Secrets Of Bear Point

Secrets Of Bear Point

In a small town a long lost secret has been lying dormant away from all humans eyes and knowledge for the past few hundred years...But what happens when it is finally revealed to a group of childhood friends?

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Main Themes

Ready, Aim, Fire | Imagine Dragons || Monster | Paramore || I See Fire | Edd Sheeran
|| This Is war | 30Seconds To Mars || Decode | ParamoreThe Kill | 30Seconds To Mars || Tessa | Imagine Dragons || Nobody Wants To Be Alone | Christian Reindl ||

The "Legend" of Bear Point


Every place has its stories passed down from generation to generation, and over time they have become known as legends, or fables, or fairy tales that one tells to their children at night or told as a warning you give to strangers who wander in. Whatever way it's told, they become legendary tales of beasts and monsters, brave knights and lords, evildoers who try to bring their tyranny to distant lands. Ours isn't much different, ours is one of old, passed down from our grandfather's father. It tells of what they called "demons", whose skin of was the palest of white, and eyes with the blackest of night skies, void of any life or emotion. Who had an untamable hunger for human flesh and blood.

And of what travelers called, "Skinwalkers" that of which looked and acted like any normal man, but could turn into a horrendous beast, that would tear any man to shreds on sight. Both creatures were told to have killed the innocent and have left a trail of blood and carnage behind. But this was only an old folks tale used to scare children or warn off strangers, as the truth usually gets lost among the legends, right?

The present Of Bear Point


Welcome to Bear Point, a small, port town in Nova Scotia, Canada. It has a population of three thousand, two hundred and thirty-six people. The people of this small town are, helpful and kind to strangers and the fellow locals in the past recent years. In this small town live a group of friends, the three of them have lived in Bear Point their whole lives, and recently some odd situations have occurred.

It was common knowledge around the town that people started going missing, locals and passerby's all alike. Things have always been weird in the town, but things started getting only stranger when a new girl moved to their small town last year. She tended to keep to herself, and be rather protective and would even come across as overbearing to some of the townspeople. With graduation drawing closer everyday, will they continue their happy lives blissfully unaware of the truth of the evil that is looming nearer, or will they be dragged into the world of the supernatural and be forced to let fate decide?

Plot line


The three friends will eventually join up with Guinevere after they find out that she's secretly a vampire, due to certain circumstances that have arisen. They have to help her stop a war that has been slowly building over the past couple hundred years between more peaceful Lycans and vampires, who are known as Protectors and the more bloodthirsty and rampant vampires who are trying to bring mass genocide and human enslavement to Bear Point.

They will have to learn how to adapt to not only normal life, but also to the news of the supernatural that exists in their town. They will struggle with life, loss, betrayal, love, sacrifice, and above all, saving the lives of many. Will the town be saved, with as few casualties as possible, or will the town be wiped off the face of the earth and be nothing but fragments of a forgotten world?

The Trio

While these three will be the center of the story for the most part, others will have plenty of time to "shine" just as much. But for the majority of the three main planned Acts in this, they'll be the primary focus for the most part.

|| FC: Annie Clark || Name: Jordan Ley'co || Age: 18 || Sexuality: Panromantic || Role: The Abused || Theme: Believer | Imagine Dragons || Taken: Wolf'sBane109 ||

Jordan is one of the long-time locals in the town, and there is a dark secret in her past, she is secretly and domestically abused by her mother. Kind-hearted and selfless to the core. She will do whatever is needed and if it means getting hurt to save another's life, then that's what she'll do. She's never been one to back down from a challenge but has been the one to look fear in the eyes and do whatever needs to be done to keep those she loves safe and sound. And maybe her future will change with things that are going on in the town, as things are coming closer to changing.

She will eventually be accidentally attacked by Alexander, causing her to be infected and become part Lycan. Making her the next Alpha if Alexander were to be killed (see Lycan info for explanation)

She works with her best friend's father at the fishing dock, as a means of her making money and being able to be out of the house, and away from her mother. Sometimes being able to take Kate with her while she works

|| FC: Emily Rudd || Name: Madison Pines || Age: 18 || Sexuality: Closeted Lesbian || Role: Best friend of Jordan's || Theme: Whatever It Takes | Imagine Dragons || Taken: iCat ||

She is Jordan's best friend, and has always been there for her no matter what since they were children. She knows about the horrific events that go on in her friend's home and tries her best to help her dearest friend. Over the years she has started developing feelings for Jordan, but hasn't said anything because she doesn't think Jordan could ever look at her the same way she looks at Jordan.

Will eventually be able to convince her friends that Guinevere is indeed a vampire, thanks to a certain event, which will be the start of their journey to save their town

|| FC: Nicola Peltz || Name: Guinevere Addington || Age of appearance: 21 || Sexuality: Bisexual || Role: Vampiric Protector/'The New Girl" || Theme: We Found Love | Lindsey Sterling || Reserved : Violeta ||

She is the "New Girl" on the block, as well as one of the Protectors, who's territory is the school and town, and is the good vampire that no mortal knows just yet. She is very kind, sweet, loyal, and protects the humans in the town, and loves them with all her heart still, even though she hasn't been one for hundreds of years. She's very timid at first, but when you get her trust and loyalty, she will be your most loyal and trusting friend.

