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Dr. Walter Rivers, Master of Occult sciences

Professor at Marshall College, Connecticut

0 · 425 views · located in United States, Connecticut, Austria.

a character in “Seeking the Blood Flag”, as played by WadeJackel


The B A S I C S

FULL NAME: Dr. Walter Miller Rivers
NICKNAMES: Dr. Walter Rivers, Dr Walter Miller, Professor Walter Miller
DATE OF BIRTH: October 30th 1906
AGE: 39
CANON/ORIGINAL: Original (partly based on film and documentary maker Richard Stanley 'Dust Devil')
RACE: South African, Native American ancestry

HEIGHT: 6'0"
HAIR: Brown, slightly auburn. Longish for the 1940s
SKIN TONE: Medium complexion
TATTOOS/IDENTIFYING MARKS: Bullet wound, left shoulder


TRAITS: Smokes too much, Irresponsible when it comes to his personal life, overly carefree, never checks his mail, trusting to fault, not particularly interested in the opinions that people have about his lifestyle.
LIKES: The Occult, Secret Societies (member of several), Archeology, adventure
DISLIKES: Nazi's, Prejudice, violence, ignorance, religious intolerance.
GENERAL: Intelligent and charismatic. Rye sense of humor.

Extra F A C T S

- Most always dressed in a Black trench coat, black cowboy styled hat.
- Wears a necklace made from the bullet which pierced his left shoulder. Shot by Niclas Elberich of Hitler's SS.
- An adventurer, who has little fear of the unknown, expresses a deep belief in arcane matters.


PLACE OF BIRTH: South Africa
NOW LIVES IN: Connecticut, USA
PARENTS: Sir. Morton Rivers (father, deceased), Angela Stanley 'maiden name' (mother, deceased)
FIELD: Archeology, Occult Sciences.

GENERAL: Born in South African Walter Rivers came to the United States when he was in his early 30s, due to his notoriety as a rather unusual kind of anthropologist, he quickly became head of the Occult sciences division at Marshall College.

Walter had first met Abigail McHugh in 1941 after one of his morning classes on Occult Sciences. First mistaken the young woman for a student, she was in fact a teacher of European, Medieval history, specializing in Grail Mythology. It was at this time that Walter had come into contact with a striking young woman by the name of Andrea Lexington, she a former student at Marshall college shared Walter's interest in the Ouija. Receiving a letter from a world reknowned scholar in New York state the three scholars flew off on their first adventure together, one which Andrea would never return alive from. After sharing this adventure Abigail and Walter drifted apart a bit, a separation, mostly due to overflowing case loads and other such teacherly obligations. Two years later in 1943 Walter traveled to Germany and France with his colleague and friend Abagail McHugh, the two of them sought the whereabouts of Indiana Jones (though they never found him), who had apparently disappeared near the Austrian-German boarder. Indiana, and subsequently Walter and Abagail, were looking a mythical item known as the 'Blackstone of Lucifer' in France. The Throne of Lucifer of which the Blackstone was part had been buried (with the use of Dynamite wielded by Walter) within the mountain beneath the Monsegur stronghold in southern France. This is where Walter was shot by Niclas Elberich. Niclas though dead (thought to have fallen off the mountain) survived.

Once back in the United States Walter took time off the recuperate, returning to his work at Marshall college a few months later. Then in 1944 Walter traveled to Ireland at the request of Abigail to join Indiana (rumored to be somewhere in Ireland) Abigail, and a young archaeologist named Bridget O'Maley, on a journey to retrieve three magical items which dated back to the very founding of the country, even though Walter didn't put much stock in myths concerning Fairies, he went along initially due to a sense of dedication and obligation to his friend Abigail, though in the end he became a believer. The fourth item had already been retrieved by the SS, under the command of Niclas Elberich. The four scholars were successful in stealing the last item (Sword of Fraegarthach) away from the Nazi's, though in the end the item was destroyed. Bridget had been shot and killed by Niclas, who was then chased by Walter. Indiana and Abigail drove away from the site, but Walter who was in pursuit of Niclas, vanished from the scene, not to be seen again for several years.

..........And the adventure continues.

So begins...

Dr. Walter Rivers, Master of Occult sciences's Story

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Abegail stayed ducked behind the rocks. Gunshots rang out still some fast and others slow. Abegail frowned. There was still dirt around her disturbed from errant lead so she remained crouched. She did a not lot of impulsive things but coming out from behind the rocks would be plain stupidity. There was a cry, a man yelling in pain but the words were German and relief came quickly as Abegail knew it wasn't Walter that had been hit. Then a sickening thought crept in as she thought of the boy and the man who had been in the car with them.

"" Abegail brought her hands to her face and silently prayed that it was a guard who had yelled and not one of the others.

Then a single shot went out and was followed by silence. Abegail removed her hands from her eyes was waited. The quiet didn't last. A man's voice was calling for Gunter. Abegail's stomach dropped. They had shot the boy. Tears welled in her eyes. Slowly, on her hands and knees Abegail crawled to the edge of the rocks and looked. She surveyed the scene. With slow sickening dread she saw that the man was calling for the boy but it was he that was shot. The driver, Albert was laying on the ground and there was far too much blood escaping his body.

Abegail watched the boy appear and scramble to the man. He cradled him and yelled for Walter. She heard the boy yell that Albert was dying. "Saints in heaven." Her voice whispered prayer for the man that had helped them. She then looked for Walter.

He was walking towards the outpost. His movements were almost mechanical. Abegail looked to where he was walking from and saw the guard on the ground. There too was blood. Walter didn't appear to be hurt but she couldn't be sure he wasn't just in shock from all that had gone on. There were so many bullets flying she couldn't be sure at that moment that she herself was not hurt and just not feeling it as of yet.

Standing on shaking legs, Abegail moved down the remaining slope towards where Gunter and Albert were.

"Walter! Walter...come..." She ran the last little distance and slid to her knees. She looked at the boy. Her face was full of sympathy. She had no experience with wounds but she could tell the injuries were severe. "I...I don't know what to do."

Abegail felt helpless. She reached out and took Albert's hand. She could think of nothing else that she could do. Abegail looked down at the injured man. "Thank you for waiting for us...thank you...." It felt almost hollow and empty but she wanted him to know that his kindness had been appreciated.

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Walter was scavenging through the second guard post for much needed supplies, and after hearing the cries of Albert and then of Abigail he grabbed a medical kit. Exiting the gaurd post Walter walked at a quickened pace over to where Abigail knelt as she held Albert's hand.

The closer Walter got to the bleeding man the more he knew that there was nothing that could be done for him, he had seen many people die in the last year; being killed in nearly every grisly way imaginable.

