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Sarah Ley'co

"Something inside me just...broke, that's the only way that I can explain it."

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a character in “Secrets Of Bear Point”, originally authored by Wolf's Bane109, as played by RolePlayGateway



"We try to hide our feelings, but we forget that our eyes speak."x

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Sarah Rose Elizabeth Ley'co

N I C K N A M E (S)
Rose, Liz, Lizzy (childhood nickname)

February 15th


Jordan and Kate's Mother & Abuser


50% Greek, 50% Russian

Bear Point, born and raised



Sarah isn't one for style or fashion, but simply comfort over all. If she is ever seen by anyone, she is uaully dressed in long sleeve shirts, sweaters, jackets, hoodies, and sweat pants or anything loose and baggy, tending to be on the darker side of colors, such as dark blues and blacks, to dark and light grays, with the occasional splash of color in dark blue hues and shades.

H E I G H T & W E I G H T
5' 3" and 110lbs

Much like her daughters, Sarah has long, dark, lucious locks of hair that comes the middle of her back, dark eyes that are contrasting to her light and pale-colored skin, a rather slender face with a strong jawline, with a few scattered beauty marks here and there. She is far from ugly, but also not the most attractive, but in her own right. She isn't what people would usually picture when they think of a depressed alcoholic that's abusive. She is rather the contrast and is usually a shock when they find out that she has not only a daughter that is half her age but a slightly younger daughter as well.


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Image Image

None surprisingly enough, alcohol is almost a necessity for her, doesn't matter what kind it is, as long as she has it she is usually content until something pisses her off enough | A darkly lit room, as she is usually always asleep or has chronic headaches, as well as her severe depression | Being left alone, as she isn't one for being bothered with or one for company for most people | Fall and Winter months, as they give her more of an excuse to stay in bed as the cold months cause severe pain in her right leg due to her injury | Popular to contrary belief, she still does care for her daughters, even if it doesn't seem like it | Much like her daughters, nature is one of the things she loves most, as its calm and usually is the only times they actually get along any more | Animals, as their innocence and way of life tends to calm her down | Coffee and rum, as it is an aqcuired taste that she has come to like |

Not being left alone, as she tends to be upset rather easily | Spring and Summer, as the heat and pollen causes her to feel sick due to allergies | Surprisingly enough, she hates the fact that she can't change no matter how badly she may want to | Being seen as the villain, even though she knows full well that she is | Beer, surprisingly enough she despises the taste, too bitter and bold for her taste | Ice coffee, she doesn't understand how anyone likes it |


ImageP E R S O N A L I T Y
Once a loving, caring, protective doting mother, has since become the polar opposite in recent years. People used to be able to describe her as the perfect and ideal mother, especially considering how young she was when she had her first child when she was only nineteen years old, she used to do everything for her kids. Sarah would do whatever it took for her children to be happy and safe, always doing it took to put a smile on their faces. She used to be a kind, caring woman with a sweet smile that could easily light up any room, turning any sour mood into one that was the opposite. But now, all she is ever really seen is bitter, angry, rage-filled drunk, who only cares about herself and getting drunk or high constantly. But the people in the town have either turned a blind eye to how she treats her children, or they are entirely blind to it as she is a rather liar and can put on a fake smile and act as though all is fine with the world, while the people that really know her know the truth.

But there are the rare occasions when she is sober or only on the verge of being drunk when the old person who used to be their mother comes out, she can be sweet and genuinely caring about her daughters, but then easily the next second she can turn on a dime and be angry, hate-spewing monster. But on the rare occasions that she isn't drunk at all, she shows that the real Sarah is still in there and can be happy and gentle with her children, asking how their days went or how they're doing, but those occasions are few and far between and when those moments do happen the whole family relishes in the small moments. Such as going hiking in the woods outside of their house, or going out for dinner or simply sitting down and talking about normal things.

Due to her depression and addiction to binge drinking and the occasional drugs, she has become quite the recluse. She only ever stays home and in her room for the most part, which also creates the rift between her and her kids, aside from the abuse. She wants to be able to change and stop the rift that has been formed between her and her daughters, but due to her unwillingness to actually make the change she wishes she could see, her change is highly up for debate and if she really means it or if it's simply another ploy of her manipulative behavior.


