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Flora Glass

"If you hurt my best friend, I can make your death look like an accident."

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a character in “Secrets of Limbo”, as played by thenotsoinnocent



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The Fated
Age: 22
Sexuality: Simonsexual (w/ memory) - Pansexual (w/o memory)
Faceclaim: Ashley Moore
Hexcode: #708090


----------------------------------| | O U T S I D E | |----------------------------------

ImageImage Image Image Image Image

H E I G H T || 5'8"

W E I G H T || 126 lbs.

E Y E S || medium brown

H A I R || coconut brown

O D D I T I E S || Freckles.

A P P E A R A N C E ||
Flora is tall for her sex with a slim body that often gets her told she is too skinny. Currently, she has long layered hair that passes the middle of her back by a few inches. It is often left out and wild. She only chops off some precious inches once a year to get rid of dead ends and to help it grow. She often leans to wearing feminine clothing as she likes to look pretty. Although, you can always count on her to be wearing makeup. She always hides her freckles with it.

--------------------------| | I N S I D E | |--------------

L I K E S ||
✓ gardening ✓ chapstick ✓ makeup
✓ longhair ✓ her best friend ✓ trying new things
✓ mangos ✓ peppermint tea ✓ jokes
✓ hugs ✓ air hockey ✓ sunrise/sunset
✓ exploring ✓ pillows ✓ faux fur
✓ music ✓ stargazing ✓ beaches


Q U I R K S ||
-- Touchy: has a constant need to touch someone when
in a crowd or out in public. She also
touches people she cares for when near them as
well. She may literally cling to someone if nervous,
scared, etc.
-- Attentive: she is always aware of her surroundings. She
keeps her eyes and ears open when out in
public. You can often see her eyes roaming around.
She sometimes gets distracted if she is listening in
too intently on a conversation.


S T R E N G T H S ||
-- Green Thumb: Since her grandmother taught her gardening, she
has been able to grow anything the environment would
allow. All the things she grows seem to thrive
thanks to her magic touch. She’ll even help others
if their plants are unhealthy or dying.
-- Photography: She got into this because of her high
school’s photography club. Of course, she wasn’t a natural
at first, but she practiced and practiced. It didn’t
take her too long to get pictures everyone found
beautiful. Although, she had a higher standard for herself
and it took a couple of years for her
to reach it. She planned on going into photography
for a professional career.
-- Nimble: Her mother has always told her, “You never
bothered to learn to crawl, you went straight to
running and you were a nimble little thing.” As
she grew, she just became quicker and lighter in
her movements. She always made sure to keep herself
physically fit. Is isn’t hard for her to move
quickly and easily.

D I S L I K E S ||
✗ being alone ✗ rules ✗ beans
✗ winter ✗ smokers ✗ jerks
✗ nightmares ✗ flies ✗ others messing with Simon
✗ illness ✗ cold tea ✗ sexism
✗ racism ✗ ageism ✗ horror movies
✗ wet socks ✗ lint ✗ commercials/ads


F E A R S ||
-- Fire: After the fire in her first home, she
is terrified of fire. She is always looking up
fire safety tips and is extra careful when cooking.
She can barely deal with a campfire or bonfire.
-- Losing Simon: she is scared trying for something more
than friendship with Simon will ruin their friendship. She’d
rather live with Simon than without him. She knows
you can have a best friend for life, but
can love last forever? Relationships fail all the time
and love can fade. She even has a nagging
doubt Simon may not love her like she loves


W E A K N E S S E S ||
-- Simon: It shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone that Simon
is one of her weakness. She would do and
sacrifice anything for him. She’d never admit it, but
he has her wrapped around his little finger. She
has a hard time saying no to him if
he asks for something. This is unless she is
messing with him or knows he needs her to
help him out.
-- Soft-hearted: Something just drives her to help others
if she sees they are in trouble, suffering, or
in need. She doesn’t think before helping. She just
does it. The last thing she thinks about is
the consequences.
-- Sensitive: This is a hidden fact about her as she
hides it well, but she is a sensitive person.
It doesn’t take much for someone to hurt her
feelings with words. If someone criticizes her about certain
things, she’ll be hung up on it for hours.
It can be easy to upset her.

