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Dr. Walter Rivers, Master of Occult sciences

Professor at Marshall College, Connecticut

0 · 426 views · located in United States, Connecticut, Austria.

a character in “Seeking the Blood Flag”, as played by WadeJackel


The B A S I C S

FULL NAME: Dr. Walter Miller Rivers
NICKNAMES: Dr. Walter Rivers, Dr Walter Miller, Professor Walter Miller
DATE OF BIRTH: October 30th 1906
AGE: 39
CANON/ORIGINAL: Original (partly based on film and documentary maker Richard Stanley 'Dust Devil')
RACE: South African, Native American ancestry

HEIGHT: 6'0"
HAIR: Brown, slightly auburn. Longish for the 1940s
SKIN TONE: Medium complexion
TATTOOS/IDENTIFYING MARKS: Bullet wound, left shoulder


TRAITS: Smokes too much, Irresponsible when it comes to his personal life, overly carefree, never checks his mail, trusting to fault, not particularly interested in the opinions that people have about his lifestyle.
LIKES: The Occult, Secret Societies (member of several), Archeology, adventure
DISLIKES: Nazi's, Prejudice, violence, ignorance, religious intolerance.
GENERAL: Intelligent and charismatic. Rye sense of humor.

Extra F A C T S

- Most always dressed in a Black trench coat, black cowboy styled hat.
- Wears a necklace made from the bullet which pierced his left shoulder. Shot by Niclas Elberich of Hitler's SS.
- An adventurer, who has little fear of the unknown, expresses a deep belief in arcane matters.


PLACE OF BIRTH: South Africa
NOW LIVES IN: Connecticut, USA
PARENTS: Sir. Morton Rivers (father, deceased), Angela Stanley 'maiden name' (mother, deceased)
FIELD: Archeology, Occult Sciences.

GENERAL: Born in South African Walter Rivers came to the United States when he was in his early 30s, due to his notoriety as a rather unusual kind of anthropologist, he quickly became head of the Occult sciences division at Marshall College.

Walter had first met Abigail McHugh in 1941 after one of his morning classes on Occult Sciences. First mistaken the young woman for a student, she was in fact a teacher of European, Medieval history, specializing in Grail Mythology. It was at this time that Walter had come into contact with a striking young woman by the name of Andrea Lexington, she a former student at Marshall college shared Walter's interest in the Ouija. Receiving a letter from a world reknowned scholar in New York state the three scholars flew off on their first adventure together, one which Andrea would never return alive from. After sharing this adventure Abigail and Walter drifted apart a bit, a separation, mostly due to overflowing case loads and other such teacherly obligations. Two years later in 1943 Walter traveled to Germany and France with his colleague and friend Abagail McHugh, the two of them sought the whereabouts of Indiana Jones (though they never found him), who had apparently disappeared near the Austrian-German boarder. Indiana, and subsequently Walter and Abagail, were looking a mythical item known as the 'Blackstone of Lucifer' in France. The Throne of Lucifer of which the Blackstone was part had been buried (with the use of Dynamite wielded by Walter) within the mountain beneath the Monsegur stronghold in southern France. This is where Walter was shot by Niclas Elberich. Niclas though dead (thought to have fallen off the mountain) survived.

Once back in the United States Walter took time off the recuperate, returning to his work at Marshall college a few months later. Then in 1944 Walter traveled to Ireland at the request of Abigail to join Indiana (rumored to be somewhere in Ireland) Abigail, and a young archaeologist named Bridget O'Maley, on a journey to retrieve three magical items which dated back to the very founding of the country, even though Walter didn't put much stock in myths concerning Fairies, he went along initially due to a sense of dedication and obligation to his friend Abigail, though in the end he became a believer. The fourth item had already been retrieved by the SS, under the command of Niclas Elberich. The four scholars were successful in stealing the last item (Sword of Fraegarthach) away from the Nazi's, though in the end the item was destroyed. Bridget had been shot and killed by Niclas, who was then chased by Walter. Indiana and Abigail drove away from the site, but Walter who was in pursuit of Niclas, vanished from the scene, not to be seen again for several years.