Image ImageF A M I L Y
Once a hard working mother for her two kids who did everything for them, has essentially become a stranger and monster to them, therefore causing her to have no relationship with her daughters. She doesn't know anything about them anymore nor does she care to, and due to that their relationship is completely none existent. Aside from how strained their relationship is, Sarah would still gladly die for her children if given the chance, as the mother that they once knew is still in there, just buried beneath her abusive and manipulative behaviors.

She refuses to ever tell the girls who their fathers are, as Jordan's father was an abusive alcoholic that had decided to leave her once he found out she was pregnant with Jordan due to him not wanting to raise a child as he said it would ruin his life and a child isn't what he wanted. A few years later she had met another man that would end up getting her pregnant with Kate, and he too wouldn't be in the picture as it was a one-time thing and she only saw him a few times after he seemed to just disappear. She never told Kate that she was only Jordan's half-sister, out of fear of being called things she wasn't, as well as trying to not cause a rift between her and Jordan.



Sarah was born in a single-parent home, raised by her mother who was a former dancer and had wanted her daughter to follow in her footsteps. From a young age, she proved to a very skilled and talented dancer, who ended up going to a prestigious ballet company in New York City where she lived for a few years. While she slowly moved up from being a no one to becoming a well-known ballet dancer, having received several offers from different dance academies offering her scholarships and opportunities of a lifetime for her. Things had slowly gotten better for her and she had eagerly accepted one of them that landed her in a dance studio in Los Angeles, California for two years.

After a few months of being there, she met one of their most promising dancers. He was tall, handsome, piercing green eyes, dark blonde shaggy hair and a contagious smile. They kicked it off all too easily as they were not only paired up as a duo, but there was something between the two. Their chemistry had not only proven to help them improve their skill, but it slowly sparked a small flame. A year had passed when they finally started dating, and things were good for a time until he proved to be not as much of a gentleman as he first seemed to be. He would get angry all too easily and shout at her for seemingly no reason, as well as he would get drunk rather often. Sarah was torn as she was truly in love with him but his abusive behavior was slowly turning her away. It was when she told him that she was pregnant that things only escalated, at first he told her that it wasn't his and that he must have cheated, and that when she dismissed it he told her to get rid of the child that he wasn't ready for a child, and neither was she. Sarah was distraught and when she refused he decided to break things off and left her without a second thought.

Things had just gotten better for her, then she was not only now preparing for motherhood, but also was now single and living on her own in an almost entirely unknown city, nevermind being outside of Canada. She was then told that since she was pregnant that it would impact her career and any chances she had at getting into any other academies and studios were now gone as she couldn't continue to be a dancer while she was pregnant. With dashed hopes and dreams she returned to her home town of Bear Point with her mother until she had her first child by the time she was seventeen years old. It was a few years after she had Jordan she decided to give dancing one more time and so she did.

She returned to the dance studio and began her career all over again, but sadly it wouldn't have lasted long. As her last major performance, she had injured her leg, resulting in her dance career being put fully on hold. She took the news of never being able to dance again hard, but it would give her time to raise her daughter and focus on being a mother. The next few years were good as she turned out to be a very good mother, doing everything and anything she could with her daughter, with help from her mother. As a few months passed when Jordan was three, she had met someone new, and the relationship seemed to be all too perfect. He was a tall, dark, handsome, man that was slightly older than her, and his name was Markus, and he just so happened to be an ex-dancer as well and was rather kind and caring for not only her but also her child as well. Things seemed to be going well once again as the three bonded over a short period of time. But only a year later things went south again. Sarah had found out she was pregnant, and to her surprise again when she told him, he simply left once again. Not wanting a child as they were both still young and he wasn't ready to be a father, even though he did love Sarah and her kid, he just wasn't ready.

This caused something in her to break as she was now having to take care of two girls, as her mother had enough and needed to leave, leaving the two girls with their mother. For a few years as the girls slowly grew up, things were going well for them. Sarah did what she could for them, even taking on two jobs to make ends meet. Slowly over the years her behavior and how she treated her girls began to change, is if something was slowly breaking or falling apart. It started out small, she would get irritated more easily and would have short fuses. But as time went on and the years past things took a drastic turn. She started drinking, and it slowly turned her behavior sour. She began shouting and even screaming at the two girls, but never hit them. It was when Jordan was four-teen and Kate was nine, that the physical abuse began. Sarah had accidentally slapped Jordan when she had tried to calm Sarah down. It was only after she accidentally struck that she realized what she had done and asked for forgiveness and that she didn't mean it.

