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Victor Halen

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a character in “Seize the Day”, as played by Something?


The bassist. Moved to America from Ireland when he was a teenager, starting in High School in the US. He quickly found friends in Zack, James, Thomas and Aaron. At first, he was a little shy because he was in a new country and didn't really know that many people, but when he first started getting to know his future bandmates, Victor quickly warmed up. He got to be known as the guy who was always fun, and especially at parties. Victor loves a good party, and even though he's drunk, he'll still stand on his feet and do crazy things. He is kind of the opposite of James when it comes to girls. Victor can't - for the life of him - see himself as a married man. He's more of a one-night-stand kind of person, especially when they've got a lot of shows, or now that they're on tour. His relationships never last very long. Victor is a lot of fun though and that is probably what the girls fall for when they meet him. As another opposite of James, Victor is the broke one. He's never had any money in his life. Not very many anyways. Whenever he did have some, he'd spend them on gear for the band - which was an indicator for him betting everything on the band.


Now that his dream has come true, Victor really feels content living this way. He still remembers his early days though. See, a couple of years after he'd moved to America, his parents died. That led to Victor getting into all sorts of bad things like drugs, alcohol and the sorts. The only reason why he came out of all that was because his bandmates pulled him out and set him straight. No one but the Asphyxia members knows about that, and Victor keeps those things close to his heart. He doesn't like to be reminded of all that. Alcohol, he still drinks. Drugs... He'd rather die than ever touching them again.

So begins...

Victor Halen's Story


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As they neared the restaurant he was already scanning the scene. He remembered the last time they went out and it had left him slightly more nervous and made him constantly aware. Silently, he wondered if the episode with Tyler had damaged him more than just physically. He thought it but didn't say it. Zack didn't want to worry Kasei more than he already had. "Hi." Zack said to one of the waiters. "Do you think we can order something and take it back to our room?" He asked, upon which the man behind the bar looked hesitant. After a few seconds of silence, he nodded and shrugged.

"We don't usually do that, but I don't see why not."

"Great, thank you." Zack replied and smiled briefly.
When they had placed their orders, he sat down on a nearby chair and waited, looking up at Kasei with a smile on his face. He hoped that this could just be a night of relaxation and the two of them being together. Zack needed that tonight. Just be with Kasei and take it easy. Partially because he didn't want to be around other people right now (and partially because of the thing with Tyler), but also because the tour had been long and tough on them. At least on him.

She listened as Jukka told her a little bit about their lead singer, smiling. She didn't have a hard time imagining that. Ville really seemed like a person who'd been like that when he was younger and grown up to be a quiet but very polite man. "I see." Sam nodded and then changed her attention to Tanner.

"He changed me!" She mocked. "Sure he did..." Maybe Tanner hadn't been the biggest troublemaker when he was younger, but she had a feeling that it didn't take much to awaken what slumbered within him.
She didn't get to say much more than that since the two of them started talking back and forth, arguing about who's fault certain things had been. Sam smirked and chuckled while they did, but in the end she couldn't help laughing. "Oh it doesn't damage anything, but it does answer my question!" She said and nodded. "You two..." Samantha pointed her finger at them both and shook her head.
"Some day... Some day someone will chronicle your lives and all you've done and all your shenanigans..." She added, looking pretty sure about that. "And people all over the world will read the shit out of that book."

Victor agreed with Kit. It was kind of obvious though, that they weren't very serious. They were when they needed to be, but not one second longer. Maybe that was why they got along with Ranger so well. They had a mutual understanding of when to take things seriously and when to be silly and have fun. "Well, yeah. It takes a lot to anger that big guy, but Greg managed to do it." Victor said, recalling the episode where Thomas grabbed Greg and lifted him up in the air and then flinging him onto a chair. The bassist had a smirk on his face at the memory. "I know it was bad and all that, but it looked epic." He said, chuckling.

Kit began to explain that she didn't get angry very much, but she also had things that bothered her. As did everyone. It was just terribly hard to imagine with this petite woman. "Actually, Kit. Promise me you'll never get angry around me." Victor said and took a sip of his beer. "I've seen everyone in my band angry. Thomas isn't the most frightening one when he is, but..." He paused and smirked. "Seeing you angry might be the most terrifying thing on earth..." Victor chuckled and drank more beer. Maybe it wouldn't be so scary, it would just be overwhelming because it was so hard to imagine.