..........And the adventure continues.

So begins...

Dr. Walter Rivers, Master of Occult sciences's Story

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The boy had pulled a fast one on Gottberg, he had managed to steal the pistol from Adalwolf's thick fingers. Gottberg hadn't thought the tike had it in him and so he wasn't holding his weapon with any great strength, allowing for the ease of Gunter's actions.

Gottberg couldn't help but smirk at the prospect of being held captive by a youngster.

There was only one remedy for this situation, an abrupt and sudden stop. Gottberg slammed his foot down on the break peddle, Adalwolf had an opportunity to brace himself, whereas Gunter was totally taken by surprise.

Gunter was forced to drop the weapon in order to prevent being slammed against the dashboard of the jeep. The heavy pistol thumped down upon the floor beneath the passenger seat, Gunter fumbled for the weapon, but before he could retrieve it Gottberg grabbed him and then pushed the boy out of the car.

Gunter hit the ground with a hard thud, giving Gottberg ample time to get out from the drivers seat and walk to the opposite side of the Jeep, approaching the bruised boy Gottberg demanding that he enter the library.

By this time Walter and Abigail were drawing closer to their intended destination, finding Adalwolf's vehicle parked in the middle of the street Walter pulled his jeep up beside it, positioning it nearer to the curb.

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After pulling up to the curb and getting out of the vehicle Abigail and Walter made their way toward the library, they had stopped suddenly when they noticed two American soldiers walking down the sidewalk toward their position.

Not knowing if they could trust them they tried their best to remain anonymous, trying to act like a couple who were simply out for a day of sight seeing-Hoping the soldiers would not notice that they had dirty faces and road dust covering their cloths.

They were relieved to discover that had been extremely lucky, or perhaps the soldiers simply did not know who they were. Counting themselves lucky they continued to walk toward the main entrance of the library.


"This man is a Nazi!!" Came the call from the frightened boy, his revelation showed its effect as every single person within the library instantly and in unison, turned their heads in surprise and fear. Fortunately, it was getting later on in the day and as a result there were relatively few visitors in the library.

The few visitors were slowing moving toward the only point of escape.

"Törichter junger Mann" shouted Adalwolf.

Adalwolf pulled his pistol out from his trench coat and fired several shots at the ceiling above him, the sudden burst of gunfire sent the visitors running for the exit.


Walter and Abigail were slowly walking to the entrance when the sound of gunfire tore through the air. Without hesitation the two soldiers ran for the door, pushing several citizens out of the way, and shouting orders.

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Abegail slipped out of the vehicle. She wasn't sure exactly what was going to happen but she was determined that they would not just roll over, not now.

She spotted the soldiers and thinking quickly linked her arm into Walter's. She fell into step beside him. A woman on her husband's arm, nothing more. Her head turned, inspecting the buildings as anyone out for a walk in the pretty little town might do.

Painfully aware of how dirty her face, hands and clothes would be Abegail kept her gentlest smile and prayed they would think nothing of them.

Her concern grew into a knot in her stomach as they came closer. She held her breath. The soldiers passed and the pair moved towards the library entrance. Abegail wanted to speed up but stayed with Walter, attention now would be a bad thing.

No sooner had this thought passed when the sound of gunfire willed the air. There was chaos as people on the street panicked and the soldiers pushed passed whomever was in the way to get into the library.

Abegail released Walter's arm and ran up the to the library. She opened the door and stepped quietly inside. She headed to her right and ducked behind the closest table. She crouched and moved slowly towards the shelves. Abegail wanted to remain hidden from Adalwolf at least until she could figure out a way to stop him if the soldiers didn't kill him first.

She could see others cowering and others still trying to escape the gun brandishing man. Making it to a shelf she crouched down again and peered around it. She hoped Gunter was alright, that was her first concern. The next was what the man had done with the flag.