She works as a part time waitress at the local diner, not only for a job, but also as a way to keep her eye on Jordan and Madison, but also as a way of doing her job as a Protector of the town. She has an ability that is unique to her, she can see past and future events, not at will, at least not all the time, and they are not always one hundred percent correct, as fate always changes.

She will eventually save Madison from a vampire attack, forcing her to reveal herself for who she is, causing Madison to finally prove to her friends that she was indeed correct about the supernatural, making Guinevere be more of a guardian for the group as she must help keep them safe from any potential dangers now that they know the truth of the dark secrets that live in their town.

"The Others"

While some will have more of a spotlight than some, that doesn't mean they aren't important. They most certainly are in their own ways and will be key players in the overall story itself. Some will have more scenes than others though, but things can change so keep that in mind for these.

|| FC: Dylan Sprayberry || Name: Logan Pines || Age: 19 || Sexuality: Heterosexual || Role: Good friend of Jordan Ley'co || Theme: Roots | Imagine Dragons || Reserved: Violeta ||

Logan is more of the brash and fight first ask questions later kind of person.
He's very protective of his friends and family, especially when it comes to friends of the family. There is a secret about him, he was adopted before his sister, Madison was born and he is half Lycan, and will soon have his first transformation at the end of the school year.

|| FC: Makenzie Foy || Name: Katelyn Ley'co || Age: 13 || Sexuality: Asexual || Role: Jordan's sister || Theme: Silhouetts | Of Monsters and Men and Hear Me | Imagine Dragons || Taken: Wolf's Bane109|

Kate is the younger, sweet, cheerful, childish but responsible for her age sister and daughter of the Ley'co household. While she obviously knows about her sister being abused, she tries to put on a smile and be the perfect child. She tries to stay strong for everyone, but she often cries herself to sleep. Sometimes she even tends to clamber into bed with Jordan and sleep beside her so that they could be together and safe, as she put it, and cuddle her when 'she was asleep', as Kate saw it as she didn't exactly understand.

I Face Claim: Natalie Portman I Name: Sarah Ley'co I Age: 37 || Sexuality: Asexual/Heterosexual || Role: Jordan's mom || Theme: Rescue Me | One Republic | Taken: Wolf's Bane109 ||

Sarah is Jordan's mom, and the one who has abused her for years. Sarah has been an abusive mother since she started to drink, which was when her and their father, Michael got divorced when their children were young. The child that she mainly ever abused was Jordan and that was because Jordan never let her mother lay a hand on Kate

I Face Claim: A.J. Cook I Name: Emma Pines I Age: 45 || Sexuality: Heterosexual || Role: Madison's mom and Royal Canadian Mounted Police Force/Police Officer || Theme: Dear Daughter | Halestorm || Taken: iCat ||

Emma is Logan's and Madison's mom and is almost like Jordan's second mother. She cares for Jordan almost like a second daughter and sees her as if she was her own. While she is aware of the abuse, she has remained silent as well as her family, since they wouldn't want any legal troubles, or for the Ley'co children to be split up. She does her best to keep her friends and family safe, as well as everyone else in the town.

Face Claim: Chris Evans I Name: Jared Pines I Age: 42 I Sexuality: Pansexual || Role:Madison's dad || Theme: || Reserved/Taken: No ||

Jared is [Best Friend] and Logan's father and is the perfect family man. He's strong willed, and caring, pretty much a giant teddy bear would be the best way to describe his personality. He cares for each of his children, and sees Jordan and Kate as his own as well. He is a local fisherman in the town and is usually away on trips for his work, he hired Jordan as a part timer fisherman to help her as a way of getting money, as well as a way to be out of the house

The Protectors

They are the primary supernatural guardians alongside the Wolf Pack and Coven, but they are not the only ones with the special role of Protectors as they are called amongst themselves, especially in the town's forgotten history, as others will soon come to light the more of the story passes...

|| FC: Ben Barnes || Name: Alexander Howlett || Age of appearence: 34 || Sexuality: Pansexual || Role: Alpha male Lycan || Theme: | || Reserved: Skulduggery ||

Alexander is the leader of the Lycan pack that has secretly taken refuge in the Bear Point woods, as well as town for the past four hundred years. The townspeople know him and his followers, but they just suppose that they are mortal, but are highly unaware of the truth behind them.

Alexander is kind and loyal and very protective when it comes to the townspeople, and members of his pack, and would easily die for them. His Lycan form, as he is the Alpha, is much larger than the others, and has dark, black fur, with blue eyes, as Alphas have blue eyes

I Face Claim: Chris Hemsworth I Name: Sam Hilter I Age of appearence: 29 ||
Sexuality: Heterosexual || Role: Vampire and Protector || Theme: || Reserved: Skulduggery |

Sam is more of the rogue Vampire type. Since he does not belong to a coven or group, he tends to be alone, but protects the port and outer part of the town. But that doesn't mean he won't help the humans or Lycans, as he is a Protector. Has a partial history with [The New Girl] as they did have feelings for each other in the past.