But after that, that was the real turning point for Sarah and the decline in her mental health. She began more reclused and was always in her room. She turned to drinking as an alternative to help her overcome the feeling of guilt and depression she had as everything slowly hit her of the reality she was in. She felt stuck in her own mind and no matter how badly she wanted to change, what she referred to as "The Monster", it after overhearing her daughters talking about her that something broke. An endless cycle of feeling hopeless, hallow, and broken that things escalated, and sadly the rest is history.

Sarah is now living in Bear Point with her two daughters. Nothing but angry and bitter at the world unable to control herself as she tries to hold onto the small bit of humanity that she still retains. She wants to change and be able to be the mother she knows she can be, but with the temptation of alcohol and endless darkness and misery in her mind Sarah feels she is a lost cause and is hopeless to ever change, blissfully unaware of the reality that is in the town and that an even darker shadow and secret lies within the small port town in which she resides...


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Single | Not looking for any romantical pursuits as her past relationships were very abusive and manipulative


If one would include being able to drink the amount of alcohol she consumes and not die from alcohol poisoning, then yes. Due to her not working anymore and being home twenty-four seven, all she really does is drink, get high off of drugs and sleep. Other than that she really doesn't have any sort of talents, even though she used to be a ballet dancer in her younger years...

She used to be a hard worker and still can be, but only when she is sober, which is almost never |

The degree at which her self loathing and depression has gotten, which has been the main catalyst for the abuse her children receives | The fact she isn't willing to change even though she wishes she could | Alcohol, anything about it causes her to lose all self-control and resume binge drinking |


So begins...

Sarah Ley'co's Story


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Arc One: Awakening

March 27th: Three days before gradutation

All was quiet and peacefull. Too peaceful even, in the small port town known as Bear Point. The animals were communing with each other with small chirps, howls, yips, and barks as nature took its course. Everything was as normal as anyone would otherwise think, except for what had happened during the night unknown to all the people that lived there.

In a small, gray two-story house. Three figures were going about their daily lives behind the closed door of the house. An older man sat in one of the chairs at the table. One of the others was somewhere around the house, doing who knows what as he pleased, meanwhile there was one more who was occupying the living quarters with the older man. The older man casually flipped through the newspaper of what would be the quintessential definition of "normal" in the Bear Point area. Like most places it had a rather elegantly done colonial design and was rather distant from most neighbors given the low populace. He was currently sitting at the breakfast table, looking very much like the image of the model husband himself. He was a tall, strong-built man, with short, raven black hair, and just as equally dark maroon eyes. His jaw was finely and perfectly chiseled, his skin smooth and fair, making him in many people's opinion, the epitome of handsome.

"Nearly a dozen disappearances within the past month...such a tragic affair, they must find the people responsible for this, don't you agree?" he asked with a deep, yet calming voice.

The man finally discarded the newspaper, revealing his eyes which were currently blood-red in shade-the sclera which was normally white for most people was black in appearance. This wasn't due to contacts but it was simply a byproduct of him using his vampiric powers. The question was addressed to the only remaining occupants of the house aside from himself, mainly one of his comrades and the woman who would most likely be having a normal breakfast at this time without their timely intervention.

"Granted I believe as of now they are three short courtesy of our own little artist here." Xavier winked at the blushing woman in question.

The woman couldn't exactly be considered ugly or attractive, but she clearly had a battered look about her. In particular, the vacant look in her eyes due to his influence was her predominant feature. The night before, he'd rather selfishly convinced the woman into murdering her husband. In an effort to build the young woman's dreams of being an artist, he had her practice by 'sculpting' with the bodies of her two children. In his honest opinion, she had artistic talent, but she simply had no originality...and had just lost her 'new toy' feel to him all too soon, which was rather disappointing as he only just started to have fun with her.

"Nicholas...feel free to have your fun...I have certainly had mine, and greatly appreciate you indulging in my new game." The vampire's eyes reverted to their human appearance as he ceased using his ability, blinking a few times as his eyes slowly returned to their normal blood red color.

He understood the younger vampire's murderous inclination and often enjoyed indulging in it. Nicholas was by far one of the most talented killers he'd encountered in the past century and Xavier enjoyed watching a man at work. However, this time around he was more intent upon his next move than fully observing what would come next. Nicholas was on the more smaller frame, tall but not as strong looking in appearance. He had more of boyish features, regardless of his actual age. His hair was dark brown, just barely a few inches in length as he prefered to keep it short. His skin was also fair and flawless, aside from a scar over his right eyes, which were too a dark maroon color.