Walter did something at that point which he hoped Abigail nor Gunter would catch onto, he had called them over as if he wanted to discuss the options that they had concerning Albert and his wounds, allowing enough time to allow the inevitable to occur-A few seconds later Albert was dead.

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Character Portrait: Abegail McHugh Character Portrait: Dr. Walter Rivers, Master of Occult sciences Character Portrait: Gunter Hertz Character Portrait: Albert Jurgenstern
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Abegail heard Walter come over to where the small group waited. Albert nodded to her. The boy and the man began speaking in German and Abegail simply knelt there and held the injured man's hand. They seemed to be in a disagreement about something. Albert coughed, blood welling onto his lips. Abegail bit her lip to hold in her tears.

Walter asked them to join him. Abegail gave Albert a small smile, squeezed his hand and then stood. The boy followed as well. Walter was talking but the words rang hollow. Her gut told her that there was not much that they could do without help.

By the time they had finished Albert lay peacefully on the ground. Abegail felt helpless and she hated that feeling. She was also very sad. Another person had lost their life helping her and Walter. Her hands clenched into fist but Abegail turned pressed her face into Walter's shoulder. Tears fell, leaving a wet stain on his jacket but she couldn't help it.

After a short time, Abegail regained her composure. “I am sorry Walter.” She stepped away from her colleague. Wiping her face she watched the boy head off into the structure to look for weapons.

Abegail turned to Walter. “I'll go look for keys and a vehicle, ours is in no condition.”

Abegail knelt beside each deceased officer and began feeling for keys. Her hands trembled slightly as she sorted through the dead men's pockets.

She eventually turned up a set of two keys and pocketing them she went in search of the vehicle they belonged to. Abegail found a military jeep. She sighed. They could only get so far in it before someone would question why they were driving it when they were clearly not soldiers.

“It will have to do.”

Abegail climbed in, started the engine and pulled it around to where the other two would see her. She turned off the vehicle and waited. Looking down at her hands she saw blood where Albert had taken her hand. She hastily wiped it on her pant leg and then turned her eyes to where Walter and Gunter were moving around.

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Abegail's eyes narrowed slightly at Walter's joke. She smiled and shook her head. He was trying to lighten the mood and she couldn't blame him for that. Everything had been quite bleak the last couple of days and they could all use something to ease their minds. Unfortunately, the next part of their journey was unplanned and they were embarking into the unknown. Abegail could feel it in her gut, things were going to get more stressful and scary before they got better, if they improved at all.

“Back roads is fine by me.” The engine was started and Abegail began to drive along the dirt road. She relied on Walter to help navigate, having never been here before she had no clue where she was going.

Abegail, focused on the road for the first part of the journey slowly began to realize the world around her. The mountains were majestic to say the least and even while trying to keep the jeep on the road she admired the beauty around her.

“I wish I was here on vacation...and could enjoy this...” Abegail's thoughts were still clouded with sorrow for death of those around them. Guilt marred the beauty around her as well, guilt that they had left both the woman and Albert where they were slain and had notified no one. Stress for what they would find in Linz made her feel ill. Walter must have realized that she was not alright. When he offered to take the wheel, offered to rub her shoulders a little Abegail nodded almost absentmindedly.

She pulled the jeep over and the two switched seats. Abegail looked at Gunter. A quick check calmed her slightly. At least the boy was alright.

Abegail climbed into the passenger seat and tried hard to focus on the sights that passed them by. She looked front as Walter announced their arrival in Linz. Her eyes met his. “Now what? We need to get rid of the jeep but then we have no transportation. I have no money for a briefcase...everything.” Anger tinged her voice and tears began to sting her eyes. Her fingernails dung into her palm as she clenched her hands closed.

Taking a deep breath, Abegail tried to let it go, even just a little bit. She disliked feeling unprepared and mildly helpless. “What is the plan Walter? Where do we need to go and what exactly are we looking for?”

Her mind was glad to have something to focus on, a goal was helpful in these sorts of situations.

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Gunter returned, his arms full of guns and ammunition, to find that Abigail had found a Jeep. Walter had just made some wry remark, and Abigail seemed slightly uncomfortable. Gunter was almost beyond caring how they felt. They were just strangers. He numbly got in the Jeep and waited to travel. As they started to move, he could tell that both the Irish woman and the American were astounded by the scenery, but he couldn't care less. Albert was gone. He was gone and he would never be back. Looking down at himself, Gunter felt sick. Albert's blood was all over his grey-ish shirt and vest, making them a disgusting purplish color. He tried to shake thoughts of Albert from his mind, but it was hard. Now he was totally alone in the world except for these two people Albert had rescued. No parents, no brigade, no cousin. He almost longed to go back to the army just so that his life wasn't so complicated anymore. He just rested his head in his hand, his elbow against the side of the car, and fiddled with a loose string on his vest. He looked so strikingly like a normal boy at that moment, bored and fidgeting, that he was quite shocking to look at - all childish and covered in blood.

'We're here.'

Gunter looked up to see the city of Linz around them. There was a sinking feeling in his gut as Abigail began to worry.

'Now what? We need to get rid of the Jeep, but then we have no transportation. I have no money for a briefcase...everything...'

Gunter hated to see her suffering like that. She was one of the only two people in the world that... what? That he could trust? That he was connected to in any way? He wasn't sure, but now they were in this together, and so, not sure what to do, he reached out and patted her arm.

'What is the plan Walter? Where do we need to go and what exactly are we looking for?'

Gunter looked to Walter for an answer to Abigail's question. Now Gunter realized that in order for this relationship to work, he would have to treat Walter as he would Albert. He would have to trust him completely, even with his life if need be. The situation demanded it. Clamping his jaw, he took a deep breath. This was no easy task they were undertaking. It was very possible that Gunter would die as well, or Abigail, or Walter; he would have to be prepared for that.

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Abegail stepped out of the van and stretched her arms a bit. Every part of her was knotted and tensed but simple stretchng wasn't enough to alleviate it. There was too much unknown in their future. She followed as Walter began to head down the to the main road into Linz. Gunter followed as well.

Abegail was thankful she wasn't carrying a gun but the sight of the boy with them put her on edge. It seemed so wrong for a child to have to act so grown up. It was a shock to her system. At his age she was running wild in the pastures of her family's farm in Ireland, not fighting a war or comforting adults. Abegail softened as she remembered the way the boy had patted her arm when she was distressed about not having money. He was far more hardened than she was and again that saddened her.

"What has he seen and been through to be so..." Abegail shook her head. She knew enough that in the brief time she had known him the boy had seen more than many adults ever would.