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The two American soldiers rushed into the library with their weapons drawn, once inside they were surprised to find that the action was up near the main entrance; the soldiers had slid some distance across the marble floor before coming to a stop a mere 30 feet from the assailant and his prisoner.

"Halt. You there, put down your weapon!" The shorter of the two officers called out to the large man in the long black trench coat.

Adalwolf raised his weapon and held it in a non threatening position, though never relinquishing his firearm.

Gottberg barked out his demands "Adalwolf, speziellen Zweig 8675. Stand Down!"

The two American soldiers immediately lowered their weapons and then snapped to attention.

"I am taking the boy into one of the private rooms. Do not disturb me." Adalwolf said as the last of the visitors left through the main exit.

Turning back to Gunter and placing the gun against his head. "Walk boy!".

Turning his head Gottberg uttered his final command. "No one is to enter the library!" The soldiers followed Adalwolf's demands and turned around to face the main entrance, their weapons at the ready.

Walter was now barred from the library, it was up to Abigail to think of a plan which could get Walter into the building.

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Abegail watched the soldiers call for Adalwolf to put his weapon down. Her shoulders slumped as she heard him bark out an order and the soldiers complied.

No one was left in the library but herself, the American soldiers, Adalwolf and Gunter. Abegail began to slip into the stacks, avoiding the main door's line of sight as she tried to follow the pair to one of the rooms.

She needed a weapon. He had a gun and Gunter at the end of it. Abegail licked her lips and began to look around. She scanned the shelves. Large heavy books, unwieldy...

Abegail was frustrated. The American soldiers had blocked the door which meant unless Walter could get to another entrance she was alone in this. She wished there was a way to remind him about the hole that Niclas had blasted into the secret room. If Walter could get into the hole then he could get into the room and then into the library.

Her hand brushed the shelves as she considered her options. Fingers touched something cold, metal...Abegail looked at it. It was a sculpture, a miniature metal replica of a cannon. Not too heavy that she couldn't lift it or swing it and good enough for it to do damage if it made contact.

Abegail picked it up and began to move quietly towards where Gunter and Adalwolf had disappeared. Occassionally she looked behind her to ensure the two men did not see her.

She could not hear anything as she approached the room. The weight of the cannon in her hands was comforting. “Damn it Walter...get yer arse in here...”

Abegail focused on the door and stopping listening she hoped to hear anything, giving her a opening to come in and help Gunter.

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Adalwolf had chosen a room which Abigail knew all too well, it was the same as the one she and Walter had entered almost days ago, the room with the body. Though the two professors had assumed that the bodies and the man and woman beneath the library were decoy bodies and not that of the real Adolf Hitler and Eva Braun, Adalwolf apparently knew differently.

By the time Abigail had made her way into the private room with the familiar hole in the marble floor Adalwolf had removed his trench coat and the Blood Flag and set them down beside him. After forceing Gunter to his knees before the two wrapped up corpses and bound his hands behind his back, he then used the remainder of the same robe which he had used to tie the young boys hands and secured him to a near-by pipe.

With Gunter stuck in the corner and out of the way Adalwolf began to set up for coming task of raising his master from death's sleep. With Adalwolf's back to him Gunter immediately set out to make his escape.

Abigail had wondered why Walter hadn't used the makeshift entrance which was provided by the homicidal Nazi to gain entry into the secret room. The fact is that it had totally slipped Walter's mind, he being far too concerned for Abigail and Gunter's safety. The entrance would however be put to good use by someone else.

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Gottberg was recovering from the injury to his head as Abigail and Gunter ran through the hole in the cavern wall. Beyond the small opening was yet another tunnel roughly 80 feet in diameter with a ladder leading up to the street level just behind the library. This point of egress lead directly into the alleyway behind the structure and standing at the left end of this ally was the dreaded Nazi Niclas Elberich.

Half hidden by the overshadowing building next to the library Niclas was slightly obscured, but by the time they realized it they had already ran in that direction and were now only 13 feet from him. Slowly walking backward they attempted to flee from him, only to have the other direction blocked by the bulky frame of Adalwolf.