--------------------| | D E E PXD O W N | |--------------------Image

Image Image Image
| Protective - Fierce - Sweet - Finicky - Confident - Dependent|

Flora is a Mama Bear when it comes to her protectee(s). She’ll do everything in her power to keep them safe from any harm. It is her second nature to be protective. Though, when she gets into her protective mood she can be fierce. She’ll be intensely aggressive to whoever tried to harm her protectee(s). Any words that’d leave her mouth likely will be full of malice. She would not think twice about fighting someone if provoked enough. Her fierceness will pop up too if she is driven to anger.

Normally, Flora is as sweet as pie. She is kind to everyone and thoughtful of their feelings. She loves making people smile or helping someone feel better. She is the kind of person to give someone the shirt off her back. Although Flora is always ready to take care of someone’s needs, her needs can be difficult to meet. She is hard to please. This is as she is finicky. She is picky about what she buys, eats, etc. Flora is pays great attention to detail, so she wants others to as well.

Once thing that Flora has always been is a confident person. She always believes in her abilities as she believes in herself. Flora has very little doubts normally. Even if she does have them, she does not let others know about them. She believes in faking it until she makes it. Her confidence helps balance out her dependent nature. She isn’t good at being alone. Flora sometimes needs extra emotional support from others. Though, her main issue is relying on others too much. This causes her trust to be earned easily.

--------------- | | H I S T O R Y | | ---------------
Flora was born in New York, New York to Catherine Rogers and Elliot Glass. She lived with her mother in a small apartment. Her father disappeared after signing the birth certificate. Flora often spent time away from her mother. Her mother worked as a nurse. Flora was bounced around from babysitter to babysitter, mostly family or friends of her mother. The summer after kindergarten, a fire occurred in the middle of the night. Her mother had left a candle on in the living room. Flora remembers the incident vividly as it was awful. After the fire, they had to move Charleston, South Carolina to live with Grandma Unique. It was in this new strange place that Flora met her best friend.

The first day Flora saw Simon was at recess. He was sitting in the shade, just watching the other kids play. He looked lonely to her, so she decided to see why he wasn’t playing. Maybe he just needed a friend. When he mentioned his heart wouldn’t let him play, Flora wasn’t short on ideas on how they could play. She often had to entertain herself when she had lived in New York. Also, her grandmother couldn’t exactly play physically with her. The old woman watched her often as her mother was busy working once she found a job. Her ideas were simple. They’d sit and read, “garden”, or just sing together. Flora found her love for music this way, especially when he started to bring his guitar to school. She loved to hear him play.

She was ecstatic when she found out the boy at recess was her neighbor. Her grandmother would always hear about her best friend Simon. It wasn’t a surprise when playdates began. They’d go to zoos, parks, circuses, etc. The two even learned to do things together like riding a bike, swimming, etc. They were inseparable. You’d never really see one without the other.

They even got to experience camp together. Although, their first camp experience wasn’t full of fun and adventure. Flora remembers the experience vividly. This was because of a bully who made her self-conscious about her freckles and who she swore almost killed Simon. Simon had swum over to help her against the bully, but he had been pushed and held underwater. Flora never was one who ever bothered to defend herself against bullies, but she’d defend Simon against anything. She attacked the bully until he let go of Simon. Flora took Simon back to shore and got an adult right away. Flora got in trouble for hurting the bully. She did bite him hard enough to draw blood. It didn’t matter though as they went back home. They completed their camping in Simon’s treehouse. They always had more fun with each other anyways.

Flora didn’t realize she loved Simon until she was a teenager. She had gotten into a phase of listening to romantic music, watching romantic movies, and even reading romantic books. Each time romanced popped into her head, she’d think of Simon. Her heart would swell with pure joy, love, as well. Although, Simon was never far from her thoughts. After this phase and revelation, she knew she always loved Simon. She wasn’t sure when she started falling, but she had fallen in love with him. Although, Flora never pursued anything more than friendship. She would rather live with Simon as a best friend forever than risk losing him because of a failed relationship. He was her heart and she wanted to be by his side until the end of time, to keep a smile on his face. She wouldn’t risk their friendship for the romantic fantasy in her head.

In high school Flora wanted to try every activity that Simon could participate in. She loved trying new things. Of course, she dragged Simon along as she felt odd without him by her side. She even made sure to study hard. Flora had decided she needed to excel in high school to be able to follow Simon to whatever college he may go. On their last year of college, she decided they had to do something fun for spring break. They had gone on a boat to party out in the vast sea. Flora had been filled with liquid courage and exhausted from keeping her emotions restrained when it came to Simon. She had decided to kiss him. Flora never got the chance to. A storm had hit, and darkness embraced her.