The Coven

They are seen as the source of the primary antagonists of the story, where most of the issues that rely on besides from the normal drama and issues that result in the conflict that will evolve over time as they are eventually exposed.

|| FC: Sam Whitwer || Name: Xavier Howlett || Age of appearence: 34 || Sexuality: Bisexual || Role: Vampire Lord || Theme: Hallucinations | Pvris | || Taken: Wolf's Bane109 ||

Xavier is nothing like his brother. Since they were both born 434 years ago, but he chose a different path in life. Him and his brother were born as humans, but
Alexander became a Lycan due to war, and Xavier became a Vampire due to being seduced by a vampire. He has a past with the Lycans and other vampires, and is feared by most if not all, and is willing to destroy anything or anyone that gets in his way of his prey

He has an ability specific to him. Hypnotic capabilities: The ability to influence peoples thoughts and emotions through his voice and to a willing participant he can even mess with matters such as their memories and senses. While he can't do something as blatant as order someone to kill someone else or conjure a hallucinations in broad daylight. He is more than capable of convincing someone that killing someone they don't like or talk them into "seeing" what they wish or fear seeing in a dark area are well within his capabilities.

I Face Claim: Logan Lerman I Name: Luke Sayer I Age of apearence: 19 || Sexuality: Homosexual/ Asexual || Role: Royal vampire guard || Theme: | || Taken: Violeta ||

He in short he is psychotic, unhinged, and hell-bent on getting his prey. He will not let anything get in his way, and will not have second thoughts if it means killing innocent lives. He serves Xavier with undying loyalty, who he openly shares his feelings towards, as he adores Xavier in one way or another. As a human he was known to be sadistic in nature for how he killed his victims, and still has his...artistic way about killing others, human or not

|| Face Claim: Zoe Seldana || Name: Lianna Howlette || Age of appearance: 35 || Sexuality: Pansexual || Role: Xavier's wife and Vampiric Healer || Theme: || Taken: Skulduggery |

While she is married to Xavier, she doesn't share his sadistic nature or distaste to those that are different. In fact, she is the opposite of him, she is very kind, caring, gentle and protective, but she does have her cold side as well. She is a vampire just like the rest but has more of [The New Girl's] nature when it comes to humans. She is a healer, as is Tobias, meaning she can absorb people's pain, letting them heal faster. Many ask if she's not like Xavier, why is she with him, simply, she has no choice but to stay with him

| Face Claim: Tyler Joseph || Name: Nicholas Anders || Age Of Appearance: 25 || Sexuality: Asexual || Role: Bodyguard and soldier || Theme: Flares | The Script || Taken: Wolf's Bane109 ||

While he is one of the younger members of the coven, he is incredibly wise for his age and his anger usually gets the better of him. He is rather hot-headed and usually has to be reminded to keep his cool and to think of the proper way about things. He was a soldier in many wars and still knows his battle tactics and is very deadly in the face of combat, but will only kill when given the command.

He is the vampire that attacks Madison, only maiming her slightly. As his recklessness is what proves to be his downfall in the eyes of his master, his future may be uncertain

The Pack

They are Alexander's "Followers" or as in reality his family and his pack of people that are like him that he has gathered over the years. The pack is much, much larger than this, about ten to fifteen or maybe even twenty Lycans in total, but these are the primary faces of the pack that is truly worth mentioning. Even though it isn't very common, those that are not Lycan themselves can be welcomed into the Pack, but only under certain conditions or if seen as worthy. They will become a bigger part of the story as it goes on.


|| Face Claim: Kit Harington || Name: Tobias Maduch || Age: Appears to be 25 || Sexuality: Heterosexual || Role: Lycan Beta || Theme:Conversation With Death | Khemmis || Taken: Wolf's Bane109 |

Tobias is the Lycan's Beta, as well as a healer. He has the ability to take away people's pain, and absorb it himself. He is rather quite and tends to keep to himself, but is kind and caring, and will easily help those in need. His Lycan form is of a white, rather slim built wolf, a bit smaller than the other Lycans, but isn't meant to not be seen as a threat

I Face Claim: Deborah Ann Woll I Name: Lyra Howlett I Age: Looks to be 32 || Sexuality: Heterosexual || Role: Lycan Omega and Alexander's mate || Theme: || Taken: Violeta ||

She is kind, caring, motherly, and protective of those in her pack. Just like her husband, she would die for her fellow pack members, as well as anyone in the town if it came to it. While she isn't able to have her own children, that doesn't stop her from looking after those that don't have their own family

Her wolf form is a small, light brown she-wolf with golden eyes, she watches over the town's woods and border

| Face Claim: Luke Pasqualino || Name: Tommy Liles || Age: 22 || Sexuality: Homosexual || Role: Scout || Theme: || Taken: Skulduggery ||

He is kind, caring, selfless, and somewhat childish in nature, in easy terms, he is almost too pure for someone his age. He was adopted into the pack after his parents were killed when he was a child and has been in a relationship with Matthew for three years. His wolf form is a small, thinner framed, black coated wolf with amber-colored eyes, and he can feel people's emotions, akin to being a mind reader, but without hearing thoughts

| Face Claim: Bill Skarzgard || Name: Matthew Montgomery || Age: 23 || Sexuality: Bisexual || Role: Scout and Tommy's boyfriend || Theme: || Taken: iCat ||

Matthew is caring, kind, selfless, and a bit more of the mature side, akin to his boyfriend's childish tendencies. He was born into the pack, his parents being Lycans, but they were also killed when he was a child, leaving him to be yet another orphan. His wolf is a light grey coated, silver-eyed wolf, with an average build. He can read people's minds if he focuses enough, but if he gets distracted the bond will break