The large Nazi moved toward them as they back away once more in the opposite direction nearer to Niclas, they were completely trapped.

The two Nazi began to argue over who would claim the Blood Flag for their own.

"Niclas, the flag is mine!" Came the first claim for the object in question.

"No, my friend. It is mine, mine to do with as I will. Mine to resurrect and command an army of the undead, an unstoppable force which will trample over this miserable planet. Then I shall erect a new world order comprised of the strongest of my regime of Neo-Nazi warriors, with myself as sole leader. I will not resurrect the Fuhrer."

Niclas' revelation stunned and angered Gottberg. "How dare you, Hitler is the only one who will rule over this planet." Abigail and Gunter found himself stuck in the middle of an impossible and terrifying prospect, one which might bring to fruition Hitler's claim of a thousand year rung of Nazi supremacy.

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"Either come closer and watch it destroyed further or move out of our way”

Abigail's hopes for a clear escape were dashed as Gottberg began to laugh at the woman's threat to destroy the Blood Flag. "Dumme Schlampe, kann die Blut-Flag nicht nutzlos durch seine teilweise Zerstörung werden!" Came Gottberg's mocking reply to the female professors demands.

It was at that moment when Abigail spotted Walter peering over the oval shaped rim of debris which remained as an indication of a sizable hole in the ground. Walter had disarmed the two American soldiers which guarded the front entrance to the library, though the details of this tremendous effort had to wait for a more opportune time.

Walter only hoped that they would make it out this situation alive so that he could commence with a bit of tall-tale telling. There was certainly no room for frivolity at this point. Walter had also managed to wrestle one of the guards pistol's away from him.

"A bloody shoot out looks like the only way out of this one." Walter thought to himself.

Adalwolf had pulled from his pocket a small piece of the flag which he himself had torn from the larger portion. He began waving the fabric in front of Abigail's face, taunting her further. "Nein! nein!!" Came the scream from Niclas as he started to walk briskly toward the others, his pistol extended before him as he got closer.

Before anyone else could react Niclas discharged his weapon, again and again. Walter went to auto pilot as he climbed from the hole and tried to make his way to the large Nazi-Tossing his own weapon at Abigail's feat as he dove for Adalwolf. By now Niclas had almost completely emptied his pistol into Gottberg's chest. Niclas suddenly stopped in his tracks directly in front of Abigail and Gunter as he watched the other two men wrestle about on the ground.

Apparently even a small portion of the Blood Flag could sustain ones life and enable the possessor to resurrect himself. Gottberg was putting up a pretty good fight for someone who was just shot a half dozen times.


Niclas fired a single shot straight up into the air, the sudden blast had disrupted the fight between Walter and the bulking Nazi.

"Enough!!" Niclas commanded.

What happened next would greatly effect everything as Walter ripped the small fragment of the Blood Flag from the hands of Adalwolf. The large bloodied Nazi collapsed to the ground, Niclas looked on with a horrified realization plastered upon his face-The person who is to be resurrected with the Blood Flag must be in possession of it at all times.

Everyone else was surprised as well, but fortunately Niclas was able to regain his baring faster then the others, in one swift motion Niclas yanked the half-portion of the flag from Gunter's hands.

He then placed his pistol with its one remaining bullet against the young boys forehead. "Drop the Flag....Female!!"

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Abegail had no idea what the man said but she sneered at the tone. Her eyes moved quickly, there was movement.

Her heart jumped into her throat. “Walter.” She couldn't say anything, Abegail had no desire to alert either of the Nazi's to Walter's presence.

Adalwolf pulled something out of a pocket. Abegail breathed heavily at him. Niclas' voice made her jump. The gun he was waving at them all concerned her. She was right to be worried as shot after shot rang out. Her eyes went wide, unsure for a moment who was being hit by the bullets. As Niclas got closer, Walter appeared. Something hit her feet.