Image Image Image

So begins...

Flora Glass's Story


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Jameson Gatsby and Georgia Day were to be wed seven days from the time they set sea. And married they were. However, somewhere along the way Georiga had given her heart to another, one Richard Johnson. It was her first kiss with the man she truely loved that set their lives in motion and it was that kiss...that sealed their fates forever.

Those who lost their lives at sea find themselves aboard the ship The Dreamer no matter how it was lost. Whether it be:

A fatal jump off a cliff...


or a storm at sea that turns deadly...


Six individals find themselves locked in limbo until they find a way to free them from their repeating never after.


ImageXG E O R G I A
Hex: #7F0000 | Cursed | Location: Lounge
Images flashed through her mind as she thrashed against the sheets which devoured her like the waves of the ocean. The more she struggled, the more tangled she become. In her dreams she saw a handsome man smiling at her . The image made her glance down at the sparkling ring on her finger. Jameson, her fiance. A man she cared for, but wasn't sure she loved. Another flash, a confident smirk, a kiss shared in the dark beneath the glittering night sky. A moment she swore she'd never forget. A moment that made her heart race faster than never before. This was Richard... and she loved him. Another flash, brighter than lightning and she found herself on the grandstaircase, dressed all in white posing for a picture with her new husband. Then the sirens sounded. A loud crash shook the entire ship and she ran, searching for Richard. She found him, slumped over the wheel reeking of spirits. He had killed them all...


"No!" She screamed, bolting upright in her bed. She was drenched in sweat, heart beating frantically as if in warning that something terrible was going to happen, but nothing did. Nothing came. She tried desparately to remember her dream, confused as to what had terrified her so. But the more she reached for it, the faster it sank into the dark of her mind. It was like trying to grab the water that flowed beneath them. For she was on a ship. Jameson's ship The Dreamer and she was safe from all harm. This was the best built ship afterall. Smaller than the Titanic, but just as grand if not grander.

She shook herself from her sheets and made her way over to her armoire. She threw open the doors, her gowns rattling on their hangers inside, begging to be worn. Only the best for the future Mrs. Gatsby. She ran her fingers over the fabric as she let the name echo in her mind. Georgia Gatsby. Not a bad thought if she was being honest with herself. However, now that the day was drawing near, she was beginning to have reservations about the whole thing. She shook off her thoughts, chalking it up to pre-wedding jitters, and went about selecting a gown. She decided on the blue one that would go well with her knotted string of pearls. She grabbed her cigarrette holder, stuffed some of her belongings in her boddice, and made her way up to the lounge to calm her nerves. The sky was still dark and she didn't much care for overcast mornings. Instead, she prefered the nicely lit lounge with its overly stuffed chairs for comfort and its velvety curtains.

While she sat, and smoked, her thoughts wandered, returning to the dream. She felt she was forgetting something. Something important. Something that made her pull another cigarette from her boddice. Instead of lighting it, however, she ended up chewing on the end of her holder. She started to wonder if maybe some food would help, but the nausea that had formed in the pit of her stomach made her decide otherwise. Then she worried, the last think she needed was for her to be sick on her wedding day. Then she desparately wanted someone there to distract her. Maybe she'd go find Richard--Jameson! Her fiance was Jameson, Richard was her fiance's best man. Why the heavens had Richard's name popped into her mind?

She was so lost in her thoughts, she hadn't heard the footsteps approach her from behind.

Hex: #292954 | Fated | Location: Deck

A bright sunny day. A dazzling smile. Warm brown curls wrapped around his finger. The taste of rum and coke. The air filling with the smell of salt and starlight as the night drew near... and so did a viscious storm. Waves rocked the ship, knocking him off his feet, and slamming him down to the ground. He quickly rose. He needed to find her. He needed... another large wave rocked the ship. Gotta find her. Have to make sure she's safe. One final crash sent him flying into the water, waves thrashing around him and pulling him deeper... and deeper... And his final thoughts were not of how terrified he was. No. They were of her. Flora.