Laws Of The Supernatural In Bear Point:

|| Lycans ||

«« Lycans are just like regular wolves but are much larger and stronger »»

«« They are stronger than vampires but are slower »»

«« Are not weak to silver, but Wolf's Bane is fatal in certain conditions. Wolf's Bane will shut down vital organs in the infected, and bring them to an agonizing and slow death, as their body slowly begins to die. No cure for Wolf's Bane poisoning has been discovered yet »»

«« Fully transform on a Full Moon on their first transformation which is the most painful as their bones are snapping and reforming into that of a wolf's, but are at their strongest until sunrise, after that, they can turn at will, with little to no pain

If an Alpha infects a human, from either simply a scratch or bite, or something like a blood transfusion or being exposed to Lycan blood, the victim will become part Lycan, fully able to transform into a wolf at will and be next in line to be an Alpha, as being attacked by an Alpha and living grants the victim the properties of an Alpha, only if the current Alpha dies»»

«« Can see in the dark in both human and wolf form, but can see better as a wolf »»

«« Have better senses such as hearing and sight »»

«« Are usually never allianced to anyone but their own pack, unless certain conditions permit »»

«« Have abilities, but they are not overpowered as their gifts do take much concentration and willpower, such as mind-reading or manipulation, but also pertaining to what ability it is. If minor, it requires less focus, and Visa Versa »»

|| Vampires ||

«« Don't sparkle, burn, or turn to ash in sunlight. But they do get weak the longer they are exposed »»

«« Cannot be killed by Garlic, stakes, holy water, or crucifixes»»

«« Are faster than Lycans, but are weaker »»

«« Can eat human food as well as drink blood to survive. But drinking human blood makes them stronger and more human-looking in appearance. When they consume blood, they do become more human, they do still have blood, but it is a dark, almost black color, with a much thicker than normal consistency»»

«« Don't have to be invited into one's home, just a myth »»

«« Can only be killed by being torn apart, burning the remains is a sign of disrespect to the deceased »»

«« Have yellow, golden, or dark brown eyes, while 'Royals' have dark, blood-red or maroon colored »»

«« When first turned, their thirst for blood cannot be stopped, they will kill anyone for the first month if they have the chance »»

«« If said vampire is a healer and knows of ancient Vampiric magic, they can perform an old ritual known as Vampiric Alchemy. They can bring someone back from the dead but at the cost of what remainder they have of life. Essentially, a soul for a soul, or what remains of a soul »»

«« Have abilities just like Lycans do, but they are not overpowered as their gifts do take much concentration and willpower, such as mind-reading or manipulation, but also pertaining to what ability it is. If minor, it requires less focus, and Visa Versa »»

Character Sheet

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The romance can only go so far, as it's stated in the site's TOS, as well as it can make people uncomfortable with the degree at which it can go.

This is as well meant to be a literate RP, meaning at least two to three paragraphs per post. If you can't make up a long enough post every now and then, that is fine. But a few short handed sentences will not be tolerated, and warnings will be given out.

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If you want to take on any of the other roles, such as the other vampires or Lycans, feel free and I can change the information for them if you wish.

Lastly, have fun. Communicate with us. Feel free to start up conversations or ask questions, this is meant to be fun and interactive, so don't feel shy to say hi or chat.

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March 27th: Three days before gradutation

All was quiet and peacefull. Too peaceful even, in the small port town known as Bear Point. The animals were communing with each other with small chirps, howls, yips, and barks as nature took its course. Everything was as normal as anyone would otherwise think, except for what had happened during the night unknown to all the people that lived there.

In a small, gray two-story house. Three figures were going about their daily lives behind the closed door of the house. An older man sat in one of the chairs at the table. One of the others was somewhere around the house, doing who knows what as he pleased, meanwhile there was one more who was occupying the living quarters with the older man. The older man casually flipped through the newspaper of what would be the quintessential definition of "normal" in the Bear Point area. Like most places it had a rather elegantly done colonial design and was rather distant from most neighbors given the low populace. He was currently sitting at the breakfast table, looking very much like the image of the model husband himself. He was a tall, strong-built man, with short, raven black hair, and just as equally dark maroon eyes. His jaw was finely and perfectly chiseled, his skin smooth and fair, making him in many people's opinion, the epitome of handsome.

"Nearly a dozen disappearances within the past month...such a tragic affair, they must find the people responsible for this, don't you agree?" he asked with a deep, yet calming voice.

The man finally discarded the newspaper, revealing his eyes which were currently blood-red in shade-the sclera which was normally white for most people was black in appearance. This wasn't due to contacts but it was simply a byproduct of him using his vampiric powers. The question was addressed to the only remaining occupants of the house aside from himself, mainly one of his comrades and the woman who would most likely be having a normal breakfast at this time without their timely intervention.

"Granted I believe as of now they are three short courtesy of our own little artist here." Xavier winked at the blushing woman in question.