"Oh, Walter...Walter wait..." Abegail realized that Gunter was covered in stains. Blood, Albert's blood. "He is covered in blood, we can't just go walking into town with him like that." Abegail waited for Walter to stop in his trek to the main road. She bit her lip, brushing her hair from her face and considered the problem. "One shirt, we just need a new shirt for him."

Abegail looked down. She too had stains. Her pants, from where she had knelt next to the dying man while she held his hand, showed remnants of his life. "And a pair of pants." Abegail gave Walter an apologetic look. She knew he wanted to get moving to push on and into Linz but a man travelling with a blood stained woman and boy was sure to provoke interest that they did not want or need.

Falling in beside Walter she listened to his plan as she considered what to do about their clothes. It was fortunate that the Nazi's had been moved. With the war over and Hitler dead she had heard many stories of troops being moved into areas where they could be disbanded or reassigned with a new goal. Abegail wasn't sure exactly how it was all working out between the allied forces and Germany, she kept up on the basics of the current news while her mind immersed itself in the past.

Abegail winced. Plans were never that simple and Walter knew that. He had to know deep down in his gut that they have never had anythign go easy and just when they thought they could breathe again Niclas showed up or they ended up in a cave or being shot at....

"Walter, I think that will work for a basic plan but we canna just waltz into Linz, covered in blood, steal the flag and think we will be scott free. Even if the rest were tha simple the blood is goin' ta make the people here nervous." It was making Abegail a little nervous and with her mind preoccupied and her fears getting the better of her, her accent began to slip again.

"We need ta steal or barrow some clothes."

Abegail watched as houses started to appear on the edges of Linz. She spotted people's laundry, last loads attempting to dry in the fading daylight. Indicating with her head towards one house Abegail crept up and crouched into some underbrush a few metres from the house.

"So...beg, borrow or steal?"

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Gunter sighed when it was time to get out and walk. He wanted to be alone with his thoughts. He wanted to just sit and think and think and think. But there was no time for that now. They needed to move. So he clambered out of the Jeep, banishing all thoughts of Albert from his mind. He tried to focus on the task at hand - get to the museum and steal the flag. Walter said it would be easy, that the absence of soldiers made it simple. But that was wrong. Nothing was easy. Abigail's voice interrupted his thoughts.

'Oh, Walter... Walter wait... He is covered in blood, we can't just go walking into town with him like that.'

Gunter looked down at his shirt and remembered that he was, in fact, covered in blood. He started to feel sick again and could feel the congealed blood sticking to his skin. They did need to find clothes soon. Her other words washed over him along with a wave of heat, and then a wave of cold. He couldn't quite hear her. It was like he was trying very hard not to fall asleep. He recognized the feeling from after a battle: he was going into shock. He often got this way after a particularly traumatic confrontation. Post-combat shakes was what most people called it. He numbly followed Abigail over to the house and heard her say something. He couldn't really discern it. It echoed to him a million times until he finally heard,

'So...beg, borrow or steal?'

He liked none of the options. Thinking was hard to do, but he finally managed to mumble in a garbled voice that was almost impossible to understand combined with his heavy accent, "Shteal. Bu' shomone else should do it. I am not feeling vell."

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Abegail crouched in the greenery and waited for an answer. The first one to answer was Gunter but it was garbled, heavy accented and weak. She turned to look at him, concerned about the boy. The sight that met her eyes made Abegail gasp and forget about needing clothes.

Gunter was pale, a slight sheen of sweat and green tinge to his skin. Abegail was able to make out the end of what he said. “I am not feeling vell."

Moving closer to him she reached out and gently held him up. In her softest, most comforting tone she whispered to him. “It's alright'll be alright.” She gently brushed the hair from his forehead, feeling the clammy skin under her fingertips. He had been through a lot and Abegail was worried now about keeping such a young boy with them on such a dangerous task.

Walter looked back at them, pointing to a house. He started walking again and Abegail did her best to help Gunter move slowly towards where Walter had pointed. The pair followed the professor but Abegail did while only half paying attention, her focus was on Gunter and making sure the boy made it to some place where he could sit down. She understood that Walter was eager to get moving but she felt they needed to ensure that this boy, now in their care was looked after.

They stayed in the shadows as Walter requested. Abegail kept talking to Gunter as they walked. “We'll get ye some clean clothes and some water.”

She began humming softly to him as they walked, not sure what else to say. It was a song her mother used to sing to her when Abegail was young. It was all she could think to do.

Walter stopped at a house and knocked on the door. The figure that appeared made Abegail pause. She pushed Gunter slightly behind her, wishing to keep the boy from sight and possible harm as the tall man welcomed them into his home.

Abegail was used to friendly neighbours but something about this felt off to her. He seemed alright, white beard and black hair but he did not question their appearance, how they had ended up walking to his home, the lack of baggage or even asked if their travels went well. He did not enquire as to why Walter had brought people with them or why one of them was a young boy.

They were escorted in, seated in a livingroom and concerned looks passed between Walter and Abegail. She sat Gunter near her, still concerned for his well being.

Time passed and Abegail managed to most basic of conversation, cordial and concise but the whole thing still felt very off to her. Anders, as he was introduced offered his car to the group to head ot the library. She realized he was a friend and contact of Walter's but that he knew what they were planning to do stay poorly in her stomach.

“Before we go, may I have a glass of water for our young friend. He is not feeling very well.” Her accent was gone again, vanished behind her careful sentence. Abegail was standing now, waiting for Walter and Anders to make the next move.

“ and flag...”
She repeated the thought over and over again but somehow it did little to comfort her.

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'...No need to steal... My contact... he will assist us... Follow me... shadows... not far...

' Ye'll be alright... clean clothes and some water...'

A soft melody drifted into Gunter's consciousness, soothing him and quieting his mind. He saw the two others stand and he tried to do the same, but he couldn't really tell whether he succeeded or not. He walked with Abigail supporting him in a dream-like state. When they arrived at the house - or the blur of white and baby blue in front of him - the professor knocked on the door and the sounds came back to Gunter like the gunshots that killed Albert. A monster appeared in the doorway - tall and menacing. His head was like granite - white and black peppered. Gunter was glad to be pushed behind Abigail out of the sight of the thing.

'...Walter... friend... free Linz, pride of... brought friends... my home is yours...' For some reason the man was very welcoming, not asking questions. That was odd, and maybe not in a good way. In any case, they walked into the living room and sat, which Gunter was glad of because up and down were beginning to get confusing.

'...sit, my friends... Anders Bauer... personal vehicle...'

Nothing was making much sense to Gunter as he sat on the couch, but Abigail was there, and so he remained calm. She was nothing like his mother, or anyone he knew, in fact. But she was comforting in her own way. They were given new clothes to wear and they changed into them. When they were about to leave, Gunter heard Abigail say something about a glass of water for him, and soon after, he was being given water to drink. He drank it down, and it cooled his body, making him feel slightly better. The world wasn't so dizzy anymore and he could understand what was going on around him. His head and stomach still hurt, though. He stood shakily with Abigail, now ready to depart.