Simon woke with a start, his tired eyes wide and searching. Searching for what, he wasn't sure. He was sure, however, that he had to find... whatever it was. With a frustrated groan, he laid back against the down pillows and thought about how much softer they were than his own pillows. He rolled over, attempting to return to sleep when his thoughts back tracked to his thought about his pillows. Wait... he wasn't in his bed?

Then he heard voices outside his door, commenting on the beauty of the ship and how gently it slid over the waves. "Cuts them like a hot knife through butter," someone says. He bolted upwards. A ship? No... it can't be. There were no windows to his room, probably one of the inside rooms, so he did the only thing he could think of, he bloted out the door, up the stairs, and to the deck. The deck of a ship. Water was all around him. No formations of land in sight.

He began to pannic. His breaths came quickly and uneaven. He pawed at his shirt--a mere nightshirt with loose trowsers--in his attempts to pull air into his lungs. He clung to the railing for dear life, his knuckles white. He started to search for something or someone... someone who would comfort him in a time like this.


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Flora only left Simon’s side for a few minutes and everything went wrong. All the soda beer had finally forced her to go to the bathroom. Flora has taken a few moments extra moments to sober up. She had gotten into the realm of being tipsy. This realm was dangerous as she had urges to initiate more than just a friendly touch with Simon. Her heart was more persistent than ever. It was having a hard time figuring out why in the world Flora was just friends with him. She loved him. When she left the bathroom, she decided she would kiss Simon. She could always blame the alcohol for her actions if he reacted badly.

Large and rough waves attacked the boat. Flora struggled to stay on her feet. She kept sliding and falling. Although, she ignored the pain after each fall. Flora screamed Simon’s name repeatedly. He was nowhere in sight. She had to get to him. She had to protect him. Flora screamed until she was finally thrown overboard. Then it was Flora against the ocean. She kept swallowing salt water as she struggled to keep afloat. Eventually she was pulled into the deep, dark, and mysterious blue. The ocean had won.


Her eyes few open and she was gasping for air. She yanked a pillow off the bed to bury her face into it. She squeezed it tightly. Flora felt terrified but didn’t know why. Well, she knew why. She had a nightmare. She couldn’t remember the dream that caused her to be so uneasy though. All she wanted to do was remember. She hadn’t had a nightmare in ages. What caused me to have a nightmare? I just need to relax. Her grip loosened on the pillow as she tried to relax. Flora snuggled into it. Flora sighed as she enjoyed the soft sheets and pillow. Her bed felt so comfortable. She decided to rest her eyes for a few more minutes.

Confusion quickly filled her eyes when she finally opened them. She sat up in a flash, in a panic. She frantically scurried out of bed and headed for the door. She had no idea where she was. Honestly, she couldn’t remember much. She knew her name at least. She left the room. Flora barely remembered to close the door. She walked slowly and took in everything. Flora didn’t think of the odd looks she received. She was in a nightgown and walking around barefooted. As she walked, towards the sound of music, she wrapped her arms around her waist. She felt unsteady and worried. Flora had little memory, felt as if a part of herself was missing, and recognized no one.

She was so distracted that she didn’t notice the woman in front of her. The woman was wearing a black and blue dress. Her hair was in what you could call a bun. The heels the woman wore made her taller than Flora. She bumped the woman’s shoulder when she walked by. It only took her a second to whirled around. Her cheeks burned with embarrassment.

“I’m so sorry. Are you okay? I’m sorry. I wasn’t paying attention. I’m sorry. I am just a bit distracted…” she said in a rush. Her eyes went up and down the woman’s body. She took in her dress and heels. What am I wearing? Her eyes went to her own body. Flora’s cheeks grew hotter. Flora let the embarrassment come and go though. She would ignore how she was in sleepwear. She looked at the woman again and smiled shyly.

“I’m Flora,” she paused to hold her hand out, “What’s your name?” There were more questions Flora wanted to ask, but she didn’t want to bombard her with them. She could always ask more questions once she got to know her.


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Georgia's cheeky smile made him grin in return. It was a smile he saw often enough, one that charmed the receiver without even trying. "I'd argue it's only bad luck if that lady decides to take fate into her own hands," he retorted as he took a sip from his coffee. But her comment about calling off the wedding made him raise his eyebrows. It was... an unusual thing for her to say. Why would anyone presume that?