The woman couldn't exactly be considered ugly or attractive, but she clearly had a battered look about her. In particular, the vacant look in her eyes due to his influence was her predominant feature. The night before, he'd rather selfishly convinced the woman into murdering her husband. In an effort to build the young woman's dreams of being an artist, he had her practice by 'sculpting' with the bodies of her two children. In his honest opinion, she had artistic talent, but she simply had no originality...and had just lost her 'new toy' feel to him all too soon, which was rather disappointing as he only just started to have fun with her.

"Nicholas...feel free to have your fun...I have certainly had mine, and greatly appreciate you indulging in my new game." The vampire's eyes reverted to their human appearance as he ceased using his ability, blinking a few times as his eyes slowly returned to their normal blood red color.

He understood the younger vampire's murderous inclination and often enjoyed indulging in it. Nicholas was by far one of the most talented killers he'd encountered in the past century and Xavier enjoyed watching a man at work. However, this time around he was more intent upon his next move than fully observing what would come next. Nicholas was on the more smaller frame, tall but not as strong looking in appearance. He had more of boyish features, regardless of his actual age. His hair was dark brown, just barely a few inches in length as he prefered to keep it short. His skin was also fair and flawless, aside from a scar over his right eyes, which were too a dark maroon color.

Nicholas himself was at that moment in the morning eating toast, with a light spreading of butter and strawberry jam. Yes he was fully aware that he was playing into the stereotype, but frankly he did not care and was half-way through eating the pastry treat when his master, Xavier, placed down the newspaper he was reading and asked a question that Nicholas only really caught the end of, as he was busy attempting to catch a loose glob of jam from the opposite end of the toast with his tongue.

"-Do you not agree?"

Nicholas paused with the jam on the end of his tongue and still partly attached to the toast before replying. "Well-" He began, before swallowing his mouthful of food and starting his sentence again. "Well, I know for a fact that at least one of those disappearances was me...Maybe two." He looked slightly sheepish as if it were some great crime, which frankly amongst Vampires, it wasn't. Again he fazed out, back into the world of simple food when he heard Xavier speak up again.

"Nicholas, feel free to have your fun." That was all the signal he needed really and already had a plan in motion.

He calmly placed the half-eaten piece of toast onto the plate and stood up, pushing his chair in and casually strolling around the table to the now blinking and confused artist, he gently placed a hand on her shoulder and when she looked up at his young and caring face, he gave her a large and manic grin, long fangs clearly visible. In one smooth motion his hand twisted her out of her chair and onto the dining table, making sure to miss the remains of his breakfast, his hand flashed for a moment and in his hand was one his daggers, which he plunged into the poor woman's sternum, swiftly removing it again in one sharp motion, releasing a crescent of blood into the air, the scent of which he breathed in deeply with a small moan of pleasure escaping his lips. He then grew tired of the simple thought of simply reducing the woman to little more than shreds and with one hand lifted her onto her feet, before throwing her at one of the walls, rather high up as well, and then grabbing the largest candlesticks that was on the table, which he threw like a javelin at the woman, impaling her onto the wall, all of which happened in a matter of seconds, and left the poor woman to slowly bleed to death as the light slowly faded from her eyes.

Nicholas himself picked up a wine glass and strolled under the woman, catching the droplets of blood in the cup before stepping back. "Perhaps not my most refined work. But it has a certain, se setir a lui, what do you think, My Master?" His accent had all but faded from his voice, other than when he actually spoke, and like any German, he couldn't resist drinking a fine 'wine' and being complimented on his handiwork.

Xavier couldn't help the phantom of a smile that formed on his face when Nicholas asked his question. The indirect joke that they weren't the ones entirely responsible (well actually they were) for the recent human casualties also dawned on him at this point.

"A lovely kinetic aesthetic, the shift between efficient, to vicious, brutal, and then to class was seamlessly executed...Shame any further viewers will not understand that. However, in exchange, they get left with the intrigue of how the spectacle came to be." he spoke as he stroked his clean-shaven face for a moment as he mused over the spectacle once more.

After a moment of pause, he then spoke up again. "But yes, tis not your best work." he said rather simply

Having given his opinion on the matter, Xavier rose from his seat. The human cattle were getting up and about which made their sticking around this long slightly more likely for someone to actually see something. He didn't exactly care whether or not they were spotted if fact it'd just make the game more interesting. But that didn't mean he was willing to take risks without caution or care...centuries of life demands a certain level of paranoia.

"Pray tell Nicholas, shall we return home and sleep like the dead, or is now a good time to prowl about?" He was adept at social encounters, however, at times such as this, he had no issue allowing someone else's judgment.

He listened to Xavier's words, this was generally along the lines of praise that Nicholas had been expecting, of course, he took pride in his rather morbid art-work but then again he did go through slightly more effort than any canvas painter or would-be writer, as he wasn't as much of a fan of art as one of the other Coven members. He sat on the edge of the table to enjoy the dripping and still alive, albeit unconscious, artwork he had set up, he considered taking it down but then it would lose its...The edge he felt. He felt behind him, tapping on the table a few times until he finally managed to find the plate of the pastries, well what was left of them at any rate, and tucked back into them, taking sips of blood after every bite or so.

It took him a moment that there was dawn sunlight coming through a crack in the curtains, he eyed it suspiciously, it was not often that it would be a very sunny day but it seemed the normal man or woman or... Vampire on the street had lucked out today. He was drawn out of his daydreaming about sunlight and why he was running out of jam on pastry by Xavier asking him another question, 'He must be in a good mood today' he thought to himself.