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Abegail accepted the shirt and trousers Anders gave her. He was apologetic that he did not have anything that would be for a woman but it was the best he could do. Abegail shook her head. “Thank you.”

Stepping into the powder room she donned the shirt. It felt odd to wear an unknown person’s clothing but it was better than walking the streets covered in dried blood. Pulling the pants on Abegail frowned. She was much shorter than Anders but thankfully he was a slender man. Crouching down she began to fold the dress slacks until they were short enough for her to walk and not trip. “If ye have ta run at all yer in big trouble. Goin’ ta trip on them, I see it now...” Abegail resolved that the first chance she got she would cut the pants and simply replace them later. She knew Walter thought the plan would be simple and easy but she was also planning ahead. The fact that running away even crossed her mind meant that somewhere deep inside she knew things was going to get harder.

Stepping out she found the men in the kitchen, Gunter finally getting a glass of water. His colour got a little better but the boy still seemed unsteady on his feet. She stood next to him, the boy in the man’s shirt and waited for Walter to lead them out. She looked at Anders and did her best to seem sincere. "Thank you for the clothing. It is appreciated." The man made Abegail very nervous.

They climbed into the vehicle that Anders had allowed them to borrow. Abegail helped Gunter into the backseat. “Ye can close yer eyes if ye like. I’ll wake ye when we get there.” Her voice was soft and the gently touched the boy’s shoulder. She felt awkward. Mothering someone was not something that came easy to her. She hoped he would sleep, just so that he would hopefully feel better.

Slipping into the passenger’s seat, Abegail gave a last look out the window where Anders stood watching them leave. She couldn’t shake the feeling that something wasn’t right about the whole situation, something about the ease at which the man had just gone along with it all. Shaking her head she tried to get rid of the feeling.

The ride was quiet. Abegail watched Linz pass them by. She had the urge to ask Walter how he thought they would accomplish this daring theft. Surely someone would try and stop them, then what? Her eyes turned to her colleague and she found him looking at her. Abegail tilted her head questioningly but Walter didn’t say anything.

A small frown appeared on the woman’s face but she let it go. Minutes later she looked over to find him glancing at her. By the third time Abegail was done letting it go.
“Alright Walter, ye keep starin’ over here. What is it on yer mind? Hmm?” Her voice was tinged with annoyance but she did her best ot keep it hushed in case Gunter had fallen asleep. She was worried and unfortunately her concern generally appeared as anger. It was a trait she had gotten from her mother.

The car was moving fast through the streets. Abegail knew they had to get there but she wasn’t quite ready for what they were going to do. “Look, if there is somethin’ yer not tellin’ me about this flag or what we are walkin’ in ta I think ye should tell me now. Donna leave me in the dark Walter. Ye owe me that. Ye left for a year, a year with na a word. Donna do that now.”

She turned her body in her seat to face Walter, her arms folded across her chest and a fire of fear and anger in her eyes.

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The shirt was a little big on Gunter, but he was glad to have it because it didn't remind him of Albert, and the blood wasn't sticky on his skin anymore. When Abigail thanked the man, Gunter nodded meaningfully. Herr Bauer had done them a good service, and he hated to just take it all and leave, but they were pressed for time. So they said their goodbyes and left. They got in a new car, a normal one, and began to drive. Gunter closed his eyes and fell asleep to the sound of the whirring car and Abigail's voice. And he began to dream.

A sweet, caring face smiling at him. Long, blonde braids under a cap and a splash of freckles on fair skin. Deep, brave grey eyes that threatened to envelope him. Anna! Where was she? A bright, blinding flash. His ears rang. Voices barked and shouted, 'Ducken! Die Artillerie, die Artillerie!' 'Hertz! Ducken! Hertz!' Everything was so slow. All was light and noise. Then it stopped. Everything stopped, except for one voice. A female voice. 'Gunter! Hilfe! Hil-' It was cut off abruptly by an explosion. A bright light flashed, and then Gunter felt as if he were being pushed backwards through water. He saw long, blonde braids being cut off and falling to the floor. Brave, determined grey eyes. He saw himself pleading with her to stop, to stay in the infirmary where she was safe. She shook her head sadly. She wanted to go. She needed to fight. She walked through the conscription line in her stolen uniform, pretending to be a boy, and they never suspected a thing. Either that, or they didn't care. He tried to stop her, but she just kept marching. Then he saw a small-framed corpse being dragged over with the others. He could barely tell it was her, she had been mangled so much.

Gunter jolted awake, breathing heavily. Remembering where he was, he breathed a sigh of relief and laid his head back again. It was a recurring nightmare, and he hated it. He had loved Anna, and now he worried about her. Where was she? Did she die at the Battle of Berlin? Was she now a prisoner of the Russians? Or did she manage to get away, like he did? He closed his eyes again and tried to get to sleep, but every time he started to drift off, he saw that small body, mangled like the others, on a pile, waiting to be burned. So he sat, wishing for peaceful, sweet oblivion. But it was denied him.

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Abegail's eyes turned as the boy in the back seat moved, as if coming out of a nightmare. Her eyes were full of concern but he laid his head back down and Abegail turned her eyes back to Walter. She was waiting on a response.

Instead of being met with an answer she felt the car stop. Walter turned his head to look away from her. Abegail exhaled in exasperation.

“Saints alive.” Abegail managed to growl out as she looked over at the museum. The building was imposing in the dim light of the quiet street. She didn't like it, it felt....too easy, too open.

Walter pulled the car onto a dead on street, parking just inside the woods enough to hide the car from anyone who might glance down the vacant road. Abegail stepped out, leaves crunching underfoot. Moving to the back door she opened it for the boy. Her eyes scanned the road and the trees.

“Walter, are ye sure about this?” There was a great deal of apprehension in her voice. Once Gunter had exited the vehicle, Abegail did her best to close the door quietly.

Letting Gunter fall in with Walter, Abegail walked just behind them. She kept glancing over her shoulder. Something about the streets being so quiet and empty made her feel like she was being watched.

Breathing slowly, trying to remain calm Abegail walked and eventually the group found themselves at the front of the museum.

“Do we just go in?” Her voice as a whisper.