He didn't miss her attempt to change the subject either. "As you say that, I did have some strange dreams last night. Can't remember what the bloody things were about, though," he said. "It's the strangest of sensations. They weren't about you calling off the wedding, though," he added with a raised eyebrow and a grin. "Because even in my wildest of dreams I couldn't imagine why you would do that."

He'd be lying if he said he hadn't been at least a little hypnotised by Georgia the first time they'd met. She'd seemed so wonderfully glamorous, so fitting for Jameson and his life of luxury. And yet so different from the rest of the high flying women that Richard had encountered. So daring and independent and... individual. She didn't care about what anybody thought of her, and that was spell-binding.

But she was Jameson's, he had to remind himself. There was no point in thinking any further than that, because she was the reason they were here. And how excited that Jameson had seemed as he'd burst into Richard's childhood home to declare he was going to be married.

"A rather strange coincidence we both had strange dreams on the same night, wouldn't you say?" He remarked.


Elyse was lost in her own mind, wandering down the corridors, when she felt somebody collide with her. It wasn't that hard, but it was enough to startle Elyse out of her reverie. The woman was still in her nightdress, something that made Elyse raise an eyebrow. But she just gave her most flattering, charming smile.

"Don't worry about it, dear. No need to apologise quite so much!" She said, before taking the woman's hand and shaking it. "I'm Elyse. It's lovely to meet you, Flora," she added. She took another look at the woman. She was pretty, that much was immediately evident. Her hair was a mass of wonderful curls, her skin was wonderful and smooth. She was the type of person that caught Elyse's attention without even really trying. Elyse's smile widened almost subconsciously as she tucked a strand of hair behind her ear.

"Oh, and by the way. From what I've seen, this is a pretty fancy place, so it might be worth getting dressed," she said, lowering her voice. "And all that was in my wardrobe were these... period dresses? So I don't know what the story is there, but I'd be curious to see if it's the same for you," she added, swishing around the skirt of her dress a little to demonstrate. The girl was a little shorter than her, but only mostly because she was in her bare feet and Elyse had her heels on. Her general demeanour and appearance made Elyse stop and think for a second.

"Flora, can... can I ask you a question? Did you... wake up here without knowing where you were?" She asked, softly, quietly, not particularly wanting the world t hear the question.


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Flora blushed when Elyse mentioned getting dressed. She had to resist the urge to look at her nightgown. Although, she was distracted when Elyse mentioned her wardrobe. She looked over the woman’s outfit. ”Well, you look lovely. I bet all the period dresses in your wardrobe will look lovely on you. I wonder if this is like a themed cruise...” she said. Flora took a second to take in her surroundings. Everyone was dressed up and the women wore dresses similar to Elyse’s.

“I guess I should get out of my pajamas,” she paused to return her gaze to Elyse, “And I’d be happy to show you my wardrobe. I actually didn’t get to look at you said...I did wake up without knowing where I was. I don’t even remember who I am really. It seems as if I lost most of my memory. I must have had a really fun night.” She rolled her shoulders back as the thought made her tense. Although, she kept a smile on her face. She didn’t want to seem too worried about the fact that she couldn’t remember much. Flora smile's did shrink a bit though.

“Come on, let’s go check out my wardrobe,” she said. She moved her hand to take Elyse’s, but froze. Flora knew Elyse was a stranger, but she wanted a hand to hold. Flora twirled around and headed to her room. She walked slow, so Elyse wouldn’t have a hard time following. Flora was glad when she recognized her room door. I would have looked silly if I couldn’t remember where my room was.

She held the door open for Elyse before walking in and closing it. Flora went to her wardrobe and began to look through the dresses. She glanced at Elyse and smiled. ”Well, looks like I just have period dresses as well,” she said as she pulled out a dress with matching heels. Flora glanced at the dress and then at Elyse. I’ll just turn around and change. I don’t want to be rude and ask her to wait outside. She may want to look in my wardrobe too instead of taking my word. Flora turned around and began to change. She was glad she was wearing undergarments, even if they were different that what she was use to. Once she slid into the heels, she faced Elyse.

“How's this dress?” she asked with a playful smile. Though, she then noticed the unmade bed. She walked over to it to make it. Just as she placed her folded nightgown on the bed, a tone rang throughout the boat. I wonder what that tone means... She turned and smiled at Elyse.

“I hope that isn’t the ship’s alarm,” she said.