He looked up from the last of his breakfast, both red and brown, then over to Xavier, then over to the window, then back to his food then finally back to his master. His first answer was a shrug and a wordless murmur that basically translated to 'I don't know' He finished the last of his food, placed the glass back down then spun around on his heels so that he could take in the whole room before making a more calculated decision. "Personally. I would like to go on the prowl, as my lust for blood has risen and I feel that something should be done about it. Maybe we could descend upon the local clinic or even the docks? Those always tend to get in good with the media around here." He nodded to the newspaper that Xavier had been previously reading.

"Either way, My Lord. I desire blood. And I think Luke does as well." Here in a quick fit of anger passed over him, and he booted the edge of the table, sending it crashing over to one side, plate and glass flying through the air to come to a rather sudden stop and looked at the newspaper, "When am I going to be able to get a good deal of slaughter around this damned empty town?!" he questioned angrily, but not loud enough to cause any unwanted attention.

He paused for a moment and breathed deeply which calmed himself rather well. "Of course it is your decision in the end. But that is just my opinion." he said rather coldly as he took a moment to calm himself down.

Xavier couldn't help but flash a smile at the honest reply from his associate. He'd seen wholesale slaughter before, and he'd be lying if he denied any fascination. However, there was one thought that came to them from when such an impulse reared its ugly head. "A poor Lord I would be for killing all the cattle in my territory. Perhaps a visit towards another holding this decade, not my cattle, not my subjects, not my problem." He answered much in the manner one would remark about the weather.

The fact that he'd only be able to gain by weakening one of his peers only made the thought more appealing-even if he no longer wished to continue the macabre dance of his kind.

"Tempting though it is to stop by a clinic, I do believe these days some paperwork is required." His lips curled at the idea of having to conform to such a lowly measure. After all, vampirically speaking he was essentially royalty. In Nova Scotia, there was no doubt that he was the eldest vampire, and on the North American continent, he knew of less than a dozen vampires that could claim four centuries of life. To say the least, it annoyed him to have to follow rules created by his 'cattle'

"Prowl if you like, short of a breach of the Six Traditions. I shall seek Torpor until this evening." Xavier finally recognized his use of older vampiric terms.

Torpor for one referring to his kinds deathlike imitation of sleep, it wasn't necessary but it conserved energy and allowed fantasy and memory to blend into something between a dream and a nightmare. As for the Six Traditions, those were once the ironclad laws of the vampire race concerning: Secrecy, Absolution of Dominion, the Right to Sire, Managing Progeny, Hospitality, and Destroying Fellow Vampires. With that Xavier lazily waltzed towards the door, but stopped to make one announcement.

"Actually, short of the Fifth (Hospitality) feel free to manage any potential complaints as my proxy. Any vagabond that dares to enter my realm without presenting themselves unto me, I shall punish them personally. Should you get the urge, I'll allow you two more of my herd. Two, and two alone, Nicholas. One for each of you. Lest I remind you..." he said, with a rather deep and almost guttural tone, far more so than usual.

Nicholas would have, if he was not restrained by his loyalty to his lord, would have more likely than not already have torn off, attempting to coat the streets of Bear Point in blood, literally painting the town red. As it was, Xavier's words of restraint managed to actually have some effect on the sadistic Vampire. Even though the mention of only one slaughter in a decade gave him no small sense of disappointment, he missed the 40's, he could get away with large amounts of murder then and hardly anybody gave it a second thought... For a few years at least.

He was aware that he was being given a small amount of freedom on his leash here. He gave a theatrical bow as his master walked out of the room, and gave it one last look over, 'perhaps simple murder shall have to substitute for slaughter, it would seem that I shall have to make due with the drippings then' Nicholas thought to himself and sighed with mock depression before himself exiting the building, and taking in a draught of crisp morning air. He wouldn't indulge his lust for bloodshed just yet, he was aware that he was given only a small lease to fill his gut for killing, so he would reserve them for any...Interlopers that were meddling in his lord's affairs. After all, until the evening he was acting not just as his right hand but now fully in his stead. There were some benefits to being the Vampire lords confidante.

As time had passed after Nicholas, and Xavier had abandoned the recent murder victims house, leaving Luke to do whatever it is that he wished, time had passed for the rest of the people in Bear Point. It was around noon on a Friday morning by now, as life in Bear Point had sprung to life, albeit not very many people spent their days in the small port town. And if they did, it was the locals as many people went out of town half the time, leaving it rather empty aside from the few that didn't exactly hate this reclused town tucked away on the coast of Canada.


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jordan Ley'co Character Portrait: Madison Pines

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#, as written by iCat
outfit : here | location : home | hex : #192540

Strictly speaking, Madison Pines probably should have still been in school. Teaching hadn't finished yet, not officially. But nobody expected to see the seniors in. They graduated in three days, so what was the worst the school could do? Maddy was pretty sure that the principal was just glad to have one less cohort of teenagers to attempt to control. And besides, even if she wasn't in school, that didn't mean she hadn't been productive. She'd gone for a run with her mom before she'd had to leave for work. Bear Point's sheriff was kept exceptionally busy at the moment. Maddy had got up early specifically so they could run together, because otherwise, she probably wouldn't see her mom until late that evening. Her mom was a pretty hard person to stress, but a dozen disappearances in the past month would rattle even the calmest of people.

