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Albert Jurgenstern

Ex Nazi soldier, now owns bed-and-breakfast in Salzburg

0 · 348 views · located in United States, Connecticut, Austria.

a character in “Seeking the Blood Flag”, originally authored by DeadManWalking, as played by FalloutRomanae


Name: Albert Jurgenstern
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Gunter’s mother’s older brother’s son (Gunter’s Cousin)
Joined Nazi Air Force, as a paratrooper, by compulsion when he was 17. Served in Operation Barbarossa on the Eastern Front, twenty one confirmed kills. (Of course, he maintains it was two hundred and fifty.) After four years, in 1944, he left, going to Salzburg, where he used his pay to purchase a small bed-and-breakfast.
Heard about the Russian advance in early April, and sent a letter to his cousin Gunter warning him to get out of Berlin before it is besieged. It arrived on April 14th, the day before The Battle of Berlin began.
Encourages Gunter to come and live with him in Salzburg away from the violence.
Assisted the Allies in taking Salzburg, using his soldier’s gear and training. Received the Department of the US Army’s Meritorious Civilian Service Award for his work as a citizen soldier, with four confirmed Nazi kills, three of which saved the lives of over a dozen civilians.
Speaks German and French fluently, English fairly well, has a bit of an Austrian accent. Also a little bit of Russian.
Remembers when Germany was one of the few countries not suffering as badly from the Depression. Wishes Germany could be strong again and free from the Nazis so that he can go home to Berlin, where the rest of his family lives. Had Jewish friends in school, doesn’t hate them. Hates Hitler and the Stormtroopers for what they did to the Jews.
Sticks up for people who are unjustly treated. Hates prejudice and the people who feel it. Will fight to defend his home, friends, and family.
Gregarious, crazy, tells tall tales, loves talking about his exploits. Loves children and gets along with them quite well.


Light steel helmet, hobnailed jackboots, gas mask
Backpack, blanket, canteen
StG 44 rifle (30 rd mag, 7.92x33mm)
150 7.92x33mm rds
Walther P38 pistol (8 rd mag, 9mm)
64 9mm rds
Kampfmesser knife
M-24 grenades, 3
4000 Reichsmarks

So begins...

Albert Jurgenstern's Story

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Walter's rolling body kicked up enough dirt and debris to shield his movements from the stunned guards, after stopping his free-fall down the small incline with his arms Walter crawled several feat to hide behind some fragments of the former guard post. Looking to the left he discovered Abigail rushing to his position, Walter signaled with a hand gesture for her to crouch low to avoid being spotted.

Walter was concerned for Abigail's safety, now more then ever, having grown particularly fond of her over the last year-The thoughts of being in her company again was all that kept him sane through the last several months-But now he would need her to serve as a decoy so that he might gain the upper hand in an extremely dangerous situation. Walter also signaled for Gunter and Albert to lend their assistance.

Walter opened fire on the two Austrian guards, with the hope that Gunter and Albert might use this as their opportunity to strike.

The guards returned fire.

Abigail was safe, they hadn't yet discovered her position, but then Walter called out her name and turned his body in the direction of where she lay hidden. This gave the two gaurds a focal point from which they could open fire on the second enemy.

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Gunter and Albert, not liking being ordered around, grudgingly got out of the vehicle and stood next to Abigail. Gunter watched what followed with horror. Walter was still in the car!... Wasn't he? Gunter's eyes darted frantically around for the professor, but Abigail found him first. She ran after him, then crouched. Gunter saw Walter then, relieved that he wasn't dead. But then he saw Walter open fire and the guards return it. Then he realized - Abigail was in danger! He liked Abigail, though he disliked Walter, and didn't want her to get hurt. She was in the perfect situation to get hurt. Gunter took off at a run around the left of the destroyed outpost, flanking the guards. Drawing his Hitler Youth sheath knife, he sneaked up behind the closest one - the one furthest from Abigail and Walter - who didn't even notice him due to the noise of the gunfire. Then, holding in a cry of terror, the boy pulled back his arm and jabbed the knife into the man's neck. The man tried to scream, but couldn't due to the knife. His gunfire whipped up to the sky as he fell back, jerking in pain. Gunter allowed the now-dead man to fall on him, shielding him from the eyes of the other combatant. Then he waited.