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Gunter felt the car roll to a stop and he sat up, inhaling deeply. They were close now. The situation reminded him of his training for stealthy operations, and his paranoia began to creep in. Where was everybody? Why did the soldiers just up and move out? What were they walking into? Walter didn't seem to think they were walking into anything, but he was wrong. You were always walking into something - some trap, some deceit. But there was nothing they could do about it now. Gunter tried to quiet that part of his brain, tell it that everything was alright. Finally everything was going according to plan. But there was still that nagging doubt. Abigail's own doubt didn't do much to help Gunter. When they arrived at the front, something clicked in Gunter's mind. His training was going to help him immensely. He was going to use what the Nazis did to him against them, and that made him excited. He instantly assigned roles in his head. Walter was now his commanding officer. Anything he said must be obeyed as quickly as possible and executed as well and efficiently as possible. Gunter was under his command and with him until either of them died. And when Walter died, Gunter fought to the death for the cause. Abigail was now someone to be obeyed, but also someone to be protected.

Of course, this planning brought into stark relief the fact that Gunter had not heard anything about a plan at all. What, were they just going to wing it? He cleared his throat. "So... we do not have a plan? We do not have the floor layout of this building? We do not have the guard shifts? How will we do this without these essentials?"

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Abegail nodded and silently followed when Walter suggested they take an alternate entrance to the front door. He led them around the building. Abegail's eyes darted this way and that, she could not shake the feeling that she was being watched. The shadows cast by the building did not help her sense of unease.

Abegail frowned as Walter told Gunter they may have to subdue someone. She could here the noise inside, the movement of another person just inside the door. Janitor, curator it didn't matter. What sat oddly with her was Walter expecting the boy to help. Gunter seemed willing enough but she felt that he should not be expected to fight. She was unable to voice this though as Walter stood at the ready beside the door, waiting for his moment.

A voice from the darkness, from behind her where she had been so sure someone was watching made Abegail turn quickly, her hands clenching. She didn't need anyone to tell her who was going to be there. Like the vermin he was, Niclas made it a habit to appear out of no where. He called her Fraulein, he always called her that and it always made her sneer.

Her anger dropped, shifting to confusion as Niclas asked if Walter had told her about a trip to her homeland. Her homeland? Surely he didn't mean America. Abegail was aware he had been there she had escaped with Walter at the airport. Her head tilted, her brow knotted in confusion. Ireland then. Interesting couple?

Abegail's face went pale. She could feel every bit of colour drain, leaving her ashen. Her family, all of them were there. She could not say anything as others stepped out, seizing the trio where they stood.

She let them move her, not fighting her captor. Abegail didn't have the energy. She was trying far to hard to understand what Niclas had said, who he could be talking about and why in the name of the saints Walter had not told her that Niclas had been in Ireland. He obviously knew, Niclas said so and she knew he was tracking the nazi. A momentary panic came over her as she looked for Gunter, unsure what had happened in the time since Niclas had shown up. She saw the boy, restrained by one of the soldiers. Relief came and went quickly.

Blinking, she found herself standing next to Walter. Her voice was quiet, shaky and her eyes full of confusion as she looked at him. “Walter...what is he talkin' about? Who...who is he talkin' about? And why in heaven's name were ye in Ireland?”

There was a knot in her stomach, as if no matter what Walter said at this moment she knew it was not going to be something she wanted to hear. She needed to know though, needed to know what was going on. “Why did ye not tell me? Ye have had lots of time...”

There was hurt now in her voice, her accent thick under the fear, confusion and pain of her words as she looked at Walter.

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Walter looked at Abigail with tremendous guilt his eyes, he knew that he had risked hurting Abigial deeply by not telling her of her parents-Their deaths. Words however were not needed, the mere reflection of sorrow and remorse wearing upon Walter's eyes was enough. Tears had built up in the professor's eyes, but before the first drop could escape Walter had turned to look at Niclas.

The bridge which linked what Walter had feared to speak aloud and the final realization of the heinous act perpetrated by the Nazi-Summed up in an exchange of glances between Walter, Abigail and Niclas Elberich.

Now smirking and greatly pleased with himself.

"Take them into the museum." The loathsome Nazi commanded.

Gottburg, the fat man in his trademark heavy leather trench coat, turned around and walked back into the museum as the three SS officers pushed the prisoners forward. It had been a particularly balmy night, certainly not the ideal weather for stalking about in such a smothering garment.

The constant profuse sweating of the bulking man disgusted Walter to no end, the pressure of the situation finally getting to him, suddenly yelling out. "Take that Goddamn heavy trench coat off you fat pig."

All heads snapping with surprise in Walter's direction. Gottburg paid Walter no attention.

Walter now turning his head in ordder to whisper to Abigail. "I'm so sorry Abby, I just thought...that if we could just get our hands on the flag...we could..."

Walter's attempts to reconcile with his colleague were suddenly thwarted by Nicals, who commanded everyone to hold their positions in front of a particular piece of art.

"Dies ein, stoppen Sie hier!" The group of captives and their captors found themselves standing before a large painting upon the museum's main displaying wall-A place of honor.

Now facing a self portrait of the Fuhrer


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Everything happened so fast. First they were about to go into the museum, next they were being taken captive - all their plans ruined. Gunter squirmed and fought against the Nazi that held him, but it was no use. They were captured. Walter and Abigail were in a heated conversation and finally Walter yelled something at Gottberg.

Gottberg. The same man that had entered their inn earlier that morning. Who could have guessed that Gunter would have ended up here, with these Americans and with Albert, Uwe, and Ella all dead? And on a quest to save the world, no less? It was mind-boggling. Well, it was the way of the world, he guessed, that peace and quiet could not be allowed. Something had to go wrong.

'Dies ein, stoppen Sie hier!' Gunter looked up and saw the portrait. He recognized it as one of the Führer's thirteen works that they had been educated about in school. This particular one was created in 1910, and Gunter had always grudgingly liked it. It had a kind of simplicity to it that appealed to him. But he couldn't stand its painter. He had ruined Germany.

Gunter's arm almost went up in the Nazi salute just out of habit and drilling. But he stopped his arm and instead spat at the painting. "Vielen Dank für stoppen." He said to Niclas. "Ich brauchte das tun."

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Abegail shook her head. One look at Walter and she knew. Her parents were dead. Her shoulders shook just a little with silent tears. She looked up again and was met by Niclas' self satisfied face. She snarled at him, her teeth clenched.

Before Abegail could react though Niclas ordered them into the museum. Abegail balked in the hands of the soldier who moved her.

“Get yer hands off of me.” Abegail was seething. She was no match for the strength of the soldier. His fingers dug painfully into her arms. Her eyes bore holes into the back of Niclas' head as he walked just ahead of them. Abegail barely paid any attention to the large man in the leather coat.

The man holding Abegail kept leading her inwards. She wanted to get her hands on Niclas, wanted to beat him with her fists. Walter's outburst shocked her out of her anger. Abegail looked over at him, confused. Her eyes strayed to Gottburg. The large man was sweating profusely and yet still wearing the heavy leather coat. It did not make Walter's exclamation any less odd.