The whole scene was moving in slow motion. Abegail blinked. Walter and Adalwolf were wrestling on the ground. Niclas had stopped in front of her. Abegail frowned and looked down. There was a gun. It occurred to her that what had hit her foot. “ wonderful man...”

She crouched slowly, not wishing to alert Niclas but he seemed more concerned with the two men on the ground. Her hands wrapped around it just as Niclas shot his gun into the air. Standing slowly, she held it behind her back.

Things stopped, Walter yanked the fragment of flag from Adalwolf's hand and the large man finally stopped moving. Quicker than expected, Niclas regained his senses and grabbed Gunter and half of the flag.

Abegail's teeth clenched, one hand gripped the half of flag she had tighter and the other the gun behind her back.

“Drop it?” She stepped towards him. “You can't take it from me yourself? Have to use a boy as best me?”

She saw Niclas' nostrils flare.

“What is the matter, not able to take a piece of fabric from a woman?” Her tone was calm, no hint of her accent and she held the flag in front of her just slightly. “Come on? What are you waiting for?”

With a slight yell Niclas shoved Gunter off to the side and stepped closer to Abegail.

Abegail didn't really register her actions. Without thinking the gun came out from behind her back, she tossed her half of the flag at Walter and stepped closer to Niclas.

Shots rang out.

Abegail grabbed the piece of flag that Niclas was holding. The element of surprise was on her side. The flag in hand, Abegail kept firing.

By the time she was done, the gun just clicking she and Niclas were face to face.

Niclas' fingers flounder for the flag, his eyes a mixture of confusion and anger. He fell to his knees and Abegail took a step away from him. He had no chance to reach the flag. Niclas crawled slowly towards her and Abegail stepped back again, watching him move towards her.

Finally he fell, laying on the ground in the alley unmoving. Abegail stood there looking at him, her mind struggling to come to terms with exactly what had gone on. Her hand still held the gun, the other hand the flag.

She looked towards Walter and Gunter.

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Abegail was still looking at the two when shot rang out.

“I am out of bullets....who? Where?”

Abegail eyebrows knotted together, confusion clear on her face. She looked at Gunter. He wasn't bleeding. Walter? No he too looked unharmed. “What?”

Something was burning her. Abegail dropped the gun and put her hand to her chest where the sensation was building. She looked down. Her hand was red. A slow realization spread on her face. Abegail dropped to her knees. Her right hand pressed to her chest, her left with the flag clenched in it was on the ground and holding her up.

Her breathing was ragged. Her mind fought to catch up with reality. “Shot....Walter...I...”

Abegail moved to press her left hand to her wound. She shook her head and began to toss the flag away. She couldn't remember why she had the material or why she was still holding it. She needed a doctor, something to help. Her hand was coated in her blood. Her shirt was wet and sticking to her.

“Need to stop the bleeding.....”

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Gunter stared at Abigail, wondering what she would do. He did not look panicked or worried, just calm. The gun against his head was still hot from the shots at Adalwolf, its one bullet filled with deadly potential energy. Gunter jumped away as Abigail fired her weapon into Niclas over and over. The gunshots seemed like they would never stop. But they did. And then there was an awful silence, broken only by Niclas' dying gasps. Gunter looked at Abigail, then at Walter, and he let go a breath that he now realized he had been holding in. A smile slowly spread across his face and he started a nervous laugh. They had won. Finally, they could burn the flag and go back to life as normal. Finally, they could -


Gunter jumped out of his skin and covered his head with his hands. Was he hit? He didn't feel any pain. But he might be in shock. No, he wasn't hit. Who was hit? He looked frantically at Walter. No, he looked fine. Abigail? "No..." Gunter breathed as he saw a red blossom of blood spreading on Abigail's breast.


"Fraulein McHugh!" Gunter shouted and rushed to her. He shook his head in disbelief. No... They had won. It was over. Why couldn't it be over? And now Abigail was dying. She started to throw away the flag, but Gunter siezed her hand and closed it over the piece of fabric. "No, you must keep it. Hold on to it as long as you can. It will keep you alive."

'Need to stop the bleeding...'