Albert watched Walter's actions with a sort of respect. The man had guts, he had to give him that. Then he looked about for Walter. Where had he fallen, in that madness?... There. On the embankment. And he was signaling for them to help. There was gunfire everywhere, but the guards had not noticed the two Germans standing where the car used to be. Albert had an idea. "Gunter-" he said, turning, but Gunter was gone. Now quite worried, Albert's gaze whipped around trying to find his little cousin. One of the guards fell backwards, twitching. Albert, recognizing the glint of the Hitler Youth knife on the man's neck, just barely saw Gunter under the man's corpse. Panicking, Albert just ran toward the second guard - he would notice Gunter any moment! The man turned to check on his buddy, saw Albert, and fired, hitting him straight in the chest. Albert fell to the ground, wounded. The guard assumed that it was Albert who had thrown the knife and went back to shooting at Walter, the only other opponent - or so he thought.

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Abegail could not see where Walter had landed or in what condition he was in. She knew approximately where he should be but there was no telling for sure with all the dirt and bits of things in the air.

Then his face appeared through the dust and relief washed over her but he began gesturing at her to get low. Abegail realized just how exposed she was and did as he asked. She crouched down, finding some shrubbery to shield her and took a few calming breathes. Her eyes watched Walter for a sign of what to do next. She was sure none of the guards had seen her yet as shot began to ring out in the air.

Abegail watched, her brow knotted in worry as Walter began to shoot at the guards. In response, shots began to impact the ground around where Walter had taken cover. She heard bullets hit wood, splintering it and sending the pieces into the air.

Walter called her name and he turned as if he was going to move towards her, turning to face where she crouched. Abegail blinked when she realized he wasn't moving but now the guards were shooting at her instead of at him.

Abegail fumed, torn between anger and fear as a bullet lodged itself into a nearby tree. Abegail began looking around for another spot to hide. The shubbery would not give her enough cover for very long. A look to her right and down from her just a short distance was a pile of rock. It was just large enough for her to hide behind, if she could get to it.

With a deep breath and one last look down the small hill, Abegail half ran, half rolled towards the rocks. Her arm contacted the ground as she moved, bringing a grunt from her. She slid the last little bit into the rocks her side bumping the rocks and knocking the wind out of her.

Abegail gasped in pain as she huddled behind the rocks. The bullets had continued as the guards had tried to fire on the moving woman and now they targeted the rocks. One gestured to the other, signalling to keep firing as he moved up the hill and towards the rocks.

Looking around she tried to see Walter. She also, from this position could not see Albert or Gunther. She suddenly felt very alone and very vulnerable. "Stupid move Abby..."

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Albert struggled on the ground, trying to get up, but it was useless. Some of the shrapnel had pierced his stomach, and there was no surviving a stomach wound without serious medical attention. He knew that he was going to die. He rolled over so that he was looking up at the sky. "Gunter!" he yelled. "Gunter!" the fighting stopped. "Gunter!"

Gunter waited until the fighting stopped, then tried to push the guard off of him. After a few tries, he managed to wriggle out from under the man. He pulled his knife out of the man's neck and began to wipe the blood off on the grass. But then he heard someone calling his name. Albert. Gunter looked about for him, and after a short while saw him lying on the grass maybe 15 meters away. Gunter gasped and ran over to him. And then he saw the blood. It was everywhere, covering Albert's whole body. "Nein..." Gunter breathed, horrified. This couldn't be happening. Albert couldn't be dying. Albert was strong, stronger than Gunter. He deserved to live. "Albert..." Gunter's voice choked in his throat, then he fell to the ground, holding his cousin's head in his lap. Albert began to cough on his own blood. Gunter recognized the kind of wound from the kind in Berlin, and he knew that nothing would help. But he felt helpless. With Albert going away, who would take care of him? What would happen? "Professor!" Gunter shouted, holding back tears. "Professor, you must help! He is dying!"