She'd spent the morning writing then, concocting elaborate stories that she could hide in, even just for a few hours. Writing was the one thing that let her escape everything. Her worry for Jordan and Kate, her confusion over her feelings, her fear that whatever was causing people to disappear was going to get to her loved ones. All she really wanted was to not have to feel any of that for a few hours, and so she buried herself in fiction. But now, her legs were starting to ache, and she was dying for a coffee. And besides, it was a beautiful day outside. Fresh air might help to calm her rushing mind. She sighed and got to her feet, pulling on her jacket and pulling out her phone to text Jordan.

"i am in desperate need of coffee. met you at joe's in 10?"

Graduation held a lot of fear for Madison. She was pretty sure that most of her fears weren't the fears that her classmates had. Most of them were excited to get away, to escape this tiny town. And Madison understood that. But she was also afraid of what would happen when she left. She'd never admit it, especially not to her mom, but she was afraid that something would happen to her mom when she wasn't around. She didn't want to be across the country when whatever was stealing these people finally got to her mom. And what about Jordan? What about Kate? What would happen to them? She sighed as she closed the door behind her and took in the fresh air. For once in her life, she would have loved things to just be... easy.


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Character Portrait: Jordan Ley'co Character Portrait: Madison Pines Character Portrait: Sarah Ley'co

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Jordan Ley'co

| Outfit: Currently wearing | Location: Home | Hex:#800000 |

That morning had been nothing but going from place to place, doing one thing and moving to the next. Jordan had woken up before the sun had even decided to rise and grace the treeline of Bear Point. She knew that graduation was growing closer and closer every passing day and she knew she'd more than likely have to make some life-changing decisions in the new few upcoming days. She knew one thing for certain, she wasn't going to leave her sister by herself with their mother. No matter what she would do, the one thing she was certain of was that she wasn't going to be leaving her sister to fend for herself. She begrudgingly woke up at 4am to meet Madison's father at the port side of town as they planned to get some work in before the weekend hit and that Jordan would be busy with graduation.

She quickly got dressed and made sure everything was squared away in their home, making sure nothing was out of order and that there was plenty of foods and drinks for their mom and Kate. She took one last look in the mirror before she left and saw that there was a small bruise that was remotely visible on the left side of her neck, she groaned and decided to toss on a gray sweatshirt to help cover it up, it did about as much as she needed left as quietly as she could and left for work. It went about as smoothly and as uneventful as they would have expected with the still remotely cold weather, even with the beginning of spring being right around the corner. They had caught some, but not as much as they had originally planned. Hours had passed when they finally came back to the mainland, being around 8am now, Jordan knew that she was slowly running out of time and would need to go to the local store and get more food and items for the oncoming week.

After a while, from running place to place, and bringing things back into the house she put everything where they needed to be and finally flopped onto the couch with a long sigh. She sat on the couch in silence as she knew that Kate was away at a friend's house and that their mother was still asleep, or more so had gone back to bed after getting her next fix as some of the drinks she had bought prior were now missing. Jordan found herself slowly nodding off as she rested her chin on her hand until she heard a small beep go on, coming from her pocket. The sound startled her and caused her to jump a bit as she forgot she still had the sound on her phone. She took a moment to see if her mother was awake, and after not hearing anything she opened her phone and checked who had messaged her. Seeing that it was only Madison she sighed with relief, seeing that Madison asked if they could meet at the local diner for some coffee in ten minutes. She was tempted to say no, or maybe later, but she figured that going out and seeing her best friend would do her some good, as well as get her out of this house for a bit longer, and if she needed to sleep she could end up taking a nap at Madison's house later that day.

"Sure, just let me finish with a few things and I'll be there ASAP. So make it about eleven minutes." she texted back, with a hint of sarcasm in the message.

With a small groan, she rose to her feet, feeling a bit light-headed, maybe getting some coffee and food at the diner was the right decision. Jordan checked the house once more again, making sure she had everything she needed and promptly left the house, and got into her truck, that was a gift from Madison's father, as well as her boss. They were all too proud of themselves when they managed to fix up the old thing, putting in a new radio, sound system, as well as fixing the heated seats and air conditioner, and a few other problems like changing out the motor belt and engine. It was practically brand new, with a few bumps and scrapes here, it was her most prized possession, and she didn't care what others thought of it. It was a long time coming project between Jared and Jordan, and when he said it was all her's for graduation, she couldn't contain herself.

It took a few minutes, but she finally arrived at the small diner, assuming Madison was already inside when she got there she pulled into the lot and jumped out of the car and made her way into the small establishment, a feeling of familiarity filled her as a small smile spread across her face. It was one of the best places to find a home-cooked meal that felt and was authentic and was owned by people that lived in the town forever, as it was passed down from one family member to the next. She waved at the man behind the grill in the back past the counter as he smiled and waved as she entered, a small bell going off as the door opened. After finally finding Madison sitting in their usual spot, which was one of the booths in the far back she scooted into the booth across from her friend, with a deep sigh she gave her a small smile. "Sorry I'm late, Madds. It was a long morning. How're you?" she gave her a small smile as she looked her friend in the eyes, always having found comfort in her best friend she couldn't help but smile.