Again Walter's voice cause Abegail to change her focus. Her head turned, auburn hair falling loose in places from the motion. A wave fell across her face, partially obscuring her view. All she could do was nod at Walter's whispered apology. “I wish ye had told me when we were on the plane...I would have had time to...”

To what? Process and understand? Grieve? Abegail wasn't entirely sure but she knew it would have been preferred to handle the news in a private setting instead of in front of Gunter and the nazi's, especially Niclas. It made her stomach turn to know the man had seen her upset.

Niclas' voice, ordering them to stop made Abegail clench her jaw again. Her eyes lifted to the painting and then focused back on Niclas. She spit on his shoe, defiance clear on her face.

Nearby she heard someone else spit. A glance and she could see Gunter spitting towards the painting. The boy had spirit, that much was clear. Her heart sank a little knowing they had brought him into all of this. Niclas smack the boy.

“Donna touch him.” Abegail tried to lunge out of the soldier's hands towards the officer. For her effort she was rewarded with being yanked backwards firmly. A small chuckle from behind her made her seeth. The man had been expecting her to react and was clearly amused at her attempt. Abegail's chest heaved as she tried to control both her breathing and her anger. “Just ye wait...”

Abegail shook her head as she watched the soldier push Gunter into a room and the large man follow. She had had enough. Angry, tired and just plain fed up Abegail was done yelling.

Her heel came down hard on the man's foot. It wouldn't hurt him but it would make him bend out of sheer reaction. As she felt his body come forward, Abegail thrusted her head backwards. The contact of her skull to his face made her see stars for a moment. With a small yelp of pain, Abegail took off at a run towards Niclas. The soldier was holding his face now but she did not give him a backwards look.

Abegail ran straight into Niclas. She didn't care if she knocked him down or simply ran him into the closest wall or person. She just wanted a distraction, something to make everyone else stop, let Walter react. Frankly, it just felt good to hit the officer.

Elbows braced in front of her, Abegail hit Niclas in the side. Her elbow made contact with his ribs and she kept moving. Niclas grunted with the contact. “Ye bastard.”

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Gunter recoiled from the slap but then stared defiantly back at the Nazi who had struck him. "Sie sind der Verräter." Then he felt himself being pushed into another room by Gottberg, and suddenly he realized that what was about to happen. He didn't know if he could withstand torture. In fact, he didn't think he could. But he would be damned if he didn't make a good show of it. But then he realized that the Nazis had failed to search them - again. He still had his knife in his shirt, the one that they had given to him to signify their ownership of him. Well he was about to show them just how much they owned him. His heart raced in his chest, but he remained calm, breathing deeply. He felt his face flush with excitement, and the adrenaline course through him. He prepared his attack, timing Gottberg's steps with his own, getting ready to strike...

When he heard commotion behind him. Both he and Gottberg turned to look and Gunter took this opportunity to strike. He pulled out his knife, and, "Blut und Ehre!" he cried ironically as he leaped onto the big man's back, stabbing in the blade.

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Frankly, Walter was at a loss as to how he and his companions were going to get out of their current situation, the guilty feelings of not informing Abigail of her parents untimely demise weighed on him heavily-Sapping him of any desire and strength to continue. It wasn't until Gunter was taken into the small room with the maniac butcher Gottberg Von Adalwolf and Abigail's subsequent outburst of bravery and determination, that he was able to regain his rightful mind.

Walter would not let the opportunity pass him by and so he immediately took action, repeating Abigail's wonderful improvised movement, but adding to it a well placed punch to the soldiers face. Niclas was still on the floor and now this SS soldiers had joined him, Walter was now free to exit the museum, but then he thought about poor Gunter and the horrors that surly awaited him at the hands of the lunatic Adalwolf.

Walter found himself stuck between the front door of the museum and the entrance to the room where Gunter was being detained. Witnessing Abigail's flight of agility and bravery Walter realized that it was more important to save the boy, after all what could Gunter do to defend himself against the hulking Adalwolf. To Walter's great surprise and even greater delight, the youth had the beastly man at a marked disadvantage, but there was still an SS soldier to be dealt with, and to this task Walter dedicated himself.

Walter attacked the soldier and they both fell to the hardwood floor-Wrestling about.


Within the next room Niclas was concerning himself with the acquisition of the Blood Flag, feeling that his rivalry with the two professors could wait for another day. Wiping the blood from beneath his nose with the back of his right hand he approached the painting rumored to conceal the flag. Ripping the framed picture from the wall he turned it over, then taking out his knife Niclas cutt the back of the painting. "Scheiße. Wo ist der verdammte Blutfahne."


Back within the torture room Walter was wrestling on the floor with the Nazi officer as Gunter clutched at Adalwolf's back-Holding on to his heavy leather coat for dear life as the brutish man began to spin in place. Walter was gaining the advantage over the well trained SS officer, as Gunter was beginning to lose his grip on Gottberg's trench coat.

By the time Walter had subdued his opponent he had just enough time to turn his head and witness Gunter flying through the air. Luckily for Gunter their was a crate which was laying on its side-Open face to the front with packaging material spilling out onto the floor-Into which Gunter was safely posited. Adalwolf's body teetered to and fro as he tried to regain a sense of equilibrium and posture.

It was then that Adalwolf revealed the true reason for the constant donning of that heavy leather trench coat. Walter and Gunter looked at each other in a single unified movement, the look upon Gunter's face was of pure astonishment, whereas Walter's face gave off the impression of suspicions now answered.

"He has the Blood Flag." Gunter called out.

In his attempt to steady himself Gottberg had unintentionally revealed his secret-The infamous Blood Flag had been wrapped around his bulging frame all along.

Pulling out his Luger Adalwolf warned Walter that if he did not move away from the door the young boy would be shot in the face. Not wanting to risk any ones life Walter complied, moving to stand near Gunter on the right side of the room.

Spinning around Adalwolf exited the museum.

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They hit something hard. Abegail hit Niclas in the side and the momentum caused the pair to ram into the closest wall and down to the floor. He grunted but being quicker than she and used to combat, turned his body to grab onto the Irish woman. Niclas' hands gripped her hard and he snarled. The Nazi pinned Abegail to the floor, sitting astride her.

Abegail looked up at him, too angry to care about the fingers that were digging into her skin. He smiled down at her. The smile, the self-satisfied sneer as his eyes met hers made Abegail even angrier. Before she could say anything, Niclas moved her arms so that his knees held them down. She cried out in pain.