"Yes, yes, we will." There were tears in Gunter's eyes. "Just stay with me, Abigail. Don't move. And hold that flag." Then Gunter got up and walked over to Niclas' corpse. He pried the gun with its one bullet from the nazi's stiff fingers and walked over to Gottberg, who was still lying on the ground where Walter had left him. "Er bestimmt dies für du sowieso." He spat, then he planted the bullet right in the large nazi's head.

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"This is not happening!" Walter screamed in his mind before he dropped to his knees at Abigail's side.

"Abby! Do not let go of the Blood Flag." Walter yelled to his nearly unconscious colleague.

Walter could not believe the speed at which the situation had deteriorated, Abigail was laying on the dirty concrete of the narrow alleyway, she was bleeding, dieing, but she had the flag.

One of the downfalls of the flag's power is that it only raises the dead, which meant that Abigail had to in fact die before it would reveal its mystifying powers.

For some reason Walter's mind had become distracting by something which he had only caught a glimpse of during his tussle with Adalwolf. Walter's confidence in the powers of the Blood Flag was suddenly called into question.

"That Tricky bastard!!" Walter exclaimed in a whisper to himself-Now rising to his feet and walking over to the body of Gottberg Von Adalwolf.

Falling to his knees once again Walter probed the dead body of the large Nazi. 'Whats that? What is he wearing." Walter then pulled open the bulking corpses shirt to reveal something which Walter had heard about but had never actually seen.

"He is wearing some kind of bullet.........resistant.........Vest." It was then that Walter and Gunter, and even the half conscious Abigail learned that Adalwolf didn't have as much faith in the flags abilities as he had proclaimed.

Then came to horror of the realization, Walter was now not so certain that the Blood Flag would function as had been claimed in the legends. Walter's head whipped to the right as he gazed upon the limp frame of his fellow academic-For whom he had developed some of those - More then friends - feelings for.

The next few minutes were filled with tears, uncertainty, and dread as Walter and Gunter stood by and watched Abigail McHugh die from the gunshot to the heart.

Still on his knees in front of Adalwolf's corpse Walter could not bare it any longer, his head now hung low as he wept. This day seemed rife with irony, first there was the discovery of Gottberg's special vest, the second being the disproportionate size of the swath of fabric which the deceased Adalwolf had torn from the Blood Flag.

The hole in the flag prior to it being divided into two pieces was much larger then the piece now lining Walter's front trouser pocket. Gottberg had possessed only half of this portion of the Blood Flag, the other half had been used in a Nazi medical experiment prior to it being smuggled out of Germany.

The test subject was right there on his knees beside Gotterg's lifeless body.

Walter had not been chasing Niclas Elberich around the world for the entire year in which he was absent from Marshall college, he had been dead.

Walter had caught up with Niclas a mere 3 weeks after he had left Ireland, having been shot in the head by his enemy and left for dead. That is until Nazi scientists and doctors got a hold of his corpse, for it was then that they began to experimented with Xenotransplantation, the transplantation of living cells, tissues or organs from one species to another.

The Nazi had a much better use for it however, the idea was to graft non organic materials into the bodies of humans-Explosives and such. This was exactly what had been done to Walter during his year of absents, though he was not aware of this fact, and this is how he remains.

The weight of worry and dread were suddenly vanquished from the minds of Walter and Gunter-The legends concerning the healing properties of the Blood Flag were indeed true. In a matter of a few moments Abigail's life threatening wound began to heal-Although still very weak Abigail slowly regained consciousness.

Overcome with joy and excitement Walter didn't even bother to get up on his feet, he instead crawled over to Abigail on his hands and knees and immediately took her hand in his.

Abigail was alive, but she now had a terrible burden to bare, she must remain in possession of a piece of the Blood Flag in order for it to sustain her life functions-If only they were aware of the procedure which Walter had gone through a year ago.

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Voices, muffled behind the slow thudding of her own heart. Her hand was warm and wet. She realized she was dying, she could feel it, everything slowing down. Gunter had her hand, squeezing her fingers around the flag.

