skills. Some of which include: Combat skills, tactics, leadership, cooking, survival skills, and horsemanship... he does not have many skills that involve thought process.

In the end Luther wants nothing more than to prove himself to his father and finally, get some help for his people. They can't hold back the green tide forever.

Luther hails from the kingdom of Averland. Averland is a country of plains and rolling hills, in fact, there are only two real locations of note: The Great Forest of Umber and the Misty Mountains. The Misty Mountains are on the very border of the Averland lands and lead into the 'badlands', a desert land surrounded by mountains, the largest pass of which leads right to Averland and it is from this pass that the hordes of Orcs descend into Averland from. The Forest of Umber covers a good expanse of Averland and breaks the sea of rolling plains. There are creatures in the forest of course the worst of which is the Giant Spider, but compared to the Orcs they are a minor threat and as the forest is the main source of lumber, it is necessary for troops to enter the forest at numerous times in the year to clear out portions so that the workers can come and do their jobs. The capital, Averheim, is located on the very edge of the Umber forest and the Misty Mountains. It is a great fortress built into the face of a mountain that has survived the sight of numerous sieges and sackings. It is the bastion of defense that the orcs must pass before entering the low land plains of Averland.


A magical creature that haunts the land is the Orc. This creature has a few abilities that makes it a constant threat to Averland. They are large powerful warriors standing at roughly 7 feet with the largest of their kind well near 10 feet. They have a primitive intelligence that allows them to craft some weapons, armor, and siege equipment, but their danger comes in three main forms: Brutality, Numbers, and Magic. Orcs love to fight. For an Orc to kill a man in the morning then have his hand cut off at lunch is considered a good day. They are a violent race brought to heel by a large powerful warboss, and once a warboss emerges they launch a massive invasion into Averland. It is now known how the orcs multiply, but their is no question that they do so and fast. No matter how thoroughly they are crushed or routed on the field, in a year or so another invasion will begin with even more orcs then there was before... it is only a matter of time before Averland is overrun. Orcs have some talent with magic although it is rare among their kind. They are known as Shamans and their magic is... unstable at the best of times. An Orc Shaman can fry a Averlander in his armor on moment and then explode himself the next.

Religion: In Averland there are numerous Gods and Goddesses such as the God of War: Uther, the Goddess of the Forest: Loren, The Goddess of Air: Alir... etc. There is a God for everything in Averland as their usual saying is: "You may have need of one, but we have need of many."

Kingdom: Averland is a feudalistic kingdom run by many smaller lords and nobles who answer to the King. Military might, not wealth, decide the power of the nobles. Averland is a poorer kingdom compared to others as they have to devote the majority of their money to the army in order to hold the line against the ever growing Orcs. Averland is one of the few countries that has a professional army. Their force is paid for and maintained by the kingdom. The army consist of Crossbowmen, as bows are not enough to bring down the tough brutes, spearmen, swordsmen, and the mainstay unit of Averland: The Halberdiers. All lords, no matter how small, must keep a regiment of Halberdiers trained and ready for deployment. Of course, the wealth of the noble is shown in their halberdiersmen. It is a status symbol that the nobles use in politics as the more halberdiersmen and the better armed they are, the better the noble is. This causes great deviations in their equipment as some will have breastplate, some mail, others leather, and even some will have plate.

The elite units of Averland are its Knights and horsemen. As a country that is covered with plains, the Horse is a mighty beast of survival, and thanks to the geography they flourish. Averlands horses are not the fastest, but they are some of the strongest horses with great endurance, perfect to be warhorses.

The nobles play a powerful part in the kingdom as they have overthrown kings of Averland before under dire circumstances. The kings of Averland must be mindful of both orcs and the men and women of their court. This also makes them hesitant when facing other countries. While they have one of the largest armies full of highly disciplined and veteran troops; they simply cannot afford to spread their line any thinner. Although, It is said that they're some thoughts of expansion as if they had more land; they would have more people thus more soldiers to fend off the orcs.

So begins...

Luther Esmer's Story