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Niclas W. Elberich

SS Officer

0 · 289 views · located in United States, Connecticut, Austria.

a character in “Seeking the Blood Flag”, as played by WadeJackel


6'1", 200 pounds, muscular, short black hair, mustache. Elaborately tattooed with arcane and occult symbols

Borderline psychopath, murderous, cold, calculating, excellent marksmen.

SS uniform, standard issue fire arm.

Niclas is a highly decorated SS officer, but is quick to anger. Several incidents have gotten him into trouble with his superiors, but still they trust and count on him to take care of any unpleasant duties that may arise.

So begins...

Niclas W. Elberich's Story

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Character Portrait: Abegail McHugh Character Portrait: Dr. Walter Rivers, Master of Occult sciences Character Portrait: Gunter Hertz Character Portrait: Gottberg Von Adalwolf Character Portrait: Niclas W. Elberich
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"Either come closer and watch it destroyed further or move out of our way”

Abigail's hopes for a clear escape were dashed as Gottberg began to laugh at the woman's threat to destroy the Blood Flag. "Dumme Schlampe, kann die Blut-Flag nicht nutzlos durch seine teilweise Zerstörung werden!" Came Gottberg's mocking reply to the female professors demands.

It was at that moment when Abigail spotted Walter peering over the oval shaped rim of debris which remained as an indication of a sizable hole in the ground. Walter had disarmed the two American soldiers which guarded the front entrance to the library, though the details of this tremendous effort had to wait for a more opportune time.

Walter only hoped that they would make it out this situation alive so that he could commence with a bit of tall-tale telling. There was certainly no room for frivolity at this point. Walter had also managed to wrestle one of the guards pistol's away from him.

"A bloody shoot out looks like the only way out of this one." Walter thought to himself.

Adalwolf had pulled from his pocket a small piece of the flag which he himself had torn from the larger portion. He began waving the fabric in front of Abigail's face, taunting her further. "Nein! nein!!" Came the scream from Niclas as he started to walk briskly toward the others, his pistol extended before him as he got closer.

Before anyone else could react Niclas discharged his weapon, again and again. Walter went to auto pilot as he climbed from the hole and tried to make his way to the large Nazi-Tossing his own weapon at Abigail's feat as he dove for Adalwolf. By now Niclas had almost completely emptied his pistol into Gottberg's chest. Niclas suddenly stopped in his tracks directly in front of Abigail and Gunter as he watched the other two men wrestle about on the ground.

Apparently even a small portion of the Blood Flag could sustain ones life and enable the possessor to resurrect himself. Gottberg was putting up a pretty good fight for someone who was just shot a half dozen times.


Niclas fired a single shot straight up into the air, the sudden blast had disrupted the fight between Walter and the bulking Nazi.

"Enough!!" Niclas commanded.

What happened next would greatly effect everything as Walter ripped the small fragment of the Blood Flag from the hands of Adalwolf. The large bloodied Nazi collapsed to the ground, Niclas looked on with a horrified realization plastered upon his face-The person who is to be resurrected with the Blood Flag must be in possession of it at all times.

Everyone else was surprised as well, but fortunately Niclas was able to regain his baring faster then the others, in one swift motion Niclas yanked the half-portion of the flag from Gunter's hands.

He then placed his pistol with its one remaining bullet against the young boys forehead. "Drop the Flag....Female!!"

Characters Present

Character Portrait: Abegail McHugh Character Portrait: Dr. Walter Rivers, Master of Occult sciences Character Portrait: Gunter Hertz Character Portrait: Gottberg Von Adalwolf Character Portrait: Niclas W. Elberich
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Abegail had no idea what the man said but she sneered at the tone. Her eyes moved quickly, there was movement.

Her heart jumped into her throat. “Walter.” She couldn't say anything, Abegail had no desire to alert either of the Nazi's to Walter's presence.

Adalwolf pulled something out of a pocket. Abegail breathed heavily at him. Niclas' voice made her jump. The gun he was waving at them all concerned her. She was right to be worried as shot after shot rang out. Her eyes went wide, unsure for a moment who was being hit by the bullets. As Niclas got closer, Walter appeared. Something hit her feet.

The whole scene was moving in slow motion. Abegail blinked. Walter and Adalwolf were wrestling on the ground. Niclas had stopped in front of her. Abegail frowned and looked down. There was a gun. It occurred to her that what had hit her foot. “ wonderful man...”

She crouched slowly, not wishing to alert Niclas but he seemed more concerned with the two men on the ground. Her hands wrapped around it just as Niclas shot his gun into the air. Standing slowly, she held it behind her back.

Things stopped, Walter yanked the fragment of flag from Adalwolf's hand and the large man finally stopped moving. Quicker than expected, Niclas regained his senses and grabbed Gunter and half of the flag.

Abegail's teeth clenched, one hand gripped the half of flag she had tighter and the other the gun behind her back.

“Drop it?” She stepped towards him. “You can't take it from me yourself? Have to use a boy as best me?”

She saw Niclas' nostrils flare.

“What is the matter, not able to take a piece of fabric from a woman?” Her tone was calm, no hint of her accent and she held the flag in front of her just slightly. “Come on? What are you waiting for?”

With a slight yell Niclas shoved Gunter off to the side and stepped closer to Abegail.

Abegail didn't really register her actions. Without thinking the gun came out from behind her back, she tossed her half of the flag at Walter and stepped closer to Niclas.

Shots rang out.

Abegail grabbed the piece of flag that Niclas was holding. The element of surprise was on her side. The flag in hand, Abegail kept firing.

By the time she was done, the gun just clicking she and Niclas were face to face.

Niclas' fingers flounder for the flag, his eyes a mixture of confusion and anger. He fell to his knees and Abegail took a step away from him. He had no chance to reach the flag. Niclas crawled slowly towards her and Abegail stepped back again, watching him move towards her.

Finally he fell, laying on the ground in the alley unmoving. Abegail stood there looking at him, her mind struggling to come to terms with exactly what had gone on. Her hand still held the gun, the other hand the flag.

She looked towards Walter and Gunter.