He scoffed at her yelp and making a fist hit the woman across her face.. Her head snapped to the side as he made contact. She slumped. Abegail was having trouble focusing. Stars danced behind her eyes. The weight was removed from her as Niclas walked away, intent on the painting.

She heard the boy yell but couldn't make out if it was in pain or defiance. Her face hurt. Rolling to her side, Abegail's hand tentatively touched her face. It was swelling already and her eye was difficult to open. Breathing out heavily she pushed herself to stand. She could see the others milling about, the confusion and chaos.


A loud crash made Abegail look up as the boy landed in a crate, he and the packing material hitting the floor. Her eyes found the large man who had tossed the boy. He was pointing a gun at Walter now. Walter moved to stand with the boy. Abegail didn't move. The man fled the museum.

Her vision blurred and things became very fuzzy. Frowning, she tried to shake the feeling off to no avail. Her knees gave way and Abegail landed on the floor.

“What...have to stop him....” Abegail was breathing deeply.

Behind her, Niclas' footsteps echoed on the floor. He was almost too calm as he stared out the door. The sneer returned. A sharp call out of orders. More footsteps as the other soldiers approached Walter and Gunter.

Abegail felt a hand on the back of her neck. It drew her up to her feet. There she stood but her feet didn't want to help keep her upright. The world spun slightly. There was breath against her ear as hands held her tighter.

“Fraulien, you are coming with me.” Abegail tried to pull out of Niclas' hands.

“Take them to the cars.”

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Gunter watched the soldier approach him, his knife at the ready. The soldier laughed to see the boy, swallowed by his clothes, trying to look threatening with his small knife. When the man got close to Gunter, the boy took a swipe at him. The man jumped quickly out of the way, grabbed Gunter's arm, and bent it backwards. Gunter cried out in pain and dropped the knife. The man twisted Gunter's arm more and grabbed the other one, twisting both behind Gunter's back. Gunter struggled and snarled, trying to get free, but to no avail. The man had him firmly in his grip, and began to march him to the car. Gunter looked back at the knife, and watched as it slowly got farther and farther away from him. His only defense now gone. He swore in German, beginning to insult the soldiers and their families. What else could he do? He was not strong enough to break free, and the soldiers were giving them no opportunities. It seemed the adventure was over.

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As could be expected, Niclas wasn't being particularly gentle with Abigail as he tried to shove her into an awaiting vehicle in the form of a dusty camouflaged Jeep. Abby of course wasn't someone to be pushed around like that, she was growing increasingly frustrated and angry, and she certainly had just cause to despise the murderer of her parents.


Inside the small storage space within the museum a well hidden SS Officer made his presence known and immediately grabbed the young boy by the arm. Gunter turn his head to where Walter had been standing on his right, only to find that the professor had already made a break for it. From hiss perspective, Gunter wasn't sure if Walter would go directly after Gottberg and the Flag, he had only spend a very short amount of time with the professor, someone who definitely seemed on-edge. In the back of his mind at least, he wondered if Walter would save his friends first.

Of course the reason for that had already been divulged, it was guilt, but all the same, he wasn't sure. The SS Officer, with his clearly non Aryan features escorted Gunter out of the museum and dragged him forcibly to the front of the building and to the awaiting vehicle which had been parked there. Gunter was doing his best to resist the officers efforts to push him forward, kicking up dust and assorted small rocks as he dragged his feet.

"Move! you Jerry, German bastard!" The officers voice was clearly and unmistakeably American.


Niclas, with Abigail in tow, were nearing the beige colored camouflage jeep, the embalm stuck to its side identified the vehicle as an American make and brand. Abigail had spotted yet another German officer standing by the drivers-side door with his back turned to them.

"Sie gibt, öffnen die hintere Tür für die junge Dame!" The unknown officer apparently could not hear Niclas yell his command, which made sense since the jeep was running at the time.

Several additional attempts to get the young officers attention had failed and Niclas was getting angry.

"I have no time or patients for this." Pulling out his pistol as he forced Abigail on, releasing the grip of one hand to pull the weapon from its side-holster.

"My German has gotten pretty good, huh Abby!?" The stunned Niclas heard Walter's distinctive voice call out, leaving little time for his enemy to react Walter turned around to reveal the revolver which he already had pointed at Niclas' stomach.

Abigail herself was pretty fast on her feet as she grabbed Niclas' weapon and tore it from his grip, which was loose due to the surprise of the moment. Walter and Abigail now, and for the first time, had Niclas just where they wanted him. Walter raised his revolver and pointed it directly at the exact level to reach Niclas' forehead.

"Killing me will not bring back the Frauleins parents. You do not possess the Blood Flag, nor will you ever see it again." Niclas said with a slight chuckle.

Walter then lowered his weapon "You right about one thing, at least partly. For its not my place." Walter looked at his weapon and then cast a glance at Abigail before walking away.

This left Niclas confused as he witnessed Walter walk away from the scene and return to the museum.

As the drama in front of the museum was heating up Gunter and his captor were nearing the edge of the building, which would have brought them into full sight of what was transpiring around the corner. Suddenly, and seemingly from out of nowhere another jeep came speeding toward them. Gunter had stopped his kicking and the officer his pushing, as they both stood and watched the vehicle approach.

The jeep was clearly a German styled vehicle and so the officer wasn't too concerned about who might be piloting the speeding vehicle. The Jeep had approached from behind, so not even Abigail and Niclas could see the driver, though they would be the first to come to the realization of his identity.

To the astonishment of them all the driver was soon revealed to be that of Gottberg himself. The jeep was still some distance away when a single shot was fired by Gottberg.

Although never known as a marksman Gottberg did succeed in shooting the officer right between the eyes at this distance.

Gunter barely had time to respond before he was pulled into the Jeep as it drove by, though it never stopped. Gunter's feet dragged upon the dusty ground for several hundred feet, but was eventually pulled completely and safely into the vehicle by Gottberg.

Walter had been looking out the window and had the best advantage point from which to see Gunter being abducted.

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Abegail fought the man's grip as he shoved her towards door and down the stairs. They approached the waiting vehicle. Through clenched teeth Abegail was hissing every curse and swear she knew, both in Irish and English.

She didn't know what they were doing to Gunter or Walter, she knew she hated this man with his grip on her and she knew she hated being pushed around. Abegail tried to stop, step on Niclas' foot as she had the other soldier. For her effort she was rewarded with a twist of one arm painfully up her back and sinister laugh into her ear.

He began to shout at the man waiting near the car. His back was to them and with each ignore shout from Niclas, Abegail's arm was wrenched further up her back. She yelped angrily. “He canna hear ye!” She turned her head to look up at Niclas.