“It will keep you alive.”

Abegail nodded and gasped. It was too late. Her heart was slowing. Gunter appealed for her to stay with him. She looked at him wide-eyed. He moved away and she didn't have the strength to watch him go. She looked down at the ground. Abegail stared at the flag that was still in her hand.

A shot rang out, Abegail jumped, causing blood to ooze faster between her fingers. She thought someone was shooting her but there was no new pain.

The world around her became dimmer. She couldn't focus but Abegail became aware of a presence beside her. She body grew weaker and she barely registered the fall to the ground. Abegail laid out on her back, the flag in her hand.

Her eyes focused on Walter. She wanted to talk, to say something to ease the look on his face but the words wouldn't come. Tears stung her eyes. There was so much to say and yet....

Walter moved away from her. Again there were voices but Abegail closed her eyes. Tears ran quietly down the sides of her face.

A moment of clarity as she heard Walter say that Adalwolf was wearing something to stop bullets. She wanted to laugh. Hold the flag they said. Abegail bunched it up in her hand. Her laughter was raspy and harsh, her tears flowing freely.

All that, rumours of this powerful flag and the man had been wearing something to help him stop dying, even he didn't believe his own fanaticism.

Her laughter turned into a cough, making her body baulk. Abegail was suddenly very exhausted. “Walter.....I am tired....I wish I had a shot of scotch to help me sleep....”

She smiled weakly and closed her eyes. Her breath left her body and Abegail laid dead in the alley, clutching the flag.

Her shirt was wet. Abegail frowned. Her eyes fluttered. She frowned more as she looked up at the sky. “Walter?”

It wasn't long before a hand clutched hers hard.

She was still holding the flag and it took some time for Walter to make the Irishwoman understand that she had died and now the flag was all that would keep her alive. The three moved from the alley, eventually finding a place to settle for the night and some clean clothes for Abegail.

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Gunter watched as Walter walked over to Gottberg's corpse and announced that he was wearing something that would stop bullets. Gunter didn't realize at first what that meant. "So what? We killed the bastard." But then it dawned upon him. Why would he wear something to save his life if he thought he was immortal? "No..." Gunter rushed to Abigail's side, leaving Walter with his grief. "Abigail - Abigail, stay with me. I'm here for you. Just don't move and put pressure on the wound, and..." Gunter closed his eyes and let a first tear fall. "For God's sake, stay alive!"

It was cold. Ash drifted in eddies on the ground, and through the dry air rang the sound of sirens and bombs and guns. People ran through the streets in panic, and many fell and did not get up again. In the middle of all the turmoil was a small center of quiet, the eye in a hurricane. In this spot of silence knelt a boy. He wore a uniform but not proudly. It seemed to sag on his small figure, bringing him down with its weight. He knelt over a young girl whose uniform did not sag. It was proud and noble though it shuddered with the shallow breathing of the wearer. "Bleiben mit mich, meine Liebe." the boy breathed, tears running down his face. The girl shook her head softly. "Ich muss gehen." The boy shook his head, but she held up her hand to his mouth. "Ich starb für mein Land. Unser schönes Land." The boy hung his head in sorrow, but she lifted his head up. "Erinnere dich an mich, Gunter." The boy nodded, and then the girl's hand fell from his chin limply. "Nein!" The boy's body was wracked with sobs as he lay on the body of his friend.

It all came back to Gunter now. Anna was, indeed, dead. She never made it past the first day of the Battle of Berlin. He had watched her die, just as he was watching his friend die now. He had blocked the memory, but now it came back to him with startling clarity. He broke down and wept. He wept for Abigail, for himself, for Anna, for all the soldiers that died fighting this horrible war and for their families.


Gunter opened his eyes. Abigail was alive! The flag did work! He took Abigail's hand and Walter took the other. The boy watched in joy as the horrific wound began to heal. Abigail would live. Gunter walked over and grabbed the flag and rounded up all the pieces. Now they could relax. At least for a little while. Until some new duty called.