Nicholas himself was at that moment in the morning eating toast, with a light spreading of butter and strawberry jam. Yes he was fully aware that he was playing into the stereotype, but frankly he did not care and was half-way through eating the pastry treat when his master, Xavier, placed down the newspaper he was reading and asked a question that Nicholas only really caught the end of, as he was busy attempting to catch a loose glob of jam from the opposite end of the toast with his tongue.

"-Do you not agree?"

Nicholas paused with the jam on the end of his tongue and still partly attached to the toast before replying. "Well-" He began, before swallowing his mouthful of food and starting his sentence again. "Well, I know for a fact that at least one of those disappearances was me...Maybe two." He looked slightly sheepish as if it were some great crime, which frankly amongst Vampires, it wasn't. Again he fazed out, back into the world of simple food when he heard Xavier speak up again.

"Nicholas, feel free to have your fun." That was all the signal he needed really and already had a plan in motion.

He calmly placed the half-eaten piece of toast onto the plate and stood up, pushing his chair in and casually strolling around the table to the now blinking and confused artist, he gently placed a hand on her shoulder and when she looked up at his young and caring face, he gave her a large and manic grin, long fangs clearly visible. In one smooth motion his hand twisted her out of her chair and onto the dining table, making sure to miss the remains of his breakfast, his hand flashed for a moment and in his hand was one his daggers, which he plunged into the poor woman's sternum, swiftly removing it again in one sharp motion, releasing a crescent of blood into the air, the scent of which he breathed in deeply with a small moan of pleasure escaping his lips. He then grew tired of the simple thought of simply reducing the woman to little more than shreds and with one hand lifted her onto her feet, before throwing her at one of the walls, rather high up as well, and then grabbing the largest candlesticks that was on the table, which he threw like a javelin at the woman, impaling her onto the wall, all of which happened in a matter of seconds, and left the poor woman to slowly bleed to death as the light slowly faded from her eyes.

Nicholas himself picked up a wine glass and strolled under the woman, catching the droplets of blood in the cup before stepping back. "Perhaps not my most refined work. But it has a certain, se setir a lui, what do you think, My Master?" His accent had all but faded from his voice, other than when he actually spoke, and like any German, he couldn't resist drinking a fine 'wine' and being complimented on his handiwork.

Xavier couldn't help the phantom of a smile that formed on his face when Nicholas asked his question. The indirect joke that they weren't the ones entirely responsible (well actually they were) for the recent human casualties also dawned on him at this point.

"A lovely kinetic aesthetic, the shift between efficient, to vicious, brutal, and then to class was seamlessly executed...Shame any further viewers will not understand that. However, in exchange, they get left with the intrigue of how the spectacle came to be." he spoke as he stroked his clean-shaven face for a moment as he mused over the spectacle once more.

After a moment of pause, he then spoke up again. "But yes, tis not your best work." he said rather simply

Having given his opinion on the matter, Xavier rose from his seat. The human cattle were getting up and about which made their sticking around this long slightly more likely for someone to actually see something. He didn't exactly care whether or not they were spotted if fact it'd just make the game more interesting. But that didn't mean he was willing to take risks without caution or care...centuries of life demands a certain level of paranoia.

"Pray tell Nicholas, shall we return home and sleep like the dead, or is now a good time to prowl about?" He was adept at social encounters, however, at times such as this, he had no issue allowing someone else's judgment.

He listened to Xavier's words, this was generally along the lines of praise that Nicholas had been expecting, of course, he took pride in his rather morbid art-work but then again he did go through slightly more effort than any canvas painter or would-be writer, as he wasn't as much of a fan of art as one of the other Coven members. He sat on the edge of the table to enjoy the dripping and still alive, albeit unconscious, artwork he had set up, he considered taking it down but then it would lose its...The edge he felt. He felt behind him, tapping on the table a few times until he finally managed to find the plate of the pastries, well what was left of them at any rate, and tucked back into them, taking sips of blood after every bite or so.

It took him a moment that there was dawn sunlight coming through a crack in the curtains, he eyed it suspiciously, it was not often that it would be a very sunny day but it seemed the normal man or woman or... Vampire on the street had lucked out today. He was drawn out of his daydreaming about sunlight and why he was running out of jam on pastry by Xavier asking him another question, 'He must be in a good mood today' he thought to himself.