They had been friends ever since they were little, some may say even too close as the years went on. As whenever anyone saw one, the other would be right behind them, and usually mischief and shenanigans would follow. But as the years went on things changed a bit, their attitudes and views on how the world really was changed and evolved, as they saw it wasn't what they expected. But one thing remained the same, their bond. Nothing was ever able to sever it and they didn't plan on it breaking anytime soon.


Characters Present

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#, as written by violeta



outfit: x x location: joe's diner x hex: #D39BA1



ImageGuinevere groaned as she rolled over in bed in her tiny studio apartment as her alarm blared. Not like she slept very much anyway, but it made her feel the tiniest bit more normal. Very glamorous for a vampire. But it keeps her more under the radar than living in a fancy house in a small town like Bear Point. Plus, she was rarely in it other than sleeping or showering. Rather lonely way of living by her standards. She was used to it at this point. She rolled over in the plush bed, glancing at the clock 6:30am. The girl had to be at Joe's in about an hour for her morning shift.

After laying around lazily in bed for about another 20 minutes, scrolling through aimless articles on her phone, Gwen finally dragged herself out of bed and into the shower. It only took her about thirty minutes to apply some light makeup and throw on her uniform - such a drab thing. Still, she quite enjoy her job at Joe's, again, it made her feel normal and that was something she had begun to appreciate lately.

Coffee was Guinevere's second favorite flavor - right below blood, of course. The bitter but sugary liquid was a delight for her taste buds even though she practically didn't need to drink it at all. Vampires survived without human food as long as they had a healthy blood diet, but Gwen liked spoiling herself with things she didn't need. And today was one of those days.

The cook, Martin, always had a fresh cup for her ready to go when she got there. He was practically in love with her. Poor guy. He was sweet though and she'd learnt to take any friendship or kind remark she got very dear. After living so long she had begun to see how dark the world had actually become. Kindness was something of a rarity these days.

The first hour of her shift was normal, the regulars came through getting the same things they always did. Gwen quite enjoyed the lot of them, they always were so nice - and gave the best tips. The bell chimed again denoting another customer and she called over her shoulder as she poured another refill of coffee into Mr. Devoe's mug. "Just a moment! I'll be right there" . She placed the mug back behind the counter on the warmer and took the pencil out from behind her ear grabbing the small steno pad from the front pocket of her uniform.

A brief look of surprise passed over her face as she noticed the two customers in front of her. Madison Pines and Jordan Ley'co. Perhaps the two most interesting characters she had come across from her brief living in Bear Point. Oddly she had begun to feel somewhat attached to the two girls, it was a vamp thing. They hardly knew her past the name, 'Guinevere', on her badge. "Good morning girls, is it going to be the usual for the both of you?" She flashed the both of them a warm smile.

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Re: Bear Point

If anyone is wondering this is still active and open, and spots are still available. Wi be starting by the end of this week, so the 13th is when this will officially start. ^-^

Even then characters will still be open for the taking so dont be shy. More can be made if you so desire as well

Re: Bear Point

Also, whoever would like to join the Discord that I have set up for this feel free. It'll be an easier and faster way to contact me compared to here as I'm usually always on Discord and get notifications easier than than here.

That is if everyone here has it. It'll be where we can discuss things and just generally talk compared to the chat system here since it's a bit delayed and not as well structured in my opinion,

Re: Bear Point

Of course! Consider them reserved! And thank you for your interest!

Considering that makes up most of the roles taken at this point, whenever the rest of the characters are finished, we may begin unless more people join.

Thank you so much for your interest everyone! ^-^

Re: Bear Point

Hello, I'd love to reserve some characters as well if you'd have me.

- Guinevere Addington (fc: Nicola Peltz), The New Girl
- Logan Pines (fc: Bobby Lockwood), Good friend of Jordan Ley'co
- Lyra Howlett (fc: Kristen Hager), Lycan Omega and Alexander's mate

Re: Bear Point

Of course! Glad to have another on board!

Re: Bear Point

Alright, thank you!

Re: Bear Point

Of course! Consider them reserved! Thanks so much!

If there's anything you wish to change or add to the current information on them, feel free to. I don't mind.

Take the time you need on them, no rush. ^-^

If you have anyquestions, feel free to ask, I don't bite. ^^:

Re: Bear Point

Hi! Interested in putting down some reservations for the following characters:

β€’ Alexander Howlette (Ben Barnes) - Alpha Male
β€’ Katlyn Ley'co (Mackenzie Foy) - Jordan's Sister
β€’ Lianna Howlette (Anna Silk) - Xavier's Wife
β€’ Tommy Liles (Ezra Miller) - Scout

Gonna see how well those go for now and if you guys need me to fill any more roles down the line, I'd be more than happy to do that. :)

Re: Bear Point

Of course you can! Interesting choices for characters! I'll get those spots reserved for you!

Thanks for joining! And if you have any questions, like lore or stuff, feel free to ask. ^-^ There's plenty already established and always welcoming new ideas!

Re: Bear Point

Hello there! Could I reserve a few characters? I’d like to reserve Emma Pines (FC; AJ Cook), Matthew Montgomery (FC; Bill Skarsgard), and The Best Friend with an FC of Emily Rudd? This looks super fun and I can’t wait to get stuck in :D

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