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Seeing Double

Sunset Village


a part of Seeing Double, by Crystal Flamedance.


Crystal Flamedance holds sovereignty over Sunset Village, giving them the ability to make limited changes.

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Sunset Village is a part of Seeing Double.

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Jessamine Nightshade [11] "The law's about as fun as the what's the point?"
Jemima Roseblade [8] The law upholds peace, and I uphold the law
Edwin Sharar [6] Those who desire peace must prepare for war.

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#, as written by shmband
Jemima took another glance out into the street. Things were definitely conspicuously clear, and the commotion a couple of blocks away seemed to be increasing. It was now or never. She nodded at Jess and ran light-footedly across the street. The further out they moved, the more apparent it became that not only the soldiers, but a great number of the civilians were being moved to one area. It was a fairly grim indication that somebody was being made an example of.

Progress to the store was easier than anticipated, mainly because there was literally nobody around. Even so, Jemima's heart was thumping in her chest. She approched the alleyway door which she'd always managed to pick to gain entry, and her heart sank as she realised that a padlock had since been fitted. She walked up to it, pressed herself against the wall. She looked up and around for other points of access. Well...Jessamine said she was a thief. If anyone was likely to have any ideas...

"Alright," she whispered, "this is the way I normally get in. Any suggesions?"


Characters Present

Character Portrait: Jessamine Nightshade Character Portrait: Jemima Roseblade
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Jessamine followed as Jemina ran to the warehouse, glancing around only ocassionally. Chances were she'd need to get used to this soon enough. She was a little worried that they didn't pass anyone on the way. There had only been one gunshot, but now it could have been anyone from the village; there wasn't anyone that was safe. While she had no problem disposing of people who, like her travelling companion before, liked starting problems and fights, people who couldn't even defend herself shouldn't be killed. That was nothing more than a senseless killing.

She glanced around as Jemina stopped, looking around. It was more of a run than se was used to, but not by much. She glanced at the locked door, then looked around the alley. Even though she was raised by a cop, it seemed she could sneak around well enough. At least she wasn't completely uselss, then. She was surprised that Jemina had asked her about suggestions, and turned her attention back to the padlock. It look pretty new; perhaps it hadn't been there before? Or maybe she had a key to the one before, or something.

In any case, this was clearly her sort of thing. She looked around on the ground, hoping to find a small stick or something that might be of some use. There were plenty of them, but not many that were what she wanted. She knelt down to look through them, and finally found one that was what she wanted; small and thin, but still stiff enough to pick the lock with. She stood back up and started working on the padlock, keeping a close eye on it.

"Just keep an eye out, and keep quiet, please...this might take a few minutes..." She had always been used to someone watching her back; she wasn't going to take a chance now. She froze as the twig started to bend a little, and, hoping it wouldn't snap, she repositioned it. After several minutes of searching around, it finally clicked open, and she grinned. She looked back to Jemina.

"Easiest thing I've done since evtering this place."