The man, malice in his eyes looked down at the Irishwoman. He twisted her arm a bit more, watching for the show of pain in her eyes. Abegail's eyes teared up but the anger still burned. Once a tear began to fall, Niclas was satisfied with her reaction and loosened just a little.

He began shouting to the officer again and still he was ignored. Abegail felt a bit of satisfaction at Niclas' frustration. She felt him loosen his hold on one arm as he pulled his gun. Abegail contemplated possible ways to finally break free when Walter turned to look at them.

Niclas' shocked allowed the perfect opportunity. Spinning, she wrenched her remaining arm from his grasp, ignoring the pain. Her other hand clasped the gun and she pulled it along with her. With both hands on the gun she pointed it at the man who had killed her parents.

Abegail barely registered as Walter raised his weapon higher. Niclas spoke, not to her but to Walter and he dared to mention her parents and the blasted flag.

She barely hid her shock as Walter lowered his gun and looking at her, walked away. She wanted to call out to him but did not.

Niclas turned to look at her. Her eyes were still a light with anger but now confusion clouded them.

“Will you shoot me Fraulein? Will you pull the trigger?” Niclas stared at her.

Abegail was breathing heavily. “You do not deserve to live.” Her voice was oddly calm, clear and precise.

Niclas smiled. “Really? Are you to be the one to decided that?” He took a step towards her.

Abegail exhaled. “Do not move.”

Niclas, “Do you think you could do it? Could you kill a man? Do you have it in you Abegail?”

She looked startled for a moment, the use of her name from him unnerving her. “You are not a man.”

Niclas, taking two more steps towards the woman, “I am simply a man who had a job to do. Can you kill a man for doing his job...Abegail?” He used her name again, hoping to shake her more.

Abegail shook her head, “Stop.” It was barely a whisper.

A shot rang out and the sound of footsteps on the pavement sounded.

Abegail felt the gun recoil in her hand. She realized she had closed her eyes, an instinctive reaction to the shot. She didn't hear a body hit the ground. Her ears were ringing, she wouldn't hear much of anything.

Hands were on arms, pushing her backwards. Abegail still had the gun. Without thinking she pulled the trigger again.

This time she fell to her knees as did the man in front of her. Niclas had one hand on his leg and one reached up to grab Abegail by the throat.

“I am a man but I am not so easy to kill....” He squeezed and stood, pulling her with him. Abegail clawed at his hand.

Niclas snarled. “Dr should not have left the Fraulein alone. Come out now.” Letting his leg wound go to grab the gun that sat at his feet now. He aimed it Abegail's stomach. “Come now Dr not make me kill her. Not yet.”

He squeezed and Abegail's eyes went wide as she began to lose air.

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Niclas could hear the last sonic remnants of Adalfwolf's jeep as it spat dust and rocky debris from beneath its burning wheels, now driving beyond target range of his small caliber pistol.

The Nazi knew that it was very important to hunt down Adalwolf and retrieve the Blood Flag from his grubby clutches, but first he was going to deal with his long time enemies Walter Miller and Abigail Mchugh.

Niclas had a particularly strong hatred for Abigail in particular, front and foremost was the fact of her gender, one which Niclas deemed inferior.

Second to that was his disdain for her heredity and nationality. Niclas viewed all Irish peoples as drunkards, Niclas disliked Walter for similar reasons. He being from the "colored laden" lands of South Africa.

Having Been formally under the yoke of the Britannic states enhanced his immense disgust for the country and its peoples. Such was the ignorance and prejudice's of Niclas Elberich.

Only seconds after the Nazi' demands and threatening of Abigail's life Niclas heard a single click of the hammer from the firearm which had been placed behind his left ear.

"How did you!?...."

The Nazi had assumed that professor Miller had somehow quietly slipped out of the museum and by stealthy maneuvers had gotten behind him. But upon turning Niclas realized that the weapon which was now pressed against his forehead, did not belong to Walter Miller, but to one of his own men.

"I am sorry Herr Elberich, but I will not go through the horror of yet another world war." Came the words from the remaining SS Officer.

The pivot of his turning had forced Niclas to release Abigail from his grip, giving Abigail the break she needed to distance herself from her archenemy. The Officer cocked his head to the right and spoke to the professors.

"A jeep awaits you behind the museum, take it and retrieve the Blood Flag from Adalwolf before he resurrects Armageddon."

Abigail immediately joined Walter within the museum before heading for the vehicle. Driving away they had left Niclas Elberich in the seemingly capable hands of the young SS Officer.

There was only one piece of tell-tail evidence with which to determine a possible destination for Adalwolf's and his desires were the tire tracks left by the wheels of his army Jeep. Following these scant few clues Walter and Abigail traced Adalwolf's whereabouts all the way back to Lintz.

Once the jeep had crossed beyond the dirt roads and into city streets the Adalwolf's trail was lost.

The Jeep came to a sharp stop at the edge of town. "Where would Adalwolf take Gunter?" Abigail contemplated.

Walter followed with his own concerns. "Where would he go to test out the Blood Flag.?"

At that point the two professors turned to look at one another, both remembering the corpses in the secret compartment beneath the library.

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Abegail was too focused on Niclas. She didn't hear the other man approaching, didn't see him step behind Niclas. The click of the gun jolted her. Her surprise clear in her face.

He turned jostling her in the process. Abegail frowned. Niclas gripped her harder to hide his shock. He was trying to keep calm, that much was clear. He finished his turn, facing the officer fully on and Abegail felt the grip loosen.

Backing away from him slowly, not wishing to bring attention to herself, Abegail watched the two officers.

She stared as the officer addressed her. She didn't even bother to nod, simply turned and began to run, heading into the museum.

“Walter...I....Niclas...” She looked over her shoulder. She wasn't sure exactly what had happened but she knew she was free and that is what mattered.

Abegail pointed to the door out, “Jeep. Waiting for us.”

Abegail let Walter drive. As she sat in the passenger seat she became aware of how much her hands were shaking. Walter watched for signs of where Adalwolf had gone and Abegail was barely paying attention.

She had shot a man. A man she hated but she had shot him. Abegail was half way between tears and anger. Her eyes burned as she came to terms with trying to kill a man. Her anger burned almost as much that she hadn't actually killed him.

The jeep stopped, forcing her forward in her seat. Abegail's hands went up to stop herself from falling out of her seat. She looked around, suddenly remembering the boy. “Where...were would they go?”

Abegail's mind was trying to catch up to events. Walter asked where the flag could be tested. Abegail's eyes met his. “Library.”

Abegail was horrified. Adalwolf had the flag and Gunter. They had to get there and they had stop him.

“Walter...go...we have to stop them.”

Abegail's fingers gripped the dashboard, knuckles white. Their only chance was to get there before the man did anything to the boy or used the flag.