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Abegail stayed ducked behind the rocks. Gunshots rang out still some fast and others slow. Abegail frowned. There was still dirt around her disturbed from errant lead so she remained crouched. She did a not lot of impulsive things but coming out from behind the rocks would be plain stupidity. There was a cry, a man yelling in pain but the words were German and relief came quickly as Abegail knew it wasn't Walter that had been hit. Then a sickening thought crept in as she thought of the boy and the man who had been in the car with them.

"" Abegail brought her hands to her face and silently prayed that it was a guard who had yelled and not one of the others.

Then a single shot went out and was followed by silence. Abegail removed her hands from her eyes was waited. The quiet didn't last. A man's voice was calling for Gunter. Abegail's stomach dropped. They had shot the boy. Tears welled in her eyes. Slowly, on her hands and knees Abegail crawled to the edge of the rocks and looked. She surveyed the scene. With slow sickening dread she saw that the man was calling for the boy but it was he that was shot. The driver, Albert was laying on the ground and there was far too much blood escaping his body.

Abegail watched the boy appear and scramble to the man. He cradled him and yelled for Walter. She heard the boy yell that Albert was dying. "Saints in heaven." Her voice whispered prayer for the man that had helped them. She then looked for Walter.

He was walking towards the outpost. His movements were almost mechanical. Abegail looked to where he was walking from and saw the guard on the ground. There too was blood. Walter didn't appear to be hurt but she couldn't be sure he wasn't just in shock from all that had gone on. There were so many bullets flying she couldn't be sure at that moment that she herself was not hurt and just not feeling it as of yet.

Standing on shaking legs, Abegail moved down the remaining slope towards where Gunter and Albert were.

"Walter! Walter...come..." She ran the last little distance and slid to her knees. She looked at the boy. Her face was full of sympathy. She had no experience with wounds but she could tell the injuries were severe. "I...I don't know what to do."

Abegail felt helpless. She reached out and took Albert's hand. She could think of nothing else that she could do. Abegail looked down at the injured man. "Thank you for waiting for us...thank you...." It felt almost hollow and empty but she wanted him to know that his kindness had been appreciated.

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Walter was scavenging through the second guard post for much needed supplies, and after hearing the cries of Albert and then of Abigail he grabbed a medical kit. Exiting the gaurd post Walter walked at a quickened pace over to where Abigail knelt as she held Albert's hand.

The closer Walter got to the bleeding man the more he knew that there was nothing that could be done for him, he had seen many people die in the last year; being killed in nearly every grisly way imaginable.

Walter did something at that point which he hoped Abigail nor Gunter would catch onto, he had called them over as if he wanted to discuss the options that they had concerning Albert and his wounds, allowing enough time to allow the inevitable to occur-A few seconds later Albert was dead.

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Abegail heard Walter come over to where the small group waited. Albert nodded to her. The boy and the man began speaking in German and Abegail simply knelt there and held the injured man's hand. They seemed to be in a disagreement about something. Albert coughed, blood welling onto his lips. Abegail bit her lip to hold in her tears.

Walter asked them to join him. Abegail gave Albert a small smile, squeezed his hand and then stood. The boy followed as well. Walter was talking but the words rang hollow. Her gut told her that there was not much that they could do without help.

By the time they had finished Albert lay peacefully on the ground. Abegail felt helpless and she hated that feeling. She was also very sad. Another person had lost their life helping her and Walter. Her hands clenched into fist but Abegail turned pressed her face into Walter's shoulder. Tears fell, leaving a wet stain on his jacket but she couldn't help it.

After a short time, Abegail regained her composure. “I am sorry Walter.” She stepped away from her colleague. Wiping her face she watched the boy head off into the structure to look for weapons.

Abegail turned to Walter. “I'll go look for keys and a vehicle, ours is in no condition.”

Abegail knelt beside each deceased officer and began feeling for keys. Her hands trembled slightly as she sorted through the dead men's pockets.

She eventually turned up a set of two keys and pocketing them she went in search of the vehicle they belonged to. Abegail found a military jeep. She sighed. They could only get so far in it before someone would question why they were driving it when they were clearly not soldiers.