He looked up from the last of his breakfast, both red and brown, then over to Xavier, then over to the window, then back to his food then finally back to his master. His first answer was a shrug and a wordless murmur that basically translated to 'I don't know' He finished the last of his food, placed the glass back down then spun around on his heels so that he could take in the whole room before making a more calculated decision. "Personally. I would like to go on the prowl, as my lust for blood has risen and I feel that something should be done about it. Maybe we could descend upon the local clinic or even the docks? Those always tend to get in good with the media around here." He nodded to the newspaper that Xavier had been previously reading.

"Either way, My Lord. I desire blood. And I think Luke does as well." Here in a quick fit of anger passed over him, and he booted the edge of the table, sending it crashing over to one side, plate and glass flying through the air to come to a rather sudden stop and looked at the newspaper, "When am I going to be able to get a good deal of slaughter around this damned empty town?!" he questioned angrily, but not loud enough to cause any unwanted attention.

He paused for a moment and breathed deeply which calmed himself rather well. "Of course it is your decision in the end. But that is just my opinion." he said rather coldly as he took a moment to calm himself down.

Xavier couldn't help but flash a smile at the honest reply from his associate. He'd seen wholesale slaughter before, and he'd be lying if he denied any fascination. However, there was one thought that came to them from when such an impulse reared its ugly head. "A poor Lord I would be for killing all the cattle in my territory. Perhaps a visit towards another holding this decade, not my cattle, not my subjects, not my problem." He answered much in the manner one would remark about the weather.

The fact that he'd only be able to gain by weakening one of his peers only made the thought more appealing-even if he no longer wished to continue the macabre dance of his kind.

"Tempting though it is to stop by a clinic, I do believe these days some paperwork is required." His lips curled at the idea of having to conform to such a lowly measure. After all, vampirically speaking he was essentially royalty. In Nova Scotia, there was no doubt that he was the eldest vampire, and on the North American continent, he knew of less than a dozen vampires that could claim four centuries of life. To say the least, it annoyed him to have to follow rules created by his 'cattle'

"Prowl if you like, short of a breach of the Six Traditions. I shall seek Torpor until this evening." Xavier finally recognized his use of older vampiric terms.

Torpor for one referring to his kinds deathlike imitation of sleep, it wasn't necessary but it conserved energy and allowed fantasy and memory to blend into something between a dream and a nightmare. As for the Six Traditions, those were once the ironclad laws of the vampire race concerning: Secrecy, Absolution of Dominion, the Right to Sire, Managing Progeny, Hospitality, and Destroying Fellow Vampires. With that Xavier lazily waltzed towards the door, but stopped to make one announcement.

"Actually, short of the Fifth (Hospitality) feel free to manage any potential complaints as my proxy. Any vagabond that dares to enter my realm without presenting themselves unto me, I shall punish them personally. Should you get the urge, I'll allow you two more of my herd. Two, and two alone, Nicholas. One for each of you. Lest I remind you..." he said, with a rather deep and almost guttural tone, far more so than usual.

Nicholas would have, if he was not restrained by his loyalty to his lord, would have more likely than not already have torn off, attempting to coat the streets of Bear Point in blood, literally painting the town red. As it was, Xavier's words of restraint managed to actually have some effect on the sadistic Vampire. Even though the mention of only one slaughter in a decade gave him no small sense of disappointment, he missed the 40's, he could get away with large amounts of murder then and hardly anybody gave it a second thought... For a few years at least.

He was aware that he was being given a small amount of freedom on his leash here. He gave a theatrical bow as his master walked out of the room, and gave it one last look over, 'perhaps simple murder shall have to substitute for slaughter, it would seem that I shall have to make due with the drippings then' Nicholas thought to himself and sighed with mock depression before himself exiting the building, and taking in a draught of crisp morning air. He wouldn't indulge his lust for bloodshed just yet, he was aware that he was given only a small lease to fill his gut for killing, so he would reserve them for any...Interlopers that were meddling in his lord's affairs. After all, until the evening he was acting not just as his right hand but now fully in his stead. There were some benefits to being the Vampire lords confidante.

As time had passed after Nicholas, and Xavier had abandoned the recent murder victims house, leaving Luke to do whatever it is that he wished, time had passed for the rest of the people in Bear Point. It was around noon on a Friday morning by now, as life in Bear Point had sprung to life, albeit not very many people spent their days in the small port town. And if they did, it was the locals as many people went out of town half the time, leaving it rather empty aside from the few that didn't exactly hate this reclused town tucked away on the coast of Canada.