“It will have to do.”

Abegail climbed in, started the engine and pulled it around to where the other two would see her. She turned off the vehicle and waited. Looking down at her hands she saw blood where Albert had taken her hand. She hastily wiped it on her pant leg and then turned her eyes to where Walter and Gunter were moving around.

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As could be expected, Niclas wasn't being particularly gentle with Abigail as he tried to shove her into an awaiting vehicle in the form of a dusty camouflaged Jeep. Abby of course wasn't someone to be pushed around like that, she was growing increasingly frustrated and angry, and she certainly had just cause to despise the murderer of her parents.


Inside the small storage space within the museum a well hidden SS Officer made his presence known and immediately grabbed the young boy by the arm. Gunter turn his head to where Walter had been standing on his right, only to find that the professor had already made a break for it. From hiss perspective, Gunter wasn't sure if Walter would go directly after Gottberg and the Flag, he had only spend a very short amount of time with the professor, someone who definitely seemed on-edge. In the back of his mind at least, he wondered if Walter would save his friends first.

Of course the reason for that had already been divulged, it was guilt, but all the same, he wasn't sure. The SS Officer, with his clearly non Aryan features escorted Gunter out of the museum and dragged him forcibly to the front of the building and to the awaiting vehicle which had been parked there. Gunter was doing his best to resist the officers efforts to push him forward, kicking up dust and assorted small rocks as he dragged his feet.

"Move! you Jerry, German bastard!" The officers voice was clearly and unmistakeably American.


Niclas, with Abigail in tow, were nearing the beige colored camouflage jeep, the embalm stuck to its side identified the vehicle as an American make and brand. Abigail had spotted yet another German officer standing by the drivers-side door with his back turned to them.

"Sie gibt, öffnen die hintere Tür für die junge Dame!" The unknown officer apparently could not hear Niclas yell his command, which made sense since the jeep was running at the time.

Several additional attempts to get the young officers attention had failed and Niclas was getting angry.

"I have no time or patients for this." Pulling out his pistol as he forced Abigail on, releasing the grip of one hand to pull the weapon from its side-holster.

"My German has gotten pretty good, huh Abby!?" The stunned Niclas heard Walter's distinctive voice call out, leaving little time for his enemy to react Walter turned around to reveal the revolver which he already had pointed at Niclas' stomach.

Abigail herself was pretty fast on her feet as she grabbed Niclas' weapon and tore it from his grip, which was loose due to the surprise of the moment. Walter and Abigail now, and for the first time, had Niclas just where they wanted him. Walter raised his revolver and pointed it directly at the exact level to reach Niclas' forehead.

"Killing me will not bring back the Frauleins parents. You do not possess the Blood Flag, nor will you ever see it again." Niclas said with a slight chuckle.

Walter then lowered his weapon "You right about one thing, at least partly. For its not my place." Walter looked at his weapon and then cast a glance at Abigail before walking away.

This left Niclas confused as he witnessed Walter walk away from the scene and return to the museum.

As the drama in front of the museum was heating up Gunter and his captor were nearing the edge of the building, which would have brought them into full sight of what was transpiring around the corner. Suddenly, and seemingly from out of nowhere another jeep came speeding toward them. Gunter had stopped his kicking and the officer his pushing, as they both stood and watched the vehicle approach.

The jeep was clearly a German styled vehicle and so the officer wasn't too concerned about who might be piloting the speeding vehicle. The Jeep had approached from behind, so not even Abigail and Niclas could see the driver, though they would be the first to come to the realization of his identity.

To the astonishment of them all the driver was soon revealed to be that of Gottberg himself. The jeep was still some distance away when a single shot was fired by Gottberg.

Although never known as a marksman Gottberg did succeed in shooting the officer right between the eyes at this distance.

Gunter barely had time to respond before he was pulled into the Jeep as it drove by, though it never stopped. Gunter's feet dragged upon the dusty ground for several hundred feet, but was eventually pulled completely and safely into the vehicle by Gottberg.

Walter had been looking out the window and had the best advantage point from which to see Gunter being abducted.