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Jordan Ley'co

| Outfit: Currently wearing | Location: Home | Hex:#800000 |

That morning had been nothing but going from place to place, doing one thing and moving to the next. Jordan had woken up before the sun had even decided to rise and grace the treeline of Bear Point. She knew that graduation was growing closer and closer every passing day and she knew she'd more than likely have to make some life-changing decisions in the new few upcoming days. She knew one thing for certain, she wasn't going to leave her sister by herself with their mother. No matter what she would do, the one thing she was certain of was that she wasn't going to be leaving her sister to fend for herself. She begrudgingly woke up at 4am to meet Madison's father at the port side of town as they planned to get some work in before the weekend hit and that Jordan would be busy with graduation.

She quickly got dressed and made sure everything was squared away in their home, making sure nothing was out of order and that there was plenty of foods and drinks for their mom and Kate. She took one last look in the mirror before she left and saw that there was a small bruise that was remotely visible on the left side of her neck, she groaned and decided to toss on a gray sweatshirt to help cover it up, it did about as much as she needed left as quietly as she could and left for work. It went about as smoothly and as uneventful as they would have expected with the still remotely cold weather, even with the beginning of spring being right around the corner. They had caught some, but not as much as they had originally planned. Hours had passed when they finally came back to the mainland, being around 8am now, Jordan knew that she was slowly running out of time and would need to go to the local store and get more food and items for the oncoming week.

After a while, from running place to place, and bringing things back into the house she put everything where they needed to be and finally flopped onto the couch with a long sigh. She sat on the couch in silence as she knew that Kate was away at a friend's house and that their mother was still asleep, or more so had gone back to bed after getting her next fix as some of the drinks she had bought prior were now missing. Jordan found herself slowly nodding off as she rested her chin on her hand until she heard a small beep go on, coming from her pocket. The sound startled her and caused her to jump a bit as she forgot she still had the sound on her phone. She took a moment to see if her mother was awake, and after not hearing anything she opened her phone and checked who had messaged her. Seeing that it was only Madison she sighed with relief, seeing that Madison asked if they could meet at the local diner for some coffee in ten minutes. She was tempted to say no, or maybe later, but she figured that going out and seeing her best friend would do her some good, as well as get her out of this house for a bit longer, and if she needed to sleep she could end up taking a nap at Madison's house later that day.

"Sure, just let me finish with a few things and I'll be there ASAP. So make it about eleven minutes." she texted back, with a hint of sarcasm in the message.

With a small groan, she rose to her feet, feeling a bit light-headed, maybe getting some coffee and food at the diner was the right decision. Jordan checked the house once more again, making sure she had everything she needed and promptly left the house, and got into her truck, that was a gift from Madison's father, as well as her boss. They were all too proud of themselves when they managed to fix up the old thing, putting in a new radio, sound system, as well as fixing the heated seats and air conditioner, and a few other problems like changing out the motor belt and engine. It was practically brand new, with a few bumps and scrapes here, it was her most prized possession, and she didn't care what others thought of it. It was a long time coming project between Jared and Jordan, and when he said it was all her's for graduation, she couldn't contain herself.

It took a few minutes, but she finally arrived at the small diner, assuming Madison was already inside when she got there she pulled into the lot and jumped out of the car and made her way into the small establishment, a feeling of familiarity filled her as a small smile spread across her face. It was one of the best places to find a home-cooked meal that felt and was authentic and was owned by people that lived in the town forever, as it was passed down from one family member to the next. She waved at the man behind the grill in the back past the counter as he smiled and waved as she entered, a small bell going off as the door opened. After finally finding Madison sitting in their usual spot, which was one of the booths in the far back she scooted into the booth across from her friend, with a deep sigh she gave her a small smile. "Sorry I'm late, Madds. It was a long morning. How're you?" she gave her a small smile as she looked her friend in the eyes, always having found comfort in her best friend she couldn't help but smile.

They had been friends ever since they were little, some may say even too close as the years went on. As whenever anyone saw one, the other would be right behind them, and usually mischief and shenanigans would follow. But as the years went on things changed a bit, their attitudes and views on how the world really was changed and evolved, as they saw it wasn't what they expected. But one thing remained the same, their bond. Nothing was ever able to sever it and they didn't plan on it breaking anytime soon.